Kauai Hawaii Travel Guide: Plan The Ultimate Kauai Trip

Here's Proof That KAUAI Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

How much do you know about Kauai, and why haven’t you been there yet?  Kauai is a place where worries vanish in the trade winds. With the golden sands of Kauai’s Beaches and the rain-forests of Koke’s state parks rarest plants and birds, you have arrived in paradise.  The tiny exotic island of Kauai has … Read more

West Coast Baseball Road Trip? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

West Coast Baseball Road Trip?

Nothing beats a West Coast Swing Baseball Road Trip!  I have taken a few west coast swing baseball road trips over the past two years due to the fact of my love for baseball and living along the magnificent west coast.  The film “Moneyball” inspired my first west coast baseball road trip.  I know it … Read more

A-list Vacations – 10 Luxury hotels/resorts celebrities stay at

celebrity vacations

Traveling Styles of Celebrities – Have you ever imagined what it might be like to travel with all of your needs met? Many luxury hotels and resorts provide private check-ins and lounges for VIP guests, but what about your own private helipad? This might be a little excessive in terms of demand, but it’s a … Read more

Best Way To Spend 48 Hours In Los Angeles – Weekend Guide

48 Hours In Los Angeles

Los Angeles in 48 Hours — If you want to experience the highlights of Los Angeles in 48 hours, this guide contains solutions to satisfy any traveler’s needs, regardless of price. There are so many things to do in Los Angeles that you can have whatever kind of experience you want from this world-renowned metropolis. … Read more

25+ Best Disney Souvenirs For Someone Going To Disney World

Disney Souvenirs Online

Disney Souvenirs when purchased at Disney Parks can bankrupt you if you are not careful.  I know when I step foot into any Disney Park, my wallet begins to shake in fright because of the amount of money I want to spend the minute I enter the park. While there are some theme parks around the world where … Read more