15 Unique And Innovative Active Gear Products – Keep You Healthy & Motivated

Unique And Innovative Active Gear Products | Keep You Healthy & Motivated

While we all want to be able to go to the gym regularly, sometimes circumstances beyond our control impede our development.

The good news is that no matter what your current circumstance is, there are some innovative and unusual fitness gadgets on the market today that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The active gear products listed below are for people looking for activewear ideas to maintain their bodies in good shape while exercising.

Plus, exercise equipment allows you to get a good workout even when you’re not in the gym.

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FitnessFactory.com carries a broad selection of racks, rigs & cages for powerlifting, strength training, high-intensity interval training and bodyweight exercises.

LED Reflective Running Belt Pouch

LED Reflective Running Belt Pouch

The Sport2People LED Running beltnning belt is the ideal sports gear for anyone who enjoys running, jogging, or walking at night. You’ll be very visible in the dark to drivers up to 300 feet away if you wear an LED jogging belt around your waist. 

There’s no need for a torch when you have a belt with a super bright LED light and a large pocket (8.3″ length) for your little essentials like a phone, gels, and money. Now you can run hands-free and worry-free, whether late at night or early in the morning.

The active gear belt is adjustable to fit persons of all sizes. It’s safe, it remains put, and it doesn’t bounce. This ROOMY and WATER RESISTANT fitness belt is ideal for a variety of outdoor or gym activities when you want your hands free and your items safely kept.

WODFitters Stretch Resistance Pull Up Assist Band

WODFitters Stretch Resistance Pull Up Assist Band

Stretch Resistance Pull Up Assist Bands from WODFitters are ideal for a number of exercises and movements, and they’ll look amazing in your gym, health club, physical therapy office, or personal fitness equipment collection. 

These active gear bands take up almost no room and may be used for a variety of workouts, both at home and on the go. These pull-up aid bands are excellent for developing the strength required for increasingly difficult activities. Pull-ups, chin-ups, ring dips, and muscle-ups are all easy to learn with the WODFitters bands. 

They’re great for building muscle memory and getting you to accomplish kipping and tight pull-ups in no time.

Stretch Resistance Pull Up Assist Bands by WODFitters are designed for a number of exercises and movements and will be a wonderful addition to your gym, health club, physical therapy clinic, or personal fitness equipment collection. During warm-up, recovery, and rehab, they can also be employed for a tough power-lifting session for banded lifts and mobility exercises. 

The WODFitters resistance bands are constructed of eco-friendly latex of the highest quality. These bands outlast any competitor because of continuous layers of strong rubber that provide durability and sturdiness. They will not break under extreme stress or distort easily.

Liforme Happiness Yoga Mat

Liforme Happiness Yoga Mat

The AlignForMe system of practical alignment marks on Liforme’s original ground-breaking Yoga Mat intelligently guides Yogis of all shapes and sizes and helps them practice in better alignment. Yogis will appreciate the extra length and width, as well as the perfect blend of solid stability and pleasant padding. 

Enjoy this limited edition in a bright and cheerful orange hue and design, with a sun mandala in the center of the mat and bluebirds flying around the sun serving as the optimum alignment points. This bright new color and lovely etching design create the ideal environment for bringing more joy into your daily practice. 

This yoga mat from Active Gear is constructed of environmentally friendly natural rubber and topped with a specifically developed eco-polyurethane. It’s PVC-free and free of harmful toxins. The outer packaging is recyclable. Biodegradable and made in a responsible manner.

Exercise Balance Pad

Exercise Balance Pad

Improve Your Body’s Balance And Get More From Your Workouts! Including a Yoga Balance Pad in your workout regimen can help you strengthen your muscles, enhance your body coordination and joint stability, and improve your balance. 

The pad creates instability, which activates and works your core muscles as they are forced to compensate and maintain balance. You can utilize the pad to make upper- and lower-body workouts more difficult. You’ll use more muscles and work them more profoundly than you would with just ordinary exercise.

You can also use it instead of a regular yoga mat to make fundamental standing postures, one-legged balance poses, and even advanced arm balances more challenging. 

This is yet another terrific Active Gear must-have for yoga enthusiasts.

