Ultimate Guide to the Best RODE Microphones For Content Creation [2022 Guide]

RØDE microphones – Are you an independent filmmaker, a Youtube creator, or someone who believes that sound is just as important as video image? 

Regardless of whatever content you are creating, sound plays a key role in your content

It doesn’t matter how incredible your video footage is, if your viewers can’t hear the dialogue or even the sound surrounding the subject, then your audience will be lost and lose interest.

If you are looking for the right microphone brand that can capture the best sound available while shooting video, then RØDE microphones are the right choice for your content.

I have been making independent films for the past few years, and through trial and error, I found that RØDE microphones were very reliable microphones that helped produce the best sound at a price I could afford. 

RØDE microphones are an extremely popular brand in the content creation world because they create high-quality audio products at an affordable price. 

They have many options available for shotgun micson-camera mics, and even wireless kits for your content creations. Here is a breakdown in detail of the best RØDE microphone options available for each camera situation.

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Shotgun Microphones

Shotgun microphones are common in the film business, as well as among YouTube video makers. Shotgun microphones are ideal for recording sounds from subjects who are far away from the camera.

Shotgun mics are useful not just for filmmakers and vloggers, but also for presentations, speeches, conferences, lectures, and other speaking events when the conversation is presented from a specific direction.

When a person is speaking towards the mic in a fixed location within a tolerable distance, these types of microphones are particularly beneficial. Small shotgun microphones are better for recording sound from a short distance, while longer shotgun microphones may capture sound from a larger distance.


Without weighing down your gear, the Rode NTG5 moisture-resistant shotgun microphone helps you capture genuine, uncolored sound indoors or outdoors for your next indie film, TV shoot, or documentary project. It’s suitable for a variety of location recording circumstances because of professional features including ultra-low-noise circuitry, a smooth off-axis response, and a tightly regulated bottom end. 

For further versatility, it comes with a fuzzy windshield and a pistol grip shockmount that can be mounted to a boompole. The NTG5’s 8″ long body, unique circular acoustic ports, and supercardioid polar pattern combine to produce focused on-axis directionality, smooth off-axis response, and a clear tone with tightly controlled bass end.

Its 10 dBA self-noise and very sensitive condenser element transmit detailed audio without the hiss that plagues many low-cost microphones. 

After using Sennheiser and other pricey and high-quality microphones in the past, I found the Rode NTG5 to be a fantastic price/quality balance. This is a good option for filmmakers who want to improve the quality of their audio gear but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a boom mic.

RØDE VideoMic NTG On-Camera Shotgun Microphone

The VideoMic NTG is a feature-rich, broadcast-grade shotgun microphone designed for on-camera use. It has the same ground-breaking acoustic design as the NTG5, resulting in unparalleled transparency and a natural, uncolored sound. 

With an extraordinarily flat frequency response, a highly directional supercardioid polar pattern, and extremely low self-noise, you have a tiny on-camera microphone that can compete with the greatest shotgun mics in the world. The VideoMic NTG is a versatile recording device with a variety of tools and capabilities to assist you in any recording circumstance.

A high-pass filter, -20dB pad, high-frequency boost, and safety channel are all available via digital switching, as well as an infinitely variable gain control to precisely adjust the output as needed. 

Its auto-sensing 3.5mm output knows what device you’re using and adjusts accordingly. There’s also a new dB peak warning light that lets you know if your audio is clipping. The VideoMic NTG is far more than an on-camera microphone.

It is a fully-featured USB microphone that can be hooked into a computer, tablet, or smartphone, as well as connecting well with DSLRs, compact cameras, and cellphones — either on-camera, as a boom mic, or on a pistol grip. 

The 3.5mm connection also serves as a headphone output, allowing for smooth audio monitoring while using the USB port.

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On-Camera Microphones

If you’re creating content with a mirrorless or DSLR camera, avoid using the built-in mics. These cameras are designed to take images and video footage, not to record sound. 

The sound from a built-in microphone is dispersed because the microphone records sound from all directions rather than focusing on a single subject. 

They also don’t sound very good. 

If you’re doing review vlogging or recording an interview-style video with a mirrorless or DSLR camera, placing a microphone on top of the camera will vastly increase the audio quality. 

RØDE has various camera and smartphone options to help you enhance your game.

RØDE VideoMic Pro+

Equipped with expanded power options, extended tonal control, and a redesigned windscreen in a smaller footprint than the VideoMic Pro, the Rode VideoMic Pro+ is optimal for mobile journalists, vloggers, budget filmmakers, and run-and-gun shooters in need of a flexible camera-mount shotgun mic that’s also at home on a boompole.

With versatile battery/USB power options, upgraded RF immunity, adjustable gain, and multiple clarity-enhancing features, the VideoMic Pro+ can meet the demands of videographers working in a range of indoor and outdoor environments.

This compact and lightweight shotgun microphone features an integrated shockmount that mounts directly to your camera or boompole and reduces noise from various vibrations. 

The reworked windscreen design minimizes wind noise, making it well suited for outdoor shoots. The 3.5mm TRS output and detachable cable ensure proper hookup to your camera, and the selectable safety channel prevents accidental distortion by providing a duplicate audio signal at a lower level.

This is a very clean and dynamic-sounding shotgun microphone, with easy-to-use back button features. It can turn on and off with your camera (signal detection via audio jack when plugged in). 

The recording sound is great. Love this mic. The quality of my YouTube videos has greatly improved with the addition of this mic.

Video Micro

Switch from your camera’s or recorder’s built-in mic to the Rode VideoMicro ultracompact camera-mount shotgun microphone for increased sound clarity and wind noise reduction without adding bulk to your setup. 

