Pixel Liber RBG Pocket Video Light Review: Impressive Results From A Small Package – 2022?

Pixel Liber RBG Pocket Video Light Review

Are you a low-budget filmmaker, always looking to add filmmaking gear to your smartphone filmmaking kit that is inexpensive but delivers the performance you need on a film set?

I recently tested a smartphone microphone for my iPhone called the Pixel Finch from Pixel (click here for my review), and I was very impressed by this microphone that I wanted to test Pixel’s other products. I was planning on buying a video light for my smartphone filmmaking kit that I wanted to test out Pixel’s popular Liber RGB Pocket Video Lightto see if it packs the lighting punch I need for content creation.

If you are in the market for a pocket LED Video Light that is bright, adjustable, and power-efficient for your content creation needs, then this Pixel Liber video light review may help you figure out why you need this small yet powerful LED in your filmmaking gear kit today.

The Pixel Liber LED Video Light ...Check Out This Review To Find Out!

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  • Color Temperature: 2500-8500k 
  • Hue range: 0-765 
  • Brightness control: 0-100% 
  • Lighting scene modes: 10 pre-set 
  • App control : iOS and Android 
  • Copy Color Mode: Yes 
  • Battery: 3000mAh 
  • Max power running time: 90 minutes


LED is the lighting preference for many photography/videography professionals today, and the reason is that they offer bright, adjustable, and power-efficient lighting for all content creation needs. The Pixel Liber video light offers the power of LED in one small package.

Pixel Liber RGB Video Light Features

Full color

RGB light provides full color, brightness 2500K-8500K adjustable, CRI > 95%, the light is softer, uniform, with more realistic colors, to meet the lighting requirements of any scene.

The Pixel Liber LED Video Light ...Check Out This Review To Find Out!

10 flash modes

RGB light provides 10 flash modes including lightning, police car, flame, etc, cool effect. Its built-in magnet can be attached to the iron appliance placed. You can easily carry it to any place to use it.

Color copy

Through the app’s photographic color selection function, 16 million color combinations in RGB mode can accurately display the colors of the selected points and add them to the collection. It can also take color 1-100% brightness adjustment, 1-100% saturation adjustment, grasp the color you like, light up your life.

The Pixel Liber LED Video Light ...Check Out This Review To Find Out!

Endurance and charging

It can run for 1.5h at the maximum power, Type-C interface is configured. Charging and use can be carried out at the same time, no need to worry about the trouble of no power.

Live broadcast accessories

Excellent live broadcast light can be directly attached to metal or with a tripod to use, bright and soft light, make your live broadcast room more eye-catching.

The Pixel Liber LED Video Light ...Check Out This Review To Find Out!

You get

  • 1 x Liber RGB video light
  • 1 x Softbox Diffuser
  • 1 x Type C charging cable
  • 1x 1/4 hot shoe,4 x Sheet iron
  • 1 x manual
  • One year after-sales service.

What is the Pixel Liber RGB Video Light?

The Pixel Liber LED Video Light ...Check Out This Review To Find Out!

The Pixel Liber pocket video light is a small LED light that’s about the size of an average palm of a hand. The build quality is fantastic and coupled with a practical design it far surpasses what you would usually expect from an imaging light source at this price point.

The main difference the Pixel Liber offers compared to other LED lights of this size is that it features full RGB LEDs. These color-changing LEDs allow the light to emit reds, greens, and blues, as well as the more normal range of color temperatures.

This is perfect for when you are shooting a video or pictures and want to add a green, yellow, or even pink hue to your images without any interference.

The light is straightforward with a 1/4-inch thread on the base and side allowing a bunch of mounting options. The power, charging port, and dual-use control dials are all conveniently positioned on the other side of the light.

Plus, the direct controls of the lamp can also be handled through a Bluetooth connection to the iOS or Android App.

Another feature of the Pixel Liber RGB Video Light is a rubberized diffuser that neatly slots over the lamp to help soften the LED brightness.

Lastly, this small pocket light includes two small magnets which make it easier to stick to metal surfaces like fridge doors, radiators, and railings.

My Pixel Liber RGB Video Light Review

The Pixel Liber LED Video Light ...Check Out This Review To Find Out!

This is the smallest of the “shirt pocket” sized lights I have, but it is easily the brightest and has the most features. First, it has a sturdy aluminum case with 1/4-20 threaded holes on the bottom and side, even the on-off switch is metal. The case also has a built-in magnet to hold the light to any metal surface. It is just a little bigger than a credit card and probably smaller than your wallet.

You control the light from a clickable wheel on the side and can set all the options including color temperature, RGB color, brightness from VERY dim up to full blast, and some color special effects such as police lights.

You can ALSO control the light by Bluetooth using an iOS or Android phone. The app connects quickly and makes setting up the light much faster, if you want you can also capture a color using the phone camera and the light will match it. The app makes this a very quick light to set up and easy to change the settings if you have used the magnet to stick it to something up high.

The 3000mah battery will run this at full power for about 90 minutes, this may seem shorter than similar lights, but this light is MUCH brighter. I have another light that is slightly larger with the same size battery, this Pixel Lieber light can match its output even when dialed back to 75%, at full power, it’s clearly brighter.

Included with the light is a USB-A to USB-C charge cable, a metal ball head for mounting to a camera shoe, and a silicone diffuser that softens the light. The silicone diffuser can also protect the front of the light if you want to throw it in a purse or carry bag. You need to use your own USB wall charger or plug it into a computer to charge it.

This light may seem a bit more expensive than some of the similar models you can find on the internet, but I think the app control, great build quality, and high brightness for the size make it worth the extra money.

Common Questions About The Pixel Liber RGB Video Light

Where can I find this app and is it secure?

You can download the App directly by searching for PIXEL LCS in the App Store or Google Play, and I think it’s safe to use. 

Can I use this app on both Apple and Android phones?

Yes, it works on both Apple and Android camera phones, and the app is easy to use, fast and accurate. 

Is it easy to carry? Is it easy to carry? I want to be able to carry more than one at a time.

It says he only has 0.55×2.28×3.89 inches, 2.28 ounces. The actual size is no more than one pocket, and if you have a suitcase you can carry many at a time. 

How long can I use it on full charge? Can I use it while charging?

It usually lasts for 2-3 hours and 1.5 hours at maximum power, but you can use it while charging without worrying about it not working. 


When it comes to a pocket light, there is so much to like about the Pixel Liber RGB Video LightI just shot a 5-min iPhone film for a festival challenge recently, and with the simple setup of this compact light plus the effortless maneuverability, this is the RGB light I needed.

Here are some key points to consider on why you should add this pocket light to your filmmaking arsenal.

  • High Max brightness for the size
  • Easy control with iOS and Android apps via Bluetooth connection
  • A built-in magnet comes in handy to smoothly fix to any metal surface. Also, you can use the included metal sheets to stick on non-metal surfaces.
  • Excellent build quality and physical controls
  • Great battery life and continuous use when USB-C cable is attached
  • Included diffuser serves as a softbox when you need softer light
  • Flexible settings with 4 different modes.
  • Reasonable price level
  • Doesn’t get hot during longer shooting sessions

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The Pixel Liber LED Video Light ...Check Out This Review To Find Out!

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