50 Travel Tips And Advice For The Best Travel Experience

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Travel Tips And Advice – When you plan a vacation, you never plan for the unpredictable. I have been traveling for years and through my solo travel adventures, business trips, and family vacations I am constantly learning each time about travel.

I have traveled throughout the world and experienced many different cultures, visited several world-famous landmarks, and tried incredible food along the way.

But there have been many unplanned travel mistakes along the way that at times been frustrating, but have made for valuable travel advice along the way.

Everything from falling for the latest travel scams to being caught up in a natural disaster without planning for whatever came my way.

But from all of these unfortunate events that have occurred to me over the years, I have been able to compose a list of my favorite travel tips and advice along the way to improve my traveling.

And I want to share with you the best travel tips and advice that will help every traveler to have the best vacation ever.


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1. Don’t Plan Too Much

When it comes to being a good traveler, expect the unexpected as your travel plans will always change.

You may arrive late to a two-hour Chicago Architecture River Cruise, or you could travel to a city and want to explore for more days than what you had planned for.

But when it comes to planning six months away for any type of travel whether it be a solo trip or a trip with your significant other, it’s tough to plan for the unexpected.

If you are an adventurous type, always have a backup plan just in case to have fallen in love with the place you have traveled to or hate your destination so much that you want out.

While some hotels may have you locked in for your entire journey, or your airline may have horrible change fees, but knowing your options beforehand will help you make the best journey possible.

2. Eat Local & Try New Foods

The first time I took a solo trip to Thailand; I was afraid to venture out of my comfort zone and try the local cuisine. 

Throughout my trip, I wanted to eat at restaurant chains that I was comfortable eating at when I was at home. Fast-food chains like KFC, Subway, and McDonalds were my daily staple.

Why did I stick to these fast-food chains while I was traveling? 

Because I was afraid to go outside of my comfort zone, but I knew at the time I was missing out on some incredible food by not eating local.

When I traveled back to Thailand for a golfing trip a year later, I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. I replaced my daily lunch routine of a Big Mac meal, with a cashew chicken with rice dish from the local street cart vendor.

Just by getting out of my comfort zone when it came to food, I was able to enjoy incredible tasting food at a fraction of the price compared to the fast-food joints I was used to.

My travel tips and advice to any traveler, when it comes to food, are to experience a whole new world of food as you will not be disappointed. 

When in doubt while traveling, always ask a local, as they are the best travel guides to get!

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3. Photocopy Your Passports and ID

This is a valuable lesson that I learned from a past trip to China. 

 I had my passport stolen from a horrible backpack I don’t own anymore, and I found at the time not having photocopies with me, made for an unexpected trip delay.

Just by having a photocopy of your passport and identification with you makes all the difference in the world when it comes to replacing an extremely valuable document to get home with.

Traveling tips everyone should know Side note: I also export the photocopies of my identification into pdf form, and upload it into the cloud-like iCloud or google drive, in case I lose my photocopies along the way.

Also, make sure your passport is valid! You don’t want to leave on your dream vacation with an expired passport.

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4. Buy Travel Insurance

If there is one piece of advice, I can give you that I believe is extremely important is to buy travel insurance.

I have seen many travelers throughout my years being stuck in various locations throughout the world without insurance.

Then they come back home to a massive bill because of health emergencies or unforeseen events like canceled flights.

You may not have experienced an emergency situation in your past travels, but it only takes one unplanned event to ruin a trip of a lifetime.

When I travel, I always purchase travel insurance through VisitorsCoverage and while I haven’t used them yet, I am always happy that I have a back up in case stuff goes down.

5. Keep Your Important Personal Items In A Daypack

When I was traveling to New York for business, my checked-in luggage went to Los Angeles and I was stuck in New York for three days without my medications and spare contact lenses.

What should you carry with you inside your daypack? When I travel, the items that I can’t live without are my laptop, camera, and medications. 

If these items are important to you as well, make sure you have them packed in a daypack carryon that you can carry with you everywhere you go.

Plus, a Daypack is perfect for those who love walking when you travel.

