15 Clothing Brands That Make The Best Travel Clothes for Women and Men

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When it comes to packing clothes, the best travel clothes for your next vacation, the thought that always crosses my mind is, “what versatile shirt can I wear multiple times during my holiday and still look fashionable?”

But trendy fashion clothing is not the same as the trendy everyday fashion that you wear at home. If your travel outfits are trendy but don’t feel great while on the road, are you going to wear them? If not, why pack them?

Traveling is an adventure, and when you travel, you want to feel the best you can while you are on your journey. Traveling is not the time to try out the latest fashion trends that will be so last season in a couple of months from now.

When it comes to packing clothing for your next vacation, you want to think about one or two new pieces for a trip instead of packing a whole new wardrobe.

Not sure what to shop for? Think about a unified, basic color scheme so that you can mix and match across all of your travel items. 

Consider a few basics that you can spruce up with accessories, either packed or purchased along the way. 

It all comes down to creating a travel clothing capsule, so you don’t end up with a few pieces of clothing that don’t fit with the look you want during your vacation.

Once you have identified the fashion trend you want for your clothing wardrobe capsule; it’s time to think about the fabrics that are travel friendly. 

What are travel-friendly fabrics? These are fabrics that are machine washable, wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, and either stretchy or loose enough to maintain their shape even when shoved in a packing cube and unwashed for long periods. 

Want to know what is not a travel-friendly fabric? Cotton! Cotton feels great, but doesn’t offer the moisture-wicking properties you need when traveling during the hot summer months. 

Plus, you want to stay clear of bulky items, that are not compact enough for times when you are packing a carry-on suitcase for a 7-day adventure.

It’s all about flexibility when it comes to the best travel clothing within the wardrobe. I know myself when I travel that I am always thinking about packing a carry-on suitcase. 

So, when it comes to thinking about my wardrobe, I am looking at all the outfit possibilities I can make with the least amount of clothes to fit into my packing cubes.

In this post, I have researched several travel bloggers for what is his/her best travel clothes to pack for any type of vacation, and the clothing brands they love to wear. 

15 Clothing Brands That Make The Best Travel Clothes for Women and Men
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15 Clothing Brands That Make The Best Travel Clothes for Women and Men: Smartwool
Via Smartwool

Merino Wool: Try SmartWool Brand

Why Choose Merino Wool?

What is Merino wool made of? Proteins composed of amino acids and natural compounds. Merino wool is a natural, renewable fiber—meaning one sheep can grow four to five pounds of wool per year. Plus, it’s really soft, which makes for super comfortable travel wear.

What is Merino wool really good at? Helping keep your body at a stable temperature. When it’s cold outside, the natural crimps and bends in its fibers trap air, insulating you. When it’s warm outside, it transports sweat quickly away from the skin, helping to keep you cool and dry.

Merino wool is unique in that it absorbs odor caused by bacteria—trapping their smell and keeping them from building up. This means you can wear Merino wool odor-resistant clothing for longer without having to worry about smelling.

Merino wool is great for traveling or longer treks when you may not have as much room to pack.

SmartWool can be purchased online at Smartwool.comZappos.com, and Nordstrom.com

15 Clothing Brands That Make The Best Travel Clothes for Women and Men: Aviator
Via Aviator.com

Travel Denim: Try Aviator Jeans

I know for myself that jeans are the main staple in my travel capsule wardrobe, besides a good pair of shorts, but the problem is that jeans really don’t travel well. 

By not traveling well, I mean that they are sometimes bulky, can be incredibly hot in warmer climates, and washing them takes forever to dry quickly.

But if you are looking for a great pair of travel jeans for women and men, why not go for a pair of Aviator jeans which claim to make the “best travel jeans in the world!” 

Aviator Jeans Features

  • Jeans Made for both men & women
  • Breathable
  • Quicker-drying than other jeans
  • Classic 5 pocket design
  • Variety of different travel pants/colors made to suit any weather type
  • Depending on the design, 2 or 3 zippered pockets large enough to fit a passport or phone in any of them
  • Zippered pockets are hidden from view and concealed
  • Double-stitched high wear areas
  • Comfort stretch fabric & shape recovery
  • Lightweight and packable

Because of the features above, the Aviator jeans are the perfect travel clothing companion for my travel clothing wardrobe capsule, why not give them a shot by clicking here to learn more.

Looking for other great brands that make incredible jeans for men and women? You can try the ever-popular clothing brands like OutlierBluffworks, and PrAna.

15 Clothing Brands That Make The Best Travel Clothes for Women and Men: The Northface
Via TheNorthFace.com

Technical Everyday Wear: The Northface

For over 50 years, The North Face has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible for outdoor travel clothing. 

With the introduction of its FUTURELIGHT™ fabric, it’s the most advanced breathable-waterproof technology ever.


