Automatic Pet Feeders – 7 Best Amazon Reviewed For Multi-Pet Households

Automatic Pet FeedersWe love our pets, and they are part of the family. But with many pet owners today, our daily schedules have us out of the house more than we want to take care of our loved ones.

If you are a pet owner, trying to schedule your life around your best friend’s eating routines can be tough. What happens if you are working late, or you need a good night’s rest from an exhausting day and don’t want to wake up, but your four-legged friend needs to eat?

Well, that’s where Automatic Pet feeders can help. 

Automatic Pet feeders allow you to be able to dispense pre-portioned meals at designated times, which can elevate a bit of stress knowing your loved one is being taken care of during the day or night.

Automatic Pet feeders are great for cats and small dogs because they allow you to space your pet’s meals throughout the day to maintain a healthy diet. The only disadvantage to automatic pet feeders is most feeders don’t have the capacity for the bigger portions and larger kibble size required for large dogs.

Plus, if you add water fountains, that can keep a stream of running water flowing all day it will encourage your pets to stay hydrated.

While they are not a replacement for your love and care, and you should never leave cats alone for more than 24 hours or dogs for more than 12 hours, these devices make life a little easier when you’re stuck at work late.

Below, we’ve rounded up a collection of the best-reviewed automatic pet feeders recommended by pet owners.

Why am I writing this article? Because I went through a lot of research over the past few months to find the right automatic pet feeder for my little buddy. And if you love your pet and want to make sure they are being fed while you can be around, this post is for you.

Automatic Pet Feeders - 7 Best Amazon Reviewed For Multi-Pet Households
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Top pick - Balimo 6L Automatic Pet Feeder with 1080P HD WiFi Camera

This automatic pet feeder supports 2-10 mm size dry food, 1-8 meals a day(4 meals a day recommended), you can set a more healthy daily diet for your pets or provide an instant feeding just by clicking the “FEED” button.

The built-in 1080P HD camera with an 85° Wide-angle view and HD night vision function ensures you know when your pets need you, they will be safe and cared for. You can also record and share beautiful and interesting moments with your families and friends.

The built-in ultra-responsive microphone ensures you smooth and stable conversations through the APP wherever you are. Your dogs or cats will never be alone again.

The design of this automatic pet feeder offers a 6L large capacity food barrel and holds approximately 2.5 kg of food, so you do not need to be worried about cats or dogs getting hungry anymore.

Key Features

  • Anti-blocking design 1080p camera


  • Brand: Balimo
  • ConnectivityWi-Fi
  • Color: Black, White 
  • Weight: 4.89 pounds
  • Capacity: 6L


  • Ample capacity
  • Can view your pets from anywhere 
  • Connects to your smartphone


  • Wi-Fi connection tricky

Amazon Review: “I love this feeder, as I use it for my very energetic dog, and instead of nagging me, he has learned the sounds and times of the numerous small meals I let him have. I’ve seen him sit in front of the feeder like he knows it’s coming, what a surprise that was, no more nagging me or the feeder, sits patiently anticipating the snack, it’s like my dog has a new friend lol. 

I’ve tried other feeders, and they either have stopped working or if they are bumped around, they fall apart easily. I’ve tried expensive and inexpensive ones, and this one gets knocked around and barely moves. It’s sturdy and has weight. This automatic pet feeder has a lot of features, that I had to watch the video from the website, but, they explain the feeder well. 

Don’t waste your money as I have with the other brands, this looks good, and it even looks like it’s built to last.”

Apexto 2.4G Wi Fi Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera 1080p HD Video

Readers pick - Apexto 2.4G Wi-Fi Automatic Pet Feeder w/ Camera 1080p Video

With a 1080p Full HD Camera and Livestream video, you can monitor your pet on your phone, no matter how far you travel to work. Plus, you can always make sure that your pet is well-behaved at home through the Apexto APP and 110° wide-angle camera.

Connect the automatic pet feeder to WI-FI(2.4G only), then you can remotely feed your cats and dogs from anywhere and anytime with your phone. Easy to set automatic or manual feeding, control food portions per feeding, and 1-4 meals for one day at the right time, regular quantitative feeding can make pets healthier. It is compatible with any phone.

