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Home Gym Ideas – Having a gym membership has its benefits, but have you ever tried to cancel a gym membership? I would rather sit in a timeshare presentation for hours than trying to deal with trying to cancel a gym membership.

When many people join a gym, they tend to go every day for the first two months after signing, and then figuring out after year two it’s starting to bankrupt them.

This is where all-in-one home gym equipment comes into play. 

All-in-one home gym equipment multipurpose piece of strength-training equipment is created to help everyone workout every major muscle group in the body all at the convenience of your very own fitness area. 

Keep in mind that the functionality and price of various fitness brands and models can change dramatically, but once you find the right all-in-one fitness machine, you will be building muscle and breaking a sweat in no time.

It’s time to cancel your gym membership, and invest in one of these great fitness equipment machines for your home.

all-in-one Home gym ideas
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Benefits of ALL-IN-ONE Home Gym Machines

Home Gym Ideas – One of the biggest benefits of owning an all-in-one home gym device is the convivence of use.

You can combine all of your upper / lower body workouts from different machines on one fitness device without taking up too much space.

All-in-one home gyms allow you to move easily from one exercise to another without skipping a beat.

Plus, the amount of money that can be saved from buying a multi-station home gym vs. purchasing each fitness equipment separately will help you stay within a budget you can afford.

Are Home Gym Machines Safe?

Home gym ideas – Regardless of whatever type of gym equipment you use at a fitness club or home, learning the correct way of performing an exercise is key to not injuring yourself.

The great thing about all-in-one home gyms that they allow you to perform various training exercises without a spotter and still get a heart-pounding workout without injury. (You still need to practice the proper form for each exercise to do this though. And that goes for any type of exercise.)

Each exercise you perform on an all-in-one home gym is intended for proper use without having to worry about dropping a heavyweight or putting your body in the incorrect position.

Plus, the weights are securely fastened away from your body so you don’t have to worry about dropping a heavy plate on your feet or head.

Disadvantages of All-in-one Home Gyms Machines

Home Gym Ideas – An all-in-one home gym is not perfect, and there are some minor disadvantages to them compared to separate workout machines that target certain muscles.

You can be limited to training your muscles in a limited range of motion compared to a workout machine made for a specific exercise.

Using an all-in-one exercise machine is very effective at training the muscle it’s meant to train, but you won’t efficiently train the supporting muscles around it. Which can result in less than This could result in less than optimal all-around strength.

Plus, with all-in-one workout equipment, boredom can kick in because of repetition and can lead to a decrease in focus because of limited variation in workouts.

But, a multi-station home gym is still one of the best exercise machine choices to quickly and efficiently outfit a home exercise room.

Plus, purchasing one quality machine like the Bowflex PR3000 rather than trying to find the best individual exercise machine for your home gym from different brands is a huge time and money saver.

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Weight Stack Home Gym

all-in-one Home gym ideas

Home Gym Ideas – This popular type of home gym uses a weight stack system that ranges from 100 to 300 lbs. Most Weight Stack all-in-one home gyms have a seated bench, an overhead pulley system, and press and extension capabilities.

Like with any product out there, the more money spent on the product, the more features tend to come with it. Higher-priced home gyms tend to come with multiple stations to attack certain muscle groups.

Weight stack machines are great for novices just getting back into shape after a long layoff, and with a few adjustments accommodate the demands of more serious lifters as well.

Resistance Rod All-In-One Machines

all-in-one Home gym ideas

Home Gym Ideas – You have seen the commercials late at night while watching Jimmy Fallon and eating pizza at 12:30 am, the dreaded Bowflex commercial that makes me feel shame as I eat another piece of pizza.

Bowflex is just one example of a resistance rod all in one machine.

These machines use flexible rods, compared to free weights or a weight stack to add resistance to movements during exercise. They provide great resistance training and can benefit any beginner to intermediate-level athletes.

Resistance Rod all-in-one machines are well built, but they do take a little getting used to compared to weighted machines.

Due to the flexing of the rods, the weight feels lighter at the beginning of the exercise and gets heavier as you progress, due to how the rods flex.

