7 Tips & Tricks To Make Your Instagram Posts More Attractive

Tips & Tricks To Make Your Instagram Posts More Attractive

Are you striving to increase engagement rate on Instagram? Then, the secret to improving engagement is by sharing fascinating images on Instagram. 

But, how do you create your posts to stand out on the platform? It’s by following the fantastic photo hacks. While taking the photo, even a little attention will help make visually pleasing posts. And if your posts look amazing, it impacts people’s minds quickly. Therefore, more likely, people will like your posts and follow you. If you are a business, your visual voice is more crucial to influencing customers to return to your business. 

However, to change the face of your business, utilize Trollishly, which will increase the visibility of your posts. It tends to boost the engagement of your posts and perform well in the competition. 

Camera-ready to shoot the exciting photos and videos to share it on Instagram? If so, here are a few tips and tricks to enhance your Instagram posts and take them to a new level. Following these tips will notably boost engagement rate and increase the chance of being noticed by more users. 

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Make Your Instagram Posts More Attractive

Why Do You Need To Create Attractive Posts?

Instagram is on-trend, and most users are addicted to this platform. From entertainment to business, there is always a solution on Instagram.

As per the study, 300 million photos are uploaded every day on Instagram. It states that you should possibly compete with those photos.

If one of your followers is scrolling down your posts, know that exciting and unique posts will not attract them. A twist on the posts will lead to increased engagement. Post the crazy posts and make the reason for the viewers never to stop scrolling your feed.

Think out of the box and wisely choose the colors, portraits, patterns, or shapes where these aspects make the users scroll your posts frequently.

Determine Your Instagram Audience

Everyone’s choice is different, so you need to understand who is your target audience and what they more likely prefer. Then, it would be best to research what works best to attract users to your business. The following are the aspects you have to consider:

  • Instagram hashtags
  • Discover feed
  • Competitors account

If you understand your target audience, you can create content that invites them to watch. Moreover, if you want to increase your engagement, let you follow the below tricks and impact your users.

1. Focus On Your Phone's Camera Settings

Make Your Instagram Posts More Attractive

Do you want to take exciting Instagram photos? If so, you should be familiar with your phone’s camera’s inbuilt features. Then, experiment with the different features and hone your image or videos. Moreover, while sharing the image, take advantage of free Instagram likes to reach out your posts to the potential audience. 

Here are the phone’s camera features: 

  • Filters
  • Portrait mode
  • Frames 
  • Pano
  • HDR mode
  • Stability mode
  • Live mode

It is to be suggested to avoid using autofocus, flash, and overexposed (not too bright or too dark) photos. 

2. Make Sure To Get Proper Lighting

instagram posts

If you are taking a photo, lighting plays a crucial role in creating attractive images. There are many sources of lightning, they are:

  • Natural light: Light from the sun or nature
  • Artificial light: Lamp, fluorescent tube, LED, ring light, or selfie light

Get to know that lighting can make or break your posts, so focus on it more carefully and edit posts to your best so that more people will like them. 

3. Play With Angles

Make Your Instagram Posts More Attractive

One of the most compelling ways to transform the photo look is by focusing and adjusting your camera’s angle.

Each angle will showcase the image in a different way, and it is an impactful strategy to attract users. Think about your concepts and the ways that work to change your post’s perspective.

Play with the different angles like top, middle, or bottom, and even turn your phone to develop the foreground element. It is the best tactic that plays well and makes your content more engaging. 

4. Take Advantage Of Grids

instagram posts

Grid is one feature that you need to activate to precisely center your image in the frame.

If you make use of it, then it elevates picture composition. Make sure to check the setting of our camera and enable the grid feature.

Therefore, you can maintain consistency while cropping the image and can draw user attention quickly. 

5. Consider Colors That Match Each Other

Do you know that colors do magic? So, choose the complementary colors that make your followers scroll your feed posts more likely. Experiment with the different colors to transform your photographs more appealing to the users. 

6. Turn On Burst Mode For Fast Moving Objects

Have you tried taking photos of fast-moving elements or objects? If so, you gave up with blurry results. However, you can easily capture the perfect shot by turning on the ‘Burst Mode’ feature.

You can take 10 photos a second using this camera setting to choose the best pick.

7. Filter Your Photos

Make Your Instagram Posts More Attractive

Do you want to spark engagement?

Filters help to create attractive and pleasing images that users like the most. You can use the in-app Instagram features to transform your photos into beautiful images.

In addition, use the free applications to get the tone of the image you want. 

Wrapping It Up

Considering the above tips, create eye-appealing posts and convert more users into your followers.

Even more, tips are available to spice up your posts, so make sure your needs and share the posts that bring out the optimal results.

Moreover, while sharing the image, take advantage of Trollishly to boost your reach and increase your engagement. Therefore, you can stand out on the platform and mark your best.

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