8 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube

8 Reasons On Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube

When a vlogger decides to launch a new YouTube channel, there are a slew of errors that may be avoided if you know what you’re looking for. We’ll look at eight simple mistakes to avoid if you want to be successful on YouTube in this article.

I understand that video creators and filmmakers want to be successful on YouTube, but there are numerous elements that must be considered in order for a YouTube channel to be successful.

Plus, YouTube is continuously evolving, and the platform appears to reinvent itself every six months, making it impossible for any YouTube video maker to keep up. The most recent example is the YouTube dislike button’s recent update.

But don’t allow YouTube’s continuous updates deter you from getting on board and starting to upload to your channel. There’s never been a better time to launch that channel than right now! Of course, as a beginner YouTuber, you’ll be prone to making mistakes, which occurs to everyone when they first start a channel.

Fear of making mistakes could be holding you back, which is why we’ve put up a list of 8 simple, easy-to-make blunders you should avoid when getting started. Keep in mind that while we may not have all of the answers for how to be successful on YouTube, I do know how not to be successful.

Reasons On Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube

8 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube

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Tracking the Analytics

8 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube?

When it comes to YouTube channel advice, many YouTubers make the mistake of focusing exclusively on numbers and metrics. The reason I don’t recommend keeping track of the numbers at first is that you’ll be doomed to mediocrity.

While YouTube statistics are important since YouTubers are worried about how to monetize their videos, they shouldn’t be your primary emphasis when you first start. Obsessing over views, subscribers, and whatever other metrics YouTube provides puts you at risk of neglecting to create the finest material possible.

To avoid making this mistake, focus on the creative aspect of your channel in the early phases of its development and have the mindset that you’re making high-quality YouTube videos. So, every time you generate content, ask yourself, “Are my videos good?” What’s the picture and sound quality like? What could you improve on?

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Comparing yourself to Content Creators

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube?

What are you comparing your statistics to if you’re staring at them? Are there any more YouTubers? This is a deception! When you compare your channel to those of other YouTubers in the same topic, you may become concerned about how they have more subscribers, views, and likes than you.

Comparing yourself to others will not help you improve and grow your channel because it will produce panic. Changing this perspective is challenging because if your channel isn’t growing, you’ll start copying your competitors, which won’t help you be more innovative.

Every YouTuber’s path and journey is unique, and focusing on yourself rather than others can help you learn over time.

Copying what everyone else is doing

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube?

If you do what everyone else is doing, you will dissolve into the crowd of competition, much like the mistake outlined above. While it may be tempting to follow in the footsteps of your more successful competitors on the platform, you must inject some creative originality into your channel.

When you look at well-known YouTubers like Casey Neistat, you’ll see that he didn’t get famous by emulating the latest popular YouTubers; instead, he introduced ingenuity to the platform that was a step ahead of the competition. You must do the same if you want to be successful.

While I won’t prohibit you from getting inspired by other YouTubers and borrowing ideas from them, you won’t be successful on YouTube unless you create content that is truly original and authentic to you. It’s all about discovering your personal style.

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Not responding to comments or engaging with your audience

. So the fact that even one person may choose to watch your video AND take the time to leave a comment is a big deal.

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube?

When it comes to developing a website, many bloggers and YouTubers make the error of not replying to comments or engaging their audience.

This is a tremendous blunder. Sure, a YouTuber must pay attention to a variety of factors in order to build their channels, such as YouTube SEO and presentation, but engagement is essential to a successful YouTube channel.

When it comes to YouTube algorithm data, the company looks at variables like where, when, and how your videos appear on the platform. You’re not doing it right if you don’t answer to every comment left on your video.

So, if you’re just starting out on YouTube and don’t have many subscribers, and someone decides to watch your video and leave a comment, you should answer.

If a viewer has asked a question, respond. Say thank you if people commend you on your video presentation. It’ll be appreciated by your viewers, as it’s a crucial aspect of growing your YouTube community and increasing your visibility.

Spamming remarks

8 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube? Because nobody likes SPAM!!!

While providing comments on a YouTuber’s channel is admirable, promoting your own channel in the comments is frowned upon.

I used to watch other people’s videos and then post a generic, spammy comment like, “Wow, that was fantastic. In addition, I produce travel videos. Check out my most recent one here “After that, I’d post my link in the comments.

This is spam, and no one loves spam on the internet, especially if the channel you’re commenting on is also attempting to grow its audience. Spam is impolite and unconsidered. It’d be the equivalent of someone standing outside a McDonald’s handing out Burger King Flyers.

It’s not illegal, but really bad taste. No Pun intended. 

Content creators will not enjoy this type of comment on social media, and it’s one of the most common YouTube blunders.

Going off-topic

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube? It’s because you are not planning your work and working on your plan!

Breaking the code on how to be successful on YouTube requires having a plan and a goal in mind. Make it clear who you are and what you’re doing when you first start your channel.

Before you start vlogging, the first thing you need to do is figure out your style and specialty. Select a topic for which you will love writing material. It might be anything: travel, filmmaking, makeup, football, or surfing; the important thing is to persist with it.

If you stray from your niche, your growing audience may become confused and may stop watching your videos in the future. So be focused and on track!

Vlogging inconsistently

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube? It’s because you are unreliable to your viewers.

This piece of YouTube channel advice is crucial. You must be consistent with your video uploads when you first begin. Stick with it if you can only do one video every week owing to your schedule.

Your audience, like the YouTube algorithm, recognises patterns and schedules. Your audience will be far more likely to return and tune in if they know a new video from your channel will be released every Friday.

Because if you upload in a haphazard manner, they may miss uploads, and any momentum you’ve established on your channel will dwindle. While I understand that we all have busy lives and that creating content can be difficult, consistency is critical in retaining new YouTubers.


Using copyrighted music, footage, and SFX

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube?

Using copyrighted music, film, and SFX is one of the most common blunders that YouTubers do when creating their channel.

If you’re not careful, using copyrighted material might get you into a lot of trouble. While it’s normal on TikTok to see or hear users include copy-written tunes in their videos, it’s not allowed on YouTube.

While it may be tempting to choose tunes that are perfectly suited to your videos, YouTube checks your video before it is published to guarantee that no copyright claims are made.

If you get 3 copyright strikes: Your account, along with any associated channels, is subject to termination. All the videos uploaded to your account will be removed. You can’t create new channels.

So to avoid all of this, try using royalty-free music, SFX, or footage for your YouTube Videos. There are some great sites like Videvo, that you can access that offer incredible royalty-free tracks that will suit any video you’re creating, not to mention the brilliant SFX library. 

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Word Of Advice - Make Mistakes

Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube?

When you consider trying something new, there is a sense of trepidation. Many people are hesitant to explore new things because of their fear of success and expertise. There is a lot to learn about YouTube in order to be successful on the platform, but in order to be successful, you must make mistakes along the road.

I realise this essay is about not making mistakes, and while using copyright material is something you should never do, it’s okay to make mistakes.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and be innovative.

Creating a YouTube channel is about trial and error. In the beginning, there will be things that just won’t work for you, but how will you know if you don’t make mistakes.



These are the most common mistakes new YouTubers do when starting on the platform. Sure there will be more mistakes made along the way, but if you watch out for these common ones mentioned above, you’ll be on your way to success!

Keep This In Mind – the secret of how to be successful on YouTube is a mixture of many things. You need to make sure that you can make a YouTube thumbnail, have an eye-catching YouTube channel trailer, a YouTube banner, and plenty more. Once you master these individual skill sets, your YouTube channel will thrive.

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8 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful on YouTube

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