10 Best Vlogging Camera Gear For Youtubers On Amazon

Are you a vlogger looking for vlogging camera equipment to help you create amazing videos to upload to YouTube and become the next YouTube sensation? 

Camera equipment has come a long way in terms of producing a high-quality product that you’d be proud to show off to others. The digital revolution has exploded, and it is no longer necessary to spend your entire budget on a high-quality camera, leaving nothing for other camera equipment. 

Camera equipment is now more affordable than ever, and you can get everything you need to shoot amazing video footage for YouTube on Amazon.com.

As you can see from my website, I’ve been making short films for the past few years in the hopes of one day getting a taste of the big time. One of the most common questions I get from my other filmmaking friends is what kind of camera gear I use for YouTube videos. 

Today, I’m going to share with you the answer I give to all of my filmmaking friends about the top ten essential camera gear I use for Youtube videos, which I found directly on Amazon.com. 

While the majority of the film equipment I use for short films comes from the B&H photo/video site, all of the vlogging camera equipment I use for YouTube videos comes from Amazon.com.

Why do I buy my gear from Amazon? I buy my vlogging equipment from Amazon because I tend to shoot on the fly and need essential vlogging camera gear in a hurry. I can get most of my vlogging camera equipment within two days because I am an Amazon Prime member (click here for a 30-day free trial). 

Being an Amazon Prime member also entitles you to free shipping. 

So, if you’re wondering what vlogging equipment you should use to film high-quality footage that will impress your YouTube subscribers, keep reading.

10 Essential Vlogging Youtuber Camera Gear On Amazon

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While the focus of this post is on the 10 Essential Vlogging Youtuber Camera Gear On Amazon, the camera is the first step in your vlogging journey.

While most vloggers only need one camera to create amazing video footage for YouTube, I have two. One for professional filmmaking and the other for on-the-fly video recording.

Both of the cameras listed below are excellent for vloggers, and if you’re looking for high-quality video footage, they won’t let you down.

Fujifilm X-T4 Mirrorless Camera

With the FUJIFILM X-T4, you can take your creativity as far as it wants to go. 

This powerful image-creation tool provides professional photo and video functionality that can be accessed quickly and easily with the flip of a switch. The X-T4 features five-axis In-Body Image Stabilization, autofocus sensitivity down to -6EV, and super slow-motion video recording in Full HD/240p.

The reason I own the FUJIFILM X-T4 is that it has a microphone input (for external microphones, which will be discussed later in this vlogging post), a front-facing screen, weather-sealing, and the ability to shoot Cinema 4K videos at up to 60fps

The X-T4 is a great all-around vlogging option for those who want a camera that can handle both stills and video. It’s also a fantastic 4k filmmaking camera for short films! 

The only disadvantage is that you will need to purchase a few additional lenses for this camera in order to fully utilize its video capabilities. However, having a few extra lenses on hand, such as the Rokinon 12mm Wide and the Fujinon XF50mm telephoto, will make your videos look professional.

Sony ZV-1 Camera

While I love my FUJIFILM X-T4 for when I have time to set up shots for filming, but the excellent Sony ZV-1 is what most people want from a small vlogging camera. 

Get focused in as quickly as 0.03s with Fast Hybrid Autofocus. Keep focus locked on the eye with Real-time Eye Autofocus. Keep your face bright and clear with the auto exposure algorithm that prioritizes your face. 

Get great sound in one take with a forward-directional on-board mic and detachable windscreen. Mic jack and MI shoe allow for more audio possibilities.

Also, the ZV-1 has a huge amount of depth for a compact camera, including a built-in ND filter and profiles like S-Log2 for those who want to welcome color grading into his/her videos

Plus, the stabilization and image quality is amazing for a pocket vlogging camera

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You will need to purchase a tripod to ensure that your camera is properly supported. To select the best tripod for your vlogging, you must first consider the camera you will be using to film your videos. 

If you intend to shoot with the heavier cameras mentioned above, you will need a sturdy tripod to ensure that the camera is securely attached to the ground and properly levelled. 

Alternatively, if you intend to shoot from table height, a sturdy portable tripod will suffice. If you are a travel vlogger, you may require a foldable tripod that is lightweight but sturdy enough to hold your vlogging camera.

