Automatic Pet Feeders – 7 Best Amazon Reviewed For Multi-Pet Households

Automatic Pet Feeders - 7 Best Amazon Reviewed For Multi-Pet Households

Automatic Pet Feeders – We love our pets, and they are part of the family. But with many pet owners today, our daily schedules have us out of the house more than we want to take care of our loved ones. If you are a pet owner, trying to schedule your life around your best … Read more

20 + Great Home Automation Ideas To Create A Smart Home

home automation

Home Automation Ideas – Is your home stuck in the stone age and needs to be revamped to the 21st century? With the introduction of smart home devices becoming the new normal in most modern homes, the idea of manually flipping a switch is a thing of the past. New home builds today are incorporating these new smart technologies with … Read more

5 Fantastic Smart Home Fitness Equipment You Need For The Ultimate Home Gym

smart home fitness

Smart Home Fitness Equipment – How has your fitness routine right now?  Have you been able to get outside and exercise while maintaining social distancing? Or, have you been missing your gym routine since the self-isolation started?  If you are worried about the second wave coming, maybe think about building your smart home gym, while … Read more

Surprising Review – Echelon Reflect Smart Mirror 2021


The Echelon Reflect Touch Smart Mirror is a full-length mirror with an embedded screen that can stream thousands of on-demand and live workouts matching those of high-end boutique fitness studios.  While you may not think that adding a fitness device that can replicate the fitness studio experience is cutting-edge when you consider that you can stream workouts … Read more