Cable Cross Over Machines

all-in-one Home gym ideas

Home Gym Ideas – I love Cable Cross Over Machines. I can attack my muscles in different ways compared to free weights.

Some of the high-end all-in-one gym machines in the market today, like XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine, are fantastic cable crossover machines. Plus, many multipurpose machines incorporate the cable crossover into the mix.

The cable crossover requires two separate pulleys and stacks (or free weights at two locations, which the XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine uses).

The only disadvantage is that cable crossover machines take up more floor space because the pulleys need to be set far enough apart to work properly.

Smith Machines

all-in-one Home gym ideas

Home Gym Ideas – A smith machine keeps your weight training safe while at home because you can lift with a barbell without a spotter. 

Some all-in-one home gyms have the smith machine setup, but the Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine incorporates a smith machine on their unit.

The smith machine is good for beginner to intermediate weightlifters who are not used to performing free weight exercises. It is also perfect for home use, where finding a spotter is not always available.

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Our Picks

Best Home Gym: Under $600 

all-in-one Home gym ideas

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

The Bowflex PR1000 home gym offers over 25+ gym-quality exercises that work all of your muscle groups. The 210 lbs. of Power Rod resistance technology maximizes your strength training and fitness goals.

  • 210 lb. of Power Rod resistance standard, upgradeable to 310 lb. or 410 lb.
  • 25+ full-body exercises for the chest, shoulders, back, arms, abs, and legs.
  • Multiple cable/pulley positions enable custom workouts.

Amazon Review: “The exercises are great for the upper body. Does great for Chest, back, arms, shoulders, and abs. Legs are a bit lacking but nothing you can’t do on your own to help.

The first time going through exercises takes a little more time because there are certain ways to do the exercises and figuring out what resistance weight to go with.

The first time through you should definitely write down the resistance weight you had for each exercise so next time it’s easy to get your workout set up and get done efficiently.

I spent $800 on this gym and it’s worth every single penny. I strongly recommend for someone that wants to get into or back into shape without breaking the bank.”

My Take: Bowflex PR1000 home gym is affordable, compact, easy to use with Bowflex quality. One of the best exercise equipment for home use.

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Total Gym APEX

all-in-one Home gym ideas

Start your own workout program right at home with 8 levels of resistance and 70+ exercises with Total Gym; Low impact, fluid movements, and effortlessly transition from one exercise to the next.

Just 15 to 20 minutes a day, 3 to 4 days a week on your home gym will make a difference. For all fitness levels ages 8-80; Supports a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

Tones, strengthens, and conditions muscles in the upper and lower body for a total body exercise experience; Assists with body sculpting, weight loss, health maintenance, energy, and more.

Includes wing attachment, squat stand, leg pull accessory, dip bars, exercise flip chart, Total Gym TV access, exercise & nutrition guides, owner’s manual, and DVD.

Amazon Review: “I’m a runner and purchased this primarily for upper body workouts instead of using weight machines at the gym. After a month of using it 2-3 times a week (30-40 minutes at a time), I can easily see improvements in muscle tone and definition in my arms, shoulders, and chest. The equipment is well built, solid, and nicely finished, and I find it fairly easy to change configurations between different exercises. I do find some of the lower body exercises to be a little awkward or lacking in intensity, but for upper body conditioning I am very pleased.”

My Take: The Total Gym Apex is a home gym idea that won’t replace traditional heavy squats, deadlifts, and barbell/dumbbell presses, and such. But it’s a fine piece of effective machinery that I would highly recommend having at home for those times when making it to the gym is just not an option.

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Gold's Gym XR 55 Home Gym

all-in-one Home gym ideas

Target and train your entire body with the all-in-one Gold’s Gym XRS 55 Home Gym System. The 125-pound vinyl weight stack and 330 pounds of resistance provide incredible workout progression for any user. 

The high and low pulley systems activate muscles in your upper and lower body for a complete strength-training workout. The chest press/fly stations pinpoint weight resistance to your chest and arms for more defined results. 

