15 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon

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Care Package Ideas – When it comes to gift buying, there are so many ways to show how much you care for someone. But, have you ever bought a gift for someone that you find out years later ended up in a drawer collecting dust, or just thrown away after a month? 

I know I have, and I started to get angry that no matter what I bought for someone, that gift always ended up in a trash bin.

That’s when I started to think to myself, ”what is something that I can for someone, that I know will never get thrown out? 

Well, the first thing that popped into my head was diamonds. Who is going to throw away diamonds? I mean really, they are a girl’s best friend right? 

But I know that if I start buying diamonds for everyone I know, two things will happen.

First, I will have new friends popping up all over the place excited for the gift-giving season. Second, I will be extremely broke and have to sell my body to science to pay off my credit card debt.

So, knowing that gifting jewelry will break me, I started to think of cheaper gift alternatives that my friends and family will love and keep the debt collectors at bay. 

What I came up with were care packages. Care packages are great because you can tailor make them to any type of personality you wish to gift someone. Plus, who doesn’t like opening a surprise box full of fun gifts.

Here are some great care package ideas for all different types of occasions that will win over any person, and help you avoid having to buy a gift for someone that could potentially end up in the garbage forever!

15 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon
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Care packages are great for any type of gift-giving. For example, if you are in a long-distance relationship, you can create a long-distance relationship gift box that will say “I am thinking of you” while you are apart. 

Or, if you know someone that is having a rough time in life, a care package for that special friend could change that frown upside down.

Here are some great care package box ideas that I hope will delight and surprise that certain someone in your life anytime during the year.

Care Package Ideas For College Students

15 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 115 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 3

Frito-Lay Ultimate Snack Care Package, Variety Assortment of Chips, Cookies, Crackers & More, 40 Count

If you are looking for a care package that is a definite crowd-pleaser, these Frito-Lay flavors make for the perfect grab and go snack.

The ultimate snack care package provides a variety of salty and sweet flavors, cookies, crackers, chips, popcorn, nuts, and pretzels that will keep any college student happy.

Promising Amazon Review: “I sent this box to my nephew’s,because money is tight and teenage boys need food. They were so happy to get the box. It has such a variety of snacks. It made my sister’s day.”

15 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 515 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 7

Ultimate Movie Night Care Package Full of Delicious Snacks and Redbox Rental Code

As a college student, the money will be tight, and when students need a break from studying, this perfect movie night care package will fit the bill.

Items include inside: 1 Redbox code for a 1 night DVD rental, 2 Act One microwave popcorn (2.75oz), 2 bags Skinny Pop Popcorn asst. flavors 0.5oz, 2 snack bags Cracker Jack (1.25oz), 2 snack size Pringles 0.74 oz(assorted flavors), 2 snack size Trolli Crawlers Sour Candy (2 oz), 2 Skittles 2.17 oz (assorted flavors), 3 snack size bags of Planters Peanuts (1 oz), 5 2-pack Oreo/Chips Ahoy (0.77oz), 2 snack size bags Snyder’s Pretzels (1.5 oz), 2 Cow Tales Caramel Candies (1 oz) Stay at Home Branded Mints.

Promising Amazon Review: “This was a hit gift for a raffle I recently did. They packed so many goodies into the box. I was surprised because seeing it in person was just different than reading it on the site. The person who won the gift basket was thrilled with the variety and said they had a nice movie night with their spouse. I‘m definitely keeping this one in the back of mine for when I need a gift basket again.”

15 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 915 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 11

Gift Basket Village College Care Package

So they’re off to college. It’s both a time of excitement and of a time of anxiety. Aside from home cooking, there isn’t much better than a care package from home to help them adjust to new surroundings.

What could be better (aside from a parental visit, of course) to help celebrate or ease their stress, than a large box filled to the brim with enough sweets, snacks, treats, energy drinks, and quick microwavable meals to get them started and to keep them going. 

This package is the perfect way to let them know you care while they are away at college.

When they open this large, colorful gift box, they will discover the following: (2) .67 oz Pringles Original Flavor Snack Stacks, (1) 5 Hour Energy Drink Mix, (5) Assorted Chips, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Wafer Cookies, (2) Bags of Microwave Popcorn, Seasoned Almonds, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, (2) Microwavable Cups of Macaroni & Cheese, Altoids Mints, (2) Tubes of M&M’s, Skittles, Lemonheads, Oreo’s, Nutter Butter Cookies, Slim Jim’s, A Jack Links Beef Stick, A Canister of Virginia Peanuts, and (2) Chewy Granola Bars.

