20+ Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decorations Your Home Needs

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There is nothing like decorating your home or yard into a spooky experience for Halloween. 

Everything from hanging creepy cobwebs above your front door, to the spooky skeletons and ghosts on the front lawn to scare those who dare to walk along your sidewalk.

Getting your house set up with Halloween decorations is almost as fun and trick or treating around the neighborhood on Halloween.

If you are looking for budget-friendly ideas for outdoor Halloween decorations that will give your home and yard some spooky excitement, but not scare the heck out of the young trick or treaters and or even the neighbors, this is the post for you.

This post is a collection of spooky outdoor Halloween decorating ideas to help you get your yard all decked out for this festive season. 

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20+ Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decorations Your Yard Needs

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1. Realistic Crows

Add these realistic black crows to your Halloween decorating to make any scene a little more spooky.

Keep noisy crows away from your house with these creepy little guys!

Nothing makes a scene look spookier than when the black crows gather around! Made from High-Quality Plastic and feathers.

2. 11 Foot Tall Animated Halloween Inflatable Black Cat

Give your home hair-raising Halloween appeal with this cute-yet-creepy kitty.

With self-inflating design, this Animated Inflatable Black Cat will be presented in front of your family in seconds.

With the lights, it is the perfect decoration at your front door or backyard at night.

3. Fun Express Bag of Skeleton Bones - 28 Piece Set

A collection of spooky skeleton bones to spread across your haunted house graveyard!

Perfect decor item that’ll surely add that extra spooky feeling to your party! Foam Bag Of Bones.

4. Creeping Skeleton Garden Light

Give visitors a greeting they’ll never forget!

Ghostly grinning skeleton appears to crawl from the ground; clutched in his bony fist, a swinging lantern sheds a ghostly light.

5. Creepy Scary Cemetery Fence

This lightweight plastic fencing looks amazingly like authentic eerie rustic wrought-iron fencing. Two fence pieces per package. 

Transform your lawn into your very own designated burial ground by connecting multiple sets of our Cemetery Fence. Indoor/Outdoor prop.

6. Jointed Skeleton Cutout

Let the skeleton out of the coffin and into your party place. 

This Skeleton Jointed Paper Cutout can be easily mounted with Sticky Tack(sold separately) and be moved to any position you want, perhaps let it dance the macabre? 

Add fun to the haunting and deck your halls with great decors. Great for indoor and outdoor use.

7. 8.5 Foot Halloween Inflatable Haunted House Castle with Skeleton, Ghost & Skulls

With self-inflating design, this Inflatable can be displayed in front of your family in seconds. With the lights, it is the perfect decoration at your front door or backyard at night

Worried about storage? Simply let the air out and fold it! 

Caution: Do not inflate during storms or strong winds. Protect the fan and power cord from water. 

8. 7.5 Foot Long Inflatable Halloween Pumpkins

These spooky inflatable Halloween Pumpkins make your yard Light Up! Deflates Back Down for Easy Storage for the following year. 

The great thing is that Everything Included: Inflator Fan, Ground Stakes.

This easy to set up Halloween decoration is perfect for indoor and outdoor frights!

9. Animated Gaseous Zombie

This Prop which measures 2′ tall, features a hard plastic frame under his poly-fabric shirt and shroud. 

With an attached 110-volt motor, makes his hand-painted plastic head with gaping mouth move from side-to-side and also comes with two creepy hand-painted plastic hands to complete the look.

This Fog Machine Attachment which will spook the kids and neighbor alike! 

Side noteFog Machine (Click Here) and Fog Juice (Click Here) are not included.

10. Crashing Witch Into Tree Halloween Decoration

Uh-oh. . . this wicked witch wasn’t looking where she was flying and ended up smashed against your tree! 

Made of durable padded nylon, the Crashing Witch Halloween Decoration is 3 feet high (including broom) so she’ll be an eye-catching sight for all passers-by. 

Wonderfully detailed with purple hair, bright green hands, and straw-look broom, the crashing witch comes fully assembled. 

Sturdy buckled straps at her hands and feet adjust easily to attach the Crashing Witch around most trees.

11. Ghostly Group Lawn Decor

Your yard can be the scene of the haunting with this ghostly groupset. This lawn decoration set includes 3 lawn ghosts with easy-to-assemble stakes for quick set-up. 

The ghost is composed of a foam head, with a white cloth attached over the top of the head. A black ghost face is printed on the front. Just plant them in your yard and watch the terror unfold! – Ghostly group – set of three.

12. Four Halloween Realistic Hairy Spiders Set

Spiders come with black long hair and Bright Red Eyes which make them look Creepy and Realistic.

All legs are bendable into whatever pose you like, create unique spider decoration for your own haunted house.

High quality made. Durable wire, soft polyester fabric and solid foam body; Fold legs to easily store and use them next round year Halloween.

13. Cocoon Corpse Prop


Look no further than this, hanging corpse. This will sure scare the besieges out of everyone passing by and will truly place your yards as the top of the neighborhood in terms of Halloween scare, ghoulishness and scariness.


