15+ Fall Style Essentials Every Man Needs

Fall Style Essentials – Fall is that type of season where it sneaks up on you fast when you least expect it. It tends to creep up slowly late in September, and before you know it, the temperature drops, the leaves are on the ground, and it’s time to switch up the wardrobe up from sandals and shorts to warmer clothing like peacoats and dark jeans.

If you are unprepared for cooler days and evenings ahead, we have rounded up the 15+ most important items to look for when building your fall wardrobe to make dressing up easier. It’s time to layer up like a pro with funnel necks and polos and stay cozy with the most stylish men’s essentials around. 

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fall style essential

Peacoat is a must-have fall season staple, as they look sharp, and give a tailored look and warmth you will need for the fall and winter season. 

There are several wool-blend and heavyweight styles to unique designs and colors to choose from when shopping for the right peacoat. 

If you are looking for a winter coat on a budget check out Macy’sOld NavyGap, and J.Crew. Black, grey, navy, and olive colors offer amazing versatility for any fall or winter outfit.

Dark Wash Jeans

fall style essential

Denim, it’s an absolute staple for any season, as you can wear jeans just about anywhere these days. But, it’s important to have the right colors for the job. 

If you are trying to build a minimalist wardrobe, then dark wash jeans are the ones to own. Dark wash jeans are extremely versatile Fall Style Essential that can be worn dressed up with something like a blazer and loafers or with casual clothing like sneakers and a t-shirt

If your work allows business casual in the officedark indigo jeans are a great option compared to chinos on casual days.

White Dress Shirt

fall style essential

Fall Style Essentials – Can you wear a White Dress Shirt after labor day?

Well, did you know the “you can’t wear white after Labor Day,” rule was created to separate the old money elitists from the new money group? For those who had money, and could leave the city during warmer months, white was considered vacation attire. So to answer the question of wearing white after labor day, yes you can unless you are an old money elitist. 

Sure you probably have a few white dress shirts in your wardrobe already, but think about a fall refresh and add a heavier cotton alternative for the fall and winter season. 

Also, here is a tip for those that suffer from yellow pit stains on white dress shirts, wear deodorant, and not an antiperspirant. Antiperspirant is known to cause these ugly stains on your white shirts.


Cashmere Sweater

fall style essential

Fall Style Essentials – Is a Cashmere Sweater worth it? If you want a garment that is soft to the touch, warmer than wool, lightweight and breathable, then it’s worth it to buy cashmere.

Cashmere is everywhere now and it can take your dreary cold weather wardrobe to bold new heights of handsomeness and coziness.

The very best cashmere sweaters instantly make whatever you happen to have on that day—a T-shirt and denim, say, or a button-down and blazer—look miles more considered, sophisticated, and polished. 

Leather Jacket

fall style essential

The Kings Of Cool always wore a signature leather jacket. Everyone from Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, to Steve McQueen wore a great leather jacket that gave off a sense of toughness, competence, and edginess, with this very smooth and refined style of jacket

leather jacket always works, never looks bad, and lasts forever. If you don’t have this Fall Style essential, get one and you’ll look like a cool badass in no time.

For those who are looking for a Vegan-friendly leather jacketfaux leather jackets are a great alternative. The material is made from plastic and looks almost identical to genuine leather. 

It’s hard to tell at first sight, but you’ll sure to notice the difference after a few months as faux leather breaks down over time compared to real leather.

Analog Watch

A Great Guide to Wristwatches: How to Choose a Watch ... To find your perfect watch, be sure to choose one with functions that suit your needs.

With smartphones part of our everyday lives, we always have something in our pockets that can tell the time in any part of the world. But with a watch, a quick glance towards your wrist is a much classier way to keep tabs on time during a date or a meeting. 

Plus, when you wear a watch – it’s less likely you will fall back on your phone as a distraction. Often, checking the phone for time results in a rabbit trail of activities including checking every messenger app, email, and Facebook.

Investing in a great analog watch not only complements any fall essential style of outfit but makes for great conversation pieces.  It’s like wearing a piece of art on your wrist.

If you are thinking about investing in a watch that can be passed on to future generations you can’t go wrong with brands like Tag HeuerRolexOmega, and Breitling.

For more economical watch brands that make fantastic timepieces, you can’t go wrong with SeikoCitizen, and Tissot

Structured Blazer

fall style essential

This fall style essential is a must for every man’s wardrobe. Think of a blazer as your secret-style weapon. 

You can keep the vibe laid-back and low-key with a knit hoodie, colored denim, and sneaks, or dress it up with a crisp white dress shirt, tailored trousers, and leather Oxfords. A blazer allows you to create an arsenal of stylish looks perfect for just about any smart, casual occasion.

The structured blazer gets its name from the cut of the shoulder. The shoulder pad sits just past the sleeve head, giving the jacket a crisp silhouette that compliments the body’s natural shape. A blazer’s tailoring is similar to other jackets in respect to the fit of the sleeves and torso.


fall style essential

When we think of Fall Style Essential Accessories, the first things that come to mind are warm sweaters, plush scarves, or a pair of comfortable boots. But another important fall style essential item to add to your list is a good quality pair of UV-blocking sunglasses. 

Because the sun is positioned at a lower angle in the fall, it can produce a brutal glare that poses a danger for driving. Rays of light that reflect off of smooth surfaces like the metal of nearby cars can be so bright to the point of blinding the driver.  

