Best Time Of The Year To Buy Things – 2021

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Best Time Of The Year To Buy Things For 2020 – If there’s one thing we as consumers need in 2020 and beyond, it’s saving money on the products we want.

Of course, it can get pretty overwhelming to figure out all the things we need throughout the year.

With money being tighter than ever before, we all want to save as much money as we can when buying products we need.

So I thought I’d share with you my yearly calendar, breakdown by months, that will help you know when it is the right time to buy things you need for 2020 and beyond.

This is the same monthly calendar I use every time I want to buy things I want and still save money, so I think you’ll find this list helpful.

Take a look…


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Regardless of the time of the year it is, it’s always time to start the year or remaining year off right, and figure out what is important to us.

Especially at the beginning of the year, many of us have a New Years Resolution that can include losing weight, being a better person, and traveling the world. But why not have a resolution of saving money throughout the year?

This monthly calendar is a great resource for when to buy things that are on sale throughout the year.

This list of the best time to buy things for 2020 and beyond, is a breakdown of when it’s the right time to buy everything from computers to vacations, BBQs and so much more.



It’s the start of the new calendar year, and it’s to start the new year off right when it comes to saving money to buy things.

Here are items that tend to have big discounts during the whole month of January:

Fitness equipment: The major retailers know that with the new year comes the resolution of getting into shape. This is a great time to build your perfect home gym (Check out this article) and get into the best shape of your life.

Electronics & Televisions: The new models will be coming, and retailers like BestBuy & Amazon will be trying to get rid of the old stock and replace it with the new models

This is the best time to buy a tv if you are in the market.

In terms of electronics, that means big savings on products that tend to be overpriced.

Bedding and Linens: January is usually the time when “White Sales” begin at major retailers like Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

When it comes to when to buy things, January is the best time to buy bedding and lines because of the huge discounts during these sales.


Sure we all think of February as the month of love and chocolate, but that is not the only thing February is known for.

This month is the perfect time to buy things you will need at the end of the year.

Televisions: While January is the best time to buy a new TV, but the sales don’t just stop at the end of the month, the sales tend to roll over into February. Check Out BestBuy & Amazon for great savings.

Winter related items: Cross your fingers and hope the snow is almost gone, and it’s time to stock up for the end of the year.

Your storage closet may begin filling up with the savings you will see in terms of winter clothing and gear, but you will thank yourself when winter hits late in 2020.

Home Items: In the USA, the first major holiday of the year is Presidents Day, and this is when to buy a new refrigerator and other appliances like washing machines at retailers like Home Depot and Walmart seeing deep discounts.



Most retailers don’t offer any huge sales throughout this month generally, but that doesn’t mean there is a shortage of discounted items.

Tax Software: With the end of April approaching, you will start seeing sales on Tax software at most retailers like WalmartAmazon, and Best BuyHit the sales early on your tax software of choice, and do your taxes ASAP.

BBQs: Summer is almost around the corner, and why wait to start thinking about buying your grilling needs in June.

Summer is usually the high peak to buy things that relate to outdoor grilling, so get in now while the savings are here.

Check out Walmart and Home Depot for great outdoor grilling sales.


April is a great month to buy things that everyone needs. Here are just a few products that can see huge discounts during the month.

Spring Cleaning Items: April is the perfect time to buy a Vacuum as well as other items needed to keep your home clean. Spring cleaning sales at all major retailers tend to pop up during April.

Office Supplies: Since April is tax month, expect home office items like paper shredders and office supplies to be available at cheap discounts.



Spring is here, and now its time to pack away the winter blues and think about the warmer months ahead.

Home Furniture: If you are thinking about the best time to buy home furniture, May is a great month to do this as Memorial Day sales tend to be the time to buy things like furniture and home essentials from Walmart and Home Depot.

Kitchen Items: If you are looking for the right time to buy kitchen gadgets, May is a great opportunity to do so. Do you have any weddings coming up in the summer? May is a great time to stock up and save.


While there aren’t any major holidays during this month, that doesn’t stop the savings that can be had if you are in the market for the following:

Underwear & Lingerie: June is usually the month where Lingerie retailers like Victoria’s Secret and La Senza offer their Semi-annual Sales. This is a great time to stock up for the year.

