20 Unique And Innovative Active Gear Products

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Active Gear – While we all would love to be able to workout at a gym regularly, but sometimes factors that are out of control tend to slow our progress.

The good news for everyone is that no matter what situation you are in at the moment, there are some innovative and unique fitness products in the market today that can keep you going to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The following active gear products below are for those looking for activewear ideas to keep your body in the right condition while working out.

Plus,  fitness gear that can achieve a healthy workout while being away from the gym.

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USB LED Reflective Elastic Band Belt

If you enjoy running and don’t have access to a treadmill at the gym or home, outdoor running is a great alternative. 

The great thing about running outdoors is it can be done at any time during the day.

But, what if you like to run in the early morning before work, or in the evenings when the kids are at sleep?

Well, worry no more about running when the sunlight outside makes it impossible for others, like cars and pedestrians, to see you coming down the sidewalk.

With this featherweight light belt that secures nicely around the waist, it provides a 360-degree range of high visibility. 

This is a great belt for those who enjoy night walking, running, hiking, cycling and so much more by warning others around you that you are around.

This LED Reflective Belt has a built-in lithium rechargeable battery that works for 5 hours off of one hour of charging.

Protect your life with this great active gear belt.

Power Practical Luminoodle 5 ft Color Changing LED String Lights

Are you a hiker that loves to explore the parts of the world that only your feet can take you?

Do you enjoy packing up a hiking backpack with a tent and other camping essentials for an overnight hike?

Then you need this LED string of lights that is enclosed in a waterproof case that you can hang up in a tent for a fantastic indoor tent light.

The Luminoodle Color allows you to bring useful, colorful ambient lighting along with you wherever life takes you.

Stretch Band with Loops for Physical Therapy

Sometimes all it takes to maintain a healthy body is increasing your flexibility so you can avoid injuries down the road.

Want to increase your flexibility at home? These elastic yoga straps with loops attached help you warm up properly before exercising as well as improving your yoga skills.

When you stretch, you elongate your muscles around the joints which helps increase the range of motion and in turn, helps to avoid injury. 

These special stretch bands prevent injury and facilitate gradual and gentle stretches that protect your muscles and make you more and more flexible each day.

All Natural Eco Friendly Cork and Rubber Workout/Yoga Mat

Looking for an eco-friendly yoga mat alternative? 

Then you should try this cork yoga mat that offers better traction, compared to other yoga mats in the market today. Plus, cork is also less likely to get too hot if you are practicing outside in the sun.

Most foam yoga mats need to be constantly cleaned because they are prone to mold and bacteria build-up.

This cork mat is naturally antimicrobial and won’t develop the same level of buildup in the first place. 

Most of the time to clean it, all you need to do is lay it out and let it air dry. If you get dirt on your mat, you can simply wipe it off with a small amount of soap and water.

I know when I am finished after an intense yoga session, rolling up a non-cork yoga mat into my gym bag along with my workout apparel, leads to a really bad smell if I leave it in the bag for too long.

If you like yoga, think about trying out an eco-friendly yoga mat alternative.

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Gravocore Home Gym Equipment

Looking at ways to transform your body at home with a little amount of equipment? 

With Gravocore you can exercise almost every muscle group with great form & maximum force production whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete with Gravocore’s patented harness and double pulley system.

Easily adjust the resistance and intensity of your workout using just your body to get all of the benefits of a gym – in a fraction of the time!

This lightweight and portable home gym equipment offers all of the benefits of a full gym that you can take anywhere with you to get an amazing and fast workout.

If you want to add some active gear to your travel fitness, this is a great option for those on the go.

CHIPPO – Golf Meets Cornhole!


Don’t worry about your beach bod – let your short game do the talking.

Bring Chippo to the beach and watch in awe as random passersby ask, “Who is that person and what is that incredible game? So skilled with a wedge. Amazing!”

60% of the time it works everytime.

Owning a smartwatch has changed the way I workout. I’m know more focused than ever before on my body health with my Fitbit Versa 2.

Meet Fitbit Versa 2 a smartwatch that elevates every moment.

Use your voice to create alarms, set bedtime Reminders or check The weather with Amazon Alexa built-in.

Take your look from the gym to the office with its modern and versatile design. See your stats with an always-on display mode. 

