TRX All-In-One suspension training system review – Best Portable Home Gym?

TRX All-in-one Suspension Training System Review – If you are anything like me, I hate going to the gym between January to March every year.

Why? Because it’s the time when everybody has made the new year’s resolution of getting into the best shape of his/her life.

As a result of this, coming across a piece of equipment to workout on is like finding a parking spot at the mall during the last week of Christmas. Virtually impossible!

The great news is that you don’t have to go to expensive gyms and wait forever for a piece of equipment to be free.

If you want to get into the best shape of your life and do it a home, then the TRX All-In-One Suspension Training system is the right choice for you.

This TRX All-In-One Suspension Training System review is based on my experience with using this piece of home gym equipment. 

I am not a fitness trainer, but I am just like everyone out there trying to get in the best shape of his/her life. 

This review will cover everything you need to know about the TRX home training system.

Like, what is the TRX all-in-one suspension training systemWhy should you own a TRXHow effective is the TRX system for building the perfect body possible?

And some workouts that will get you started in getting into the best shape of your life with the TRX home training system.

trx all-in-one suspension training

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What is TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training System

What does TRX stand for? The TRX is known as Total Resistance Exercises, as it utilizes suspension training to incorporate bodyweight exercises to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and stability at the same time.

This suspension training system was developed by Navy Seals to help improve the Navy SEALs team’s conditioning with an all-in-one compact fitness training system during development.

The TRX Suspension Training system is now used in fitness centers throughout the world because of its incredible benefits to a body’s conditioning.

Why you need TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training System

trx all-in-one suspension training

TRX benefits – As mentioned above, the TRX All-In-One Suspension Training system offers a full-body workout by utilizing body weight through hundreds of exercises.

The great thing about this home gym system is you can cycle through many workouts in no time at all to get a great full-body workout to get your day started right.

What I like about this all-in-one home gym system is the ability to strengthen the body’s core by utilizing the abdominals and lower back.

Every exercise with the TRX system requires these areas to stabilize your body weight through resistance to increase your body’s core.

By adjusting the resistance this suspension training system offers a low-impact full-body workout that reduces the risk of injury at all fitness levels.

Plus, this fitness training system can be set up virally anywhere.

For those who are wanting a great workout at home, all you need is an anchor installed in a solid ceiling beam, and your all-in-one home gym is complete.

If you are on the go for business, you can easily set this up at a hotel gym, or for those wanting to workout outdoors, it can be set up in a park for a great TRX workout.

Who Should Own A TRX Training Home Gym

Are you someone like myself who hates going to the gym because of the high costs, travel time, and the constant bombardment of gyms trying to sell you personal training packages?

Owning a TRX All-in-one Suspension Training System at home avoids everything that you would hate about the gym.

If you are looking for TRX to shape your body, there are several training exercises for beginners out there that can get you started in the right direction.

Does TRX Completely Replace Weight Training?

The TRX suspension training system is an extremely handy way to do quite a bit of different bodyweight exercises through resistance training.

Here is an example of some exercises you can do with this home gym system.

  • Chest press
  • Chest fly
  • Australian pull-ups
  • Back flies
  • Leg exercises
  • Core exercises

However, due to the very nature of the exercise, it’s a little limiting, much like any bodyweight exercise. You’ll have to do more to get as much out of it as you would weight lifting.

It doesn’t replace weight training, but it can be used as a solid substitute to maintain muscle mass.

If you are looking into building some additional mass, adding a supplemental training tool to your weight training regimen like a weighted vest or adding barbell training to the TRX workout will help.

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How effective is TRX Suspension Training?

trx all-in-one suspension training

How many calories do you burn in a TRX session? When it comes to burning calories, it’s all based on the amount of energy used in a workout, and Body size has a lot to do with it.

For example, for someone who weighs 180 pounds vs someone who weighs 125 pounds, calories burned in an hour will be more if you weigh more. 

So, if you want to burn more calories in a TRX workout, you will have to work harder if you weigh less.

If you are using the TRX all-in-one suspension training system for a full-body workout and incorporate cardio into the rest breaks like jumping jacks, jump squats, or football runs you are looking at burning around 400 to 700 calories per hour based on the body frame.

If you are following a basic TRX workout that consists of three sets of six to 12 reps per exercise with no cardio between sets you are looking at burning around 150 to 250 per hour.