Care Package Ideas For Fitness Fanatics

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Keto Snack Box and Care Package

The keto diet is a tough diet to understand at the beginning, and if you or someone who is trying the keto diet for the first time then this keto certified care package is for you! 

Packed with delicious Keto Certified or Keto-Friendly snacks, this Deluxe Keto Smartbox is packed with your favorite Low Carb, Low Sugar, and Keto Brands; such as Epic, Quest, and SmartSweets, and Vermont Meat Sticks.

Worried about the math involved in the keto diet? This keto care package has done the math and includes a complete list of box contents, along with a per-serving Net Carb count.

Discover New Brands, Send To Loved Ones, or Support Your ON-THE-GO Lifestyle. 

Whether you’re new to the Keto Diet, or you’re looking for a way to support your busy lifestyle, Smartbox brings you the best of Keto Snacks in one convenient package. Ship to your loved ones for the ultimate healthy snack box!

Whether you’re searching for a salty snack to hold you over or a well-deserved sweet indulgence after a hard day; SmartBox has you covered!

Care Package Ideas For Her

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Milky Chic Special Care Package

Whether you’re looking for gifts for wife or sister gifts, this gift box will get the job done

The handmade donut bomb coupled with the salt soak and sugar scrub provides skin with the extra care it needs to help it stay soft, smooth, and moisturized while adding a subtle yet refreshing scent to help you look and smell fabulous.

This beautiful gift set is filled with unique gifts that almost every woman is going to love. 

Also included a water-resistant notebook that’s smooth and stylish, a spacious natural cotton makeup bag that makes it easy to carry your cosmetics and a soft satin mask to help you sleep soundly through the night.

Promising Amazon Review: “My husband surprised me with this cute gift box for Valentine’s day, which was so exciting cause he forgets every year!

The packaging was very unique and you can tell the products were hand-picked with much detail, by someone who could have been me :-). I loved the funny socks, my husband enjoyed seeing me with them😂a great and creative gift for any women. I am going to be pampered by every item In the gift set.”

15 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 2115 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 23

5-Piece Warm Hugs Positive Energy Healing Thoughts Care Package

This super soft and ultra-plush blanket is designed for a thoughtful caring personal gift to loved ones. The intent of this blanket is not only to bring warmth but also to bring smiles, joy, and feelings of love.

Not only does this blanket keep her cozy anywhere, but it comes with a NECK PILLOWEYEMASK, and cozy socks for Taking Nap anywhere. Plus, it comes with a FOLDABLE BAG that Makes It Easy to Carry.

Promising Amazon Review: “Gave as a gift for rotator cuff surgery since most have to sleep sitting up…. she couldn’t have been happier everything was perfect and was worth so much more than the price listed.”

15 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 2515 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 27

Not a Day Over Fabulous Wine Tumbler Care Package

This adorable gift-ready care package features cupcake packaging and hilarious wine socks that are guaranteed to make anyone squeal with joy.

You can give them as a stocking stuffer or bundle it with wine and chocolate. Wine socks are extra soft to the touch, and they keep her feet at the perfect warmth.

Along with these great socks, this care package includes a key bottle opener made from Metal Zinc Alloy, Unique silver key bottle opener stand out from the crowd.

Plus, a tumbler comes with a clear lid made out of toxin-free. There is a silicone ring cover the lid, effectively prevent the tumbler from overflow.

Can’t finish the bottle in a night? Don’t worry, the bottle stoppers plug included in the care package provides an air-tight seal to prolong and preserve opened bottles of wine. 

Also included in the care package are great items like a Beautiful White Marble Style Coaster, Pink Greeting Card with White Envelope, and a Premium 18/8 Stainless Steel Tumbler.

Promising Amazon Review: “Bought this for my wife’s birthday. She liked the idea that she got something “frivolous” for a change. She really liked the metal straw with the cleaner. She drinks some items with essentials oils added, and the oils do not work with plastic straws. The cup keeps her drinks hot or cold over a long period of time. She has not had a chance to use the socks on me yet. The other items were of good quality and the packaging was nice enough that additional wrapping is unneeded.”

15 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 2915 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 31

Happy Birthday Gift for Women: Stainless Steel Tumbler, Bath Bomb Set, Candy Box for Her

This is a UNIQUE GIFT TO REMEMBER. Give your loved one with this trendy happy birthday gift set filled with top quality products that will genuinely express your affection. 

