Echelon EX5 Bike Review: Is This Cheaper Spin Bike As Good As the Peloton


Echelon EX5 Smart Connect Bike – Are you looking for ways to get in a great heart-pounding cardio workout at home that can compete with the expensive gyms with intense personal trainers?

I know I was looking for an exercise bike with the latest in fitness technology to start my new year’s resolution off right. 

When I was shopping for a stationary bike at the beginning of the year I focused on buying a smart bike design that had live and on-demand exercise classes, racing style petals, magnetic resistance, and not fall apart after three months of use. 

Oh, and it had to fall into a price range that I could afford without selling my firstborn to buy it. 

But after three months of self-isolation with this child, I am thinking that selling off my firstborn wouldn’t have been that bad after all. 

Of course, I am kidding, I don’t have kids, at least not anymore.

After doing research and testing out some studio bikes at fitness stores around my area, I ended up settling with the Echelon EX5

If you are in the market like I was for a stationary bike with all the bells and whistles and at a price, you can afford, then you should continue reading this post. 

This Echelon EX5 smart connect bike review will go over the key features and specifications, the pros and cons, and my final verdict, so you can determine if it’s the best stationary bike experience for you.

echelon connect ex5
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Echelon EX Features & Specs

The CONNECT EX5 BIKE is Echelon’s premium level bike, and only comes in one color, and that is black and red. 

Which for me is fantastic because these two colors go with anything color scheme in my house, and it looks badass when not being in use. 

The Echelon EX5 is a fantastic stationary bike for amateur riders to the most advanced riders looking to kick up his/her cycling cardio program to the max!

Here is a small taste of what is included with the Echelon Connect EX-5 Spin Bike:


  • “FitPass” features trainer-led yoga, stretching, pre and post workout sessions, meditation, pilates, kickboxing, Zumba & more
  • 30+ world-class and relatable trainers PLUS guest and celebrity instructors(subscription required)
  • Scenic Ride Simulations
  • NEW indexing resistance adjustment knob with 32 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Competition Aero handlebar system provides fore and aft adjustment for either performance or comfort set up
  • NEW competition seat with 6” lever-style adjustment
  • SPD Compatible with fully adjustable toe cages
  • 2 handlebar-mounted bottle holders
  • Width — 20” Inches Length — 54” Inches
  • Weight -112 lb
  • First-rate Durable Welded Steel Frame w/Powder Coat

Echelon Bike Pros & Cons

echelon ex5

I know that investing in home gym equipment is a huge commitment. 

By purchasing any of the Echelon Bikes, you will be replacing your gym monthly membership payments with monthly finance payments to own your very own Echelon Studio Cycle


  • You need to be committed to getting in the best shape of your life! This is a huge investment in yourself and to achieve positive returns from your Echelon you have to be in it to win it! If not, it won’t work for you.
  • You will need a tablet or smartphone like an iPad, Amazon Fire Tablet, Samsung Note, or smartphone if you want to subscribe to the Echelon App live classes. Side NoteDoes the Echelon EX5 come with a screen? If you buy The Echelon EX5s it comes with 21.5″ HD Touchscreen that flips 180°.


  • Price: When it comes to a well-made smart bike, the Echelon Smart Connect Line Of Bikes is affordable compared to other smart bikes in the market today. With the number of features and how it’s built, this is the best bang for your buck.
  • Aesthetics: As I mentioned above the color of the EX5 Smart bike, the stationary bike never looks out of place in a house, apartment, or garage. But do yourself a favor, if you put this in the garage, don’t neglect it as it will treat you the way you treat it. Plus, it stores easily with roller wheels on the bottom of the bike.
  • It’s made for everyone: The great thing about Echelon Smart Cycles is there is no judgment. It’s you, the virtual trainer, and the bike. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, the Echelon Smart Cycle is there to get the job done right. With your help of course.
  • The Workouts: If you have seen some of the commercials for the Peloton bike on TV, it focuses on the live training aspect through a touchscreen. But, the Echelon Smart Bike does the same thing by allowing you to take part in Live Rides & Workouts in real-time. Plus, there is a massive database of workouts provided in the Echelon app, that you will never get bored.