Side Note: I created a travel go-bag list (click here), that gives you some great travel tips and advice on what should be with you when you travel.

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50 Travel Tips And Advice For The Best Travel Experience 1

50 travel tips for the best travel experience

6. Have The Address Of Your Accommodation Handy

I know when I am traveling from Canada to the USA and have to go through customs, one of the important questions asked is “Where Are You Staying While Traveling In The USA?”

Sure you may have this information stored into your smartphone, but smartphone batteries always tend to die when you need your smartphone the most.

To be a savvy traveler, having a paper copy with you, along with printed directions on how to get to your accommodations, will help you when you land in a foreign country and having a tough time communicating with your taxi driver where you need to go.

Once, I arrive at my hotel; I usually grab a business card of the hotel and keep it in my wallet for easy access in case I am lost and need to show a helpful local where I am staying.

Or, if I am lost and don’t trust the area I am in and need to call the hotel to have the hotel arrange a taxi pick up for me.

7. Travel With Earplugs, Sleep Mask, And Travel Pillow

One of the most important tips for flying International is packing earplugs, a sleep mask, and a travel pillow. By packing these simple travel gadgets go a long way to getting some rest during your flight.

I always have trouble sleeping on a plane due to noise or being stuck in an uncomfortable position during the flight, which makes for a horrible arrival to the city I am landing in.

Plus, having the right travel accessories with you can make all the difference in the world for sleeping.

Another of the important travel tips and advice I can give you, especially if your hotel room has a blinding neon light shining through the world 24/7 or if your hotel is situated near the nightclub district in the city you are in.

8. Packing Cubes For Better Organization

7-Pcs Travel Organizer Accessories with Shoe Bag and 2 Toiletry Bags

I hate clutter, and when it comes to spending a week in a hotel, I always like to keep things organized if I use the hotel dressers and closets. That’s why I always use packing cubes for any type of travel I venture on.

Packing cubes help to keep all of your clothing options organized, and make your clothing easy to access while you get ready throughout the day. 

Plus, they are great for when you have to go through security and have to have your bags checkedHaving organized cubes of clothing placed on the metal secondary table versus your clothes being spread out all over is a repacking travel time-saver.

If you are planning on packing more clothes on your trip, then think about using vacuum-sealed bagsThese space-saving bags allow you to pack more just by rolling up the bag after packing and pushing all the air out of the bag.

Vacuum-sealed bags can give you more space if your holiday lasts longer than a week or more.

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9. Learn The Basics Of Language Of The Country You Travel To

Things travelers need to know – You don’t need to study daily using Rosetta Stone months in advance to communicate in the country you are traveling to, but just learning some simple phrases can go a long way.

I remember when I was in Paris restaurant years ago, and I tried ordering in French and the service staff smiled and responded in English to me.

Just by attempting gave me better service than if I was rude and expected the staff to communicate with me in English right off the bat.

From the Travel Tips and Advice, I give you, an important one to remember is that speaking louder and slower in your language won’t help the conversation go smoothly. 

When in doubt, have a translation app in your smartphone as a backup in case a conversation doesn’t go as planned.


10. Pack Sunscreen And Use It Daily

Essential travel tips – It doesn’t matter if you are walking the streets of Los Angeles, or relaxing on a beach in Hawaii, the sun rays are always there even if it’s an overcast day.

I remember neglecting sunscreen when I was spending a nervous day walking through Paris, and getting sunstroke by the end of the day.

Why was I nervous, because I was to propose to my wife at the end of an adventurous day around the city, and having sunburnt skin by the end of the day made it for a memory I am reminded of every time some asks my wife how I proposed.

If I paid attention to my skin throughout the day, I wouldn’t have felt like crap when I asked the biggest question of my life.

11. Find The Perfect Instagram Photo Spots And Take More Pictures Of Yourself

Tips for a successful first travel experience – When I show my friends pictures of the places, I have traveled to, sometimes they will ask me” Are you sure you went to these places, or are you showing me stock landscape photos of the locations you visited?”

