A Step-By-Step Guide To Learn How To Make Invitations Online

Are you planning a huge event or a party? Do you want to send invitations to your loved ones? The best way to proceed with it is by sending an invitation card online.

Nowadays, you can easily make invitations online. 

With the help of an invitation maker free online, you don’t need to use paper and envelopes. Here is a detailed list of steps you can follow to create an invitation video online.

1. Start With A Few Ideas 

Before you progress with the invitation video, it is incredibly crucial to have a few ideas jotted down. You have to begin with a general idea to give your video some direction. Without a proper plan or theme in mind, you won’t be able to commence with the entire process.

2. Select The Pictures

Once you have a decent idea, you can start selecting the images you want to use for the video. It is not essential to use pictures of a particular individual only. To make the video eye-catching, you can look online for photographs that sync with the occasion.

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For instance, if you are inviting people for a birthday party, you can choose a few pictures of balloons, or a birthday cake, or anything similar to add to the invitation video. Having multiple images would set the mood of the video and make it look complete.

3. Shoot A Video

If you want to make the invitation video more personal, you can shoot a video and add the clips and the pictures. To shoot a video, you need to have proper knowledge of what to do and how to shoot.

You can use a digital camera or even your mobile phone camera – the choice is yours. You need a well-written script if you wish to shoot a video for your invitation. 

If you are inviting people for a birthday, it is better to shoot the person whose birthday would be celebrated. For example, find out a few of the best angles and shoot some random videos which can also be used as bloopers at the end.

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4. Add The Information

Once you are done compiling the pictures and the video clips, focus on the party’s details. This step is crucial for your invitation, so double-check the date, time, and venue before adding it in.

To make the text clear, use a virtual card template and mention the details on it. InVideo has a collection of multiple templates that you can use to select the background and the theme.

To lend your invitation a personal touch, you can also record yourself narrating the details and add it in the background of the video. This way, you can cut down on the text almost entirely.

5. Pick Your Software

To begin with the editing, you need proper software. You can install software on your computer or use free video editor windows online. 

With editing software, it would become easy to trim the video, work on the audio, adjust the volume, and add other features.

6. Trim The Video

An invitation video has to be short, crisp, and straightforward. To make the best invitation video, you need to realize which portions are essential to keep.

Although you would be tempted to use a narrative approach, it is better not to make a lengthy video. The goal of the entire video is to invite the people, and as such, that should be the focus.

7. Work On The Layout

The best part about making an invitation video is the space you get when it comes to editing. If you wish to design the invitation video by putting the images first and then proceeding with the video clips, you can do it.

It’s all up to you, but it is better to follow a pattern so as not to make the entire video clumsy.

8. Make The Video Smooth

One of the most vital tasks when it comes to the final video is making the cuts smooth. You have to make the transitions quick and smooth and get rid of any empty spaces or jarring cutaways.

Also, keep in mind to remove any glitch in the video. It is better to play the finished video back multiple times to look for any weird pauses in between transitions and remove any rough edges.

9. Music Is Must

One thing your video cannot do without is music. You don’t want an awkward silence when people play your invite video, no matter how short in length it is.

You can search for royalty-free instrumental music online that matches the theme of your party. 

However, if you wish to add voice clips instead of songs, that is a great idea as well. Voice clips are more personal and can be easily added to the video in an MP3 format.

Try to keep the audio and the video in sync throughout the invitation video. Especially when editing, make sure the effects and transitions fall on the right beats.

10. Add Bloopers

With an invitation video, there really isn’t all that much to say and show. Still, if you don’t want to make the conclusion abrupt, or want to give your videos a more personal feel, use a couple of bloopers at the end of the video. 

Bloopers are a great way to make the viewers laugh and feel fantastic about the invitation. You can share some candid moments with everyone and get them psyched about the event.


And that’s it! You can now share the invitation video online with your near and dear ones. Send the invitation to the respective mailing addresses via email or use other social media accounts to connect with the guests.

Online invitations are one of the most trendy initiatives taken by several people. Virtual invitations have lowered the amount of paper wastage and emerged as a quick and affordable way for hosts to reach out to their guests.

With the above no-nonsense guide to online invitations, you, too, can benefit from this trend and impress your guests!

A Step-By-Step Guide To Learn How To Make Invitations Online

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