5+ Best Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear – Stay In Shape While Traveling

Packable Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear To Help You Stay in Shape While Traveling

Are you looking for portable fitness and workout equipment that you can carry with you everywhere you go in order to stay in shape? Things are hectic when traveling, and finding time to engage in a solid workout is difficult.

If you’re staying in a place where you’re compelled to eat out every meal, the pounds could pile up quickly if you’re not careful.

Plus, how can you put in a solid workout to sweat off the salt intake from all the restaurant cuisine if your schedule is packed with amusement parks, business meetings, or the occasional rest and relaxation at the beach or pool?

If you still want to keep up with your exercise routine while traveling, I’ve got excellent news for you: you can!

Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear

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Fitness equipment that is suitable for travel is widely available. You can keep your health objectives while traveling by adding a few pieces of travel-friendly workout gear.

In this article, I’ll discuss the finest portable travel gym equipment, the best travel workout bands, and much more to help you keep fit while on vacation.

I’ve also included a few video workouts to assist you to keep in shape while traveling in the luxury of your hotel room.

For your consideration, here is a shortlist of the Best Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear & Equipment To Keep You In Shape While Traveling.

Jump Ropes

Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear

Fitness Equipment that is Travel-Friendly – Jump ropes conjure up images of kids in the schoolyard hopping about double-dutch style at breakneck speeds. 

Alternatively, you may recall any montage scene from the Rocky films in which the protagonist is preparing for the final battle at the end of the film. 

So, while you’re on the road, recall your childhood or fantasize about prepping for a big event with a jump rope.

Did you realize that jumping rope gives you a total-body workout? 

Your core is used to balance your body, your legs are used for jumping, and your shoulders and arms are used to turn the rope. Skipping is an excellent aerobic activity that lowers blood pressure and raises the heart rate. 

And the best part about skipping with a jump rope is that it’s a wonderful workout for people of all fitness levels because you can go at your own pace. Jump ropes are also wonderful fitness equipment to have with you while traveling because they are lightweight and easy to transport.

Jump Rope Pros For Travel

  • Easy to travel with
  • Fantastic cardio workout for any level of fitness
  • Improves coordination
  • Improves bone density

Jump Rope Cons For Travel

  • Not a great strength training workout tool

Exercise and Resistance Bands

Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear

Resistance bands are ideal for anyone looking for a Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear package that allows them to exercise anywhere. 

Resistance band exercises are a great way to get in shape and have a lot of advantages over free weights. They’re also quite tiny, and you’d almost forget you packed them due to their size. 

I enjoy resistance bands because they provide a lot of resistance, hence the name. They’re also ideal for travelers of all fitness levels and aspirations. 

Resistance bands are similar to travel weights in that they may mimic the same type of travel workout bands that a conventional dumbbell does, but without being as heavy or cumbersome.

Resistance Bands Pros For Travel

  • Adjustable strength resistance for all levels.
  • Very compact so it’s extremely easy to pack
  • Versatile workouts, strength training for upper and lower body

Resistance Bands Pros For Travel

  • Not the greatest for cardio, but you could supplement it to your jump rope exercises.

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Ab Roller

Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear

Fitness Equipment that is Travel-Friendly – The core of your body aids you in all of your fitness routines while also reducing the danger of muscular damage. 

The beautiful thing about an ab roller is that it targets your abs, which makes it highly helpful in strengthening your core. It also aids in the strengthening of your lower back muscles. 

Furthermore, the ab roller is designed not only for a terrific ab workout, but also for a great triceps and lats workout. 

Your Fitness Routine Is Travel-Friendly If you’re going on a trip, don’t forget to bring an ab roller.

Ab Roller Pros While Traveling

  • Works out more than just strengthening your Abs
  • Provides lats, triceps, and other muscles a workout
  • Available in folding or portable models
  • Good strengthening workout 

Ab Roller Cons

  • For those with back issues, this may not be the best for you

TRX System

trx all-in-one suspension training

Fitness Equipment that is Travel-Friendly – The TRX exercise system is fantastic! It’s something I use frequently at my gym since it’s the ideal all-in-one gym that you can carry with you anywhere. 

The TRX training system delivers a wonderful travel workout for cardio and strength training, which is why I recommend it as one of the finest portable fitness equipment for traveling. 