I wished I took more photographs of myself when I traveled in the past.

Not just for social media purposes, but for when I will look at them years from now, that I can remind myself how old I was in the picture, and how much fun I was having.

Side Note: If you are taking pictures with locals in the country, you are traveling in, ask for permission first. Some cultures frown upon pictures being taken of themselves.

12. Bring Extra Credit & Debit Cards With You

What to take with you when traveling, an extra credit card or two. 

 While traveling, you never know if your bank will put a hold on your account while traveling, and then you are stuck in a foreign country begging for money.

This happened to me years ago while visiting Disneyland, where my bank was having communication issues, and my credit card wasn’t working at all.

I was stuck in Disneyland with just a few dollars in my pocket to survive for the whole day.

You don’t need that hassle, and having a back up with you can make all the difference in the world.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive breakdown of travel credit card options for your travel plans check out this great article -> Click Here.

13. Have Emergency Money With You

Unusual Travel Hacks – I always carry extra money with me and hide it in my shoes.

The reason for this is if I get robbed on the street, they just want a quick grab and go, and will go directly for your wallet or purse.

Travel Tips And Advice: Thieves don’t have time to waste as you undo your shoes to get your hidden cash in your socks.

Plus, it’s always a nice surprise to find the money you forget you had on you.

14. Stuff Happens And Just Except It

There have been so many instances in my past travels, in which anything that can go wrong will. A perfect trip is never perfect, and if you can accept that motto, it will make every vacation going forward better.

Travel Tips And Advice: Situations like food poisoning, getting lost, or missing a connection at the airport will always happen, and when it happens to you, embrace it.

It always makes for a great travel story at a party.

15. Never Get Frustrated

How many times have you been at an airport, and a flight was delayed or canceled, and you see the gate agents being bombarded by screaming passengers?

Gate agents are doing his/her best, as they are just the messenger. By yelling and screaming, it doesn’t help your situation and often makes it worse.

Travel Tips And Advice: On my most recent trip to New York, my flight home was canceled due to a massive snowstorm in the connecting city I was traveling to.

I saw passengers yelling and screaming at the gate agents, and while passengers were doing that, I made a call to the airline’s customer service line instead. 

While I kept my cool and pleasant over the phone, I was able to be rerouted through a different city and arrived home earlier than my previous booking.

Tips for easy travel, just remind yourself in any situation that goes wrong, it will all work out, and trust the system.

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16. Tourist Attractions Are There For A Reason

50 travel tips for the best travel experience

Helpful travel tips – I love going off the beaten path to see stuff that many tourists never see, but there are some major attractions from around the world that you just can’t miss out on.

I have bumped into many travelers during my adventures that shun the most popular attractions in the city because they feel that they are above them.

Sure the Eiffel Tower and The Coliseum in Rome are major tourist attractions that everyone visits, but there is a reason for it.

17. Have A Checklist For Checking Out Of Your Accommodations

Packing List

Tickets, money, Passport is the first thing that comes to mind when I leave to go anywhere. Your accommodations should be no different when leaving.

When I leave any type of accommodation, I have a checklist on my phone that I follow to ensure I leave nothing behind.

Create a routine for yourself for when you check out that covers all the main areas of your room.

Areas you should be concerned about are the bathroom, under the bed, the desks, and the storage areas of the hotel room.

Make sure you have your passport, camera, smartphone, electronics, and anything that you need for your next journey.

What to do every time you travel is having a routine for checking out is an important part of the travel tips and advice I can give you.

18. Call Your Bank Before Leaving

his goes back to something I mentioned above in terms of bringing an extra credit and debit card with you while you travel.

Going back to when I was to propose to my wife, I wanted to buy an engagement ring at an artisan jeweler while I was walking the streets of Paris.

When I was going to purchase the engagement ring, my card was blocked and wasn’t able to make the purchase.

I spent the next 30 min on the phone explaining to my bank of where I was and I was the person trying to make a purchase at this jeweler.

I was able to purchase the engagement ring after a lengthy phone call with my bank, but I could have avoided this if I called my bank before I left for Paris.