But, if you are following a strength training workout with cardio in between breaks, you are looking at around 300 to 500 calories per hour burned.

When it all comes down to burning calories with the TRX All-In_one Suspension Training system, it’s all based on how much effort you put in to see the results you want.

TRX Strength Training Cost

If you read my article on great all-in-on home gyms to add to you your very own home gym, you can tell setup costs can be pricey.

But, if you think about how much a gym membership costs per yeargetting in shape doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg to do it.

If you factor in a monthly cost of $50.00 per month over the year, you can add all of these items below to get a great workout at home and still come out ahead in the pocketbook.

  • With the TRX suspension training all-in-on system, you can set up a basic home gym for under 150 dollars.
  • If you are setting up your home gym in a basement or garage, you will need to invest in a mat to help in softening the impact of joint bearing exercises like jumping exercises or planks and crunches. A great mat can set you back around 30 dollars.
  • If you want to incorporate a simple weight training program into your TRX workout, adding some kettlebells will help. If you add kettlebells into your workout for exercises like sumo squats and snatches will improve your all-round conditioning at a low-cost starting at 50 dollars.
  • Thinking you need to improve muscle conditioning? Investing in adjustable dumbbells will help out in exercises like biceps curls, triceps extensions, and chest presses. The cost for a great dumbbell setup would be around 100 dollars and up. If you decide to add dumbbells into your TRX workout, think about adding a weight bench that costs around $100 and up.
  • Adductors are forgotten muscles through the side of your legs that many forget to workout. By adding mini-resistance bands will help condition the adductors without the need for extra weights. They’re effective and inexpensive and can set up back around 15 dollars.

If you total it up in the end, here is what the setup costs would be compared to a year membership at the local gym.

The total cost for a simple TRX home gym setup would cost around $450 vs $600 for a year membership at the gym.

Sure you may have the ability to use cardio equipment like a treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical trainer, but outside your doorstep in the world’s largest running track to workout on. And it’s free!

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of A TRX Workout

trx all-in-one suspension training


  • Cheap – Relative to a gym membership or expensive gym equipment, the cost is pretty low. Would say about $150
  • Convenient – This is something that you can hook up at home or from any steady object outside (playground, tree) which make less of an excuse to not use it
  • Whole-Body – A TRX workout will attack the whole body instead of just a body part. Most exercises are functional-based exercises.


  • Space – Most people think that there is less space required, but the height can sometimes be difficult to reach with a standard doorway.
  • Difficulty – Some people have trouble progressing his/her TRX workout. They are all bodyweight exercises so making them more difficult may not get you the look that you want (bulk).
  • People also tend to think adjusting the straps and performing exercises without taking a class is hard.

TRX Training Review

trx all-in-one suspension training

The reason for me purchasing the TRX Workout Training System was for me to get in a workout while I was traveling.

When I signed up online to register for my kit, there were so many exercises I was able to perform with the TRX all-in-one suspension training kit, that I got a complete workout in no time flat.

What I would do is set up the training system on a bathroom door hinge, place my laptop near me, and just start working out.

But when I set this system at home, this is where I noticed a huge difference in my workouts.

placed an anchor on a ceiling beam in my garage, and I was able to perform exercises that gave me a good muscle burn in my core that I could only get at my gym.

This can work for all the major muscle groups like your arms, legs, and core. 

By the way, the core takes a beating in most of the arm & leg exercises, which makes me feel good afterward.

The TRX Suspension Training system I purchased off of Amazon was from TRX so I wasn’t worried about it being a knock-off product.

This is a common problem I have with Amazon when ordering products. I tend to get products that are not exactly made from a reputable company, but this one is the real deal.

What I do like about purchasing all of the suggested items I mentioned above, is I can work out with my wife at the same time.

Just by switching between the TRX workout and either a dumbbell workout or resistance band workout, makes us both get in a workout together.


So what do you think? Are you ready to stop paying for those expensive gym memberships and create your very own all-in-one home gym using the TRX Suspension Training system?

As you can tell from the great exercise equipment, the benefits to your body’s conditioning and an overall improvement in health outweigh any cost associated with it.

What do you have to lose? A simple setup of around $200 can get you started, and you will feel the health benefits immediately.

Just make sure you use the training system and not forget about it months down the road like a gym membership.

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trx all-in-one suspension training

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