Real Customer Reviews

echelon ex-5

The Echelon Indoor Exercise Bike at home has been around for quite some time now, and with Echelon’s Connect EX1 to the EX5s, there have been plenty of positive reviews on these great bikes.

Here are just a few reviews to understand how Echelon smart bikes have changed lives.

  • Darlene R – “This bike is everything I was looking for. I love that I can ride anytime by taking a live class, on-demand class, or doing my own freestyle ride. This bike has high quality handlebars, a comfortable seat, it’s well-built, and performs as it should. Get a dumbbell or two, and workout your upper body without leaving your set. I love my bike!”
  • Stacey B – “I love this bike and the live classes are amazing! The instructors push you to perform at your best, and it feels like they are in my living room with me. I have already spread the word to friends and family. This is the hardest I have ever worked out and plan on keeping it up! Thank you.”
  • Susan Y -“I love my bike. I did a lot of research before deciding on the EX5. The coaches on screen push me and motivate me to pedal faster. I am finding it hard to take a day off. I am addicted! Thank you, Echelon!”

How the Echelon App Works

ex5 1

The Echelon Fit App provides a totally immersive fitness in the comfort and convenience of your own home. 

From warm-up to cool down, Echelon will help you stay motivated and get the most out of your exercise routine

You can even track progress and link your FacebookFitbit, and Strava accounts to compete with your friends and family!

Questions I had before purchasing the Echelon EX5

Is spinning a good way to lose weight?

According to, the average person burns 250-330 calories per hour spinning at 40 watts and 630-840 calories per hour spinning at 100 watts.

The number of calories burned spinning depends on your weight and the intensity of the activity. 

So, if you spin three times a week at a high intensity, you could burn up to 1,800 calories, but a pound of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories.

Which Smart Bike Is Better? Peloton Vs. Echelon?

I had the chance to try out both the Peloton Smart Bike and the Echelon EX5 before making my decision and here are my results:

When it comes to the resistance between the Peloton vs. the Echelon smart bike, the Peloton has a bit of a more advanced adjust resistance system, vs the conventional stepped levels of resistance that Echelon offers.

The Peloton Bike offers a somewhat smoother ride, but the Echelon EX Bike does a great job competing with the Peloton bike that most fitness enthusiasts won’t even notice.

The Peloton Bike does include a touchscreen to use the Peloton Fitness App

With the Echelon EX Smart Bikes, a tablet is needed (like an iPadAmazon FireSurface Pro 7or Samsung Galaxy Tab) on EX1, EX3, and EX5 Smart Bikes. (New EX5s Comes with Built-in Screen

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Are Echelon Smart Bikes As Good As Peloton Smart Bikes?

echelon ex-5

To me when I was testing out both bikes I noticed that the Echelon EX Smart Bikes were lighter and easier to move compared to Peloton Bikes.

The Echelon Smart Bikes is as well-built as the Peloton smart bike.

What I did prefer from the Echelon Smart bikes vs the Peloton Smart bikes is that the Peloton Bike relies on clip-in pedals and requires compatible SPD shoes to position your feet correctly on the pedal

Adding compatible SPD shoes is something at the time was another added expense I didn’t want.

The Echelon Smart Bikes come with both an SPD clip-in and cage option, so you can use the pedal immediately without having to try on multiple shoes to fit your major investment.

How Much Does the Echelon App Cost?

This is what made me a little hesitant in purchasing an Echelon Smart Bike, the streaming service subscription

Now, before the whole pandemic thing forced us all to self-isolate, I was paying around $45.00 per month for a gym membership just to workout. 

With the Echelon Bike, a 12-month app subscription costs $399, and you decide on paying upfront for a 2-year subscription you can get it for $599

While I know that the 1 or 2-year subscription price was a little bit of a sticker shock, it sure beats the gym experience and not knowing how sanitized the machines before your workout. 

Plus, have you been in a spin class where there are 100’s of spin bikes in one room, where everyone is coughing and wheezing trying to catch his/her breath? No thanks, not for me at this point.