Travel Tips And Advice: Call your bank before leaving for any trip, it will save you time and aggravation.

50 travel tips for the best travel experience
The Ring On The Left Was The Engagement Ring.

19. If It’s Not Needed, Don’t Pack It!

Things to remember for a long trip – I hate checking in suitcases at the airport, the reasons why it is because of the outrageous fees, and if you are over by a few pounds with your checked luggage, there is an extra charge.

I love packing light when I travel, as there are fewer things to carry, and also fewer things to lose.

Travel Tips And Advice: Try on your next holiday to pack a little lighter and see how it goes. If you can survive a trip on what you packed, then the next time, try packing a little lighter again.

Then you will begin to understand what you need on your trip, and what can stay at home.

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20. Buy Souvenirs

I know that my favorite movie “Fight Club”, has a line that states ” The more things you own, the more your things own you.” but sometimes that rule doesn’t apply to travel.

The reason why I love buying souvenirs is they are reminders of great memories from the awesome trips I have taken.

I remembered a trip years ago I took to the Bahamas, and when I was walking back to Atlantis where I was staying, I came across a little boy carving wood sculptures.

The sculptures were all carved with faces of his family in a cartoonish way, and he was selling them to help earn money for his family.

How can you pass that up? The little guy was making money through his talents of carving wood, and I could resist. I purchased the sculpture which put a smile on his face and made for a great story years later.

Travel Tips And Advice: If you are worried about buying too many souvenirs, just ship them via courier back to your home to save the hassle of packing them.

Also, a new thing I started in terms of souvenirs, is buying Starbucks mugs with the city’s name on it that I am in. They all are the same size, so they are perfect for organizing the cupboard back home.

50 Travel Tips And Advice For The Best Travel Experience 7

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21. Eat At Five-star Restaurants At Lunch

To be the Savviest Traveler – I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford dinner prices at pretty much any Michelin star restaurant.

But what I found out on my most recent trip to San Francisco is that the lunch prices are more affordable and still offer the same great taste.

Plus, something that I learned from watching “Kitchen Nightmares” if there are over 50 food choices on the menu, odds are they are just not up to par in terms of quality compared to a menu that offers 20 food choices.

Travel Tips And Advice: With a limited menu, you have a better chance of eating an amazing meal that the chef specializes in.

22. Try To Avoid Peak Season If You Can

If you are trying to save money on your next awesome vacation, traveling during the off-peak seasons can save you a substantial amount of money.

I also like traveling during the off-peak seasons because they tend to be less crowded, which means you can see more with the time you have.

Travel Tips And Advice: Plus, If you are trying to get a picture in front of the Mona Lisa during the peak season, all you will get will be heads in the way.

23. Avoid Any Liquid While Packing

Traveling tips everyone should know – When in doubt, always think solids! If you are a travel packer like myself that uses only carry-on for traveling, I always pack solid versions of deodorant, soap, and anything else toiletry related. 

If you are thinking to yourself, “Do they make solid versions of shampoo and conditioner?” The answer is yes they do, and ethical brands from Lush and Bodyshop carry solid versions of hair care products.

Travel Tips and Advice: If you still like liquids when you travel, the next time you are staying at a hotel, ask for extra hotel amenities like body wash, shampoo, and conditioner which is TSA approved and can fit in a clear Toiletry Bag for TSA screening.

24. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone & Learn More About Yourself

What did I learn from traveling the first time – I remember the first solo trip I took to Asia, and I was extremely introverted and liked being alone. After two days of traveling this way, I became lonely, and I wanted to go home.

By stepping out of my comfort zone, and just started to talk to people, I began to have more fun on my trip. Plus, I learned a valuable skill of adapting to any situation whether it was good or bad, and my anxiety began to fade away.

Also, by talking to more people on my solo trip, I was invited to travel with new friends I made to parts of the world I never would have thought I would ever see.

25. Buy The Right Backpack

Tips for picking the right luggage for you – Having the right backpack for travel can make or break a trip. 

