Best Travel Fitness Equipment For Those On The Go 2020

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Fitness Equipment – Does your fitness suffer while you are traveling?

When traveling, things are chaotic and finding time to get in a good workout is tough to come by.

If you are staying in accommodations which force you to eat out for every meal, the pounds could collect quickly on your body if you don’t watch out.

Plus, if your schedule is booked due to theme parks, business meetings, or the occasional rest and relaxation a the beach or pool, how can you fit in a good workout to sweat off the salt intake from all the restaurant food?

If you still want to maintain your fitness schedule while traveling, I have good news to share with you, you can!

travel fitness gear
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Travel-friendly Fitness equipment can be found everywhere, and with a few pieces of travel-friendly workout gear, you can maintain your fitness goal while traveling.

If you are serious about staying in shape while you are on the road traveling, I have a list of travel fitness equipment that you can take with you while you are exploring the world.

Plus, I have added a few video workouts to help you stay in shape in the comfort of your hotel room with a good travel workout.

Here is a small list of the Best Fitness Equipment To Keep You In Shape While Traveling for you to consider. 

When you think of jump ropes, you probably think of kids in the schoolyard skipping away double-dutch style at insane speeds.

Or, you probably have an image of any montage scene from Rocky movies training for the ultimate fight at the end of the movie.

Well, its time to relive your childhood or dreams of training for a big event with a jump rope while you are traveling.

Did you know that skipping with a jump rope is a total body workout? 

Skipping uses your core to stabilize the body, legs for jumping while your shoulders and arms for turning the rope.

Skipping is a fantastic cardio workout that helps improve heart rate and blood pressure.

And the great thing about skipping with a jump rope is It’s a good workout for all fitness levels as you can do it at a pace that suits you.

Also, jump ropes are great fitness equipment for you while you travel because it’s lightweight, and easy to pack with you wherever you go.

Jump Rope Pros For Travel

  • Easy to travel with
  • Fantastic cardio workout for any level of fitness
  • Improves coordination
  • Improves bone density

Jump Rope Cons

  • Not a great strength training workout tool

Exercise and Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are fantastic for anyone who wants a travel fitness kit to exercise anywhere.

For those who want to take his/her workouts along with them, while they travel.

Resistance band exercises are extremely effective for conditioning and offer many benefits over traditional free weights.

Plus, they are incredibly compact, and you would forget you packed them because of the size.

The reason why I like resistance bands is that they offer a lot of resistance hence the title. Plus, they are perfect for any traveler at all fitness levels and goals.

Resistance bands are like travel weights, and they can duplicate the similar type of resistance that a standard dumbbell would, but not as heavy or bulky.

Resistance Bands Pros For Fitness Equipment

  • Adjustable strength resistance for all levels.
  • Very compact so it’s extremely easy to pack
  • Versatile workouts, strength training for upper and lower body

Resistance Bands Cons

  • Not the greatest for cardio, but you could supplement it to your jump rope exercises.

Your body core is what helps you in all your fitness activities, plus it reduces the risk of muscular injury.

The great thing about the ab roller is that is very effective in strengthening your core because it targets your abs. Plus, it helps in strengthening the muscles of your lower back.

Also, the ab roller is not only built just for a great ab workout, but it also provides a great workout for your triceps and lats.

Your travel fitness equipment gear is not complete unless you pack an ab roller for your journey. 

Ab Roller Pros While Traveling

  • Works out more than just strengthening your Abs
  • Provides Lats, triceps and other muscles a workout
  • Available in folding or portable models
  • Good strengthening workout

Ab Roller Cons

  • For those with back issues, this may not be the best for you

I love the TRX training system! I use it quite frequently at my gym because it’s the perfect all in one gym that you can take anywhere with you.

The reason I suggest this fitness equipment for traveling is that The TRX training system provides a great travel workout for cardio and strength training.

Check out the video below to understand why it’s the perfect fitness equipment for traveling.

TRX System Pros As Fitness Equipment

  • Very lightweight that can even fit in a carry-on
  • Can be used outdoors and indoors
  • Great for all levels of fitness

TRX System Cons

  • Need a door, tree or anything for it to hang onto

All in One Total Body Workout Travel Systems

Just like the TRX training system, portable gym fitness equipment is all in one system and is focused on full-body workouts in small spaces. 

They utilize every major muscle group and weigh less than 10 lbs to carry, and all can easily be set up in any hotel room.

With portable gym fitness equipment, you can no longer and an excuse to skip a workout while traveling.

All in One Total Body Workout Travel System Pros

  • Full body workout
  • No excuse for working out since you have everything in your bag
  • Easy to pack

All in One Total Body Workout Travel System Cons

  • Not exactly easy to pack in a carry-on
  • Bulky compared to others mentioned in this article


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Travel Workout Advice

Here are some tips that I want to share with you as I have learned over the past few years while trying to work out while traveling.

Workout in the morning

I know that when I am traveling, I pretty much know my day is planned out for me starting at a particular time, and then I have no clue when I will be done to head back to the hotel.

That’s why I set my alarm in the morning for gym time! That’s when I have the most energy, so I can get a workout in before the craziness takes over the rest of the day.

Sure you might get tired later on in the day but if you miss a PowerPoint slide during a cat nap, will you notice a difference?

Or just drink a lot of coffee and stay away from carb-heavy foods at lunch.

Bring A Shaker Bottle With You

I know nutrition can be forgotten while traveling.

You can be either at a conference snacking on carbs all day or at a theme pack eating foods extremely high in sodium.

That’s why I like bringing a shaker bottle with me for my protein powder.

If you are traveling, I suggest single-serving protein packets that you can add with a liquid of your choice to keep you going throughout the day.

Your body will thank you.

Slap On Your Running Shoes

Sure it’s easy to Uber everywhere, but walking is cheaper.

What I like doing before I travel is plot out attractions, parks, and restaurants on TripAdvisor that are close to the hotel I am staying at so I can walk.

With some good travel workout shoes on I am getting in a cardio workout, also I am seeing more of the city I am visiting.


I hope that these fitness tips and fitness equipment for travel will help you in staying in shape while you are traveling regardless of your fitness level.

If you have found a piece of travel workout equipment in this article you like, don’t hesitate to purchase one today as you never know when your next travel adventure will begin.

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