No need to worry about the safety of your pets with the wide-mouth food delivery position that will not allow food to get stuck. The product is equipped with a dual power supply, power adapter, and 3 D-size batteries (not included). There is no need to worry when the power is off. 

Moisture-proof bags are placed on the top cover, which can alleviate food deterioration and moisture.

Plus, the Apexto automatic pet feeder all you up to 10 seconds of audio recording to call it over to eat, lets your pet feel our companionship; also share cute moments with friends and family via photos and videos.

The 4L large capacity Pet feeder is suitable for small and medium pets under 12 kg, the product has been designed and modified many times just to give our loved pets a better feeding experience. Just remember to configure it using 2.4G signal WI-FI.

Key Features

  • 1080p camera 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Brand: Apexto
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 
  • Color: Black, White 
  • Weight: 4.54 pounds
  • Capacity: 4L


  • Can view your pets from anywhere 
  • Wide-angle lens for the camera


  • Wi-Fi connection tricky

Amazon Review: “I love this feeder. It was very to easy to set up, hook up to the internet and start using. My cat loves this too. He didn’t hesitate to start using it.

For me, automatic dispenser scheduling is the most useful feature. The feeder dispenses in multiples of portions of 10 grams each. I calculated that for my cat food 180 grams = 1 cup. I then set the scheduler to dispense 90 grams twice a day. It works perfectly. I no longer have to manually fill up my cat’s bowl every day. 🙂

The feeder also has a cool video recording and 2-way talking function. I recorded my cat having some food and attached a video with this review. Right now it seems like the camera is always on, but I hope the manufacturer will add an option to disable it through the app.

The Tuya app setup process was simple and it is also very easy and intuitive to use. Overall I think this is a great product and I’m very happy with my purchase.”

Amazon choice - PETLIBRO Automatic Pet Feeder

Pets need love, attention, and care. The PETLIBRO Automatic Pet Feeder helps take care of your pet with customizable meal times and portions, which you can quickly set up with an easy-to-use LCD screen, based on your pet’s age, weight, and activity. Thus, your pet is fed regularly and feels safe, tightly connected with you via your voice recording as feeding calls even you’re away.

Easily set the time, meals, and portions via the LCD screen. Recording 10s of your voice can let your pet know it’s time to eat. There is also a manual feeding function that can give your pet extra rewards.

4 liters large capacity, PETLIBRO healthy pet feeder has humanized design that requires two hands to press on both sides to open, it is convenient and simple, and can also prevent pets from knocking down and causing excessive eating.

Keeps dry kibbles fresh in the food tank with the desiccant bag (one included), so that your pet can have fresh and delicious food at every meal, please remember to change it every half month.

Key Features

  • LCD screen
  • The capacity of 16.9 ounces


  • Brand: PETLIBRO 
  • Connectivity: None 
  • Color: Black, white
  • Weight: 4.51 pounds Capacity: 4L


  • Easy to clean
  • Voice recording option


  • The lid isn’t hard for pets to remove

Amazon Review: “I’ve had this automatic pet feeder for about 2 weeks now and it has made my life so much easier. When it comes to portion control, this thing is great and there is a variety of ranges you can set to only allow a certain amount of food to come out. I have yet to have any problems with this feeder giving more or too little food, unless I’m out of food. I’ve been able to keep my cats on a feeding schedule which makes it easier when trying to feed all of my animals at the same time. 

When it comes to programming, it’s so easy to set the day, time, and amount. Filling it with food is simple and even alerts you when food is getting low or out. The last feeder I had, my cats were able to get more food to come out of it but with this one, they can’t manipulate it or stick their paws inside to get more food to come out.”

Iseebiz 6L Automatic Pet Feeder

Amazon Highly Recommended - Iseebiz 6L Automatic Pet Feeder

This automatic pet feeder provides flexible meal portions from 1 to 39 per meal, 10g for each portion, and the container could keep up to 6L dry food. The accurate food volume will help your fur kid keep a good habit to eat at regular hours, and keep a diet. You could also press the Manual button to add a snack. Feeding Reference: 1 cup of food is about 12 portions.