What I like doing when I am researching a new backpack for travel, I go to an outdoor sporting goods retailer and test the bags out.

When I am there I pack the backpack to capacity and walk around the store. This will give you a better understanding of how the bag will feel while you are carrying it from place to place.

This way, I am not going to get into any surprises when I am traveling around the world.

Travel Tips And Advice: Make sure you put all the items that you put in the backpack at the sporting goods store back on the shelf. The staff will appreciate it.

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26. Provide Your Itineraries To Friends And Family

Best tip of the day – Even though I am a full-grown adult, my parents still like to know where I am while I am traveling. 

By giving them the hotel contact details and airline confirmation details, they will know that in case of an emergency where I am. Plus, with Facebook, it’s easy to check in on your profile to provide details of where you are.

If I am leaving an airport, I check in on Facebook to show where I am and where I am going. Then when I arrive, I check-in at the airport I just arrived at, and the hotel I am staying at. This way, everyone knows I am safe.

 Travel Tips And Advice: Make sure to notify your neighbors that you are away and give them your travel details as well. This way, they know that if someone is trying to enter your home, call the police.

27. Don’t Use The Currency Exchange At The Airport / Hotel

Things travelers need to know – Airports & Hotels are the worst rates you will get when it comes to exchanging money. 

Find a bank and do it there. You will save money!

28. Leave Clothes At Home That Require Attention

Tips for being a good traveler – Unless you are traveling for business, if you are packing articles of clothing that require constant ironing, leave them at home.

If you are a light packer, you don’t want to bring with you articles of clothing that you will only wear once during the trip. If it can’t be worn three days in a row, leave it at home.

 Expect for underwear and socks, don’t wear them three days in a row because it doesn’t feel comfortable.

29. Buy An Unlocked Phone

Simple travel phone – I love bringing with me an unlocked phone while I travel because I can purchase a sim card at a local phone retailer, and use cheaper data than I would if I used my smartphone from home. 

Travel Tips And Advice: Having an unlocked phone with cheaper data, makes it easier to access google maps when you are lost. Plus, if you have to call home, you won’t be charged a long-distance rate that could bankrupt you.

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30. Have A Travel Camera

Throughout your lifetime, your memories will fade, but your pictures won’t. Having a great travel camera can make all the difference in the world.

Helpful travel tech – I use a mirrorless camera, which is comparative to a DSLR but more compact and takes incredible travel photos.

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50 travel tips for the best travel experience

31. Make Sure You Have All Your Immunization Shots Before You Leave

Essential travel tips – Visiting your doctor before leaving on a trip is extremely valuable, especially as of late in regards to the latest pandemic. 

While there isn’t much of a cure yet when there will be, get your shots!

Travel Tips And Advice: If you are planning at least 6 months in advance, ask your doctor for any shots you may need to avoid certain diseases that might be a problem when you travel.

32. Have A Travel Journal

What should I get for traveling – I know that everything is going digital nowadays, but there is nothing like a good old fashion pen and journal to jot down your travel adventures.

I have been journaling since I was 15, and when I come across them years later, they bring back fond memories of my past travels.

Travel Tips And Advice: Plus, you can learn off any miscues that may have happened in the past that you will be prepared for on your next journey.

33. Wear Clothes You Are Comfortable With

Tips for being a good traveler – There are tons of travel-related clothing options available to every traveler now, but will you wear them at home?

If not, just wear the clothing that you are comfortable at home, and bring them. It’s all about feeling good which makes you look good while traveling.

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34. Just Wander

Unique travel tips – This is something about getting lost when you wander through a town you are visiting. Plan for a day of just getting lost, and finding new ways of getting back to your hotel.

I remember on a recent trip to San Francisco, where I started at Fishermans wharf and just wandered back to my hotel with no map.

The things I came across while walking back to my hotel were things I didn’t know existed. I was able to take in landmarks that I didn’t research through any guide books.

35. You Can Sleep When You Get Back Home

Different ways to see the world – I love waking up early when I travel. The reason for this is that I can explore areas of the city I am in without the congestion.

