Samsonite Freeform Luggage 2021 – My Comprehensive Review

SAMSONITE FREEFORM SPINNER CARRY-ON – Raise your hands if you have tried to bring your carry-on through the gate only to find out it’s too heavy or too big? 

There is nothing like doing the mad scramble in the middle of the airport switching back and forth between bags to even the weight out to avoid the oversize fee. 

Size and weight restrictions are checking daily when it comes to flying, and it’s a problem many of us travelers have to face daily. 

When I travel, I want a piece of luggage with me that is especially sturdy and lightweight that can hold enough items inside while I am traveling.

When Samsonite introduced the Samsonite Freeform Spinner Carry-on, I had to check under the hood to find out if this Samsonite luggage will be my trusted hardshell carry-on luggage for me.

If you are looking for a new hardshell carry-on luggage that is sturdy and dependable with great features that Samsonite is known for, then this Samsonite Freeform review is for you.

samsonite samsonite freeform samsonite freeform

Samsonite Freeform Hardside Expandable with Double Spinner Wheels

I have been given hand me down luggage for most of my life. 

My parents who love traveling more than I do, go through luggage like kids with candy after Halloween. 

Lately, they haven’t been switching over luggage as much as they have done in the past. So, when I needed luggage for my recent trip to Los Angeles, and it was time to shop. 

This is my review for the Samsonite Freeform Hardside Spinner 21.

Samsonite Freeform Features

  • Ultra-Light pull handle withstands the rigors of today’s travel.
  • Flush-mounted TSA combination locks provide additional peace of mind when checking belongings.
  • Made of textured polypropylene which helps prevent dents and scratches. Cross-ribbon divider for easy packing and multiple pockets keep belongings organized.
  • Dual spinner wheels designed to increase manoeuvrability
  • Medium and Large cases expand for added packing capacity.
  • PACKING Dimensions: 19.5″ x 14.5″ x 10.0″, OVERALL Dimensions: 21.25″ x 15.25″ x 10.0″, 6.5 lbs

Samsonite Freeform Pro’s

When it comes to choosing carry-on luggage, it really depends on what features you are looking for in regards to your travel. Here are the pros that the Samsonite Freeform Spinner Carry-on offers for the business or pleasure traveler.

  • The Samsonite Lightweight Freeform luggage glides well in any direction and easily changes direction with very little effort.
  • It is really nicely sectioned off so packing is organized and simple; this makes it easy to open and close without disturbing the contents and you don’t have to dig around.
  • The suitcase has a handy coat strap so I could put my jacket inside and then just open it and quickly grab my jacket when I need it.
  • The Samsonite Freeform suitcase is nicely sectioned off. Because of this, I felt better about the privacy it gave me when I had to open it in public; I didn’t feel like all my things were on display.
  • It has a nice liquid/water proof pocket, along with the clothing mesh section. That’s fairly common with most quality modern luggage but always appreciated by me.
  • The handles are both on the sides and the ends. For a carry-on this makes it very easy to put in and out of the overhead bin.
  • And here’s perhaps the biggest plus for me – even though it’s hard-shell luggage, it is incredibly light.
  • 10 year Warranty

Samsonite Freeform Con’s

No set of luggage is perfect, and there will always be a few things that will make a set of luggage not quite perfect.

  • Scratches will show in darker colors over time – Like the black version of this samsonite carry on hard shell.
  • Wheels Can Be Damaged if it’s being untaken care of – Don’t go off-roading with this carry-on, but be careful of dragging the wheels through the older streets of Europe. This set can take a beating, but over time I can see the wheels being a problem.

Samsonite Freeform Description

Extremely lightweight and durable, Freeform has been created to bring the strength and maneuverability our customers have come to expect, combined with a truly unique design. 

With a more streamlined panel, an increased packing capacity, and thoughtfully integrated components. Our newest lightweight offers a very spacious and effortless ride.

TSA Compatible Combination Lock

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Side-mounted TSA lock ensure your belongings arrive safely to your destination.

With a built-in combination lock, the Samsonite cases are good to go no matter where you are.