The Gold’s Gym XRS 55 Home Gym System also features a 4-roll leg developer, a lat bar, and an exercise chart designed by a certified personal trainer.

Amazon Review: “This is an awesome product, really is a full gym. But…be warned that it does take hours to build. My husband when back to it over a few days and it probably took him 8hrs collectively to finish. Having a gym in one though, was worth it. Make sure you build this wherever you want it because you won’t be able to move it around once done!”

My Take: The reviews about assembly time to build the Gold’s Gym XRS 55 Home Gym System are a little of a concern, but it’s a user-friendly all-in-one home gym idea for beginners to immediate.

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Best Home Gyms: $600 – $ 1000

home gym ideas

Marcy Stack Dual Function Home Gym – 200 lb. Stack

Get personalized bodybuilding and strengthening workouts with the Marcy Club 200 lb Stack Home Gym. This home gym idea is great for those who prefer working out at home, this exercise equipment is a major space saver without sacrificing quality and utility.

It allows you to focus on any muscle group or go with a total body workout. The Marcy Club 200 lb Stack Home Gym Machine is built with a durable 14-gauge steel tube frame and vinyl-coated weight stack, so it is surely made to last.

  • MULTI-FUNCTION ARM PRESS – Work on those pectoral muscles with the press arms that have dual functionality. For a maximized upper body workout, switch from chest pressed to vertical butterfly exercises. The Marcy Stack Gym is ideal for any level of users!
  • VARIETY OF EXERCISES – This equipment includes a removable and adjustable arm curl to suit different body types, a dual-function leg developer that allows for total lower body exercises, and dual-function press arms for rowing exercises.

Amazon Review: “I did lots of research on various Home gyms before deciding on this one. I am very happy with my purchase so far. I was looking for a home gym that would last a long time (I have 3 sons ranging from ages 5-15 yrs old) so I wanted something they could use as they grow older. I liked that the set came with 200lbs of weight rather than the 150lb weight that the standard Home gyms provide. 

Assembly was easy, it took me approximately 5 hours to assemble by myself. I did find times where it would have been easier with a second set of hands. The assembly instructions were not real clear at times and perhaps could be challenging for some. I did have a small handful of bolts that seemed to have messed up threads because they were cross-threading. 

I repaired the threads with a tap and die set and moved on. The few assembly obstacles and unclear instructions are not enough to rate the product any less than 5 stars. I’m happy with the product so far!”

My TakeA compact gym, with features normally only found on larger gyms, with plenty of weight for even heavy lifters.

Related Article: Best Marcy Home Gyms – Buyer’s Tips & Reviews

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Marcy Smith Cage Machine with Workout Bench and Weight Bar Home Gym

home gym ideas

Home gym idea – Get serious about getting in shape with the Marcy SM-4008 Combo Smith Machine. This all-in-one, home gym equipment powerhouse, offers everything you need to tone and strengthen all major muscle groups.

A Smith-style press bar with adjustable safety stops allows you to perform a variety of powerful strength training workouts, an independent motion upper pulley system allows for cable crossover possibilities, a pull-up bar allows you to bulk up your upper body, a total leg developer allows you to strengthen lower body muscle groups and a multi-position back pad offers a safe training experience.

Made of 14-gauge square steel tubing, the Marcy SM-4008 Combo Smith Machine offers a total body workout in a safe and comfortable setting while four convenient storage posts make it easier than ever to organize your Olympic weight plates.

Amazon Review: “One of the greatest investments I have made in several years. I conducted a fair amount of research on home gyms before deciding on this one. In addition, Amazon is the cheapest price I found. We have had it in the garage for about 6 months now, and it is used almost every day. It is holding up perfectly. I like the versatility of the unit. 

Several exercises can be performed on this unit. The construction probability won’t hold up for those who are attempting to be power-lifters but is perfect for everybody else, which keeps the cost down.”

My TakeThis home gym idea is a total body system with the equivalent of three gym machines in one unit.