To see why it’s the ideal Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear, watch the video below.

TRX System Pros As Fitness Equipment

  • Very lightweight that can even fit in a carry-on
  • Can be used outdoors and indoors
  • Great for all levels of fitness

TRX System Cons

  • Need a door, tree, or anything for it to hang onto

All in One Total Body Workout Travel Systems

BodyBoss 2.0 vs TRX PRO - Best Portable Home Gym Equipment

Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear – Portable gym exercise equipment, like the TRX training system, is an all-in-one system that focuses on full-body workouts in compact spaces. 

They work for every major muscle group, are light to carry (most are under 10 pounds), and are simple to set up in any hotel room. 

You no longer have an excuse to skip a workout when traveling with portable gym training equipment.

All in One Total Body Workout Travel System Pros

  • Full body workout
  • No excuse for working out since you have everything in your bag
  • Easy to pack

All in One Total Body Workout Travel System Cons

  • Not exactly easy to pack in a carry-on
  • Bulky compared to others mentioned in this article

Travel Yoga Mat

Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear

Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear – When you’re on the road, bringing a travel mat with you can make a big difference in how you work out in a hotel room. Simply laying out a light yoga mat in a hotel room or gym might put you in the right mental frame of mind to practice yoga poses with ease. 

Plus, A mobile yoga mat is easier to pack and weighs significantly less than a regular yoga mat. Another advantage of traveling with a travel mat is that you won’t have to worry about mats in a hotel gym that aren’t always as clean as we’d want. 

Plus, with so many travelers these days being germ-averse, do you want to rest your face on a mat that hundreds of other people have used? 

Travel Yoga Mat Pros

  • Very good grip.
  • Stress relief while traveling
  • Encourages self-care
  • Releases tension
  • Makes you happier
  • Easy to pack

Travel Yoga Mat Cons

  • Not for everyone
  • Lack of strength training

Portable Sand Kettlebell

Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear

Portable Sand Kettlebell is designed to mimic regular kettlebells in practically every manner, making it great for swings, squats, pushes, pulls, get-ups, curls, twists, and more! 

The one-piece heavy-duty PVC design of a Portable Sand Kettlebell makes this type of kettlebell exceptionally robust and prevents sand leaks. 

These travel weights are perfect for use when traveling or at home because most sand kettlebells weigh roughly 7 -10 ounces empty and can fold flat.

Travel Portable Sand Kettlebell Pros

  • Increases grip strength
  • Workouts count as cardio
  • Increases functional strength
  • Strengthens your posterior chain
  • Easy to pack

Travel Portable Sand Kettlebell Cons

  • Have to find sand while traveling
  • Need space to perform workouts
  • Injury risk if exercises not performed properly

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Travel Workout Advice

Here are some tips to share that I have learned over the past few years while trying to work out while traveling.

Workout in the morning

When I travel, I know my day is pretty well set out for me, starting at a certain time, and then I have no idea when I’ll be back at the hotel.

That’s why I set my alarm for gym time in the morning! That’s when I have the greatest energy, so I can get in a workout before the rest of the day gets crazy.

Sure, you’ll be sleepy later in the day, but will you notice if you miss a PowerPoint slide while taking a cat nap? Alternatively, just drink a lot of coffee and avoid carb-heavy lunches.

Bring A Shaker Bottle With You

I understand how important nutrition is when traveling. 

You could be at a conference all day consuming carbs or at a theme park eating dishes that are particularly heavy in sodium. That’s why I prefer to carry my protein powder in a shaker bottle

If you’re going on a trip, I recommend single-serving protein sachets that you can mix with any liquid to keep you going all day. Your body will appreciate it.

Slap On Your Running Shoes

Sure, it’s convenient to Uber anywhere, but walking is less expensive. 

On TripAdvisor, I prefer to plan out activities, parks, and restaurants that are close to the hotel I’ll be staying at so that I can stroll to the restaurant. 

I’m getting in a cardio workout while seeing more of the city I’m visiting thanks to some nice travel workout shoes.

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I hope that these fitness tips and fitness equipment for travel will help you in staying in shape while you are traveling regardless of your fitness level.

If you have found a piece of travel workout equipment in this article you like, don’t hesitate to purchase one today as you never know when your next travel adventure will begin.

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Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear

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