No keys required!

360 Spinner Wheels

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This lightweight line offers heavyweight protection riding on effortless 360 degree Spinner Wheels.

All you need to do is push your case along and the wheels do the rest. 

Whether you are checking into the flight or your hotel, it is super-easy with spinner wheels.

Push-Button Handle

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Wider pull handle combines to provide an exceptionally comfortable grip.

Integrated, multi-stage aluminum pull handle for extra lightness. 

Retracting top and side carry-handles remain protected when checking baggage.


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The Samsonite Freeform is carry on so it is on the smaller side. It’s great for a short trip or if you are packing light and want a carry-on only. 

 I am going to break this down into sections.


Telescoping handle is great. It is sturdy, with no shaking or loose feeling to it.

It stays up when needed, and pushes down in solidly. The regular handle is easy to hold and is strongly attached.


There is a bottom compartment. This has elastic criss cross in it to hold down folded items that buckles easily into place. There is another compartment below that which has a zipper all around it.

That means that you can put another level of packed items below which are held into place with the elastic.

There is a third level which zips open that is next to the hard side of the case.

This zipper has no tab on it.  To me, it makes no sense that they put a zipper in there if it is not meant to be opened.


The top compartment has a level which has a mesh bag in it, and there is a see through soft plastic pouch that zips shut as well to hold cosmetics or other leakable items in it.

That level zips open to another level which has room to pack things in. There is one last layer which again has a zipper that takes you to the hard side of the luggage from the inside.

I am not sure why they put a zipper in there which does not have a tab on it. If it is not meant to be opened, why put it there?


The lock is a combination lock which comes with instructions on how to set it.


These closures were tough and stay tightly closed.


The Samsonite Luggage Freeform wheels seem to work very well. They went over bumps on the sidewalk, and pulled over rug edges nicely.

They rotate well, and I did not have any problems with steering the luggage when transporting and walking with it.


The Samsonite Freeform luggage took a beating. I had to travel where it was thrown around and shoved into places with little mercy offered it. It has held up very well so far. 

I have to say it is much nicer having the hard-sided luggage vs the soft-sided. Even though it is airplane approved, the soft-sided left me with a lot of stress wondering if it would be slashed when I got it back. 

This one gives me much more peace of mind, plus it can fit in overhead compartments.

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Amazon Reviews – Samsonite Freeform Hardside 21 carry-on spinner reviews

Top positive review

“I traveled on WOW airlines with this suitcase as my carry-on. They are very strict with baggage and measure/weigh most luggage when you check-in. It is a tight fit, but this bag does conform to their standards. 

I was able to pack a lot into the suitcase, it rolls very smoothly, and the handle is comfortable. I’m curious to see how the white color holds up over time, but after two weeks and three countries, it still looks clean. 

Overall, I’m very happy with this suitcase and expect I will be using it for years to come. 

Update 3/27/2018 – The suitcase has held up well through 10+ trips. 

The wheels still roll smoothly and, though it has a few scratches and abrasions from miles of rolling over cobblestones and through wet winter streets, it is still white. 

The hard plastic is easy to clean. I love this bag and recommend it to my friends.”

Top critical review

“One of the spinner wheels came off while wheeling the bag through the airport parking lot on the way to our first trip with the bag (8 days after purchase). 

As I changed directions, the spinner wheel “drug sideways” briefly and the wheel stripped off its axle. There was nothing extreme about how the bag was being rolled when the wheel came off.”


Samsonite Freeform Hardside Expandable with Double Spinner Wheels

This is the very first carry on Samsonite luggage I have ever purchased. 

For a sturdy piece of luggage that is very well laid out, easy to transport and has a lock on it, this is a nice choice. It is also a plus that you can fit it in overhead compartments so you can keep it with you.


Five stars. I am unsure why they put zippers in luggage that have no tabs (Leave them out at that point?) but it is not enough to take a star off of anything. 

This carry on luggage is tough and well laid out. I have been happy with it so far. 

I will update in the future if I have anything else to add. 

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