The Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss [2022]

Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

Home Exercise Equipment – Do you on average how much you pay a year for your gym membership? With membership fees that can go as high as 200 per month, how can anyone justify this cost for a whole year?

The goal of any health club is to promise you the world by telling you that if you sign on the dotted line, all your dreams will come true.

But that’s the goal of many health clubs in which the goal is to get you to sign and hope you never come back for while your bank account gets drained monthly.

Are you wanting a change in your life in which you will be in the best shape of your life?

The first thing you need will be willpower and a positive attitude. The second thing is rethinking health clubs and choosing a home gym option instead.

Below is a list of the best home exercise equipment that may put you in control of your wallet and challenge you to get the best shape of your life.

best home exercise equipment that may put you in control of your wallet and challenge you to get the best shape of your life.

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Home Exercise Equipment – Why Should You Invest in One

I have bad news to start this post off.

Did you know that in the United States state that close to 2 out of every 3 Americans are overweight or obese?

A lot of people each year make a resolution to lose weight and get in the best shape of our lives only to give up once Valentine’s day hits.

If you don’t want to be just another statistic and are tired of being overweight or obese, then you need a plan of attack to change your life forever.

That’s where investing in new home gym equipment may be the answer for you.

The great thing about home exercise machines is that you can workout out in the comfort of your own home, and never have to worry about paying membership dues ever again!

Plus, with just a little investment, you can accomplish things that you may never thought were once possible. 

Why watch Netflix on a couch, when you can watch Netflix while working out to burn fat, feel incredible, and support you to improve your health to prevent possible health risks later on in life.

Home Exercise Equipment – Define Your Goals

Start considering what your goals are before investing in yourself.

Do you want to burn fat, tone your body, and improve your cardio? Then you should think about a home treadmill, stationary bike, or rowing machine to help improve your cardio health.

Thinking about building muscle, condition your core, or improve your strength training? In that case, you should think about a great all-in-one home gym system to help improve your muscle fitness with a full-body workout.

The list of Home Exercise Equipment below is excellent suggestions that you should consider in investing in to start your fitness journey with your ultimate home gym.

Once you have your equipment in place, all you require is passionate willpower and a firm commitment to helping achieve the possible.

Below is just a small taste of the types of home exercise equipment that can get you started in your fitness goals.

Home Exercise Cardio Equipment To Burn Fat

home gym equipment for weight loss

Home Exercise Equipment – Treadmills

Treadmill – This is the best home exercise equipment that burns the most calories.

When it comes to torching body fat, in my opinion, there isn’t a better machine out there that can do what a treadmill can do for your cardiovascular health.

Why? It’s pretty simple. Running burns calories fast. Plus, with a treadmill, you can increase the incline of the machine to help burn more calories.

Not a runner? No problem, walking at a brisk pace with good form can maintain a good heart rate for burning calories as well.

There are some negatives to treadmills that I have to add. A running routine can get tiresome after a while. Plus, the costs of a good treadmill can run you close to $1,000.

Worried about space in your home for a treadmill?

Sure a treadmill is big and bulky, but all you need is at least a 3-feet space in front, back and side for enough room to have a treadmill as your home exercise equipment.

If you are looking for the best home exercise equipment to lose weight a treadmill is the way to go.

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Bowflex Treadmill – Bowflex BXT216

Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill

Introducing Bowflex JRNY, the personalized coaching technology that integrates with your BXT216 to create daily, custom workouts and provide in-workout coaching and personalized feedback that encourages and drives users through their workout.

The integrated calorie-focused burn rate console displays your calories burned per minute pushing you to go further and faster in less time.

7.5″ full color, back-lit LCD screen with 9 simplified ‘push and go’ intuitive workout programs. Create and save workouts ‘on the fly’ with real-time custom programming.

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If you are looking for the ideal treadmill to fill out your home exercise equipment, this Bowflex is one of the best in the game for burning calories for weight loss.



NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

home gym equipment for weight loss

If you are looking for a more economical treadmill to add to your home gym equipment collection, then the NordicTrack T 6.5 S treadmill is the right fit for you.

The Nordic Track’s Interactive Personal Training at Home powered by iFit allows you to gain access to on-demand, interactive trainer-led global and studio workout programs.

Plus it has a 10% OneTouch incline control,10 MPH SMART OneTouch speed control, and a spacious 20” x 55” tread belt which is great for walking, jogging, and running.


Treadmill Workouts

If you are worried about boredom on the treadmill, or not sure if a treadmill is right for you in building your home gym, check out the video below of what a treadmill can do for you in torching fat and help you lose weight over time.

Home Exercise Equipment – Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical Trainer – While treadmills tend to burn slightly more calories compared to the elliptical trainer, the elliptical trainer has an advantage over the treadmill and that is it puts less stress on your joints.

Elliptical machines produce a low-impact workout and allow you to use your arms for an upper body workout as well.

