Blogging Equipment Essentials I Use For Travel 2021

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Travel Blogging Equipment Guide For Travel – When I started travel blogging, investing in blogging equipment to use during my travels was the last thing on my mind. 

I was so worried about setting up my Bluehost account, and configuring my WordPress site to function properly at the start, that I forgot I need travel blogging equipment to get myself off and running.

After blogging for the past few years now and still learning every day, I have been able to figure out over time what blogging equipment I needed to help me in my travel blogging adventures.

While the equipment I use today as a travel blogger is entirely different than what I started with, the basic equipment for being a great travel blogger has stayed the same. 

Are you a travel blogger looking for some new blogging equipment ideas? Or are you a new blogger looking into capturing your adventures? Here is a great list for any blogger wanting to build a great travel blogging kit.

I want to state upfront that if you want to be a great travel blogger, you will eventually have to invest in some blogging equipment that will be on the pricer side. But don’t worry if you are on a budget at the beginning, there are ways to find cheaper alternatives to achieve the same results.

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The Travel Blogging Equipment I Use As A Travel Blogger

The travel blogging essentials list below is divided into two sections: Essentials for travel blogging, and electronic accessories.

The items I suggest are the items I actually use on a daily basis while I am travel blogging, and while many of you won’t need them, they are great blogging tools to have.

Travel Blogging Essentials

In order to travel blog right, you will need a reliable laptop for writing, as well as downloading and editing pictures and videos on. When it comes to laptop preferences bloggers are either loyal Apple customers or windows based computer customers

I am very loyal to Apple products and the reason is I have had my Macbook pro 13 inch for the past four years, and I have never had it break down or slow down to a halt compared to many of the windows-based systems I have used before switching to Apple.  

When you are starting off as a travel blogger, money is tight, and you want to get the best product available that won’t break down or cause problems within the first couple of years. That’s why I invested in a Macbook Pro, as it has lasted longer than some boy band careers.

For travel blogging cameras, I always travel with a mirrorless cameraMirrorless cameras tend to be lighter compared to a DSLR and don’t require you to bring multiple lenses to take get holiday photographs with.

For a great mirrorless camera, I have been using the workhorse Sony a7ii for the past few years. Why? When I first started travel blogging I was using a Canon EOS Rebel T6 which is a great camera, and for the price point, tough to beat. 

But, I noticed over the past year that I was taking more videos while blogging, and the Canon Rebel wasn’t delivering the quality I wanted compared to the Sony a7ii

Plus, the Sony a7ii or Sony a7iii is lighter compared to the Canon EOS Rebel T6 and can shoot incredible video footage at low-lighting environments.

If you decide to purchase a the Sony a7ii or Sony a7iii, think about purchasing the RAVPower Camera Batteries Charger Set. Just like memory cards, you never want to run out of juice and miss capturing the perfect moment.

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As for lenses for my Sony a7ii, the main one I use is the Sony 24-70mm Zoom Lens F/4 because I can take amazing wide-angle photographs of the scenery I am trying to capture. This lens is the most used in my camera kit.

Another reliable lens I used frequently is the Sony 35mm F2.8 Sonnar T FE ZA Full Frame Prime Fixed Lens. This is a great lens to capture very sharp pictures when you want the camera to be compact and light.

When I am travel blogging, I take a lot of photographs and videos. And, with the Sony a7ii being able to capture everything in RAW footage (See explanation below), it takes up quite a bit of space on the cameras memory card. 

While cloud-like platforms like iCloud and Google Drive are great for storing files, you are limited to how much space you are entitled to unless you spend money to upgrade space. The cost of upgrading these services can add up over the cost of a year

That’s why I bring with me the LaCie Rugged USB-C 5TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD on my travels. Why? With 5TB of space, I never run have issues of running out of space for my photographs and videos

Plus, its Drop, Shock, Dust, and Rain Resistant, so you never have to worry about losing your files while on the go.

Side note: Most photographers prefer shooting raw footage due to the high quality of images that the camera sensor could produce. Since it is raw or unrefined, the footage remains as it was captured, retaining all details, true colors, and lighting, which allows a considerable opportunity for modification.

You can’t always carry around your portable hard drive with you everywhere, but I don’t recommend it. 

A great alternative to not having to carry around a portable hard drive, while you are out and about taking tons of pictures and videos, is a fast memory card with lots of space

I like the SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB Memory Card because it provides enough space to store what I am shooting in a day and more. 