Plus, if you are heading to a major attraction, being first in line just means you can get in and out with ease. Also, sunrise pictures always make fantastic memories.

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36. Sometimes The Best Places Are Not The Touristy Areas

Travel tips and tricks from a local – Sure I love tourist attractions like Disneyland and Universal Studios, but sometimes you need a break away from the crowds and see a world that you didn’t know was there.

I remember a trip to Thailand in which there was a boat cruise to an Island where everyone on the boat was treated to an all you can eat BBQ and Manicure/Pedicures while spending the whole day relaxing on a non-populated beach.

37. Pack Imodium And Pepto

Traveling tips everyone should know – No matter how much you try to control what you are eating while you are traveling, sometimes things happen out of your control.

Travel Tips And Advice: I have suffered food poisoning from eating at McDonald’s of all places in China. If I didn’t pack Imodium beforehand, trying to find a pharmacy in a foreign land while trying not to lose control of my bowls, would have been a real adventure.

38. Check Out The Local Markets

Tips for a successful travel experience – I love visiting the local markets in the places I travel to. There is so much to see, shop and eat that you wouldn’t get at the local shopping mall.

Plus, they are great places for cheap souvenirs and knick nacks all the way.

39. Politeness Goes A Long Way

50 travel tips for the best travel experience
Me at Yankee Stadium

The more you smile and be extremely polite, the more approachable you are, and you meet new friends along the way.

I remember my most recent trip to New York, in which I went to see the New York Yankees play the Toronto Blue Jays. Now, cheering for the away team in New York had me a little worried, but just making friends around me made for an amazing time.

Travel Tips And Advice: If you are polite and smile, the locals will give you better attention compared to a grumpy and rude tourist.

40. Stay Hydrated

Remember when I mentioned about my sunburn and heatstroke before proposing to my wife? Well, not drinking enough water throughout the day made it worse.

It doesn’t matter where you are traveling to, always having enough water with you can make all the difference in the world. That’s why I like carrying with me either a collapsible water bottle or a Britta filtration water bottle at all times.

Travel Tips And Advice: The collapsible water bottle is great for going through security at the airports because it’s compact and you can fill the bottle once you enter the terminal for cheap water on the plane.

The Britta filtration water bottle is great for cities that don’t have the greatest water on the planet.

When I travel to Los Angeles, I always use my Britta filtration water bottle for filtering the water from my hotel tap for brushing my teeth, as well as refilling throughout the day to quench my thirst.

41. Never Use Your Back pockets For Anything

Things travelers need to know – Back pockets are where pickpockets go-to first. If you carry your wallet in your back pocket, you better have a chain attached to it, because it’s as good as gone.

Travel Tips And Advice: I have been pickpocketed several times, and still, I never learn my lesson. Now what I do is carry a slim RFID wallet that fits easily into my front pocket to protect myself from future theft.

42. Know Your Wifi Spots

What to know about travel – There is free wifi everywhere you go, and places like Starbucks and McDonald’s are great for when you want to touch base with the world through social media while having a quick coffee or snack.

Travel Tips And Advice: If you are visiting Paris and walking along the Champs De Lessay, make a pit stop at Mcdonalds where the coffee is cheaper than any cafe in the area and they have a great outdoor patio for people watching.

43. Make Your Luggage Stand Out

Savviest traveler tip – Another reason why I hate checking in luggage at the airport is when your luggage arrives at the baggage carousel someone always grabs my bag thinking it’s theirs and then tosses it back on the conveyor belt. 

Travel Tips And Advice: What I do with my check luggage if I have any is either attaching a luggage tag that stands out, or I travel with an uncommon luggage color like bright green that nobody will mistake for theirs.

44. Pack A Power Bar

Helpful travel tech – Have you ever run into a situation where all the power outlets in the airport are being used and you are down to 10 percent battery life?

Travel Tips And Advice: I have been traveling lately with a great travel power bar for plugging into a free power outlet in the airport, and then if someone needs so power, you can share a free spot for others to use.

This way everyone is happy, and who knows, that person might buy you a free drink on the plane.