It has off-white webbing which contains the poor skeleton. It has a special hanging lanyard to hang the corpse upside down. You can hang it from your fence, from yard railing, from the main door entrance or wall. You can also place it on the floor, or on your yard.

14. Pumpkin Plastic Lawn and Leaf Bags Decoration

If you live in a city like mine, where they don’t collect yard waste at the curb, this is the perfect solution for all of the leaves collected during the fall season.

Instead of having plain old yard waste bags sitting on your lawn for the day you take the bags to the dump, why not use these decorative  yard waste bags to spruce up your lawn during the Halloween Season.

15. Rusty Barbwire Cord Decoration (Soft to The Touch - 18 feet)

Rusty Barbwire Cord. Costumed kids won’t snag when they cross paths with this realistic barbwire!

This rusty, spiked cord is soft to the touch, but will definitely put a “sharp” touch on any Halloween haunt or Western-themed area!

Wrap this nylon barbwire cord around railings or fence posts. 18 ft.

16. Inflatable Projection Kaleidoscope Spider LED

This Projection Kaleidoscope Spider Inflatable puts the spooky in Halloween.

Pair him with a friend to surround trick-or-treaters as they approach your door, or to enhance the ensemble of your seasonal lawn.

This guy features a swirling, projection-style light show within his body.

Secure him to your ground with included hardware, plug him in, and let him do the rest.

17. 6Pcs Battery Powered Witches Hat String Light 33 ft.

HALLOWEEN WITCH HAT DECORATION: The perfect combination of a witch hat and a string of lights to light up your Halloween.

The best decorations for Halloween make you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

WATERPROOF WITCHES HAT WITH GREAT LIGHT TRANSMISSION: IP65 waterproof, don’t worry about putting it outdoors.

The Halloween witch hat USES the material with better light transmittance and not easy to damage, firm and beautiful. Each hat comes with six warm lights, bright and warm enough.

Orange, purple, green witches hat, colorful match.

18. 6PCS Halloween Decorations Yard Signs

Give your yard a haunting appearance with these lightweight and easy to move foam tombstones.

5 different spooky and unique designs for horror ambiance, with realistic stone to complete the grim look.

Perfect for any scary situation from yard decorations, Halloween parties, carnivals, mazes, and much more.

Includes: Five 17″ Foam Graveyard Headstones and 12 Metal Stakes for securing the gravestones into the ground for outdoor use.

19. Set of 6 Light up Halloween Jack-o'-Lantern Decorative Pumpkin Props

Set of 6 Halloween Light Up Jack-o’-Lantern Decorative Pumpkin Halloween Props Decorations.

Build in multiple colors LED lights . Durable and reusable. Battery Powered, require 2 AA (not included) for big lanterns.

One 12-inch Pumpkin with Purple Witch hat, One 12-inch Pumpkin with Orange Witch hat, Two 6.5-inch Pumpkins with Black and Purple Witch Hats, Two 6-inch Pumpkins with Black and Blue Hats.

Perfect for Halloween theme party, holiday indoor outdoor decorations, Halloween displays, haunted house decorations etc.

20. Creepy Graveyard Halloween Décor Ground Breaker Skeleton

Made with durable and weather resistant plastic for indoor and outdoor use, this  Creepy Graveyard Skeleton is a fantastic addition to your lawn.

Set includes: a pair of hands a pair of legs and skull.

It’s very easy to set up with plastic stakes for the ultimate graveyard scene.

Best Halloween Decoration for your Home, Graveyard Scenes or Halloween Party!

21. Spider Decoration Triangular Mega Spider Web with Stretch

Are you ready, decorating your house before the Halloween comes?

This Spider web is surely a necessity for Halloween parties, costume and trick or treat events.

It is a perfect decor for indoors and outdoors.Such as on your front porch, on the car, hang near your door, just anywhere u can imagine.

22. Set of Four 16 Inch Hanging Ghost Halloween Decorations

4 different designed hanging ghosts give you a different visual shock, and a great addition for your Halloween decorations.

Great for Halloween parties decorations, Halloween displays, haunted house, etc.

You can hang them indoor over window, on the wall, on the door and outdoor on the tree, under the edge of roof; you can also hang them with other Halloween decorations.

Spooky Halloween Lawn Example

20+ Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decorations Your Yard Needs

The items used to create this spooky Halloween decoration are: Mossy Bat Tombstone,  22 inch Pumpkin, Yard Ghost.

20+ Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decorations Your Home Needs 1
Courtesy Of https://www.wirefence.co.uk/diy-halloween-ghost/


So are you ready for the entire neighborhood stops by your house on October 31st?

These Spooky Halloween Decoration ideas will help you fix up the front porch and yard.

Your house will be the talk of the town, and trick-or-treaters will feel especially welcome—or maybe too scared to approach the front door, depending on the Halloween vibe you’re going for.

Be sure to click on the source links on any of the images if you are interested in getting the full description of how to make these spooktacular ideas.

20+ Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decorations Your Yard Needs

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