  • Ultra-thin nanomembrane creates airflow while keeping water out for better breathability
  • Features innovative waterproofing that was rigorously tested to withstand the harshest weather conditions
  • Soft, lightweight and nimble for movement without constraints
  • Tested by our elite athlete team in the world’s most extreme environments for proven durability
  • Face and back layers sustainably crafted using 90% recycled materials

Best of all when it comes to travel packing, all of this technology above can be easily packed in a carry-on.

The North Face Clothing can be purchased online at TheNorthFace.comZappos.com, and Amazon.com

15 best travel clothing brands
via L.L. Bean

Technical Everyday Wear: L.L.Bean

When it comes to awesome tips for trendy travel fashion look no further than L.L. Bean.

L.L.Bean products are recognized around the world for their functional, innovative design, and high quality. 

Whether it’s a fly rod or rain jacket, every L.L. Bean product they sell is an opportunity for innovation, research, and testing. Plus, L.L. Bean clothes come in sizes that fit any traveler. 

Often imitated, never replicated. Discover the one-of-a-kind classics customers have relied on for years.

You can find L.L. Bean Clothing on its website here.

15 Clothing Brands That Make The Best Travel Clothes for Women and Men: exofficio
Via exofficio.com

Technical Outdoor Gear: ExOfficio

Performance is the sum of quality fabric and inventive features. Whether you’re going around the corner or around the world, you can be confident that your ExOfficio will be comfortable, functional, and durable.

Ultimately, this travel brand hopes its travel clothes make someone feel excited about the next trip they will be taking, because they are Made to Adventure.

Here are some of the many reasons why this is one of the clothing brands that make some of the best travel clothes out there:

  • Anti-Insect – Insect Shield finish to repel flies, ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, midges, and ants.
  • Breathable – Perspiration passes through the fabric as vapor.
  • Convertible – Changes shape or silhouette for convenient adaptability.
  • Eco-Conscious – Renewable and sustainable fabrication.
  • Interior Travel Pocket System – Security pockets inside of garment labeled for glasses, passport, keys, and cell phone.
  • Moisture Wicking – Fabric moves moisture along the garment’s surface away from the skin.
  • Odor Resistant – Resists growth of bacteria and fungus that cause odors.
  • Peach Finish – Surface brushed making fabric softer and wrinkle resistance.
  • Quick Drying – Fibers release moisture easily so garment dries rapidly.
  • Security Zip Pocket – Pocket with zipper closure to keep belongings safe.

And so much more. You have to give this clothing brand a try because once you wear just one item from Exofficio, there more clothing you will buy from them.

Exofficio can be purchased online at Exofficio.comZappos.com, and Amazon.com

15 best travel clothing brands
Via Uniqlo.com

Practical Clothing: Uniqlo

When it comes to trendy travel brands for your travel clothing, look no further than Uniqlo.

Uniqlo life wear clothing is the perfect packable travel clothes for any traveler. Life wear goes back to the basics with simple, high-quality every travel clothing that is designed for any traveling adventure, or even at home.

Plus, with its clothing offering HEATTECH which converts moisture into warmth when you need it during cold travel days, it’s a lightweight layer that will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Also, Uniqlo’s AIRism technology responds to your preparation and moisture changes to help take out the dampness of the clothing to keep your skin smooth and dry. 

Explore Uniqlo’s Catalog Today by clicking here for the website.

As a member, you now get better savings when you book direct.

15 best travel clothing brands: Toad & co.
via Toad & Co. Website

Packable Basics: Toad & Co.

Toad & Co.’s key focus is to provide amazing clothing while using sustainable fabric and sustainable manufacturing practices as well.

The apparel industry is the fourth largest polluter of air and water on Earth. The solution? Go sustainable, or go nude. Minimizing the environmental impact and helping clean up the apparel industry is an integral part of Toad & Co.’s business ethos.

If you are looking for the basics in your travel clothes, why not try this great company and help out the environment as well.

Toad & Co. can be found through its website here as well as Zappos and REI Co-Op.

15 best travel clothing brands: ministry of supply
Via Ministry of Supply Website

Business Travel: Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply makes women and men business professional garments that are relaxed enough to fly in and bold enough to take you straight into the boardroom after landing

These travel clothes can be washed and driedNo “tumble dry low.” No pilling or wrinkling or shrinking.

But they also sell coats now, which are incredible – the Mercury jacket is heated and can be controlled by an app or by buttons within the jacket. 

The Great Auk is as warm as Canada Goose, with no down, and it’s carbon neutral. 

Ministry of Supply is retailed at ministryofsupply.com

15 best travel clothing brands: Patagonia
Via REI.com

Adventure Travel: Patagonia

If you want to purchase a long-lasting, travel clothes and also want to make less of an impact on the environment as little as possible, then Patagonia clothing and gear is certainly worth the price. 

What’s so special about the Patagonia Brand? Patagonia’s clothing is connected to its proactive environmental advocacy. 

