Surprising Review – SIMARI Water Shoes – Do They Work?

Simari Water Shoes – Have you ever traveled on a beach holiday where your romantic evening walks are painfully interrupted by a sharp rock sticking out of the sand? 

Or do you enjoy hiking in areas that at times encounter areas that are wet and hate the return portion of the hike due to soggy feet?

If you are like me and have said yes to both questions, and don’t know what to do going forward in these types of situations, then you should think about buying water shoes.

Recently on my trip to Hawaii, I decided that after many stubbed toes and embedded rocks in the soles of my feet, it was time to get a good pair of water shoes so I can enjoy my trip.

The water shoes I picked up were the Simari water shoes from Amazon(click here), and I wanted to share with you my review of these great water-resistant shoes that will make you why you never have worn a pair before.

In this article I will discuss the usability of the Simari water shoes, sizing of the Simari shoes, the comfort of the Simari water shoes, protection of your feet with the Simari Water shoes, and my final thoughts on this water shoe.

Simari Water Shoes

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Introduction – SIMARI Water Shoes

The soles are made of rubber materials with excellent air permeability and non-slip resistance. 

It has a nice grip to prevent slips. And the upper is made of breathable and elastic Lycra material with good breathability and quick drying.

Unique sole design, with an ergonomically molded, offer great traction for any surfaces, has a nice grip to prevent slips, differed from other shoes, shock absorption performance cushioning separated to a protective toe.

Fast draining and cross ventilation, give excellent flexible and comfortable, make you feel great freedom and comfortable in wearing.

Easy to carry when you go on vacation, aqua sports, diving, waterpark, water aerobic classes, rafting, through the waterfall, driving, car-washing, etc.

SIMARI Mens Womens Water Shoes are an excellent pair of water shoes that rival some of the best water shoes on the market.

They are lightweight, fast draining and drying, and comfortable as great aqua shoes should be. The quality is impressive, and a pleasant surprise based on the inexpensive price.

Here is my review of the SIMARI Mens Womens Water Shoes and what makes them work for me and how they can work for you during your Watersport adventures.

Specifications – SIMARI Water Shoes

  • Menʼs Sizes: 5M – 12.5M US
  • Womenʼs Sizes: 6M – 13.5M US
  • Materials: Rubber outsole, EVA insole, lycra/spandex top
  • Warranty: One year warranty

My First Experience – SIMARI Water Shoes

Simari Water Shoes


Packing these SIMARI water shoes with me was not a challenge at all. 

This water shoe is extremely lightweight and compressible which makes them easy to pack and adaptable to travel with. 

The drawstring strap at the top and the flexible collar make these water shoes extremely easy to slip on. Taking them off was a breeze.

I noticed that after a long day on a sandy beach, in and out of the water, cleaning was just a simple rinse with clean water and placing them in an airy place to dry. 

With the water holes at the bottom of the shoes, they don’t trap any water, so you won’t get that waterlog feeling you would if you used running shoes or hiking shoes. 


I noticed that these SIMARI aqua shoes are top-rated on amazon and one of the things people comment the most about them is how they fit.

The sizing might be a slightly larger fit than you might be used to, so you might have to adjust your sizings accordingly. But, if you find a pair that fits, then you are off to the races.

The stretchy fabric gives them a nice, comfortably snug fit. One of the features I liked the most is the pull-tight velcro strap. 

It provides a hassle-free way to loosen or tighten the water shoes to give you the perfect fit. 

Plus, I noticed when I used them during a water aerobics class at the local gym, the SIMARI aqua shoes stayed on even when I was pushing the limits on the shoes underwater.

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Simari Water Shoes

These water sneakers are surprisingly comfortable, It’s as if you are walking in bare feet on the beach.

I am looking forward to wearing these shoes on the hot sandy beaches of Kaui where I will no longer have to burn my feet. 

These aqua shoes are perfect for those that enjoy walking, running, surfing, or paddling. The soft insoles and uppers feel great against the skin. 

The airflow through the breathable tops and bottoms ensures that your feet stay cool and comfortable even in the summer. 


The Simari water shoes are made for the water. If you encounter water, mud, and sand during your adventures your feet are comfortable and protected.

Water and sand drain easily through the drain holes in the bottoms and the sponge-like tops provide great comfort for any water type activities. 

Plus, you won’t get that suction sound when removing the shoes.

They work okay out of the water. The only problem I encountered was that having such a thin sole to the shoe, you can feel every rock you step on. So don’t wear them hiking. 

I do like the stylish look to these great water shoes, and you could wear them while shopping or running errands and look very fashionable doing it. 


I went camping recently in where my campsite was located right next to a lake and I pushed these water sneakers to the limits.

From jumping in and out of a kayak, to falling repeatedly of a stand-up paddleboard, to hauling in everything from the water back to the shore, I was surprised by the durability of the shoes during any water sports I was doing.

They truly are built to take a beating and ask for more punishment.

Pros / Cons Of The Simari Water Shoes


  • Very lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Good water drainage
  • Well made
  • Very good traction


  • Very thin soles
  • No toe guards


Simari Water Shoes

My Overall Rating

The SIMARI water shoes are a great buy. They are a very inexpensive pair of water shoes for men and women that look like the high-end water shoes in the market today.

I like the tough and flexible rubber sole, plus the breathable and stretchy lycra top. The quality of the materials is something SIMARI didnʼt cheapen out on in terms of the quality of the materials.

I wanted a performance water shoe and with the no-slippage tread design, the ventilation, the drainage holes, and a drawstring strap for adjusting the fit give a performance in water and wet environments that is superb. 

Plus, they are very stylish, and you could get many compliments because of them. I did, and I never get complimented on my clothing choices.

If you are looking for a great pair of water shoes for women and men, then the SIMARI aqua shoes will meet your needs. You will be very happy with them, and your feet will thank you as well!

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Simari Water Shoes

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