Best Smart Fitness Mirror – NordicTrack Vault Vs. Echelon Reflect Mirror – 2022

NordicTrack Vault Vs. Echelon Reflect Mirror – Best Smart Fitness Mirror

Are you looking for new methods to remain fit in the comfort of your own home? Many of us are hesitant to return to the membership-only gym after the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Are you frightened of going to a public gym, like me, and considering investing in at-home training equipment to create your own home gym?

If you’re considering at-home fitness equipment for your home gym, you’re not alone. Today’s most popular fitness equipment firms are scrambling to meet the enormous demand for home gym fitness equipment.

But since many of us trying to build a home gym, sometimes available space is at a premium. That’s why smart fitness mirrors are one of the hottest at-home fitness trends today.

Smart fitness mirrors like NordicTrack’s Vault and Echelon’s Reflect Mirror offer a whole new level of home fitness equipment by bringing a virtual fitness trainer into your exercise room. 

How? Smart fitness mirrors combine a mirror and a video screen to provide virtual instruction on demand. This is a fascinating new technology for at-home exercise, but like with any new technical advancement, there is a learning curve with any device you choose.

This post is dedicated to comparing the two most popular fitness systems, Nordictrack Vault and Echelon Reflect Smart Mirror, and by the end, I hope it will help you decide which is right for you. 

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Comparison: NordicTrack Vault Vs. Echelon Reflect Mirror

Nordictrack Vault

  • Screen Size – 72.65 x 24.25 in
  • Workout Library Access – First year membership Included 
  • User Connectivity – Individual Level
  • Price – Starts at $1,999 (or $57 monthly)
  • Storage Space – Carbon Steel Storage Vault

Echelon Reflect Mirror

  • Screen Size – 52 x 22 in
  • Workout Library Access – $39 dollars/ month
  • User Connectivity – Up to 6 people at a time
  • Price – Starts at $1,639 (or $42 monthly)
  • Storage Space – None

Echelon Fit Reflect Mirror

This fitness mirror has a 32″ HD touchscreen display that is visually beautiful and takes up no space. The Echelon Reflect secures flush against the wall with a specially built mount, regardless of whether you choose the Echelon 40″ or Echelon 50″ fitness mirror

The Echelon Fitness Mirror transforms any room in your house into a personal training studio with high-intensity cardio, yoga, strength, pilates, and boxing sessions on demand.

With a built-in camera that connects you with your choice of personal trainers for live sessions from the convenience of your own home, fitness is just a tap away. 

This isn’t just a fitness mirror, either. Whether you’re actively converting your home into a mini exercise studio or simply hanging pretty, the reflect always adds a bit of class to any place. To get your local weather forecast, simply tap the display when it is switched off. 

There are numerous training alternatives available when it comes to working out. To spice things up, train your body in different ways, and adjust your classes to your mood, try a range of fitness routines.

Echelon’s world-class instructors will help you sweat it out. From the comfort and safety of your own home, you can get live and on-demand studio workouts. Get in shape and have a good time with our encouraging and motivating Echelon community, and help each other climb the leaderboard!

One membership unlocks all equipment and classes on your app.

NordicTrack Vault Fitness Mirror

The NordicTrack Vault is a premier home gym that combines iFit interactive training with cutting-edge reflective technology. Unlike the Echelon Reflect Smart Mirror, which is mounted on the wall, the Vault is a freestanding cabinet that measures just over six feet tall. 

The sharp 61.5″ large mirror in Vault gives you rapid visual feedback, allowing you to match your iFit trainer’s technique for a better workout. The Vault is a more robust system that is also more functional in many respects. The only disadvantage is that it takes up a lot more room than Echelon’s solution.

Vault not only has personalized training gear, but it also has a large selection of iFit workouts including strength training, HIIT, and yoga. On the 32″ Smart HD Touchscreen, they’re all guided by iFit trainers. 

The Vault gives you access to iFit’s world-class trainers’ knowledge by allowing you to imitate their form through intelligent reflected training and greeting you before each workout on the embedded touchscreen. 

The Vault has a cabinet that opens up to expose all the weights, kettlebells, resistance bands, and mats you need for a complete workout, which gives it an advantage over the Echelon Reflect Mirror.

You can buy the Vault pre-filled with this equipment or save $1000 by supplying your own with the following items:

NordicTrack's Vault Vs Echelon Reflect Mirror - The Best Fit For You

It’s difficult to choose between the Echelon Reflect Mirror and the NordicTrack Vault when it comes to smart fitness mirrors on the market today. The reason for this is that both fitness mirrors have a lot to offer in terms of home fitness in distinct areas. 

The NordicTrack Vault shines with its compatibility of interactive activity with convenient storage space, while the Echelon Reflect Mirror offers a sleek, semi-invisible technical development to the table.

The NordicTrack Vault has a larger price tag than the Echelon Reflect Mirror, which is a disadvantage. However, keep in mind that the larger price tag includes not only the interactive training technology but also the storage for your workout gear. 

Another thing to consider is that, while the Echelon Reflect Mirror has a lower starting price, the workout subscription must be purchased separately for $39 per month, whereas the NordicTrack Vault’s starting price includes the first year of membership.

If you buy the NordicTrack Vault without pre-filling it, you’ll only pay roughly $39 more in the first year than if you get the Echelon Reflect Mirror. It all boils down to your personal goals for your own interactive at-home gym. 

If you want to combine your interactive workout mirror with a lot of storage space and new equipment, and you’re willing to pay a little more upfront, the NordicTrack Vault is the way to go. 

The Echelon Reflect Mirror, on the other hand, will work nicely for you if your aims are to save room in your home for that extra piece of gym equipment while also enjoying a sense of community and interactive connection while exercising.

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