Below are the three camera tripods I use for my vlogging, as well as short film filmmaking.

Magnus VT-4000 Tripod System with Fluid Head

The Magnus VT-4000 Tripod System with Fluid Head is an anodized aluminium video tripod that can support loads of up to 8.8 lb. 

Overall, this tripod has many features that are usually reserved for more expensive models. The two-way fluid head operates smoothly and has a half-ball mount with a diameter of 65mm, as well as left and right pan bar mounts. 

It comes with a single pan bar. Also, unlike most other heads in its class, all of the head controls are on the left side of the head, leaving your right hand free for the panning handle. The tripod system VT-4000 weighs 7.9 lb.

Oben CTT-1000 Carbon Fiber Tabletop Tripod

The CTT-1000 Carbon Fiber Tabletop Tripod from Oben is a three-section support with carbon fiber-constructed legs, which have twist leg locks that turn and enable you to extend the legs to a maximum height of 15.5″

Even with the legs fully extended, you can remove the ball head and screw on the included three-section extender that adds 12″ in height. 

This extender places a camera at a higher shooting angle for recording an interview or shooting a portrait. To supplement more stability to the 0.98 lb tripod, the legs splay further out to a minimum height of 4.2″. 

Removing the extender, collapsing the legs, and placing the head back onto the legs gives the tripod a folded length of 10.4″. 

Each leg has a rubber foot, which prevents the tripod from sliding on smooth surfaces and the rubber feet are removable, which reveal spikes to stabilize the support on soft terrain. 

Joby GorillaPod 3K Flexible Mini-Tripod with Ball Head Kit

Boasting remarkable versatility for supporting your gear, the GorillaPod 3K Flexible Mini-Tripod from Joby has legs made up of several joints that allow you to wrap it around objects and adapt it for use in uneven ground. 

With a load capacity of 6.6 lb, it can reliably hold most mirrorless cameras, mid-sized DSLRs, and portable lights. 

The notably compact construction of the tripod, featuring a 9.4″ height and 8.7 oz weight, makes it easy to store or carry it while traveling.

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When it comes to vlogging, you don’t need lighting you would see on movie sets to get the job done, you just need lights that will be sufficient enough to light subjects for the camera.

The key for lighting is to make sure you are focusing enough light on a subject like yourself or product to great the viewer’s attention. 

While you can use the ambient light in your room, or the natural light coming in from the nearest windows, but that requires more work on your end before shooting.

It’s all about consistency in terms of lighting to make your videos look professional. Here are some great lighting tools you can use to get the best lighting possible for your vlogging. 

Emart LED Lighting Kit

The Emart LED Video Lighting kit provides diversified shooting effects which are great for different viewing experiences

Led video light (red, blue, orange, white) with four color filters will bring different visual experiences. One object will produce different styles, which is the best choice for photographers. 

Whether it is for photos or videos, the portable photography lighting kit is indispensable. 

This Led photography lighting kit is suitable for the living room, study room, baby room, bathroom, office, studio, etc.; perfect for product portrait youtube video photography. 

The photography continuous tabletop lighting can adjust the angle of 180 degrees to give you a different lighting experience. 

The vlogging light kit is equipped with 66 energy-saving LED bulbs to make the light more abundant and reduce unnecessary shadows. 11 brightness levels to meet any need.

ESDDI 18inch Dimmable Brightness Ring Light

While it’s an ideal light for vloggers, photographers, videographers, and make-up artists, the Vlogger Ring Light from ESDDI is just fun to use. 

The ring light has a color that’s variable from 3200 to 5600K to match any environment or for creative effects to suit your subject. 

It’s also dimmable from 10-100% to save you the trouble of jockeying the light back and forth for the right exposure. 

The light has a wide beam spread to bathe your subject in a nearly shadowless, soft, flattering light and create circular catchlights in their eyes.

Convenience is important in the ring light’s design. The light controls, for example, are at the front of the fixture, making adjustments during selfie-shooting easy. 

There’s a 6″ mirror for posing, as well as two mobile phone holders on flexible arms. 

The Vlogger Ring Light is ready for worldwide use via its 100-240 VAC power supply.

Perfect for those travel vloggers on the go around the world, or the product review vloggers in his/her home studio.

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I know that when it comes to filmmaking, the easiest way to take a viewer away from a film is by having bad audio. When it comes to vlogging its not different. 