Plus get Fitbit pay, daily sleep quality scores, apps, notifications, 24/7 Heart rate and store 300+ songs for an experience that revolves around you.

If you are looking for an innovative piece of active gear that is almost like having a personal trainer with you 24/7, then the Fitbit Versa 2 is for you.

Mava Sports Reflexology Knee Support Sleeves

Stronger & more flexible knees thanks to the massage applied to your knee’s reflex points. This also reduces your performance-related stress & anxiety.

Experience increased blood flow & enhanced knee therapy to reduce knee pain, fatigue, knee swelling & inflammation during & after a stressful day or a difficult workout.

Thanks to its unique pressure elements, you will benefit from a faster recovery & a reduced risk of future knee injuries, such as knee strains & sprains with this workout apparel.

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Athletic Ab-Roller Wheel

Another way of preventing injuries is to build a stronger core. While some fitness enthusiasts stay away from ab rollers because of risks to the lower back, I like using an ab-roller to maintain a stronger core.

Whether you are a beginner looking to introduce a great core workout to your fitness routine or have been reaping the benefits of an ab-roller wheel for some time, our wheel is the best way to shred calories, build muscle mass, and exceed your fitness goals.

While many ab-rollers are cheaply made, bend under pressure, or are dangerously slippery, the King Athletic ab roller features a heavy-duty metal shaft and a dual-traction wheel for best grip. 

Assembled with environmentally safe materials, it is best for a full range of motion fitness routine.

If you are looking for active gear that is portable, lightweight, and travel friendly, this abdominal roller wheel is great for travel and athletes who are on the go.

Textured Leather Hand Grips

Have you ever shaken someone’s hands and they say ouch because of your rough hands due to calluses from lifting weights?

Well, maybe shaking hands is becoming more and more obsolete as time progresses, protecting your hands during an intense workout is still a priority.

For me when it comes to gym wear, and being preventative to hand and wrist health while working out, I always have these textured leather hand grips in my gym bag.

Ergonomically designed to minimize pressure, reduce wrist strain and remain steady throughout your exercise routine, these grips are a powerful shield against a host of the long-term wrist and joint conditions.

They also prevent slippage while gripping exercise equipment or doing chin-ups, pull-ups and any other exercise pattern involving your hands.

Fitness Padded Ankle Strap

Bring your workout to the next level with fun and new exercises, such as: Cable Kickbacks, Cable Hip Abduction & Adduction, Cable Leg Mountain Climbers, Cable Lunges, Inner & Outer Thigh Contractions..and many more!

Improve your leg workouts and see the difference you can make in your strength and in the physical appearance of your glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

FITGIRL designs and manufactures products exclusively for women who live an active and healthy lifestyle.

The 2-inch support strap is secured with heavy-duty material, making this strap extremely easy to adjust, put on, and take off. This strap adjusts to fit any ankle size effortlessly. 

This strap was designed for beginners to intermediate level fitness enthusiasts (light to medium weight support).

Neck or Face Sun Shield

A removable universal fit headband with flaps that can be used as a Face Mask or Neck Flap. Compatible with all Caps, Hats, and Helmets. 

The CoolNES multifunctional head accessory will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

A 4 season performance mesh fabric that has UPF 50+ Sun Protection.

The perfect unisex active gear for those who enjoy spending time outdoors that is breathable and light, small and easy to use.

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Competition Grade Speed Rope

I love jumping rope as it is the perfect cardio busting workout that can be done virtually anywhere.

What I like about this particular jump rope is the ultrafast dual-bearing system that makes them virtually friction-free, and the pivoting eye allows for ANY angle of hand motion, making this rope feel effortless at times.

The cable is made of durable nylon-coated steel, and the handles are made of ultra-durable nylon, making this rope suitable for indoor use.

The additional weight provided by the nylon coating gives the jumper a little bit more “feel” to the rope, and gives more rhythmic stability to jumping.

If you are looking for active gear that can provide an intense workout, this jump rope is the right choice for you.

MudGear Premium Compression Socks

Do you enjoy running along trails, but hate coming back home with gashes along your legs due to tree branches and other obstacles? 

With these compression socks, they are made strong enough for obstacle course races and comfortable enough for everyday runs in the park.

This compression sock has a built layer of padding on the lower leg and calf that protects from rope burn and other injuries. They are simply great workout gear socks.