It leads the outdoor industry in using recycled nylon and polyester fabrics, and Patagonia’s relaxed vintage clothing is built to last for years, and not just a few months. 

Patagonia’s wide product range, quality gear, and ethical company policies continuously convert new supporters.

Patagonia can be purchased online at Nordstrom and REI Co-Op

15 Clothing Brands That Make The Best Travel Clothes for Women and Men 1

Travel Clothes Brands Prana
Via PrAna.com

Adventure Travel: PrAna

When PrAna first started off, it was primarily a yoga clothing brand. Since then, PrAna has expanded because of its extreme popularity to create a full line of travel clothes made from Eco-friendly fabrics.

When it comes to travel clothes you can throw in your bag and know will work for whatever your journey brings, prAna is a perfect choice. PrAna creates ingenious, fashionable, and sustainable clothing and accessories that you can wear during every activity, every adventure, every day. 

PrAna loves to merge classic & urban style with sustainable materials, and they are always attentive to where and how their works are made.

Prana can be found through its website as well as Amazon and Zappos.

ASOS CURVES Travel Clothes

Plus-Size Travel Clothes: ASOS Curves

ASOS Curve is an online favorite for shoppers trying to find the perfect size that can go up to a US size 26 (5X). The great thing about ASOS Curve is it truly is a one-stop-shop for everything from panties to evening gowns and fantastic travel clothes. 

Other online shopping brand suggestions for great fashionable plus-size travel clothes that I recommend include BoohooSheInColumbiaOld Navy. 

Travel Clothes Alby
Via ablyapparel.com

Function and Fashion: Ably Apparel

I have to admit that no matter what clothing I wear while traveling, I will end up ruining it with a mustard stain from a hot dog at Wrigley Field, or a coffee stain from a late shopping on the Champs-Élysées.  

So when it comes to stain-resistant clothing I always trust Ably to keep me protected. 

With Filium activated materials, travelers can acquire more natural fabrics that are better for the environment, reducing the amount of time they spend doing laundry, which in turn reduces the amount of energy, CO2 emissions, and resources used in the laundering process

Filium technology pushes the boundaries of what is possible for each piece of clothing, in turn pushing the boundaries of what we can expect from our apparel. 

Ably Travel Clothes can be found via its website here 

15 Clothing Brands That Make The Best Travel Clothes for Women and Men 3

Époque Évolution travel clothes
Via Époque Évolution Website

Womens Fashion and Function: Époque Évolution

Époque Évolution believes in living your life, not shopping, or packing for it. Époque Évolution believes that style doesn’t need to be precious, or dry-clean only, or exclusive, or uncomfortable, or destructive

Époque Évolution also believes in quality over quantity that you can look good and feel good and do good. And Époque Évolution believes in one wardrobe doing it all.

Stylish and minimalist designs that are so well-edited and versatile that it fits into a backpack. That’s what Époque Évolution believes in. 

Why not give this fantastic fashion brand a try? 

Époque Évolution is retailed at epoqueevolution.com.

Athlete Travel Clothes
Via Athleta.com

Women’s Athleisure Travel Clothes: Athleta

When it comes to Athleisure clothing, Lululemon has consistently been the innovator when it came to athletic clothing that can be worn in the gym or on the streets. But, the problem with being an innovator is that competition will always be there to take your place as number one. 

When it comes to Athleisure Travel clothes, many travelers have welcomed Athleta with open arms, primarily because of its athletic and extremely comfortable pant line to work out in as well as hike in, but stylish enough to hit a post-workout drink at the pub. 

Whether you’re looking for a workout outfit or something attractive to wear for errands, they have so many options. The quality of their clothing is great, and I would recommend checking it out!

Athleta is retailed at athleta.gap.com

Travel Clothes Orvis Womens Fashion
Via Orvis.com

Women's Travel Clothes: Orvis

Orvis focuses on cool, comfortable, easy-wear garments made with the active traveler in mind in this collection for women. 

Orvis offers a variety of clothing and accessories, all designed for an adventurous lifestyle, willing travel companions whether you’re halfway around the world or simply exploring your local park. 

Orvis appealing travel-ready clothing comes in quick-drying and wrinkle free styles. Built-in sun protection and odor-inhibiting properties give you peace of mind while you’re off the grid. 

And forget about the ironing—its women’s wrinkle-free travel shirts still look crisp after hours on a plane or behind the wheel.

Orvis’s women’s travel clothing collection includes everything you need for the journey ahead.

Orvis is retailed at orvis.com

15 Clothing Brands That Make The Best Travel Clothes for Women and Men 3


As you can tell, if you are looking for trendy travel fashion clothes for your next journey, you can’t go wrong with these fantastic clothing brands.

Is there a travel clothing brand that your love is missing off this list? Feel free to comment below, as we would love to hear from you.

Also, if you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it on social media using the icons below. Thanks!

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