While your viewers may forgive the less than great lighting or video quality of your youtube video, with sound, if it’s horrible you will lose the viewer in a heartbeat.

The best and easiest way to improve your vlogging audio is to stay away from using your camera’s built-in microphone and get an external microphone to plug into your camera equipment.

I recently shot a short film in which I had one scene that recorded via the built-in microphone on my iPhone 11, and it took me days to adjust the horrible audio quality the internal microphone recorded.

If you are looking for the best audio recording for your vlog to upload to youtube, I would suggest purchasing an external microphone attached to a portable recorder. 

This way you get to record pure sound, and not the synthesized sound coming from your camera.

Rode VideoMic Pro+ Compact Directional On-Camera Shotgun Condenser Microphone

Looking for a simple way to capture your audio without sacrificing the quality? 

Then you will need to add a shotgun microphone like the RØDE VideoMic Pro which has a directional pick-up pattern that is extremely sensitive where ever you point the microphone.

The RØDE VideoMic Pro+ is one of the true shotgun microphone designed for use with camcorders, DSLR cameras, and portable audio recorders as a source of primary and reference audio.

The RØDE VideoMic Pro is perfect in those conditions where you are shooting a subject from a few feet away. 

Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording

Yeti is the most advanced and versatile multi-pattern USB microphone available anywhere. 

This is the perfect vlogging microphone if you are doing reviews of products for Youtube.

Combining three capsules and four different pattern settings, Yeti is the ultimate tool for creating amazing recordings, directly to your computer. 

With an all-new total Blackout finish, Blackout Yeti adds style and energy to your recording or broadcasting setup. 

Blackout Yeti can capture anything with clarity and ease unheard of in a USB microphone.

Zoom H4n Pro 4-Track Portable Recorder

If you are looking for the best sound possible for your vlogging footage, then you need to pick up a portable audio recorder like the Zoom H4N.

What’s so great about a portable audio recorder? It also lets you bypass the low-quality pre-amps found in DSLRs and other compact cameras to record higher-quality sound, often in the WAV audio format. 

Many portable recorders feature quality built-in microphones as well, that, when positioned close enough can give you good results by using just the portable recorder.

I use the Zoom H4N along with wireless microphones for my short films, and they produce the best sound available for me on the budgets I work with.

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Memory cards

Memory cards are a crucial part of any vlogger or filmmaker’s toolkit.

With all the modern cameras in the market today, they won’t do anything for you unless you have something to capture images and videos on. 

Regardless of the types of uses you have for your vlogging camera; you will need an advanced memory card that has enough storage to accommodate your amazing videos, but also you will need a memory card with a high transfer speed to keep up with the data involved.

SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card

My choice for memory cards for vlogging is the SanDisk Extreme Pro SD UHS-1 card

Available storage capabilities starting from 64GB to an amazing 1TB memory card, you will have enough storage to house your incredible youtube video footage.

Not only are the sizes of storage available that are impressive, but it’s also the write and transfer speeds that can deal with fast pace shooting in either JPEG or Raw footage.

Apart from making it easier to take a take data crunching photographs, it also one of the best cards for 4K video shooting which is standard for filmmaking presently.

Hard drive

Do you have a laptop or desktop that is constantly running out of space? 

Then you will need an external hard drive to solve this problem.

With cloud storage a commonplace today, sure you can utilize it for uploading in real-time if you want.

But if you are looking for a more secure solution to protect your data, then an external hard drive is the way to go.

LaCie Rugged Mini 4TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD

LaCie portable hard drives have multiple storage options ranging from 1-4TB. This portable hard drive device is compatible with either a Laptop/Desktop

Plus, it is durable in many situations that many portable hard drives are not able to do. 

Besides the durability of the LaCie portable hard drive, this external hard drive comes with a two-year rescue data recovery service, that if the hard drive stops working, LaCie will recover the data and put it on a new hard drive for you.

LaCie is an extremely trusted name when it comes to external hard drives, and its experience beams through with this device. 

It’s not an SSD, but it still performs extremely well when it comes to raw transfer speeds, and its small size means it’s easy to carry around.


A wide range of laptop models in the market are great for vloggers. But finding the best laptop for vlogging becomes more complicated for the very same reason.