You can combat this dangerous glare by wearing polarized sunglasses. These lenses reduce the glare’s harmful effects by filtering out horizontal light waves, such as the ones reflected by a shiny car bumper. 

For a great look add an aviator style of sunglasses and you will be set.

Neck Tie

fall style essential

Ties are one of the best statement-making accessories of the Men’s Fall Style Essential ensemble.

A tie is the very first thing that people notice, so make sure that it is decent. Yes, it is a small piece of clothing, but these little things are usually the most important, right? A beautiful tie can express a lot about you and can transmit your charisma to others.

Whether you wear a tie to work every day or bring it out for special occasions, a tie is an easy way to add a dash of class to your ensemble—even if it’s a casual one. 

Pick a color that complements your skin tone and a pattern that brings out your personality.

Half-Zip Sweater

fall style essential

There are certain items in a man’s wardrobe that have that timeless appeal that no matter how much fashion trends change, a classy half-zip sweater fits this category perfectly. 

With unpredictable spring or autumn weather, this adaptable sweater can be added to almost any ensemble for an extra layer of warmth.  

It’s a step up from a regular sweatshirt and just as comfortable. Layer it over a plaid flannel, add colored chinos or dark jeans, and a pair of suede derby oxfords for a look that works whether you’re hanging out around the house or sitting down having drinks with your friends. 

As a Fall Style Essential, a half-zip sweater can be paired with a coat or blazer or style it with a t-shirt or casual shirt for classic off-duty style.

Leather Belt

fall style essential

leather belt is a fall-style essential is really for any season of the year. A belt is designed to be functional and fashionable. Plus, a belt can be a wardrobe accessory that pulls together your look. 

Leather belts are very comfortable, offer a great fit, and make any sharp outfit look sharper.

If you have to keep your shirt tucked in, a leather belt can help. If you are going for a casual look, and your shirt is untucked, a belt is there to keep your pants up. 

When looking for the right leather belt for your wardrobe always keep in mind the grain of the leather, length of the belt, fit of the belt, pattern and look of the belt and the type of buckle of the belt.

Look for full-grain leather that over time doesn’t break down as much, and actually improves with age. 

Something to keep in mind when wearing a belt is to match the color of your belt with the color of your shoes. 

Cold Weather Scarf

fall style essential

For those cold late fall/early winter days and nights, a cold-weather scarf is a perfect wardrobe essential for every man. 

A stylish scarf can add a touch of casual to your business attire. Work with the different styles of scarfs into your wardrobe to make a statement wherever you go. 

Go wild with a colorful, thick knit or stick to the basics with stripes or checked patterns. 

With just a basic wrap around your neck, a cold-weather scarf will keep your neck warm and ready to face the elements. For stylish scarves, Banana Republic offers men’s scarves in an array of styles and colors. 

From classic looks and bold solids to ultra-warm and roomy blanket scarves, these effortless accessories are the ultimate fall and winter essentials for men.

Leather Boots

fall style essential

When the autumn-winter season arrives, and the elements are hitting hard, the only footwear style that can successfully blend form and function while handling rain, snow and the cold is a sturdy winter boot. 

Adding a pair of stylish, practical, and durable dress boots that not only withstand the colder weather but work to enhance your wardrobe.

Fabrics like suede and canvas are materials you should stay away from in finding the right leather boot for the fall. A good cut of leather has the strength and durability to hold its own against rain, wind, and snow. 

Leather is also 100% waterproof and if cared for and maintained properly with weather conditioner and waterproofing spray will keep that leather looking great for longer.

If your boots get wet, stuff them with newspaper. This helps dry them out, alleviates odor, and prevents the boot from deforming as it dries.


fall style essential

If you are looking at your wardrobe and you’re unsure what type of pants to go for during the fall season, why not try some chinos? 

Chinos are relaxed, easy to style, and look great with anything. For the days where it’s too hot to wear heavy trousers or suit pants, chinos provide a breezy and classic alternative without looking too casual. 

If you’re heading out to an event that requires you to dress up a bit, opt for darker colors like navy, charcoal, or black

However, if you’re just planning to hang out with friends, or you’re going to the pub, a pair of burgundy, cream, or even green is a great option to flatter a variety of outfits.

Pair with a knitted polo shirt or even a silk button-down as high shine items are part of this season’s look as well.  

Soft Knit Beanie

fall style essential

Your hat wardrobe isn’t complete without a trusted beanie. This durable and stylish hat can be your saving grace in nearly any situation. 

The beanie cap is will always be the fall fashion staple that will help you survive the harsh fall and winter months. Whether it’s for falling temperatures or a fashion statement, you’ve got to have a solid beanie in your apparel arsenal. 

If you have a bad hair day, grab a beanie. Want to brave the cold, grab a beanie. Want to make a snowman or snowperson look stylish, grab a beanie. 

The beanie comes in all sorts of knits, colors, and sizes, but the purpose is the same for all of them: They can keep your head warm.

Warm Parka

fall style essential

A key addition to your men’s fall style essentials is the right parka to keep the chill out like a boss. No matter your style, brands like Columbia and Canada Goose offer men’s parkas with quilted lining, fur trim, and waterproof looks. 

Look for a parka with plenty of pockets to give your hands a little extra warmth! Hoods also keep your head warm and help you battle rain and snow in style. Layer with a knit sweater to add some fun patterns and nostalgia to your everyday outerwear essentials and carry along some bright colors under your new winter look.

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