With a built-in voice recorder and speaker, this feeder can record your voice for 10 seconds to call your puppy or kitty for meals. Your personal sound will keep your pet not alone. For not annoying you or your family, the sound is low, but your fur kid could hear the lower sound than we could.

For your pet’s happy mealtime, the IR detector will have the right angle to prevent the pet food from clogging or overflow. Just be aware that the size of the dry food should not exceed 1 cm³.

Safe Bucket Lock + Visible Window can be opened only by pressing the button so that your smart fur kid can not steal the food. And you could easily check the remaining food through the window on this spaceship-like feeder.

Key Features

  • Can feed up to four times per day 
  • Large 6L capacity


  • Brand: Iseebiz 
  • Connectivity: None 
  • Color: White 
  • Weight: 5.85 pounds
  • Capacity: 6L


  • Safe-lock for pets 
  • Voice record feature


  •  Feeding can be inconsistent

Amazon Reviews: “Very nice looking and works perfectly. Has different settings you can choose from and you don’t even have to lift a finger. Happy pets, happy owner!”

“The Racoons could not even break into this feeder! We did create a water mote to prevent ants from getting inside but we do live in Florida.”

“Love it! Helps with my busy schedule, they always get feed on time!”

Large Pet Choice - WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder

Remotely set times to feed your pet automatically. You can set 1-6 meals per day and up to 20 portions of dry food per meal depending on your pet’s needs. Customized healthy diet for your cats and dogs. Supports a 2.4GHz network only.

Work as a smart pet camera with a connected app that lets you see, talk, play with your pet. Connect with your pet while you are away with the supported audio chat/recording. Sharing your favorite moment on social media directly.

This 7L / 29cup dog feeder automatic consistently provides food for your cat and dog smoothly for a couple of days, assuring you that it’ll stay full and happy when you’re out for a short vacation or work long hours.

Record your voice messages and play them to make your pets get used to the feeder better while dispensing meals. Automatically broadcast to remind your pets that it’s time for a meal.

Key Features

  • 7L capacity
  • Infrared detection for the dispensing system


  • Brand: WOPET 
  • Connectivity: Wifi 
  • Color: White 
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Capacity: 7L


  • Great for larger pets 
  • Locking Lid
  • Easy to clean


  •  Quiet audio playback

Amazon Review: “For pet owners, it is a common fear that their fur baby will go hungry. I could have gotten a gravity-fed feeder or just placed out lots of bowls but if you’ve got a pet with no portion control they may eat everything in the first sitting and starve for the rest of the time that you are away from home.

Enter the automatic timed portion controlling the pet feeding robot. The Wopet connects to your wifi so setup is all done over a convenient application. I have taken to using it for daily feedings as well for precise portion control and timed feedings.

You do not need any tools to set it up unless you want to change the portion control mechanism. It is pre-installed with a large one that feeds 10 grams per serving. You can switch it to a 5 gram one for more precise control.

The food bin can be removed easily for washing and that portion contains no mechanical parts so it is fully waterproof.”

Dry & Wet Pet Feeder - Casfuy 5-meals Automatic Pet Feeder

Casfuy automatic pet feeder for cats and dogs is an excellent, economical option for you. It allows you to schedule up to five meals a dayDry and wet pet food served in a dishwasher-safe food tray ensures easy cleanup. The feeder is easy to program meal plans or vocal messages, even for those who are less tech-inclined.

5 separate compartments with each a capacity of 240ml. Your pet kid can be diversely fed and nourished by eating dry food and wet food on the same day. The automatic pet feeder works on a 24-hour schedule. 

Time can be adjusted by minute and hour to set specific times. Unnecessary to change your pet’s original habit and acclimate a new one, or calculate how to set meal plans.

Key Features

  • Pre-portioned meals 
  • Multiple feeding options


  • Brand: PetSafe 
  • Connectivity: None 
  • Color: White 
  • Weight: 3.56 pounds
  • Capacity: 1L


  • Dishwasher safe trays
  • Great for smaller cats or dogs


  • Small capacity

Amazon Review: “This product is a great solution for dogs that like to overeat. Each meal has its own custom time which gives you full control over the dog’s eating routine. It is nice that you can record a custom alert. I wanted to use an extra ringtone from my phone but my wife wanted it to be “Beast of Burden” by the Rolling Stones. So now Beast of Burden is the song that makes my dog salivate and go running to their food dish. I just have to remember to fill the tray once in the evening and the next day is covered.”