The minimum requirements a vlogger needs for any laptop must have an incredible resolution, at least 8GB of Ram, at least 6th generation Intel i5 or AMD A10 processor, and a minimum of 128 GB of storage.

Apple MacBook Air

When it comes to vlogging or any type of filmmaking for me, I prefer an IOS power laptop instead of a windows laptop. 

Why? Because the Macbook Pro I have as well as the Macbook Air has lasted me a solid 4 years without any issues in loss of speed. 

I have had many windows-based laptops in the past that have lasted only 6 months, and for the price of replacing four windows based laptops, I could have purchase 2 MacBooks without the need of replacing for years.

If you are worried about cost, you can get a fast MacBook Air for around $1,000 with at least 128 GB of storage to get you started. 

If you are looking for more of a data-crunching apple laptop, then you can’t go wrong with the MacBook pro.

Both of these laptops are incredibly light for portability, and they both have amazing battery life that can last up to 12 hours when you are not near a power source.

Regardless of which MacBook you choose, they will provide you with what you need to get your vlogging done right. 

Remote Shutter

I love a remote shutter for my vlogging cameras, as it lets you start, pause, or stop your recording on your camera from a distance.

They are perfect for when you need to do multiple takes without getting up to constantly fidget with your camera.

The good thing about remote shutters is that they are inexpensive. 

Wireless Camera IR Remote Shutter Release Control for Canon Nikon Sony Pentax

Wireless Camera IR Remote Shutter Release Control for Canon Nikon Sony Pentax

Neewer IR Universal Wireless Remote Control (Infrared) is a pocket-size infrared remote control that lets you trigger your camera wirelessly from up to 16 feet/5m away.

Once you set your camera to remote triggering mode, press the button on the remote while aiming it at your camera.

The IR Universal Camera Remote is great for eliminating camera shake during long exposures (night), and allows you to step in the photo for self/group photos.

Wirelessly take photos from up to 16 feet/5m away (line of sight).

Compatible with the camera’s (AF) Auto focus function

Small lightweight design, fits easily into your pocket or camera bag.


Now you don’t need a drone for vlogging, but if you have one, you will wonder why you never started vlogging without one.

Drones enable vloggers to take incredible footage of the surrounding nature, buildings, landscape, or tourist sights. 

They help your youtube subscribers get a glimpse of the beauty of your surroundings; you can get creative and unique shots for your vlogs and have the opportunity to film from various angles.

DJI Mavic Mini

DJI Mavic Mini is a great choice if you’re a beginner who doesn’t quite know how to navigate drones. 

It’s lightweight and travel-friendly, but its size doesn’t affect the quality of the drone – it comes with 2.7K resolution with the option for automated takeoff and landing.

This is the drone I have currently, I while I don’t use it for vlogging, I use it a lot in my independent filmmaking when using a crane to get aerial shots is out of the question.

Video Editing Software

When you’ve purchased all the vlogging hardware you need, you’ll need to have a good video editing software for post-production. 

YouTube has its own video editor, but if you plan on consistently making videos or really want to make high-quality vlogs then you need a professional editing software.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere is one of the best video editing apps ever created, if not the best, so if you’re looking for a reliable video editor with plenty of advanced video editing features, this is probably your best choice

The seemingly endless collection of tools, visual effects, and animation features will ensure that each video you edit in Adobe Premiere Pro meets the highest professional standards.

Vloggers in need of a powerful video editing app that is capable of performing even the most demanding video editing tasks will benefit from purchasing Adobe Premiere Pro as a single app or as a part of some other Creative Cloud plan.

While you can’t get this software on Amazon.com, it is available here via the adobe website.

GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging kit

GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging kit
GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging kit

A do-everything, go-anywhere kit that’s been expertly crafted for mobile content creators, the GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging kit lets you rig up your phone and give your content real impact. You’ll have everything you need in one box.


  • Gorilla Pod Mobile Rig
  • Beamo Mini LED
  • Wavo Mobile microphone
  • Audio cable for mobile phone & camera
  • Apple MFI certified lightning connector


If you want to hit the ground running with your vlogs, take the time to get all the vlogging equipment you need. 

Your vlogs will be much more professional looking and much more enjoyable to work on if you take the time and get the right gear.

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