Best Travel Essentials For Women: 20+ Travel Products You Need

Must-Have Travel Essentials For Women

Before we leave on our trips, many of us face the issue of packing.

My problem with packing is that I tend to pack my carry-on bags in a matter of minutes. My wife, on the other hand, has a hard time fitting all she needs into a carry-on bag. To be honest, I don’t have a lot of clothes alternatives in my closet because I don’t have the same fashion taste as my wife.

Many of my friends work as flight crew members for airlines. So I decided to ask my female flight crew buddies what their go-to travel needs are. When I questioned my flight crew pals about their must-have travel needs, I made sure they would suit any traveler’s style while also keeping them organized while packing.

Isn’t that what we all wish for before embarking on our journeys? Without further ado, here is the list of must-have items they suggest.

travel essentials for women

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Hardshell Carry-On Luggage

Packing Tips like a pro

An exceptionally sturdy wheeled carry-on was recommended as one of the most crucial travel must-haves. Flight attendants do a lot of walking from terminal to terminal in a day, so they don’t want anything that would put them out throughout the day. 

The Samsonite Freeform (seen above) or the COOLIFE Expandable 28″ Suitcase are two of my recommendations for a well-made wheeled hardshell carry-on.

Both of these carry-on pieces are available in a range of colours to suit the tastes of any traveller. Plus, these budget-friendly carry-ons are well-made and will last for years. 

Even though my flight crew buddies don’t check their bags before departure, they all carry GPS tracking devices in their luggage just in case they get separated from it. The Tile Pro is a fantastic GPS device that I use since it allows me to follow my luggage using my smartphone if I walk one way and my bag goes the other.

Leather Messenger Tote Bag

travel essentials for women

According to my wife, a leather messenger tote is one of the must-have travel requirements for ladies, and she never travels without one. 

As a day pack for travel, my wife chose the Sechunk Cotton Canvas Leather Messenger Bag (seen above). She has enough room for a kindle, a smartphone, and a variety of other essentials such as tissues, hand sanitizer, a wallet, sunglasses, and much more. 

She finds this purse to be quite robust and well-made, as well as versatile enough to work with any outfit.

Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

travel essentials for women

Women’s travel needs – If you’re going to a place where tourist theft is common, an Anti-Theft Messenger bag is a better option. 

The Travelon Classic Collection (seen above) can hold and arrange more goods than regular bags. From several storage pockets to an inner wall wallet that eliminates the need to carry a wallet, this bag has it all.

With a 5-Point Anti-Theft security system that helps prevent the 5 most common pedestrian types of theft, it is one of the most loved bags.

  1. Lockdown Straps help prevent grab-and-go thieves from dashing off with your bag. Strap lock secures bag to a stationary object or chair.
  2. Locking Compartments helps prevent pickpockets from getting into your bag. Locking zippered pulls to secure your bag contents.
  3. Slash-resistant Body helps prevent slash-and-grab theft in busy areas with a slash-resistant mesh barrier in all 4 sides and bag bottom panel.
  4. Slash-resistant Straps help prevent slash-and-run theft with a stainless-steel wire inside the strap.
  5. RFID Blocking Pockets help prevent electronic identity theft with RFID blocking card slots and passport pockets.

Packing Cubes

Packing Light

Do you have a lot of experience with packing cubes? If you haven’t used them for travel yet, you will after reading this understand why you will require them for all of your trip necessities.

Packing cubes are small pouches that can help any traveler stay organized and avoid a packing disaster. Various sizes of packing cubes are available, ranging from exceptionally small to enormous.

To divide my tops, bottoms, delicates, toiletries, and so much more, I like to use packing cubes.

Here’s a suggestion on how to utilize all the different size packing cubes to help keep your travel items organized:

  • Extra Small Cube – This is ideal for those TSA-approved toiletries that can easily be taken out of a carry-on to make airport security a breeze.
  • Small Cube – Perfect for underwear and socks. Or, a great organizer for makeup or electronics.
  • Medium Cube – Great for packing any casual clothing like shirts, tank tops, blouses, dresses, and yoga pants.
  • Large Cube – Just the right size for organizing all of your jeans, sweaters, and more formal wear.

For both women and men, packing cubes are a must-have travel essential.

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Slip-On Shoes

travel essentials for women

Many of my female flight crew friends insisted on wearing slip-on shoes. A pair of comfy slip-on shoes is one of the many travel requirements for ladies on this list. 

You can spend a lot or a little on slip-on shoes; the important thing is that they are comfortable to wear in any situation. Also, look for ones that have good arch support and a color that goes with everything. 

Pack at least one additional pair of shoes for a night out, in addition to a wonderful pair of slip-on shoes. If you’re concerned about your shoes getting mixed up with your clean things, invest in a shoe bag.

Travel Wallet

travel essentials for women

tiny travel wallet is one of the travel basics for both men and women that should be brought along on any trip. 

Travel wallets are useful because they help you reduce the amount of plastic in your wallet. Leave your reward cards at home and only bring the necessities with you, such as a debit card, credit card, and cash. 

Also, if you’re shopping for a travel wallet for your next vacation, make sure it includes RFID blocking capabilities. Thieves are everywhere, and this is only one method of defense.

Clear Toiletry Bag

Packing Tips like a pro

Another important travel item for women that all of my flight crew pals bring with them when they fly the friendly skies. 

What’s the point of a clear toiletries bag? When you need to take your TSA-approved travel beauty items out of your carry-on to go through security, a transparent toiletries bag is ideal. 

Side note: When on vacation, ask your hotel room staff for extra shampoo, conditioner, and body wash so you can save them for a future trip.