The VideoMicro is a basic and reliable microphone that runs on plug-in power and has no controls or switches, making it ideal for mobile journalists, vloggers, and run-and-gun shooters. 

The detachable shockmount on this ultracompact and ultralightweight shotgun microphone fits straight to your DSLR, mirrorless, or video camera and eliminates noise from vibrations and camera handling.

The fuzzy windshield that comes with it reduces wind noise, making it ideal for outdoor shooting. The detachable coiled 3.5mm TRS cable makes connecting to your camera a breeze, and the dual-mono output eliminates the need for channel selection on your recording equipment. 

This is an excellent mic that offers quality audio without breaking the bank when compared to other mics on the market. It’s a great tool to have in your toolbox.

Wireless Microphones

When it comes to audio recording from a microphone, you should speak quite close to the microphone, less than two metres away, to get good audio.

While camera-mounted microphones work great while you’re in ‘selfie’ mode and close to the camera, the sound will become distant and less distinct if you shoot from a distance. Wireless microphones are useful in this situation.

Wireless microphones allow you to wear a lavalier mic on yourself or your performer and capture crystal clear audio from up to 50 metres away.

Lavalier microphones are small, inconspicuous microphones that are inserted into a belt pack transmitter, which then wirelessly transmits the collected audio to an on-camera receiver. Wireless mics have several advantages, but for vloggers, the key is to keep the microphone close to the subject, even if the camera is far away.

Rode Microphones Wireless Go

Confidently and quickly run-and-gun in the world of wireless audio with the black Rode Wireless GO, an incredibly compact true wireless microphone system offering secure Series III 2.4 GHz digital transmission and easy operability for mobile journalists, videographers, and vloggers of any experience level. 

The system is ready to go at the press of a button; you can focus on getting the shot knowing that the Wireless GO is delivering quality audio at a range of up to 230 feet. 

There are no menus and no finicky dials, just simple power-on-and-go functionality and a bright, informative LCD screen showing you what you need to see.

Capture top-notch audio quality even if you don’t have an external mic; the Wireless GO is a complete system comprised of a miniature clip-on transmitter with a built-in true wireless omnidirectional microphone capsule, a miniature clip-on receiver, and a slew of accessories—everything you need to get up and running in the field. 

Clip the transmitter onto your subject’s clothing or belt, clip the receiver near your recording device, then connect the receiver’s output to your recorder’s input. 

Whether you use the transmitter’s convenient, high-caliber integrated mic or hook up the companion Rode Lavalier GO (available separately), you’re assured to achieve clear, crisp, intelligible audio.

This is perhaps one of the best microphone systems out there, very portable and the audio quality is amazing and the long-distance range is great, I was recording some videos very far away from the camera and never stop. 

I really recommend this microphone the fact that is very small and doesn’t take any room in my camera bag!!!

Rode Wireless GO II

Expanding on the original Wireless GO with updates allowing for two-person shoots, onboard recording, a greatly extended range, and flexible output options, the black Rode Wireless Go II system lets videographers, vloggers, and mobile journalists confidently and quickly incorporate wireless audio into their setup regardless of their experience level or what device they’re recording to.

Boasting secure Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission, easy operability, and built-in mics (lavalier mics available separately), the system is ready to go at the press of a button; you can focus on getting the shot knowing that the Wireless GO II is delivering quality audio at a range of up to 656 feet. 

There are no menus and no finicky dials, just simple power-on-and-go functionality and a bright, informative LCD screen showing you what you need to see. 

When you’re ready for more, use Rode’s companion app to access a powerful feature set and extended customization of settings.

I really like the versatility of these transmitters. In a pinch, for run and gun, the built-in microphone allows me to capture clean audio. 

Hooked up to my 3.5mm lavs, they sound just as clear and crisp as on my old Sennheiser wireless at half the price. The dual-channel receiver gives me a great compact option. Highly recommend for compact setups.

Rode Vlogging Kit

You need to stand out from the crowd of vlogs, live streams, YouTube videos, and social media posts—and you can easily do that with the Rode Vlogger Kit, a complete package designed specifically for hassle-free, high-quality audio and video recording to a smartphone.

This bundle features the Rode VideoMic Me-C ultracompact condenser microphone as well as an on-camera light with a diffuser and eight colored filters. 

Also included are a tripod, a phone holder, and the required accessories to make it all work, such as a mic clip, a furry windscreen, and cables. 

The mic itself is ideal for content creators who can’t be slowed down by an intricate setup. 

Equipped with the Vlogger Kit Universal, you can turn your smartphone into a portable, convenient production system that will markedly improve the caliber of your sound and picture.

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Rode Filmmaker Kit

The Rode RODELink Filmmaker Kit brings vloggers, DIY videographers, and content creators a cost-effective digital wireless microphone system with simple, plug-and-record operationclean and reliable sound, and extended battery life.

The kit features an omnidirectional lavalier microphone for hands-free speech and dialog, along with a bodypack transmitter, and a camera-mount receiverIt operates anywhere in the world in the 2.4 GHz spectrum—well away from potential TV and radio interference.

For ease of use, the transmitter and receiver are paired at the factory. Just power up and you’re good to go. The system plugs into your DSLR or mirrorless camera, allowing you to capture audio for projects ranging from YouTube vlogs and wedding videos to corporate spots and interviews.

The Filmmaker Kit boasts a remarkable battery life, routinely operating for over 30 hours (and up to 50 hours in ideal environments) on two AA batteries. Up to eight systems can operate on set.

This is a great microphone setup for Mirrorless & DSLR cameras, and I even use it for my GoPro when using the camera on a tripod. It’s a reliable setup, with good audio quality and it’s easy to use

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