Trail Running Socks

MudGear Trail Running Socks are built for the competitive outdoor athlete. They excel on the open trail, in endurance and adventure races, obstacle course racing, and in outdoor training.

  • High quarter ankle built to keep out dirt from the trail
  • Superior handling of water and mud
  • Long lasting comfort

Shed Water and Suffer in Comfort: In an obstacle race your feet will be covered with water and mud, especially in barbed wire crawls or river walks.

These trail socks offer superior drainage that will keep you light and moving throughout the race like a champ.

With a tight fit on your feet, the socks will also help keep any debris from getting into your shoes and in the way.

Compression Calf Sleeves

These Graduated Compression Sleeves offer the highest level of compression and support for your legs. 

Ideal for Running, Cycling, Hiking, Crossfit, Weight Lifting, Soccer or just Traveling, these MUSETECH compression sleeves are just so comfortable.

The graduated 20-25mmHg compression helps to limit swelling in your legs by increasing blood flow, extremely important during high-performance training or competition.

You’ll find these sleeves essential in helping relieve Shin Splints from the first time you slide them on.

The ventilation construction allows your legs to breathe.

The upper and lower cuffs keep the sleeves exactly where you position it – no sliding or discomfort. 

Collapsible Water Bottle

Hydration is the key for your body when you are working out.

But, who likes carrying around a water bottle when they are running?

That’s why I take with me when I run, the reusable Nomader water bottle that maintains its sturdy feel for a comfortable drinking experience, yet it conveniently rolls up or squashes down when space is tight.

  • Made of thick and flexible BPA-free silicone
  • Foldable for traveling, hiking, and camping.
  • Easy to lug around with ergonomic carry strap.
  • Won’t collapse in your hand while drinking from it.
  • The patented screw cap design ensures a secure, airtight seal when closed and controlled intake when open. In between sips, the hinged cap doubles as a hygienic spout cover, preventing germs from getting onto the mouthpiece and into your drink.

Aquapac Wet and Dry Backpack

Whether you’re commuting in the rain or paddling a SUP, these are fully-featured waterproof daysacks that will protect your gear from the elements.

They’re designed to be comfortable and totally waterproof during activities, brilliant for travel, biking, and activities where weight and full features are a priority. 

Packed with features including a clear key pocket, external mesh pockets, carabiner lashes, sternum strap and removable back support (which you can use as a seat on the wet or rocky ground).

Best of all, a full-size waterproof internal pocket that allows you to keep your wet and dry things separate (or dirty and clean things!) 

Alkaline Water Pitcher

When it comes to Active Gear, I always make sure I have with me my collapsible water bottle, but I always fill it up with Alkaline Water.

Why Alkaline Water? Because it does so much for your body when drinking it.

Say goodbye to acidic stomach, reflux (GERD) and heartburn!

Some effects of not having the right water pH are obesity, continuous poor digestion, body pain, low energy levels leading to fatigue and stress – all of which could lead to more serious diseases and disorders such as diabetes, high cholesterol, acid reflux, gout, high blood pressure or heartburn. 

By drinking alkaline water you will keep all those diseases away!

There are so many more benefits about adding Alkaline water to your daily routine, you need to find out for yourself.

Train Your Body To Balance Better And Get More Out Of Your Workouts!

Adding the Clever Yoga Balance Pad to your fitness routine will build muscle strength, improve body coordination and joint stability as well as increase your balance.

The pad provides instability that engages your core muscles and puts them to work as they are forced to compensate and maintain balance.

You can use the pad to increase the difficulty level of upper and lower body workouts. You’ll engage more muscles and work them more deeply than regular exercise alone.

You can also use in place of a traditional yoga mat to add an extra element of challenge to basic standing postures, one-legged balance poses and even advanced arm balances.

This is another fantastic Active Gear essential for those who love yoga.


Not sure if adding any of these Active Gear essentials for your daily workout routine.

When you think about the benefits that each of these products can do for your body, what’s the worst that can happen? Not be used like the gym membership that hasn’t been touched in the past two months?

Even if you add to your daily health regimen the Alkaline Water and the Cork Yoga Mat to your workout routine, you are doing something good for your body, and something great for the environment.

Take care out there, and enjoy the outdoors. Just keep your distance right now! Social Isolation is key!

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