Free Weights at FitnessFactory.com

Using free weights from FitnessFactory.com is the best way to strengthen your muscles, burn calories, and build a better body.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle

When you’re working out, it’s critical to keep your body hydrated. But, when you’re out running, who wants to be lugging around a water bottle?

That’s why I bring a reusable water bottle with me while I run, one that keeps its strong feel for a comfortable sipping experience while also rolling up or squashing down when room is limited.

  • Made of thick and flexible BPA-free silicone
  • Foldable for traveling, hiking, and camping.
  • Easy to lug around with ergonomic carry strap.
  • Won’t collapse in your hand while drinking from it.
  • The patented screw cap design ensures a secure, airtight seal when closed and controlled intake when open. In between sips, the hinged cap doubles as a hygienic spout cover, preventing germs from getting onto the mouthpiece and into your drink.

Alkaline Water Pitcher

Alkaline Water Pitcher

When it comes to Active Gear, I usually bring a foldable water bottle with me, which I fill with Alkaline Water. What is the Purpose of Alkaline Water?

Because it benefits your body so much when you consume it. Say goodbye to acid reflux (GERD), heartburn, and acidic stomach!

Obesity, constant bad digestion, body pain, low energy levels leading to exhaustion, and tension are some of the side effects of having the wrong water pH, all of which can lead to more serious diseases and disorders including diabetes, high cholesterol, acid reflux, gout, high blood pressure, or heartburn.

You may avoid all of these ailments by drinking alkaline water! Find out for yourself why adding alkaline water to your daily routine has so many advantages.

Competition Grade Speed Rope

WOD Nation Attack Speed Jump Rope 2

Finally, a jump rope that can keep up with today’s athletes. The WOD Nation Attack Speed Rope is the best on the market, and it can be customized to meet your specific fitness goals. 

Do you need a fast-speed rope to practice double unders and footwork? Done! For optimal speed workout drills, use our thin 2.2 mm cable. Do you want to increase your muscular mass and endurance? It’s no problem! Give your upper and lower bodies a run for their money with the 3.3 mm monster cable. 

The thick “monster” rope is perfect for beginners who need to “feel” the rope spin as well as build muscle definition and burn fat. Switching between the two cords will keep your muscles guessing, which will aid in the development of all-around fitness.

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Compression Calf Sleeves

Compression Calf Sleeves 2

Calf discomfort can be caused by a variety of acute and chronic injuries and diseases (shin splints, muscle strain, muscle tightness, achilles tendonitis, trauma, etc).

Whether you have sporadic or chronic calf discomfort, give your legs immediate support and pain relief. Compression also improves blood circulation, which reduces inflammation and swelling and helps to prevent cramps and weariness.

From the moment you put these sleeves on, you’ll notice how effective they are at relieving Shin Splints. They’re the ideal activewear for folks who are always on the run!

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Running Socks

Balega Hidden Comfort No Show Running Socks for Men and Women

Socks should be a priority in any workout outfit when it comes to athletic wear. During long races and extended training sessions, the Balega Hidden Comfort No-Show Running Socks for Men and Women provides velvety comfort and performance. 

Balega’s Drynamix fabric wicks moisture away from the skin, and reinforced microfiber mesh ventilation panels keep feet dry for miles. 

A hand-linked seamless toe box reduces friction on the top of the foot, minimizing chafing. For further durability, the toe and heel have been strengthened.

The extra deep heel pocket and high-heel closure keep socks from falling into shoes, while the increased Elastane adds to the no-slip assurance. The Balega Hidden Comfort No-Show Running Socks have a luxurious 200 needle-count fabric and high-volume, impact-resistant cushioning for race-tested foot support during long walks and runs.

Hydration Backpack with Storage

Hydration Backpack with Storage

You need a hydration pack that you can rely on whether you’re day hiking, riding a back-country MTB route, road biking, or going on family day outings. 

Designed to provide the best possible hydration. The Vibrelli hydration pack is light, comfortable, and has several storage pockets as well as a high-performance bladder. 

Compact, light, and durable. My recent 12-hour trip up and down a rough mountainside in Southern Arizona, it was the ideal hydration pack.

I was about to pack a windbreaker coat and gloves for a cool night, several power food bars for sustenance, a monocular for sighting, a battery pack for my iPhone, a small flashlight for the darkness, and a small first aid kit for the “just in case”… in addition to the nearly 2 liters of water to keep me hydrated.