If the yearly subscription is too high at the start Echelon has the perfect option for you, Echelon offers monthly plans to choose from ranging in price from $12.99 to $34.99 per month to access the incredible fitness training classes.

While I know that the 1 or 2-year subscription price was a little bit of a sticker shock, it sure beats the gym experience and not knowing how sanitized the machines before your workout. 

Plus, have you been in a spin class where there are 100’s of spin bikes in one room, where everyone is coughing and wheezing trying to catch his/her breath? No thanks, not for me at this point.

If the yearly subscription is too high at the start Echelon has the perfect option for you, Echelon offers monthly plans to choose from ranging in price from $12.99 to $34.99 per month to access the incredible fitness training classes.

Which Echelon EX version should you get?

echelon ex-5

Echelon smart bike product line consists of the EX1, EX3, EX5, and EX5s. All the EX bikes are quite comparable in many ways. 

The EX1 and EX3 offer ergonomic handlebars with an adjustable console that holds your smart device and flips 180°.

With the EX5 and EX5s includes a competition Aero handlebar system that provides fore and aft adjustment for either workout performance or comfort set up. 

This is great if you are wanting to push yourself for a long indoor ride.

When it comes to seat comfort, all the Echelon models offer comfortable padded seats that won’t make your butt fall asleep while riding.

The EX1 is the entry-level smart bike that Echelon offers, and it does lack a few newer features that the latest Ex models include, but if budget is an issue, you won’t be disappointed with the basic EX1 model

Echelon Bike Price: How Much Do The Bikes Cost?

I would like to post the specific prices, but when it comes to fitness equipment, prices fluctuate monthly, and I don’t want to give you the wrong price.

If you are curious about pricing I would suggest clicking this link to learn more what the latest deal you can find on Echelon.

What Does A Echelon Fit Live Class Look Like?

If you are curious about what a full 45-min Echelon Fit Live Class looks like, then this is exactly what you would be getting yourself into. 

This is a sampling of the many classes available, but, you can see what you would be getting with the Echelon Fit App Subscription

Is The Echelon EX Bikes Easy To Install?

When it comes to anything I install, regardless if it comes from IKEA or Amazon, I always seem to have leftover screws and additional parts that should be installed in the product.

Not left in my hand after the installation.

I am not good with one’s hands at all. When it comes to DIY, I need everything explained to me like I am a five-year-old to get the job done.

But when it comes to installing the Echelon EX5, I was able to install my Echelon EX5 with no leftover partsA job well done for me!

The total installation time was around 45 min.

That installation time is a lot quicker than me building an end table from IKEA. I will repeat, that I am all thumbs when installing anything, so timing will vary.

Soif you can install IKEA furniture and never have leftover partsthen you shouldn’t have a problem installing the Echelon EX Smart Bike.

Echelon EX5: My Review

If you are in the market for a Smart Bike for your home gym, you can’t go wrong with the Echelon EX5.

This durable spin bike offers an immersive and interactive training that makes you feel like you are in an expensive spin class in a major city. 

Without the dry heaving and overpowering smell of Axe body spray and Channel no.5.

I like the heavy-duty flywheel and many resistance levels along with the expanding library of content with the Echelon Fit virtual workouts will keep you stimulated and excited.

I love the Echelon EX5 and if you are serious about investing in the heavy-duty piece of fitness equipment for your home gym, you won’t be disappointed in purchasing an Echelon EX5.

Side Note: To get the most out of this great smart bike, you need to subscribe to the Echelon Fit app, without this, you won’t get the benefit of tracking your stats, and of course the training programs to push you to the cardio limits you need.


The pandemic has been an absolute beast to all of us and don’t you think you should reward yourself for surviving this long with the gift of health?

Sure you could get the good old-fashioned stationary bike that your parents had years ago, but just like the thigh master, those need to be retired and be replaced with the future. 

The Echelon EX-5 is the future of the stationary bike for your home gym. Don’t you want to start spinning today? If so, click here for the Echelon Website to learn more.

Stay Healthy My Friends! 

P.S. – If you’ve found this article helpful and like the products in the post, please consider purchasing the goods via the links in the post as it helps keep the website running. All the companies are ones I use myself in my own life. If you have any questions, email me!

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