Great First Time Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Great First Time Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Celebrating Fathers day the first time as a Dad is a special day. 

This could the first time with the whole parenting thing, but eventually, he’ll get the hang of it. If not, there is always youtube. Make this first fathers day a memorable one with some of these great fathers day gifts for new dads everywhere. 

Check out these great fathers day ideas guaranteed to have the new-dad bursting in pride.

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Great First Time Father’s Day Gift Ideas

First Time Father's Day Gift Ideas

Emmy Award and Grammy Award winner Jimmy Fallon did everything in his power to ensure that his daughter’s first word would be “Dada!” Yes, he has many other projects on his plate, like hosting NBC’s The Tonight Show. But he was determined that his daughter would say “Dada!” before any other word. He worked very hard on this. Jimmy Fallon lives with his wife, Nancy, and their daughters, Winnie Rose and Frances Cole, in New York City. Winnie’s first word was “Mama!”

The Baby Owner's Manual

You’ve programmed your DVR, you’ve installed a wireless Internet connection, you can even check Facebook on your cell phone. But none of this experience will prepare you for the world’s biggest technological marvel: a newborn baby.
Through step-by-step instructions and helpful schematic diagrams, The Baby Owner’s Manual explores hundreds of frequently asked questions: What’s the best way to swaddle a baby? How can I make my newborn sleep through the night? When should I bring the baby to a doctor for servicing? Whatever your concerns, you’ll find the answers here

You Can Do This Dad Cute Baby Boy/Girl Bodysuit

The best instruction manual ever!!! This bodysuit is perfect for when dad is so tired that he forgets he is trying to dress his child after taking off his hazmat suit from the diaper change.

Daddy and Baby Matching T-Shirt and Onesie Set – Player 1 & Player 2

Becoming a father is the most precious and awesome thing that can happen to a man. Imagine your man holding his little junior in his arms… That has to be the cutest, and most heartwarming picture in your life! These cute matching outfit for the dad and his baby will add more sweetness to their already happy and exciting moments.

This is a great first time Father’s Day gift for the proud dad who wants to show off to his friends that he is a proud dad. 

Looking for Father’s Day gifts on Amazon under $100.00? Check out this link for great Father’s Day gift suggestions.

Father & Daughter Matching Set Gift for Dad & Baby Girl Bodysuit & Men's Shirt

Toddler / kids shirts, baby infant bodysuits and men’s shirts matching sets are always a fun gift idea for dad and child. Surprise your husband, brother, son or any father for Father’s Day with the perfect father & daughter / son matching set.

Man vs. Baby: The Chaos and Comedy of Real-Life Parenting

From a “hero for dads everywhere” (Daily Mirror), a hilarious, insightful, and heartfelt take on parenting based on a viral blog post that Ashton Kutcher called, “one of the best descriptions of fatherhood I’ve ever read.”

Front Baby Carrier

The Mission Critical S.01 Baby Carrier is a forward facing baby carrier designed from the ground up for dads. This tactical inspired Baby Carrier has a simple, versatile and ergonomic design that makes it super easy to put on and secure your baby. Your baby can face front or back, depending on their stage of development.

First Time Father's Day Gift Ideas

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Snap is the brand’s newest addition to its expanding instant digital camera line, delivering signature Polaroid instant simplicity and spontaneity in a pocket-sized form In addition to its compact footprint and classic Polaroid instant camera experience, it combines digital imaging with Zero Ink printing. This enables you to easily print and share physical photos at the push of a button, while saving all your images for easy uploading.

Recipe for a Dad Cute Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board

Use this cutting board to show appreciation to the first time fathers on their special day! The cutting board makes a wonderful gift for all occasions!


For the first time father this Father’s Day, why not give that special person in your child’s eyes some of these Great First Time Father’s Day Gifts that any first time father will cherish for a lifetime.

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