10 Amazing Nordstrom Rack Shopping Tips You Should Know

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Nordstrom Rack is one of my favorite places to shop for incredible deals on expensive brands that I love.

If you have ever been to a Nordstrom Rack at anytime during the day, its insanely busy full of shoppers like myself looking incredible discounted items that sometimes can range from 70% to 90% off.

But, with the way the economy is going, and the idea of shopping at retailers right now during a pandemic scares some shoppers, it could cause a bit of a problem with the Nordstrom Shopping Experience.

That’s why I created this list of 15 Essential Nordstrom Rack Shopping tips for those who are looking at ways to save money in-store and online, on quality items at significantly discounted items.

Nordstrom is known for being a high-end fashion retailer, selling expensive designer items like clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories. 

You would wonder if shopping at Nordstrom Rack can save you money.

The good news about shopping at Nordstrom Rack online or in-store, this is that you will find that expensive quality apparel that the parent Nordstrom sells, but at discounts that everybody can afford. 

Here are 15 Shopping Tips you might not know about Nordstrom Rack that can save you money.

1. Pay Attention To Clear The Rack Days

clear the rack days as nordstrom rack 25% off!
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If you want to save money shopping at Nordstrom Rack, you’ll want to pay attention to the end of the season ‘Clear the Rack’ sales. It’s the perfect time to get 25% off the already discounted items in-store and online.

This could lead to a potential windfall for you when you shop, because an item that has been discounted 50% previously then add the extra 25%, could leave more money in your wallet.

Now, ‘Clear the Rack’ sales dates change throughout the year, so if you want to be notified on when the sales will happen, I suggest signing up via email here.

2. Join The Nordy Club

What is the Nordy Club? It’s Nordstrom’s Rewards Program that allows members fashion access, exclusive services, and amazing experiences—plus points toward Nordstrom Notes. Get rewards you’ll love just for shopping with Nordstrom.

Here’s how it works: both members and Nordstrom credit card members the ability to earn a status based on their spending. The higher your status, the more rewards you get.

All cardmembers. Shop brand-new arrivals at super-sale prices before everyone else during our Anniversary Sale in July.

Plus, All members and cardmembers with Insider, Influencer, or Ambassador+ status are able to be the first to shop Nordstrom Rack’s Clear the Rack sale—and get 25% off red-tag clearance items.

Click Here To Sign Up.

3. Nordstrom Rack Carries Its Own Products

Nordstrom Rack Clothing Line

Companies like Walmart (Good Value Brand) and Costco (Kirkland Brand), offer its own brand of products that are just as good as the expensive brand names at lower prices.

Nordstrom Rack, offers its own brand of merchandise that is just as good, if not better than the brand names you pay an arm and a leg for at other retailers.

What this means to you is you can find trendy designs at much more affordable prices than its counterpart, Nordstrom. Look for a price tag that says “Nordstrom Rack” to find these made-for-Nordstrom-Rack products.

Or when you shop online, search for “Nordstrom Rack” and you will find hundreds of great Nordstrom Rack branded items.

4. Sometimes You Can Find Items For $.01

To avoid you from going through every sales rack to find a price tag marked at $0.01, it won’t find it. 

Although the tags won’t say a penny, you never know when you might see an item scanned at the till showing $0.01 on the screen. 

Why do certain items at Nordstrom rack come up as $.01 at the till? 

It’s because these items should be taken out of inventory and shipped to Nordstrom’s Last Chance’ clearance store in Phoenix, Arizona. Where they are sold as a final sale — no returns or exchanges.

If you want to discover these items under $.01, you could bother the sales reps on the floor to do price checks, or you can be pleasantly surprised at the till when you check out.

5. Nordstrom Rack Offers In-Store Alterations

Nordstrom Rack Alterations
Via Nordstrom.com

In-store Alterations at Nordstrom Rack is not exactly something that many shoppers are aware of. 

Nordstrom’s onsite alterations experts will make sure you get just the fit you need. They do it all—thanks to our team of professional tailors, the largest in the nation. Just stop into your nearest store or book an appointment online.

All Nordstrom stores offer free alterations on most full-priced items (depending on the service), while Nordstrom Rack does charge a fee for alterations in its stores. 

But, having alterations done at the store saves you time and hassle compared to spending time finding a tailor near you.

You can find a price list for Nordstrom Rack alterations here.

6. Understand “Compare at”

Compare at pricing

Have you ever shopped in a brand store at an outlet mall and noticed a price tag that states “Compare At”?

Well, the “Compare at” price isn’t exactly what you think it means. What it really means is that you are seeing the full price of the item compared to a markdown price for a similar item anywhere around the country.

So, somewhere around the world, there is a dress comparable to the one in your hands right now, and this is what that store would charge for the dress in your hands right now. Makes sense right?

While this it could be called “deceitful pricing“, every major retailer does it. So when you are shopping just make sure that you feel comfortable with the potential savings you might get from your clothing and don’t think twice about it later.

7. “Altered” or “Refinished” Prices

Altered or Refinished” clothing (a blue sticker tag across the white tag), are articles of clothing that have been altered or refinished from a Nordstrom location.

These are where you can find amazing deals on high-end designer clothing at close to 70% to 80% off.

I found a black Hugo Boss suit that was refinished because there was a blue ink stain caused by a delivery accident. With a little TLC on my end, I was able to get the stain out and I ended up with a $1000.00 Hugo Boss three-piece suit for $150.00! 

Sure I knew that there was an ink stain on there before, but nobody else knows about the stain. Total score!

8. Shop Two Nordstrom Brands For Free Shipping

When it comes to free shipping while shopping online with Nordstrom Rack, orders must be over $100.00. 

But, if you decide to jump over to Nordstrom Rack’s adjoining siteHautelook, you can link orders from both sites to achieve the $100.00 threshold for free shipping.

Plus, if you signed up with the Nordy club, you will receive discounted shipping codes via email from time to time. So another reason to sign up for Nordy Club Rewards.

Keep in mind, that if you do decide to shop both Hautelook and Nordstrom Rack together to get the free shipping, make sure you purchase from your cart within two hours or your items will be released back into the internet world!

9. Shop At 8 a.m. PT For The Largest Online Selection

When you are shopping online at any major retailer, trying to get the first crack at the newest items available, it a tough one. Often you will see an item you love, but the sizing and colors don’t match for you.

I know this happens a lot when I am shopping online at lids.com for sporting good items, as the hats and shirts I want for the teams I like are always out of stock.

Well, I have good news for you if you like shopping online at Nordstrom Rack, and that is Nordstrom Rack restocks items online at 8 am pacific standard time. If you set a reminder for yourself you will have first dibs on Nordstrom’s best online deals of the day.

But, by following this Nordstrom Rack Tip you will never have this problem with finding the right size and color of the items you want online

10. Returns Have Never Been This Easy

Do you have an extremely busy lifestyle in which you wish you had an assistant to schedule your life for you? I know I wish I did!

When it comes to shopping, I hate waiting for an open changing room for me to try on clothes. How I usually try to avoid this is by purchasing the items I like and then trying them at home. 

The problem with this is I forget to return the items I don’t like within the time frame allowed for returns. 

Good news by shopping at Nordstrom Rack on-lineyou have up to 45 days from the original ship date to return your purchase by mail or to a Nordstrom Rack store. 

Keep in mind though, only NordstromRack.com orders can be returned to a store, not Hautelook.com orders. 

Do you shop at Nordstrom Rack? Share your best tips and favorite finds in the comments below!

10 Amazing Nordstrom Rack Shopping Tips You Should Know

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