How To Make Economy Feel Like First Class

Economy Class vs. First Class – Are you a fan of long-haul flights? The idea of flying uncomfortably in a tin can for hours is something travelers don’t think about when planning their dream vacation.

I don’t think many travelers out there enjoy economy class on a long-haul flight unless they are heading to a destination where magical unicorns walk among the travelers. 

How To Make Economy Feel Like First Class

There is some good news for those who fly that can only fly in economy, there are some simple tricks to make your economy class seat feel like you are flying in first class. 

Here are some of my tips that will help you stay comfortable on those long international flights you have planned for the near future.

Economy Class

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Economy Class - Can sleep on a flight?

If you have great bladder control for 10 plus hours, then you should try booking a window seat in the economy class for your next flight. 

The great thing about a window seat on a long-haul flight is that you can lean against a wall to rest and not on the shoulder of the person next to you. 

You have a little more breathing room compared to the middle seat and aisle seat. The middle seat to me feels like a hot dog in a bun, and the aisle seat should come with elbow pads from the drink carts that hit you unexpectedly. 

Plus, If you are flying into a destination you have never been to, having an unobstructed bird’s eye view of landing is a great way to kick off your vacation.

Make yourself as comfortable as you can

Economy Class

Planning on your clothing attire before flying is a must for when you are flying economy class on a long-haul flight. 

Thinking about wearing those tight skinny jeans on the flight? Maybe rethink that decision, and is that trend going to end soon? Tight clothes can restrict the blood flow throughout your body, and if you are accentually stuck in the middle seat, you don’t want to fell more cramped than you already are.

Plan to wear some loose fitting clothes that will give your body some breathing room. I am not suggesting wearing your pjs on the flight, but a nice hoodie and a comfortable pair of joggers is a great combo for those that need to make that tin can feel as if it’s your home for the time being.

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Think water, and not booze

Stay hydrated! During a long-haul flight, air pulled in at high altitudes is much dryer than on the ground. So during the flight, you‘re exhaling moisture-rich air and inhaling dry air. If you don’t replace the water you‘re losing, it can lead to dehydration.

During the flight, drink lots of water, and avoid drinking alcohol, as alcohol dehydrates your body. Coffee and soda drinks are not great alternatives to stay hydrated because the caffeine in these drinks can dehydrate you as well. 

Plus, carbonation in soft drinks will make you bloated in the plane. So if you have to fly economy class on a long-haul flight, avoid things that can make you bloat. 

There is no place to hide when you have to release gas that has accumulated in your stomach for hours. Everyone on the plane will be able to narrow down to where the smell is coming from pretty fast.

The worst-case scenario is to blame it on the person sleeping next to you. They won’t know.

Stay moisturized

With the constantly recycled air piping through the air vents from flying at such a high altitude, keep your self-moisturized.

Just like inside your body, staying hydrated is key and your skin needs some TLC as well.

Here are some tips to remember while flying in economy on a long-haul flight:

  • Use less makeup. It’s a long flight, and everybody will look like a mess at the end of the flight.
  • Put only clean hands and fingers on your face. This is a sanitary rule as well. 
  • Wipe your face with cleansing wipes and apply moisturizer. Also, take those cleansing wipes afterward and clean the area you are sitting in. There is fungus among us.

Settle in and be comfortable

Have the key necessities with you before taking off. You probably will be dosing off sometime during the flight, so make sure that your pillow, hoodie, and blanket are out of your carry-on and with you while you are flying. (click the blue highlighted links to learn more)

Plus, these items can be used to give you better lumbar support by placing them behind your back. If you have a laptop case that can withstand your feet being rested on, then place it under the seat in front of you. It’s better for your body. 

If you wish to take your shoes off to relax, do so, but keep in mind that you are wearing clean socks and shoes. Nobody wants an order surrounding them that they aren’t sure if the inflight meal is haggis or someones diaper is being changed. 

If you do need to take your shoes off, have flip-flops with you. You don’t want to walk to the lavatories in bare feet and the germs and possible broken glass could ruin a perfect trip.

Take everything out of your carry-on you need for a great sleep

Economy Class

Like I mentioned above in regards to getting comfortable and sleep better, having everything you need for the flight before take-off is a must.

My suggestion while packing is minimalizing. If you haven’t thought about the following items listed below, maybe think about purchasing them before you travel on a long flight.

  • Kindle (Click Link here to learn more) with a kindle, you can travel with thousands of books with you and not hurt your back.
  • Amazon fire tablet (Click Link here to learn more) Just like the Kindle, having a tablet handy with several movies and tv shows loaded on the device will help you if the flight you are on has an entertainment system that goes down during a 15-hour flight.
  • Earplugs, noise-canceling headphones, and a sleep mask. The sleep mask and earplugs are great for when you need help to get some shut-eye during the flight, and the noise canceling headphones (Click Link here to learn more) are great for when you want to zone out without outside interference as you watch the latest John Wick movie on your tablet.
  • Travel pillow (I mentioned this above for getting comfortable, but having travel pillow is awesome.)

Exercise your brain

On a long-haul flight, you have so much me time, that you can focus on something you have always wanted to do but couldn’t at home. Suggestions for keeping your brain active are crossword puzzles, writing a journal, blog post, and novel if you want. 

I love long-haul flights because I can clearly focus on something I have been trying to do at home like storyboard screenplays, but I always get distracted like the dogs in the movie up.

Stay active

For a long flight, try moving around your seat at least every 30 minutes. This is to keep the blood circulating throughout the body.

You may see some passengers practicing airplane yoga throughout the aisles if you stay clear of the flight crew while they are performing his/her jobs in keeping passengers safe, it’s not a bad practice to start.

Plus, airplane yoga is good for when you are waiting for the next lavatory to be free.

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Healthy Snacks

I am leaving for a flight next week to Los Angeles again for the fourth time this year, and I noticed that on my previous flight that a sugar rush has a major crash while flying.

I was working on 3 hours sleep and had a layover in Seattle of 4 hours, so I bought a lounge pass and somehow gorged on sugar!!!

By the time I entered the plane, the sugar crash was beginning to start, and I tried slowing the crash by eating more sugar food. By the time I arrived at LAX, I felt like crap. My stomach was unhappy with me, and it took revenge on me in terms of Acid reflux.

Eating healthy on the plane, especially a long-haul flight in economy, having on hand fresh cut veggies, yogurt, and other healthy snacks avoid the sugar crash. By the time you arrive the only thing to worry about is the jet lag, and not the acid reflux/sugar crash.

Pack your own personal headphones

Economy Class

always get this feeling that the personal earbuds that airlines sell while on board are just recycled headphones in plastic wrap.

That’s why I always suggest investing in a good pair of headphones that are noise canceling that will last you for years to come. (Click here for my suggestion on

You are on a long-haul flight sitting in economy, try to give yourself a spa-like experience by putting on the headphones and listening to tranquil music to escape from it all.

Especially the baby shark song playing over and over again from the child sitting behind you.


These are just a few suggestions on How To Make Economy Feel Like First Class and there are many more out there. 

The key thing to surviving a Long-haul flight in economy class is to settle in and make yourself comfortable the best way you can without interfering with other passengers. 

If all else fails in your planning, try to upgrade your seat at the airport and hope you can pay it off somehow. Now just get out there are explore!

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