45. Research The Customs Of The Country You Are Traveling To

What did I learn from traveling the first time – Something that may be acceptable to you in the country you live in, maybe unacceptable in the country you are traveling to.

For example: In Singapore, it’s illegal to spit or throw trash on the ground, or eat on public transportation. In India, It’s illegal to kiss in public.

So keep in mind that where ever you travel to, there are customs that you should be aware of before arriving in a particular country.

Side Note: Don’t throw trash on the ground in your own home country, that is just bad.

46. Try To Put Your Trust In Others

My travel experience – Sure, there will be people out there that will take advantage of you, but that is just a small percentage of the population.

Throughout my travels around the world, I have always put my trust into everyone I meet and have never been disappointed.

Just make sure that you have your wits about you and expect that the small percentage of untrustworthy people are out there to scam you.

If you do that, you will have a safe and friendly vacation to remember.

47. Keep Your Electronics Devices Charged

Basic travel tech needs – This is a lesson I learned recently in which I forgot to charge my phone on the plane I was on, and while I played angry birds for the entire flight, it drained my battery. 

So, when I arrived at the airport and tried to get an Uber, my battery was dead.

Travel Tips And Advice: By purchasing a portable battery charger, it will elevate battery issues that may occur when you are satisfying your angry Birds fix.

48. Jetlag Will Happen And Prepare For It

Tips for being a good traveler – If you are flying a long-distance across the globe, make sure you are prepared beforehand that it will take at least 12 hours for your body to adjust.

The first time I traveled to Pattaya, Thailand, I arrived at my hotel at 2:30 am after a 20 plus flight, and my first day was a write-off.

If you don’t plan anything for the first day, just relaxing at the pool and a small walk around your hotel to get your bearings will help your body recharge for the rest of the vacation.

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49. Keep Your Receipts

Keeping receipts is something I started doing recently, and it keeps my budget in line with what I wanted to spend on the trip.

Also, it helps when there could be a possible overcharge on your credit card and you need disputing the charge with your bank.

I ran into this situation when I was dining in Thailand, and I took a picture of the bill that I signed, and when my credit card company asked if I made a $1000.00 purchase at the restaurant I was at, it was easy to dispute and have the charged reversed.

Plus, if you maintain a budget, you can then find out where you can splurge during your trip on a fancy dinner or gift.

50. Be Grateful

These Travel Tips and Advice are just a few of the many things that I have learned over time when traveling. Some of these may be already known to many, but its always a great refresher.

Just keep in mind, that if you can afford to travel, you are extremely luckier than many around the world.

Be grateful and smile every chance you get. This will make any trip the best it can be.

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50 travel tips for the best travel experience

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10 thoughts on “50 Travel Tips And Advice For The Best Travel Experience

  • February 3, 2020 at 12:44 am

    These are all great tips! I always carry with me a power bank and it was a blessing when on my last few days in Vietnam, when my adapter burned. I was able to charge the power bank at reception whilst I was exploring, and then have three charges for my phone and camera when I returned.

  • February 3, 2020 at 3:58 am

    What a massive and helpful collection of tips for traveling! I love it! 🙂

    • February 3, 2020 at 8:18 am

      Thanks for reading the post. I hope that some of these tips will help you.

    • February 3, 2020 at 9:14 am

      I hope that some of these tips will help you on your next journey. Thanks for reading my post.

  • February 3, 2020 at 1:04 pm

    All of these 50 tips are very useful and I will keep them on mind. I am planning a trip right now, so I have already bookmarked this post to read later when I am near the date of my trip. I will check your other posts as well 🙂

    • February 3, 2020 at 1:11 pm

      Thanks for checking this post out! It might not be Japanese Pop Music :), but I hoped it helped.

  • February 5, 2020 at 7:48 am

    Such a great list! I will definitely keep it on hand for my next trip! Where are you going next?

    • February 5, 2020 at 7:50 am

      In a month I am heading off to Arizona for spring training baseball. Stay tuned for that post! Thanks for reading my post! I hope you have something planned in the near future for yourself.


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