Spoil your loved one with this thoughtful gift that will show off your excellent taste and enjoy their ear-to-ear smile!!

This birthday box is a collection of trending birthday delectables including an insulated stainless steel wine tumbler with lid and straw, therapeutic bath bomb set, & candy. This inspirational birthday-themed gift is beautifully designed to make the recipient feel unique and special.

Whether it’s popping in an essential oil bath bomb and treating oneself to a long calming bath, cozying up with a book & blanket and pouring oneself a glass of wine, or a cup of herbal tea, or enjoying a scented candle, everyone appreciates a little pampering on their birthday.

The Birthday Box Includes: [1] rose gold insulated stainless steel stemless 12 oz. birthday wine tumbler with lid and straw [1] bath bomb lush aromatherapy set with 6 unique fragrances – 100% natural & cruelty-free [1] scented candle [1] birthday hat wine stopper [2] rock candy sticks

Promising Amazon Review:” Excellent gift for college students, parents, or really anyone looking to unwind or de-stress. I was pleased with the variety of items and appreciated the value of the package. I light candles around the house often, and the sweet peony scented candle that came with this gift has been one of my favorite candles thus far. The essential oil bath bombs were a great addition as well, and the tranquility bath bomb, along with a glass of wine, complemented the candle well. Looking forward to trying out the remaining 5 bath bombs over these next few weeks. Overall, I would highly recommend it!”

15 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 3315 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 35

Gift Baskets for Women - Includes Journal for Women, Ring Holders for Jewelry, Bubble Bath for Women, Warm Socks, and Womens Scarves

Planning a couple’s weekend getaway to rest and recharge? Why not have a spa-like care package waiting at the end destination to get the weekend getaway started off right.

What’s included in this great weekend getaway care package includes 3 PAIRS OF WOOL SOCKS to warm up the feet in the cold winter mornings. SET OF 6 BATH BOMBS Blended with natural essential oils and olive oil to keep skin moisturized and help relieve stress, and leaves no stain in the tub or skin after use. 1 Shawl SCARF made of Ultra Soft Cashmere-like Acrylic for the warm and soft winter scarf feel.

This gift-ready care package also includes an INDIAN ELEPHANT RING HOLDER to hold things like earrings, pins, and necklaces rest in the lotus flower bowl at its feet. Plus, a Faux leather journal notebook to organize thoughts, dreams, and ideas while relaxing by the fire.

Promising Amazon Review: “I can’t say enough about this beautiful gift box! Every item inside is very high quality and it all is beautifully and securely packaged. I gave this to my tween daughter for her birthday and she opened it when her friends were over, and now all of them want one too! It’s an incredible value. I will definitely be ordering more for the holidays!

Care Package Ideas For Him

15 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 3715 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 39

Beard Kit for Men Grooming

Growing a beard is easy. But once it’s fully grown, shaping and styling a beard can be a challenge. When it comes to treating a beard like a baby, a special beard grooming kit needs to be in order. 

If you are looking for a care package for the man in your life that needs to take special care with his beard, then this is the kit for him! 

This Beard Kit comes with premium packaging making it ready for giving as a gift for men/husband/friend/boyfriend.

Included in the kit are shampoo, balm, oil, plus the beard E-book, comb, boars hairbrush, and stainless steel scissors,storage bag.

Because a single shampoo retails for $10, it is not included in most kits. It’s the definition of a great deal.

Promising Review: “Love this product! I gifted this to my husband who loved it, and he uses it about every other day prob will be getting another one this Christmas.”

15 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 4115 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 43

DLuxSpa Sandalwood Skincare Shaving and Bath Gift Basket Set for Men with Hemp Oil Extract

Even if the man in your life doesn’t believe in Spa treatments, this DLuxSpa Sandalwood 8-Piece Bath and Body Gift Set is the perfect way for “him” to kick back and indulge in some “me” time after a long, stressful day. 

It leaves him with a radiant complexion, via detoxifying the skin, boosting hydration, and brings back his vitality and invigoration along with silky smooth soothing feeling.

This 8-in-1 Ultimate DLuxSpa Sandalwood Package For Him is the complete skincare, shaving, and bath gift set. 

This package includes 4 fl.oz Muscle Relief Cream (500MG Hemp Oil Extract), 4 fl.oz Shaving Cream, 4 fl.oz Aftershave Balm (500MG Hemp Oil Extract), 8.4 fl.oz 2-in-1 Body Wash and Shampoo, 8.4 fl.oz Bubble Bath, 6.76 oz Bath Salts (500MG Hemp Oil Extract), Bath Sponge and Toiletry Bag.