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Reviews Of The Best Home Gyms: $1000 – $1500

home gym ideas

Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Training Home Gym System

All-in-one home workout station for strength training

  • Workout all major muscle groups with a dual-function leg developer, press bar with sealed linear bearings, low pulley with a footrest, pec deck station, high cable crossovers, and free weight squat rack.
  • Separate multi-function weight bench includes Leg developer, bicep preacher curl, preacher pad, and Olympic sleeve for leg developer.
  • Attachments include Lat bar, triceps rope, shiver bar, ankle strap, chrome row handle, and 2 single handles.

Amazon Review: “This is seriously a whole gym system! I’ve seen hotel fitness centers that don’t compare to this beast! I’m very pleased with my purchase and use it daily. I have been very serious about my workouts and been working out for the past 5 years and perhaps addicted to fitness (hey there are worst things to be addicted to). 

Soon after graduating from undergrad, apartment gyms weren’t doing it for me, P90X annoys me after month 2, and I had nailed insanity, Focus T-25 wasn’t enough. I got serious and got a Gold’s gym membership…I went for over a year and realized I could save so much more by investing in a home gym. After I bought my house, I dedicated a room to my home gym, and I haven’t looked back since. 

Worth the price and investment…I work out 6 days a week, and it’s perfect for workouts of all body parts. add a treadmill/elliptical (depending on your preference of cardio system), some free weights, and a P90X crazy multi-purpose pull-up bar with ab straps, and you have a seriously legitimate home gym, that defeats some hotel fitness centers. That’s saying something when you think about it!”

My TakeThis is a great brand, and with an added pulley system for chest isolation exercises, it’s a great mid-range all-in-one home gym idea.

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Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

home gym ideas

The Bowflex PR3000 is a total-body home gym with more than 50 strength exercises and no cable changes needed between sets using the Quick Change Power Rod system.

  • Offers over 50 gym-quality exercises to workout your entire body
  • Provides as little as 5 or as many as 210 pounds; of Power Rod resistance
  • Multi-use hand grip or ankle cuffs designed to add flexibility and performance to any workout using the Quick Change Power Rod system
  • Upgradable resistance to 310 pounds
  • Heavy-duty steel construction frame offering long term durability

Amazon Review: “The home gym idea is the best purchase I have ever made! My Own Personal Gym 💪at home.. great for people who can’t go to an actual gym…. having this at is the best thing ever plus it’s a great addition to my dumbbells. You might want to buy the additional retention upgrade bar 310-410. it is worth your money the retention bars work great.

Update 3 weeks into it still satisfied. No more excuses……”

My Take: This is the higher-end version of the Bowflex line of products, and with the features included in this all-in-one home gym, it stands out as a great compact fitness machine.

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Body-Solid Powerline P2LPX Home Gym Equipment with Leg Press

home gym ideas

The Powerline by Body-Solid Home Gym with Leg Press (P2LPX) offers ideal functionality and versatility in a home workout machine, letting you move effortlessly between a huge variety of demanding exercises. 

This machine is cleverly engineered to offer free-range movements and an exceptional range of motion for any size user. You can focus on traditional exercises as well as functional training with a single compact machine.

  • Fixed pulleys allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises
  • Press arm with multi-position handgrips
  • 2-way adjustable back and seat pads ensure a proper starting position
  • Includes leg press with 2:1 weight ratio

Amazon Review: “Good quality construction throughout, except for the seat and back cushions, kinda cheap base material, but the covers are alright. 

Assembly was not so bad, The instructions for leg press attachment were inaccurate, but assembly still went ok. All the multiple exercises seem anatomic (physiologic) except still haven’t figure out a good way to do good leg curls. I wish it came with examples of exercises. 

The arms for the chest get in the way slightly, but you get used to it. Overall for the return on investment; priceless. The equipment is excellent for the price.”

My Take: Having the ability to do leg press on a home gym, is a major plus. With all the options right there at your fingertips, there is no way anyone can’t get a great workout with the Powerline all-in-one home gym.