Athletic Ab-Roller Wheel

Athletic Ab-Roller Wheel

Another approach to avoid injuries is to strengthen your core. While some exercise enthusiasts avoid ab rollers because of lower back dangers, I prefer to utilize one to maintain a stronger core. 

Whether you’re a novice seeking to add a terrific core workout to your fitness regimen or have been using an ab-roller wheel for a while, our wheel is the most effective way to burn calories, gain muscle mass, and achieve your fitness objectives. 

Unlike many other ab rollers, which are poorly manufactured, flex under pressure, or are dangerously slippery, the Fitnessery ab roller has a heavy-duty metal shaft and a dual-traction wheel for maximum grip.

It’s great for a full range of motion training program because it’s made of ecologically friendly materials. This abdominal roller wheel is perfect for travel and athletes on the go if you’re seeking portable, lightweight, and travel-friendly athletic gear.

Sports Reflexology Knee Support Sleeves

Sports Reflexology Knee Support Sleeves

Knees that are stronger and more flexible as a result of the massage done to the reflex points on your knees. This also minimizes performance-related anxiety and stress.

Reduce knee discomfort, weariness, knee swelling, and inflammation during and after a stressful day or a strenuous workout with increased blood flow and enhanced knee therapy.

With this training attire, you will benefit from a speedier recovery and a reduced risk of future knee problems, such as knee strains and sprains, thanks to its unique pressure features.

Home Gyms at FitnessFactory.com

Find the right home gym for your facility or personal workout space at FitnessFactory.com

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

Fitbit Sense is a cutting-edge health smartwatch that lets you tune in to your body and leads you to improved health. With SpO2, you can test your heart for AFib, detect and manage stress, better understand your sleep quality, and even keep an eye on patterns in your skin temperature or well-being directly from your wrist. 

During runs, hikes, rides, and other activities, use the built-in GPS to check pace and distance without having to use your phone, and use the built-in mic and speaker to take Bluetooth calls hands-free when your phone is close (Requires more frequent charging).

By simply speaking to your watch, you can obtain instant headlines, set bedtime reminders and alarms, operate your smart home devices, and more. (Voice assistant availability and functionalities may vary, check website/voice) For new Fitbit Premium users, Sense also unlocks a 6-month free trial of personalized advice and advanced insights.

BodyBoss 2.0 - Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package

BodyBoss 2.0 - Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package + Resistance Bands

The BodyBoss 2.0 was created to mimic all of the cumbersome gym equipment and merge them into a single innovative training concept: the BodyBoss 2.0, a portable gym

The BodyBoss Portable Gym is the world’s first portable home gym. 

What if you didn’t have to drive to the gym to get an upper-body workout, or if you could carry a full rack of dumbbells or a massive squat rack with you wherever you went?

The gym can be a wonderful place to visit, but getting there as often as you want each week might be difficult. With just one product, you can complete an upper body workout, a lower body workout, a cardio resistance boxing training, and a body part emphasis workout all in the same week!

LifePro Turbo 3D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

LifePro Turbo 3D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Stepping on The Turbo vibration plate will provide immediate and apparent relief for lower back discomfort, hurting knees, and arthritic joints. 

The workout machine stimulates your nerves, blocking out pain, reducing built-up tension, and calming your joints as your brain focuses on motion rather than pain, similar to rubbing a banged shin or shaking an injured finger. 

With the LifePro Turbo, you may recover muscle tone, strengthen bone density, increase your metabolism, and more. 

Vibrations that are gentle and therapeutic wake-up muscles all over your body, boosting circulation and stimulating myofascial release. As a result, your body’s natural ability to renew cells and repair itself is enhanced, resulting in increased motion, flexibility, and comfort from the very first session.



If you’re not sure if you should include any of these Active Gear staples in your regular workout routine, see your doctor. What’s the worst that may happen when you consider the benefits that each of these products can provide for your body? Not be used, like a gym membership that hasn’t been used in two months? 

Even if you just add Alkaline Water and a Cork Yoga Mat to your regular wellness regimen, you’ll be doing good for your body and the earth. Take care and enjoy the outdoors while you’re out there. Just keep your distance for the time being! Isolation from others is crucial!

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15 Unique And Innovative Active Gear Products Keep You Healthy Motivated

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