I have run into many situations in the past only using 16GB or 32GB cards in my camera, only to run out of space halfway through the day. If you are shooting in RAW footage on your mirrorless camera, then you need 128 GB to get you through the day.

When I am travel blogging, I always have expensive equipment with me at all times. To carry all of that equipment, I need a lightweight, durable, and secure backpack

The Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L GII backpack is a great bag for traveling abroad or just across the city because of its anti-theft technologies that give me peace of mind while out and about

Features like eXomesh Slashguard panels, RFID blocking pocket, Turn & Lock Hook, and moreThe Venturesafe 25L Gii travel pack is great for commutes, hikes, and as a carry-on.

Now the next two travel blogging equipment suggestions are not really necessary for travel blogging, but they are fun to play with.

The first is the DJI Osmo Action camera, with its RockSteady feature that delivers stable, shake-free footage no matter wherever my adventures take me. 

It’s the perfect camera for when I want to leave the mirrorless camera at the hotel and still take incredible pictures and videos while I am hiking, biking, or any other physical activity during the trip

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The second piece of equipment that you really don’t need at the start of your travel blogging career, but is really cool to have is the DJI Mavic Air 2.

I bought the DJI Mavic Air 2 recently and I love it! The reason I love it is more from a filmmaking standpoint, as I am able to get incredible aerial shots of landscapes that I never thought were possible.

Plus, it’s compact enough that you can pack in a backpack while you are out and about, and you never feel weighed down. Check out the video of the DJI Mavic Air 2, and why I love it for travel blogging.

Travel Blogging Electronic Accessories

A great travel tripod can assist anyone in keeping a camera stable to avoid blurry pictures due to the dreaded hand jitters

I love the Manfrotto Compact Tripod because it’s the perfect travel tripod. Small enough to fit in any suitcase and large enough to add flexibility to the pictures you will take.

Since I am discussing camera accessories, I also want to add that I carry with me the following camera items:

  • Giotto Air Blaster: Small black Rocket Air Blaster easily removes dust and debris from cameras, lenses, and filters with a powerful blast of air.
  • Lens Pen: Nothing removes oily fingerprints and dust from a camera lens better than a LensPen!
  • Lens Tissue: Perfect for cleaning the surfaces of a camera and camcorder lenses, telescopes, magnifying glasses, microscopes, or other optical equipment.

When it comes to smartphone accessories, a portable charger is one of the most important gadgets in my travel blogging kit. I pretty much have this in my possession at all times when traveling. 

Why? Because when you play 8 hours of Angry Birds on an airplane and forget to charge your smartphone while flying, this travel gadget will save you when you need to order an UBER and your phone is at 2% battery power.

Why? Moment lenses help take your mobile photography to the next level by providing you better focal lengths, sharper images, and better apertures than your built-in phone camera. 

These lenses are perfect for photographers and filmmakers, from hobbyists to professionals. 

They come in a variety of lens options like AnamorphicWideTeleFisheye, and Macro.

Dual AC outlets and four USB ports allow you to power up to two electrical devices and four USB-powered devices like your smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth speaker, and more. 

This compact, portable mini charger is the perfect addition to your home or workstation and great for business trips and vacations. I love using this mini charger at the airport when plugins are at a premium

I can plug this into a free slot and if I have free space left, I let other travelers use it. It’s win/win for everybody! I do a good dead for the day, and someone doesn’t have to try to fight to the death at the terminal for a free plug-in.

When you think about on a regular day how many gadgets you use, and how many cords that come with these gadgets, it’s impossible to keep things organized

I love this electronics travel bag above because it keeps my stuff organized! 

This travel organizer has 2 main layers with 15 elastic loops,5 mini mesh segments, 5 mesh pockets, 2 iPad pocket,3 longer loops to take in your cables, laptop chargers, hard drive, tablet, and other accessories.


Here you have it, my Travel Blogging Equipment List I Use As A Travel Blogger. I know that many of the products above may be pricer for those who are just starting off in the travel blogging world, but they are worth it.

If you don’t know where to start, just start off with the basics and then work your way outwards. Just remember that content is king, as long you are producing content you will figure out a way to get it out there in the blogging world. 

Just remember that if you decide to buy any of these great items, use the links in the post to help keep this blog operating. I really appreciate it in advance.

I hope you have found this comprehensive list helpful! Tell me in the comments, what is your favorite piece of equipment or software you use for your travel blog?

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