Microchip Pet Feeder - SureFeed Microchip Small Dog & Cat Feeder

Do you have a houseful of pets? Does one cat steal the other’s cat food? Does your dog steal the cat’s food? Stressful Feeding times? The Microchip Pet Feeder makes feeding times so much easier! It uses the pet’s Microchip ID or by wearing a lightweight RFID collar tag to communicate with the feeder to open for that specific pet. 

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder only opens for a registered pet’s veterinary implanted microchip or RFID collar tag to prevent pets from stealing each others’ food. One collar tag is supplied with the product. This feeder is ideal for multi-pet households to prevent greedy pets from becoming overweight and to ensure prescription or life-stage food is consumed by the right pet. 

The lid of the feeder closes onto a sealed bowl, which keeps food fresher. One single grey bowl, one split grey bowl, and one grey mat is included – additional bowls and mats in grey, green, pink, and blue can be purchased separately. Stainless steel bowls are also available. The training mode closes the lid in stages to help timid pets get used to the movement. 

Microchip Compatibility: Works with 9 (Avid Secure), 10 (FDXA) and 15 (FDXB) digit microchip numbers; if unsure of your pet’s microchip number, you can check with your veterinarian, pet shelter, or animal rescue. Automatic Cat Feeder opens when the assigned pet microchip ID approaches and closes when it moves away. 

Key Features

  • Pre-portioned meals 
  • Multiple feeding options


  • Brand: SureFlap
  • Connectivity: None 
  • Color: White 
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Capacity: 1L


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Instructions clear and simple
  • Keeps wet food fresh all-day
  • Lives up to its description and purpose


  • Not compatible with all microchips

Amazon Review: “We have four of these for our cats plus the rear covers. It would be nice if they came with the rear cover but these are absolute lifesavers when it comes easily feeding four hungry cats that are always “starving.” Some of them like to eat all their food but one likes to come back.

Before we used to have to hide her food in the fridge when she would walk away. Now we feed and they all do their own thing and can walk away when needed. They each come with a collar but we have ours programmed by their microchips. This feature works well although our smallest cat sometimes doesn’t trigger it initially, it’s only about a 1s delay. Also, the batteries are four C batteries and they last 6+ months in our experience. Generally, our cats don’t mess with the other cats’ bowls, but if they try to, it’s really impenetrable.

Our most curious cat will occasionally learn to trigger her lid open and then drag out the bowl for fun, but by then the food is already gone. I think this is her way of saying feed me more. We couldn’t be happier with these.”


automatic pet feeders

Q: Are Automatic Pet Feeders With Wi-Fi Connectivity More Expensive?

Generally, when it comes to electronic devices that have more features, the price goes up a bit for all the bells and whistles. So with automatic pet feeders with Wi-Fi connectivity for camera viewing tend to be more pricey than the somewhat more straightforward feeders that offer just the basics.

Q: Should I Find an Automatic Pet Feeder That Has a Lid Lock?

It all comes down to the behavior of your pet. If your pet is very well-behaved or old, you probably won’t have to worry about them getting their paws under the feeder lid. But, if you have a large or very young animal, you’d probably be better off with a pet feeder with a lid lock.

Q: Is an automatic feeder good for cats?

Besides controlling your cat’s diet and preventing health issues caused by obesity in the long run, automatic feeders are also a hands-free way to ensure your cat’s fed especially on days you’re busy or even traveling.

Q: How Long Can a Feeder Feed My Pet For?

If the pet feeder has a large capacity of at least six or seven liters, it can probably feed a small to medium-sized animal for two to three weeks. However, if you have a feeder with limited, pre-portioned meals, like the Casfuy 5-meals Automatic Pet Feeder feeder, you probably can only feed your pet for a day or two.

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Automatic Pet Feeders - 7 Best Amazon Reviewed For Multi-Pet Households

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