Sensory Care Package For Everyone

15 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 4515 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 47

Stress Relief and Anti-Anxiety Tools Bundle

Relieve stress and anxiety by simply playing, squeezing, stretching, and flipping with these fidgeting devices. Every toy helps release and soothe stress. Boredom or to simply pass the time. It’s the perfect care package for everyone that suffers with sensory overload.

These are also great for kids with ADD or ADHD and people with OCD or high stress/anxiety levels.

With 25 pieces, there is a fidget toy for everyone in the family or friends. 

This fidget pack is highly shareable. It’s also very portable. These fidget sensory toys are great to bring in schools, classrooms, and offices, and anytime someone needs to keep hands and minds busy for a long time.

These fidgeter toys are great for everyone age 5 to 85. These are perfect gifts for birthdays or as party favors. These are also wonderful incentives and prizes for kids.

Get Well Soon Care Package

Gourmet Get Well Gift Box Basket - For Cold Flu Illness Surgery Injury

Know someone (young or old, near or far) that is under the weather?    

Show them that you care with this gift box! This gift box aims to please young and old with things that will help them feel better. 

They’ve handpicked items that should appeal to someone who isn’t feeling the best. 

Maybe you can’t be with your friend or family member — send your love, care, concern, and well wishes instead. And, by choosing Amazon’s fast shipping, this box can be in their hands in only a day or two.

Animal Care Packages

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BULLTUG - Dog Toys (7-Pack Bagged Gift Set)

If you are an animal lover, sometimes we treat our pets better than some of our friends. If you love your pets as much as they love you then why not get them something that they will be excited to play with until they lose it.

Case in point the CHEW-N-TUG 7-PACK. The fun starts with a mix of chew cotton ropes, tuff enough for hours of tug-of-war. More excitement awaits with Raccool, a squeaky, stuffing free, plushie toy. Lastly, a natural-rubber ball made for powerful jaws.

Promising Amazon Review: “Here’s my story: we rescued Lucy (the latest addition to our family) but could not get her to play for a long time. When we came across Bulltug, we were excited to get a variety of toys so we could find out what my puppy loves.

Turns out, Lucy LOVES rope toys and also LOVES the raccoon in the box. She doesn’t seem to care for squeaky toys much at all, except for this one haha. Plus, the box is super convenient. This was a worthwhile purchase and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get their furry family member a set of AMAZING toys.”

15 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 5315 Amazing Care Package Ideas You Can Find On Amazon 55

Cat Gift Box Basket for A Favorite Feline Fur Baby and His/Her Guardian

If there is someone in your life that is a cat person, then this is the right cat care package for them. Not only does this package contain toys and treats for the friendly feline, but also some keepsakes for the cat lover you are sharing this gift box too.

What is included in this 9 item cat lovers care package a Wooden Cat Sign with Metal “Roof” (“CAT FUR IS JUST PART of the DECOR IN THIS house” OR “A HOUSE IS NOT A home WITHOUT A CAT” OR “I JUST WANNA STAY home AND HANG OUT WITH MY CAT“), Plush Toy with a Long Tail (Assorted Colors/Styles), 1.7 oz Creamy Dairy Flavored Temptations Treats, 3 oz. Pounce Cat Treats, 2.1 oz Meow Mix Ocean Explosion TreatsPlush Mouse Toy (Assorted Colors), and Large Ball Toy With Ball & Bell Inside (Assorted Colors)

Also Includes: Cat with Butterfly Mug — QUALITY by Lang – in Matching Gift Box, and 1.7 oz Tasty Chicken Flavor Temptations Cat Treats

All packed in a glossy, sturdy gift box (no cheap basket or flimsy cellophane), tied with an elegant gold bow!


So what do you think? Do you think you also believe that care packages are the answer to your gift-giving problems? 

With all of the great care packages available on Amazon today, there are so many choices that will satisfy even the toughest person to buy for.

I like the care packages that involve food, because they are always there in the time of need, especially when you don’t have time to brave the supermarket.

I hope that these care package ideas will put a smile on anyone’s face you buy for!

P.S. – If you’ve found this article helpful and like the products in the post, please consider purchasing the goods via the links in the post as it helps keep the website running. All the companies are ones I use myself in my own life. If you have any questions, email me!

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