Spiritual Gangster

Personal Alarm-Saftey Keychain

travel essentials for women

This is a travel item that many of my acquaintances bring with them when they go on business trips. They may be staying overnight in a city they are unfamiliar with, and having some sense of comfort with them makes a long day more bearable. 

My pals love the safety alarm keychain (seen above) because all they have to do is press a button and the loud noise will scare away any possible assailant.


travel essentials for women

This is an area in which I have little to no experience, therefore I am grateful for the assistance I received from my pals. When I travel, I usually rely on a dependable hoodie to keep me warm. But I had no idea how a shawl could be useful to a woman. 

A comfy shawl for travel, according to what I’ve learned, may be used as a blanket, a coverup, and something to keep you warm during a lengthy journey. A pashmina shawl is a way to go for any vacation packing list if you want to go with something soft in terms of locating the ideal shawl for you.

travel essentials for women


travel essentials for women

Scrunchies are the way to go if you’re worried about your hair covering your eyes all the time and carrying bobby pins is a pain. Scrunchies don’t give you headaches, which is why they’re so popular among women’s travel needs. 

They also don’t tear your hair out as hair ties do, and they’re less likely to harm your hair. 

I don’t understand why someone would use something as uncomfortable as hair ties when they could use something more comfy and adaptable like a scrunchie, especially when I shave my head. 

Scrunchies are another item that should be in your suitcase if you’re traveling with a woman.

Portable Smartphone Battery Charger

Packing Tips like a pro

The following things on the list of travel requirements for women are travel devices that I bring with me on every trip, and one of them is a Portable Smartphone Battery Charger

What I like about a Portable Smartphone Battery Charger is that it gives me peace of mind that I’ll never run out of battery power on my phone. Years ago, on a long flight from Vancouver to NYC, I was playing Angry Birds and couldn’t get an Uber since my smartphone battery had died. Damn you angry birds!!!

The power bank depicted above is a great travel companion that fits easily into any pocket. It will also give you peace of mind that if you need to photograph a famous attraction, you will have enough power.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose NC700 Vs Sony WH1000XM4

Sure some people adore the song “Baby Shark“, but when you hear it on repeat from a youngster sitting next to you for 5 hours straight, you start going a little insane. If you want to get away from it all while flying, I recommend investing in a good pair of Noise Cancelling Headphones to filter out everything. 

For travel, I recommend the BOSE Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headphones, which are the greatest I’ve ever heard. They may be more expensive than others, but they are simply the greatest. 

One of the women’s and men’s travel basics that should be in every carry-on for travel.

Travel Pillow

stay healthy while traveling

You wouldn’t want to sleep on a $5 airplane pillow if you were on a lengthy ride, right? If you are like me and can’t sleep at all on a plane, it could be because you are not using the right travel pillow.

For your sleeping needs on a trip, I recommend the TRTL travel pillow because it helps support your head in an uncomfortable airline seat. It’s also not as big as other travel pillows on the market today, which make you look like you have a neck injury. 

Sleep is one of those essential travel commodities that everyone requires for a successful vacation.

Water Bottle

Packing Tips like a pro

Don’t you hate it when you’re at the airport and you have to take out a loan to buy a bottle of water? That’s why I’ve started carrying a foldable water bottle with me wherever I go. 

It folds up small enough to fit in any carry-on bag and stores enough water to get you through a short flight. You can also take it with you as you move from attraction to attraction, filling it up as you go. 

Ideal for individuals concerned about the environment and the waste of plastic to quench their thirst. 

This is one of my go-to travel essentials, and I never leave home without it.

Body Wipes

travel essentials for women

Body Wipes are a must-have for women and men on the go who want to stay clean in between showers. When you’re on a lengthy 15-hour flight and need to freshen yourself before arriving at your ultimate destination, Body Wipes are ideal. 

Unscented or scented body wipes are available to keep you smelling fantastic whenever you need them. 

Eye Drops

I know that when I’m on a long flight, the dry recycled air coming through the airplane vents, along with the lack of sleep I get, red irritated eyes are a constant companion. 

That’s why carrying eye drops with you will keep your eyes moist and relieve the dreaded red eyes. It’s another one of those universal travel beauty needs.

Side Note: I know I have probably missed a lot of must-have travel essentials for women on this list, but these are necessities that my friends and wife swear by when packing.

Optional Travel Essentials For Women

travel essentials for women

Below are some great optional travel essentials for women that my flight crew friends take with them while working.

  • Portable Towel – Sure you will find towels at your hotel, but what if you want to head to the beach midway through the day for a quick rest and recharge. I like the Rainleaf Microfiber Towel because it’s easy to carry and space-saving.
  • Protein Bars – I know that when those hunger pangs hit during flight or between meals, a protein bar is more satisfying than the airline peanuts and cookies you may get on board.
  • Hand Sanitizer – This is something I swear by especially during a long flight. From what I have heard from my flight crew friends is that the airline seat and what surrounds it isn’t the cleanest thing on the planet. So if you are hungry and want a snack while flying, keeping your hands clean with hand sanitizer is the best thing you can do for yourself. Also, wipe down your tray table immediately when you board a plane.
  • Travel Detergent Soap – Don’t want to deal with expensive hotel laundry service? With travel detergent soap you can quickly, safely, and easily wash clothes right from the convenience of your hotel sink (or bathtub).
  • Sewing Kit – Some hotels don’t offer sewing kits anymore, so packing a travel size sewing kit can be a lifesaver when you need to deal with rips in clothing or button that have come off.
  • Travel Laundry Bag – Laundry Bags are perfect for separating dirty clothes from clean clothes in any type of suitcase.

Bona Fide Masks


I hope this article on travel essentials for women will make it easier for packing on your next journey. 

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travel essentials for women

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