DJI Osmo Action vs GoPro Hero 8: Which Is The Best Action Camera?

Don’t you hate when you parkouring over a crevasse, and you drop your camera into the ocean below that is filled with sharks with laser beams attached to their heads? I know I do. Mind you that was in a dream, but it still felt real. If only in my dream I had a GoPro​ HERO7 Black. GoPro​ HERO7 – Introduction Hi there! It’s Trent here, If you look to the right of this post you can see my mug and can tell I am a hardcore adventurist. While…

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7 Eye-opening Reasons You Need A Smartwatch To Improve Your Life

Reasons To Buy A Smartwatch For Those On The Go – A smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that goes beyond timekeeping. While early divisions can perform basic tasks, such as calculations, translations, and game-playing, 2018s smartwatches are effectively wearable computers. Many run mobile apps, using a mobile operating modus operandi. Some smartwatches function as…

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