How To Prepare For Prime Day 2021 Like A Boss

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Amazon Prime Day is a yearly shopping experience that offers incredible deals for only Amazon Prime members

With Amazon Prime Day now just two weeks away, it’s time to start compiling a shopping wish list on Amazon to ensure you are getting the best deals for this year. 

Last year’s Prime Day offered some of the best prices online for 2019and expect 2020 to be no different

Usually, Prime Day takes place in July, but due to the recent pandemic, Prime Day was delayed until October 13-14th. 

So if you are looking at finding great deals on daily essentialsactivewear for looking fashionable on the run, or even finding a great deal on some kitchen accessoriesPrime day is the best time to save big. 

Plus, its the perfect time to start buying for the holiday season, and be done holiday shopping by the end of October. 

So with Amazon Prime day coming up Oct.13-14th, here is a brief plan of attack on how to deal with Amazon prime day 2020.

How To Prepare For Prime Day 2020 Like A Boss

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What Is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is a global online shopping event, that helps shoppers find amazing deals on top-rated products over the course of two days.

Everything from home furniture to smarthome gadgets will see some great discounts this coming prime day.

Not a Prime member? Sign up today for a 30-day free trial which will allow you to test drive all the great incentives that prime members enjoy.

Can You Access There Great Deals While Not Being An Amaozn Prime Member?

The answer to the question above is no you can’t receive this huge discount on Prime Day without being a member.

But, if you unsure about becoming an Amazon Prime Member, there are ways to access the event without committing to a full-year membership.

First, Amazon offers a free prime membership 30-day trial for new members. By signing up to become a prime memberyou can shop till you drop on Prime day. 

Then, set a timer on your daily calendar to cancel your trial within 30 days, or if you enjoy the free 2-day shipping that Prime members enjoy, then you can keep your membership for a full year for around $119.

if you have signed up for the 30-day free trial before, then just sign up for a month at 12.99 and just cancel is within the 30 days. 

Are you a student, and looking at becoming a prime member? Click here to enjoy 50% of the regular price of $119 for six months.

Are you an EBT/Medicaid recipient? If so, then click here to enjoy the 50% of the yearly rate as well.

Join Prime to Start Shopping & Saving on Prime Day
Join Prime to Start Shopping & Saving on Prime Day

How Are Cometitors Going To React To Amazon Prime Day?

If your biggest competitors is doing a massive sale on items, how would you react?

Amazon competitors like Best BuyWalmart, and Target will not fall asleep at the wheel, and will try to compete against Amazon for your buying dollar.

These competitors have the history of jumping the gun, and starting their sales before prime day. So, now it the time to take advangetat of the priceing wars that could be happening soon, if not already. 

(Bookmark the links above, and build your wishlist today.)

What Some Prime Day 2020 Deals Will Look Like

Deals On Amazon Devices

When it comes to every major sale day on Amazon, many of Amazon’s own product lines are discounted at a price point that is enticing. 

Everything from Amazon e-readers, Ring DevicesFire Tablets, and Echo smart speakers and displays drop in price around Prime day.

So if you are looking at beefing up your home security system right now, wait until Prime day to do it.

Kitchen deals

On Prime Day expect to see discounts on handy kitchen appliances like Instant Pot and Ninja Blender

Instant pot over the course of the past few years has been a popular item on Amazon and the last Prime day, and Instant Pots saw deals of up to 50% off.

Other popular kitchen gadgets like the Cuisinart 12-Cup Coffeemaker and Single-Serve Brewer and the Insulated Coffee Mug with Lid could be popular holiday gifts to buy during this huge shopping event.

Keep in mind, with the pandemic hitting the world right now, thousands of products on Amazon have either been in low inventory or not available at all. So if you see a great deal, jump on it or it could be too late.

Fitness deals

Up until the beginning of this year, many of us who wanted to get in shape was able to hit the local gym and work up a sweat. 

But, since the pandemic has pretty much closed many fitness centers around the globe, people are turning to home fitness equipment to help burn calories.

If you are looking for great Prime day deals on fitness equipment, keep an eye some discounted fitness gear like resistance bandsactivity trackers, and TRX systems

While there has been a huge demand for adjustable dumbells (see review), all-in-one fitness machines (see review), and smart exercise bikes (see review), if you are looking at improving your home gym with some great equipment, now would be the time to do it.

Amazon Prime Day, Amazon’s yearly deals bonanza for Prime members, is now just two weeks away and it’s never too early to start pulling together your wish list. Last year’s mid-July event yielded some of the best prices we saw during all of 2019, and we expect to see the same quality of deals this year on October 13 and 14. Here’s a quick primer (see what we did there?) on what you can expect for Prime Day 2020.
Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


I know for myself that Amazon is the place where I shop for electronics, and I think I am not the only one. And that’s why Prime Day is a huge day for discounted electronics.

In the past, Amazon Prime Day offered huge deals on Amazon brand electronics as well as TV’s. Expect the same thing to happen again for this year’s Prime Day.

For electronics this year Amazon is offering 2 for 1 on its 3rd generation echo dots, and $100 off Insignia 50-inch 4K Fire TV Edition Smart TV.

Build your wishlist today to see the latest discounts on Fire tabletsKindle eReadersFire TV streaming media players, Amazon Echo, and Dash Button

Plus, find great deals on accessories for your Amazon devices like covers, cases, and remotes. Be sure to visit this page so you don’t miss out on any amazing offers during Prime Day. 

What Are Lighting Deals and How To Get Them

Amazon Lightning Deals are when Amazon offers a limited amount of discounted items for a short period of time. They can be found on either the Today’s Deals Page or Prime Day page.

Lighting Deals are limited to one per customer.

Here’s the important stuff about lightening deals On Prime Day, all Deals are exclusive to Prime Members. 

So if you are not a prime member and want to take part in these deals click this link for the free prime membership 30-day trial for new members. 

Lightning Deals are time-sensitive, so complete your order as soon as possible.

When a Lightning Deal is available, here’s what you’ll see:

  • The item featured in the deal
  • Any available variations of the item (for example, different size or color)
  • The promotional discount amount and the final price (not including tax)
  • A status bar showing the percentage of deals already claimed
  • A timer showing how long you have to add the item to your Cart and claim the promotional discount
  • An Add to Cart button if there are available promotional discounts

Note: When other customers hold all the promotional discounts for a Lightning Deal, you’ll see a Join Waitlist button, and the status bar shows that 100% of the promotional discounts are held in other customer carts or have been used to purchase the deal.


So, are you ready to save money this year on items that you were ready to buy but didn’t have a reason to yet?

Amazon Prime Day is the perfect time to start shopping for everything you need and get it with 2-day free shipping, only for prime members.

Want to get ready now? Bookmark this link now, and start building your wishlist today for Oct.13-14th. 

Happy Shopping!

Amazon Prime Day, Amazon’s yearly deals bonanza for Prime members, is now just two weeks away and it’s never too early to start pulling together your wish list. Last year’s mid-July event yielded some of the best prices we saw during all of 2019, and we expect to see the same quality of deals this year on October 13 and 14. Here’s a quick primer (see what we did there?) on what you can expect for Prime Day 2020.

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