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Reviews Of The Best Home Gyms: Over $1500

home gym ideas

XMark Functional Trainer

Home gym idea – The XMark functional trainer is the most versatile piece of equipment for you and your family’s home gym. It easily adjusts for anyone in your household, whether young or old, short or tall. 

With the dual 200 lb weight stacks, quick-adjust pulleys with 19 settings spaced at 3.5″ each, and easily interchangeable accessories, your training possibilities are unlimited. 

Included accessories are a pair of 8″ hand straps, a pair of 17″ long strap handles, a 23″ triceps rope, a short bar and a 42″ long bar, a leg extension leg curl strap, and an ankle strap. 

This machine is solidly built with heavy-duty 11-gauge 2″ x 3″ steel mainframe construction and a commercial-grade pull-up rig and pulley system that is extremely smooth. 

With a standard 2:1 stack to resistance ratio, the XMark functional trainer provides true isolateral-based movements, allowing users a variety of options for muscle targeting and isolation. You can also perform pull-ups and chin-ups on the split grip pull-up bar. 

With this many features, uses, and this much adaptability it’s no wonder why so many users make the XMark functional trainer the nucleus of their home gym for a total body workout experience.

Amazon Review: “I’ve been going to military gyms and the Y for over 25 years…more than a little experience with gym machines. With C19 curtailing gym activities, I began looking for an FTS for my home. I was ready to purchase a competitor’s at $1500 more when I ran across the XMark…and bought it instead. I had used the competing machine at the gym for several months and the only difference is the color of paint and the XMark has 10lb plate increments between 10 and 50 while the competitor had 5lb increments—NOT a showstopper. Works great.”

My Take: For the price, this is the best functional trainer for a home gym on the market.

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home gym ideas

IRON COMPANY BodyCraft HFT Functional Trainer Home Gym

If you’ve ever heard the expression train the way you move, it refers to working out on exercise equipment that allows your body to follow its natural path against functional resistance. 

Whether the motion is for strength training, sport-specific training, or maybe it’s a motion you perform at work or during leisure activities, the HFT Dual Adjustable Pulley Machine allows you to train the way you move. 

You define the path of motion allowing you to strengthen every part of your body for the way you want to live. It’s that simple. 

With this home gym idea, each independent, adjustable cable column has 31 height positions and rotates 180 degrees allowing you to train with a free motion from every angle and any height. Functional Training also improves coordination and balance and increases core strength. 

With its small footprint and compact design, this selectorized gym will fit into a corner or against the wall, minimizing space in your home gym or fitness studio. Beautiful oval tubing, sleek laser cut plates, chrome uprights, laser etched numbers, and attention to the smallest details all add up to an overall exceptional aesthetic appearance! 

Included Accessories: Mounted book describing over 70 exercises. Long Bar that attaches to both sides. Short Bar that attaches to one side. Tricep Rope. Multi-grip Chin Bar. Nylon Strap that attaches to both sides for Assisted Chin-ups. Ankle Strap. 2 Single Handles. Residential Warranty (in-home use, one family): Frame Lifetime. Parts Lifetime. Light-Commercial Warranty (up to 5 hours of use per day/non-paying facility): Frame 10 Years. Parts 2 Years. Wear: 6 Months.

Amazon Review: “This is truly the machine that fits anyone’s home needs. I’ve been a skilled bodybuilder for 35 years and this is the best workout system I’ve ever owned. No need for gyms anymore…”

My Take: This is a complete all-in-one home gym. All you need is a bench, and you pretty much have everything covered. I use a system just like this at the gym I go to, and it’s always busy that I can’t do the exercises I need from it. 

If I purchased this home gym idea, I would never go to the gym again. All I would need is a good treadmill, and I am set.

BUY NOW Amazon


Are you ready to build your home gym with these great suggestions?

If you are serious about making a decision to get into the best shape of your life, having a home gym is not only a great investment in yourself but also in your pocketbook as well. Say goodbye to gym fees!

P.S. – If you’ve found this article helpful and like the products in the post, please consider purchasing the goods via the links in the post as it helps keep the website running. All the companies are ones I use myself in my own life. If you have any questions, email me!

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