Just like a Treadmill, if you stick to your workout plan and eat a balanced diet, you will begin to torch the fat away and maintain a healthy weight.

Bowflex Max Trainer

Bowflex Max Trainer Series

The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 is a cardio breakthrough. It combines an entire full-body workout of an elliptical and the calorie scorching power of a stepper in a smooth, low-impact motion.

The M7 is a fraction of the size of most ellipticals and treadmills with a small footprint (49″ Length x 30.5″ Width x 65.5″ Height).

Syncs with Free Max Trainer app to set, monitor, and track goals while streaming video content from professional trainers that will instruct, motivate and help you be more successful with Max (Available for Apple iOS and Android devices).

This makes this home exercise equipment stand out from the rest because you have your very own personal trainer at home to help with weight loss.


Schwinn Elliptical Machine

Schwinn Elliptical Machine

If workout space is a problem, the 411 was built just for you.

Featuring the benefits of larger ellipticals, the 411 delivers a low-impact cardio workout at a fraction of the size that will work in any room.

Featuring an 18″ stride, contact and wireless heart rate, and a streamlined console, the 411 makes getting a full-body workout more convenient than ever.

What is great about the Schwinn Elliptical is it provides low-impact cardio workouts at a fraction of the size of other ellipticals.

Plus, it offers a streamlined console that displays time, distance, calories, speed, and heart rate.

If you are looking for an inexpensive home exercise equipment elliptical machine for your home gym to help with weight loss, this is a great option for you.


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Home Exercise Equipment – Rowing Machines

Rowing Machines – If you are looking for home gym equipment ideas that still burn calories and compact enough for even an apartment, then a rowing machine is an excellent fit for you.

What makes a rowing machine great for a home gym? A rowing machine is a great piece of home workout equipment for a hard, fast and intense workout.

It may feel like an easy workout at the beginning, after 5 min of rowing, the workout will feel intense.

In many gyms that offer classes on High-Intensity Interval Training, a rowing machine is one of the most popular exercise equipment used in this type of training.

Why? Because a rowing machine is one of those types of home exercise equipment that offers a whole-body workout that can burn close to 300 calories in a 30-min workout. You will never want to skip a workout!

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine With PM5

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine With PM5
The dependable performance of the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower has made it the best-selling rowing machine in the world for over 40 years.

Used by elite athletes for competitive training, the versatile Model D fits in as well in fitness facilities and home gyms as it does in boathouses around the world.

The Model D fits your goals and your budget, offering a low-impact exercise accessible to anyone of any age.

What makes the Concept 2 rowing machine great is that it’s easy to assemble, move, and store.

Plus, it offers tracking abilities to measure your progress with every rowing stroke. Leave the boat at home, and use the Concept 2 to work for you at home for helping with your weight loss journey.


Marcy Pro Water Resistance Rower Rowing Machine for Home Gym

Marcy Pro Water Resistance Rower Rowing Machine for Home Gym

With this home exercise equipment, experience an efficient cardio workout that’ll give you the same benefits as rowing in water. Engineered with an ingenious water-resistance system, this rower provides a realistic rowing experience right in the comfort of home.

Engineered with a tank that utilizes water to adjust the difficulty, this gear allows users to customize their training and turn up or down the resistance by using the included pump to add or remove water.

Marcy Pro Water Resistance Rower Rowing Machine is built with a user-friendly LCD monitor that shows useful information such as time, total count, distance, and calories burned. The monitor lets you easily track your progress during each training or workout to help with your weight loss journey.



Home Exercise Equipment – Stationary Bikes

Home Exercise Equipment Bikes – Stationary bikes still remain a popular option in regards to home exercise equipment because it offers a great cardio workout to help burn fat, lose weight and improve cardiovascular health.

Plus, it offers a great strength training workout for your legs by increasing the tension of your ride.

What I like about stationary bikes is that it helps you train whenever you want regardless of the weather conditions.

Plus, it still is one of the cheapest options available in-home exercise equipment for a cardio workout.

The only disadvantage to the stationary bike compared to other cardio home exercise equipment is that it burns fewer calories compared to treadmills and elliptical trainers.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike
The Endurance Magnetic Indoor Exercise Cycle Bike model SF-B1877 is an excellent belt-driven system for low-impact fitness. The performance monitor allows you to track Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Odometer, RPM & Pulse

Excellent for beginners and enthusiasts in fitness or anyone needing recovery training to start an in-home calorie-burning workout routine to lose weight

Adjustable magnetic resistance allows you to change up your exercise cycling routine making every home workout session feel different.

Plus, the built-in transportation wheels make moving the bike easy and convenient for easy storage. Just tilt the bike forward and roll.


Marcy Recumbent Bike With Resistance ME-709

home exercise equipment for weight loss

What I like about recumbent bikes is the step-through design. This is great for individuals with limited mobility, but still want a great cardio workout to strengthen the leg muscles and help lose weight.

