8 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube

8 Reasons On Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube

Whenever a vlogger decides to start a new YouTube channel, there are so many mistakes made, that could be easily fixed if you know what you are looking for. In this article, we take a look at eight easy mistakes to avoid being successful on YouTube.

I know that content creators and filmmakers always want to be successful on YouTube, but to be successful many different variables have to be paid attention to, or a YouTube channel could be disastrous.

Plus, YouTube is always constantly changing, and the platform seems to reinvent itself every 6 months that every YouTube video creator can’t keep up. The most recent example is the latest update to the YouTube dislike button.

But don’t let the constant updates that YouTube scare you from jumping on board and start uploading to your YouTube Channel. There’s never been a better moment than right now to start that channel! Of course, being a new YouTuber will be inclined to make mistakes, and it happens to everyone when starting a YouTube channel. 

Having the fear of making mistakes might be something that could be holding you back, and that’s why we’ve put together 8 simple, easy-to-make mistakes that you should avoid when starting. Keep in mind, that we don’t necessarily have every answer for how to be successful on YouTube, but I certainly know how not to be successful.

8 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube

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Tracking the Analytics

8 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube? When it comes to YouTube channel advice, this is a mistake that many YouTubers struggle with, and that is focusing on the numbers and analytics. The reason I suggest not tracking the numbers at the start is that you resign yourself to a somber experience of mediocrity.

While YouTube analytics are essential because YouTubers are very concerned about how to monetize their YouTube videos, but it shouldn’t be your main focus when starting. Being obsessed with views, subscribers, and whatever other numbers YouTube offers places you at risk of becoming preoccupied with producing the very best content possible.

To avoid this mistake make sure in the early stages of building your channel, it’s far more effective to focus mainly on the creative component and have the mindset that you’re creating high-quality YouTube videos. So always ask yourself each time you create content is are your videos good? How is the visual and audio quality? What could you do better?

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Comparing yourself to Content Creators

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube? If you are staring at your numbers, what are you comparing them to? Other YouTubers? This is a trap! When you are looking at other YouTubers’ channels that are in the same niche as you, you will start to worry about how they have more subscribers, views, and likes compared to you.

This won’t help you improve and build your channel, by comparing yourself to others because it creates panic. Changing this mindset can be difficult because if you don’t see growth on your channel, you start copying your competition which doesn’t help you with being creative.

Every Youtubers path and journey is different, and it’s something that will help you learn over time by focusing on you and not others.

Copying what everyone else is doing

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube? Just like the mistake mentioned above, if you are doing what everyone else is doing, you will fade into the crowd of competition. While it might be alluring to copy your competition that is having more success than you are on the platform, but you need to bring some creative originality to your channel. 

When you look at the well-known YouTubers like Casey Neistat, he didn’t explode in popularity because he was copying the latest popular YouTubers, he brought inventiveness to the platform that was a step ahead of the competition. If you want to be successful, you need to do the same.

While I won’t stop you from being inspired by other YouTubers and taking ideas from them, but you won’t find success on YouTube until you produce content that is unique and true to you. It’s all about finding your style.

Tasty recipes Not Successful on YouTube Not Successful on YouTube

Not responding to comments or engaging with your audience

. So the fact that even one person may choose to watch your video AND take the time to leave a comment is a big deal.

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube? One of the biggest mistakes that many bloggers and YouTube do when building their site is not responding to comments or engaging their audience.

This is a huge mistake. Sure there are many things that a YouTuber has to pay attention to in order to grow their channels like YouTube SEO and presentation, but engagement is crucial to a successful YouTube channel.

When it comes to the metrics of the YouTube algorithm, YouTube measures things like where, when, and how your videos appear on its platform. If you’re not responding to every comment left on your video, you’re doing it wrong.

So when you are building your channel, and you don’t have viewers, and someone decides to watch your video and comment, you better respond.

If it’s a question from a viewer, answer it. If people are complimenting you on your video presentation, say thank you. Your viewers will appreciate it, as it’s an important part of building your YouTube community and improving your YouTube visibility.