Gym Memberships: January and February are the busiest times for sign-ups at most Training Facilities like Equinox Fitness Club and others around the country.

But during the summer months, membership sales begin to tail off, and Gym Facilities start offering incredible sign-up deals to pick up sales again.

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With the warm temperatures ahead, prices on certain items may drop due to the slow down on demand.

Clothing: Summer clothing tends to be higher priced in March and April, and in July retailers are looking at fall fashion, and you will see the best clothing sales of the year.

Personal Electronics: With many of us enjoying the warm outdoors, demand on personal electronics tends to slow down.

That’s why you see many retailers offer Black Friday In July to increase their bottom line.

BestBuy & Amazon are great sites to check out online during July if you are looking for a new Kindle or IPad.


August is a great time to find end-of-the-season items and clearance items on many things to buy for 2020.

Swimsuits: Summer is starting to fade away and so do bathing suits. But here is some great news on replacing your old bathing suit for a new one, August is when the sales are the best for Swimsuits.

Back To School Items: You may be happier than your kids that the commercials for back to school are on tv, and you will be happier that the back to school savings begins in August.

Think about visiting Walmart to find savings on school supplies like pencils, paper, and binders.

Plus, this is a great time to find electronics like laptops and accessories for the new school year.



If you are looking for blowout sales, September is a great month for when to buy things like mattresses and smartphones.

Mattresses: I don’t know why September is when you begin to see sales on Mattresses and many big-box retailers, but if you are wondering when is the best time to buy a mattressSeptember is the month to buy.

Apple iPhones: September is the month that Apple gets ready to launch its new iPhones to the market. When they announce the latest and greatest, you will see huge discounts on the current iPhones because of it.

Home Appliances: The best time to buy appliances is around the Labour Day Weekend if you are in the market for a new blender or Toaster oven.

But, it doesn’t just stop at small appliances, expect huge savings on large appliances as well at retailers like Best Buy and Home Depot.


Looking for some frightening discounts for October? If you are in the market to buy things like outdoor furniture and clothing, this is the month to save.

Outdoor Furniture: The temperature is dropping outside, and nobody is thinking about spending an evening outside relaxing on lawn chairs.

Patio furniture and other outdoor products tend to see huge sales at retailers as they make room for the holiday season.

Jeans: Fall clothing usually begin to arrive at fashion retailers during August and September and prices tend to be high because of it.

But, if you wait for October, this is a perfect time to buy things like jeans and other fall fashion items, as the warm weather clothing will be arriving on the shelves at that time.



November is known for Black Friday sales month, and that means huge savings on electronics among other products.

Electronics: If you have ever paid attention to recent Black Friday sales, the best time of year to buy electronics like TVs, laptops, and other accessories is during November.

If you are in the market for a new tv or other electronics like smartphones and smartwatches, November is a great time to buy. Also, don’t forget about Cyber Monday deals.

Home Appliances: Black Friday doesn’t just stop at electronics, Home Appliances usually have huge discounts as well. If you are in the market for a new dishwasher or stove, then November is the right time to buy.

ToolsHome Depot and other home hardware stores tend to offer discounted tools and other tool related items during this month as well.

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The final month of the year for huge discounts and if you missed the boat during the year on certain items, don’t worry as they are on sale in full force.

Toys: Now, leading up to the gift-giving season, toys tend to be higher price compared to other months in the year, but after the season is over, in-demand toys tend to see huge discounts because of the drop in demand.

While I don’t encourage you to wait until the 26th to buy your holiday gifts, but maybe think about birthday presents for the kids for the new year.

Holiday DecorationsAs soon as the 25th is over, is there a need to decorate the house anymore with festive cheer? 

Around this time you will begin to see huge discounts on decorations, wrapping paper, ornaments, artificial holiday trees, and other seasonal items.


As you can see, there are perfect times throughout the year to buy things that you want without spending too much.

If you are not ready to make a purchase now but are thinking about it soon, bookmark this page so you can have it handy when you are ready to buy the things you need for 2020 and beyond.

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