The Marcy Recumbent Bike uses a magnetic resistance mechanism with 8 levels of resistance. The tension knobs control the difficulty to simulate riding on different terrains and customize your workout according to fitness level!

In addition to the above features, the Marcy recumbent bike offers an ultra-functional LCD computer screen that acts as an odometer and has a sharp panel display that shows time, speed, distance, and calories burned in extra-large numbers for great readability.

Plus, this cardio home exercise equipment for burning calories and strengthing your legs comes with a comfortable padded seat and counterbalanced pedals for the ultimate control of your indoor ride.


Home Exercise Equipment – All-in-One Gyms

All-in-One Gyms – If you are trying to build the ultimate home gym and want to build muscle or improve your strength training, then an all-in-one gym is a great choice for you.

What are the benefits of owing All in One Gym? All in one gym is a great addition to your home gym equipment because you can focus on strength training which speeds up your body’s metabolism and burns calories.

All-in-one gyms also provide workouts for every muscle group and are more cost-effective than purchasing separate home gym equipment to accomplish the same thing.

The only issue with owning an all-in-one home gym is that it is an investment at the start, and can take up a considerable amount of space.

But, with this type of home exercise equipment, it’s all you need to get you started to lift weight and build the body that you want.

Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym

The Bowflex Blaze home gym offers over 60 gym-quality exercises that work all of your muscle groups. The 210 lbs. of Power Rod resistance technology maximizes your strength training and fitness goals.

What I like about the Bowflex home gym is that it offers over 65+ full-body exercises for the chest, shoulders, back, arms, abs, and legs.

Plus, with multiple cable/pulley positions, this will allow you to customize any strength training workout at home.

Also, this all-in-one home gym includes a lat tower with an angled lat bar that helps build back and shoulder muscle quickly.

This is one of the best home exercise equipment to build some weight that you can find on Amazon.


Marcy 150-Lb Multifunctional Home Gym Station

The Marcy home gym system is made with heavy-duty steel tubing and reinforced with guard rods that hold weight in place during workouts.

This all-in-one gym equipment comes with a 150-pound selectorized weight stack that can be customized according to your skill level.

This way it helps to avoid the stresses of loading and unloading weight plates with a safety lock that prevents unauthorized use of equipment.

Designed with dual action press arms, this versatile equipment allows you to perform chest press and vertical butterfly exercises to develop your biceps, triceps, pectorals, and other muscles with a simple removal/insertion of a pin.

Enjoy efficient strength training right in the comfort of home with this home gym equipment featuring an innovative structure that combines arm and leg stations.

With the help of this training home gym exercise equipment, it will help you with strengthening muscle groups and achieving a comprehensive total-body workout.


Home Exercise Equipment – Portable

Portable Home Gym Equipment – Weight loss and strength training don’t need to be stationary to achieve a great workout.

Sometimes when there is limited space to create the ultimate home gym, all you need is some basic tools to get the job done.

That’s why the examples below, are some great additions to building a home gym that can still achieve great fitness results without costing much.

TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training System

You don’t need a home gym to enjoy a total home fitness program.

This system provides everything you need to build strength, increase your flexibility, spot-train, and fit in a comprehensive, healthy workout anytime you want, anywhere you want, and doesn’t add extra weight in a suitcase to take on the road.

The TRX Pro Kit includes TRX Suspension Training Strap, TRX Suspension Anchor, TRX Door Anchor, TRX Mesh Carry Bag, and our best-in-class full-color 35-page Workout Guide.

Start by learning the TRX’s 7 foundational movements – push, pull, plank, lunge, hinge, squat, and rotate – advance at your own pace into hundreds of exercises!

It’s time to transform yourself into your fitness best and to transform the way you look, feel, and think!

I love the TRX system because it’s one of the best home exercise equipment for abs training. Click Here For My Review.


BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0

The portable home gym equipment can simulate 1,000s of dollars worth of home gym equipment in one system.

The BodyBoss 2.0 was designed to simulate all the bulky equipment and machines you see at the gym and combine them into one revolutionary workout concept – the BodyBoss 2.0, a portable gym.

BodyBoss Portable Gym is the World’s 1st home gym you can take anywhere.

I own this portable home gym equipment for when I travel, and I love it.

The versatility of working all of my muscle groups by adjusting the resistance makes it great for when I need to squeeze in a workout on the road or in the comfort of my living room watching Netflix.

I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking to work out at home and who doesn’t want to spend a fortune or is limited in space.



If you are thinking about home gym equipment to get you into the best shape of your life in the comfort of your own home, then you have options that can help.

Are you tired of paying those high gym memberships only to use the gym two months out of the year? 

Then you need to rethink your fitness goals and how you can climb to new heights and achieve great results with these great home gym equipment ideas.

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