Spamming remarks

8 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube? Because nobody likes SPAM!!!

While leaving comments on a YouTubers channel is great, but if you promote your channel link in the comments is very Taboo.

When I first started blogging and vlogging, I would watch other people’s videos and then leave a very generic, spammy comment like, “Wow, this was great. I also make travel videos. You should check out my latest one here…” and then I would leave my link in the comments. 

This is spam, and nobody likes spam on the internet, especially if the channel you are leaving a comment on is trying to build their channel as well. Spam is very rude, and inconsiderate. It would be like someone standing outside a Mcdonald’s and passing out Burger King Flyers. It’s not illegal, but really bad taste. No Pun intended. 

When it comes to social media, content creators will not appreciate this type of comment, and it’s one of the classic YouTube mistakes out there.

Not Successful on YouTube Not Successful on YouTube

Going off-topic

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube? It’s because you are not planning your work and working on your plan!

Having a plan and goal in mind is the way to breaking the code on how to be successful on YouTube. When you start with your channel, make it precise who you are and what you’re creating.

The first thing you need to figure out before vlogging is finding your style, and understanding your niche. Choose a topic that you will enjoy creating content for. It could be anything – travel, filmmaking, makeup, football, surfing, just make sure you stick with it.

If you decide to go off course with your niche, your emerging audience will become confused and may not return for future uploads. So stay on target and stay focused!

Vlogging inconsistently

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube? It’s because you are unreliable to your viewers.

This piece of YouTube channel guidance is extremely important. When starting, you need to be consistent with your video uploads. If you can produce one video a week due to your schedule, stick with it! 

The YouTube algorithm identifies patterns and schedules, and your audience does as well. If your audience knows there will be a new video from your channel every Friday, they’re much more likely to keep coming back and tuning in. 

Because if you upload haphazardly, they may miss uploads, and any momentum built on your channel will wither away. While I get that we all live busy lifestyles and creating content can be a struggle, but being consistent is vital in retaining new YouTubers.

OrganizationandTimeMgmtBanner1 Not Successful on YouTube Not Successful on YouTube

Using copyrighted music, footage, and SFX

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube? One of the major mistakes that a lot of YouTubers make when building their YouTube Channel is using copyrighted music, footage, and SFX.

Using copyrighted material can put you into a lot of hot water if you are not careful enough. While it might be common on TikTok, to see or hear users feature copy-written songs in a video, but it’s a no-go with YouTube.

While it might be tempting to use songs that will fit perfectly with your videos, YouTube does check your video before posting to ensure that there are no copyright claims that could be made. 

If you get 3 copyright strikes: Your account, along with any associated channels, is subject to termination. All the videos uploaded to your account will be removed. You can’t create new channels.

So to avoid all of this, try using royalty-free music, SFX, or footage for your YouTube Videos. There are some great sites like Videvo, that you can access that offer incredible royalty-free tracks that will suit any video you’re creating, not to mention the brilliant SFX library. 

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Word Of Advice - Make Mistakes

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube? When you think about something new you want to try, there is that element of fear. Fear of success and knowledge is what holds back many people when trying something new. When it comes to YouTube, there is a lot to learn to be successful on the platform but to be successful, you need to make mistakes along the way.

I know this article is about not making mistakes, and if there is one thing you should never do is use copyright material, it’s okay to make mistakes.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and try new things. Creating a YouTube channel is about trial and error. In the beginning, there will be things that just won’t work for you, but how will you know if you don’t make mistakes.

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These are the most common mistakes new YouTubers do when starting on the platform. Sure there will be more mistakes made along the way, but if you watch out for these common ones mentioned above, you’ll be on your way to success!

Keep This In Mind – the secret of how to be successful on YouTube is a mixture of many things. You need to make sure that you can make a YouTube thumbnail, have an eye-catching YouTube channel trailer, a YouTube banner, and plenty more. Once you master these individual skill sets, your YouTube channel will thrive.

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8 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube

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