Latest Video Trends Content Creators Should Watch Out For In 2022

The Latest Video Trends Content Creators Should Watch Out For In 2022

Compared to 5 years ago or more, the filmmaking and visual narrative landscape have dramatically changed for creating content. With cameras being more portable than ever before like the latest smartphones and action cameras, anyone can be a content creator, and post videos to their social media streaming channels.

With so many content creators generating content daily, it’s a challenge to keep up with the latest video trends to reach a constantly transforming audience. Since video trends are constantly changing, the demands for the latest music and stock footage are changing as well.

If you want to stay ahead of the social media video trends, this article will help break down the latest video trends content creators should expect in 2022.

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Short-form videos

I don’t know if you have noticed, but people are extremely busy now, and attention spans have been reduced drastically. If you haven’t noticed, social media video platforms do. That’s why you are starting to see standard TikTok or Instagram stories shorter in length. Content creators are now posting videos of 15 seconds to 60 seconds to get their point across before viewers to move on to the next video.

Now, this shouldn’t stop you from making videos longer than 60 seconds on these types of platforms, you just need to make sure that your message is clear, quick, and straight to the point.

If you are using TikTok for your content, your videos need to be very polished and well-thought-out within 60 seconds to keep your audience’s attention. Keep in mind that the majority of TikTok’s audience is a younger demographic, but the platform is gaining more interest from more and more adults, so this will help your brands reach over time.

YouTube shorts is another opportunity for content creators to upload their video content to. YouTube shorts is essentially TikTok on YouTube, will all the tools and possibilities like in TikTok.

The problem I see with YouTube shorts is the YouTube audience is used to watching content horizontally like most standard narratives. So YouTube viewers might not be ready for vertical viewing like TikTok on the YouTube platform.

Instagram is another platform that is always adapting, changing to meet the demands of its viewers, and now you are starting to see more videos than pictures. So for 2022, this could be the year for Instagram to ditch the photo primary platform and focus more on videos like their main competitors.

Mobile filmmaking

A lot of articles on this blog website are dedicated to filmmaking. Many of these posts are dedicated to professional cameras, lenses, and filmmaking gadgets on how they can improve the filmmaking process. But, when it comes to making videos for social media platforms, all you need is a great smartphone and a few smartphone accessories to create amazing social media content. 

Smartphones over the past few years have been evolved to the point that the video you shoot with a smartphone can almost achieve the same quality as one made with a professional camera. When you look at the way social media content is seen with just the small screen of a smartphone or laptop screen, do you really need a high-budget camera to produce high-quality TikTok videos? If you have noticed the videos being created by the latest social media influencers, they can create mind-blowing stuff with their smartphones. 

2022 will be no different, especially if models like the iPhone 13 Pro, Sony Xperia Pro or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra keep popping up. They have some of the best smartphone cameras, and with some phone camera accessories, they can become a complete portable filmmaking package.

Since smartphones are now the tool of choice for content creators for creating and viewing videos, vertical filming is the new normal. Vertical videos will become the new standard since the new generations today are used to viewing videos this way. They might down the road look at horizontal videos as ‘bizarre.’ So, if you want to stay ahead of the video trends and grow your audience, it would help improve your videos if you learned some basics of vertical filmmaking.

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Editing On A Smartphone

The bonus with filmmaking and content creation using a smartphone is that you can start and finish your videos without other tools. All you need is to download the right apps, you will be able to film, plan, create storyboards, edit, color grade, and add effects.

Here’s a sample list of apps that I use when I am shooting video for creating content that will make your life easier if you produce content with your smartphone: Studiobinder, for everything related to planning, Shot Lister, FiLMiC Pro for professional filming, LumaFusion, Splice, or Adobe Premiere Rush for editing. If you are not ready to add Adobe Premiere Rush to your smartphone just yet, popular smartphones today already have built-in editing tools downloaded on your smartphone now.

For example, the Google Pixel 6 Magic Eraser feature allows you to remove undesired background elements, and the iPhone 13 Pro’s Cinematic Mode lets you select the desired depth of field even after shooting.

Niche Market Video Trends In 2022

Just like fashion trends, some video trends stand the test of time, while others fade away forever.

It has happened with flash mob videos, mannequin challenge videos, Harlem Shake videos, hyper-lapse travel videos, etc. While these types of video trends had their moment in the sun; once they are overused and the impact is no longer there, they disappear forever. So what will be the trends for 2022?

While there isn’t a crystal ball to figure out what the new trend will appear this year, but we can get an idea if we study what is trending now. 

If you are looking to engage more viewers to your social media platforms, here are an example of the videos dominating right now:

Live video streaming – Live videos offer a sense of closeness to your target audience. Also, with many people constantly connected to their smartphones, it’s extremely easy to join a live video and watch it from pretty much anywhere. These types of videos work perfectly for content creators looking to build an audience and establish a sense of trust with the viewer.

Shoppable videos – When you see a static ad on a website selling a product if the image interests you, and you click on the ad to shop the product, shoppable videos offer the same type of result. When a viewer watches a video, usually in a commercial form, and they click on the elements shown they will be directed to a page to buy the product directly. All these kinds of interactive videos, where you do something actively, could be the direction we all may start seeing more and more over the next few years.

Review and testimonial videos – When you are ready to purchase a product on Amazon, do you look at the reviews first before buying? If so, then you will understand how powerful reviews are for a product. With everything being done online since the pandemic, everything from shopping for a product to research on things to do on a vacation, people are always looking for feedback and real testimonies about a product or service to ensure they are making the right decision. If you can build trust with your audience on particular niche products, and never mislead them, you will be able to build strong following.

Tutorials – Do you subscribe to a few social media influencers that always have amazing DIY tutorials on the interests you like? I subscribe to several filmmaking youtube channels that offer content to help me in my journey to become a better filmmaker. If you have a niche for your social media content that you can give video tutorials about particular products or DIY projects, you will be able to attract new clients or generate loyalty with existing ones. Why? Because these types of videos are aimed at a specific niche, people will love the value of these videos and watch them.

Health, fitness, food videos – These marketing trends are mainstays for video marketing, and with the pandemic never really going away, users are always concerned about these topics. People are always looking for ways to stay healthy at home with nutritious meals, home gym fitness, and more.

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Video marketing trends in 2022

If you are a content creator focused on filmmaking or social media campaigns, it’s good to have a plan of attack before filming anything. 

One of the best ways to plan your videos is to determine your goals and your audience first. What do you want to achieve? Are you attracting new customers, or are you looking for better engagement with your existing viewers? Are you building a community of viewers? Are you selling a product or creating steady content for a channel? 

These determinations will decide your campaign, the timing, the budget needed, which form of video is the best, the actions to follow, the style, etc.

Some stylistic directions work better these days to attract new viewers, so try to focus on visuals and music whenever you can. Text and visual effects will perform better than a voice-over. 

Finally, use tags and other tools wisely. Each social media platform has its regulations and algorithms, and some things work better than others. 

Is there anything you learned about the upcoming video trends for 2022 that is new? Or, is the information mentioned already something you know already? The key to being successful for 2022 is to focus on your needs, planning, ideas, and execution. 

Don’t forget that everything you need to shoot quality content can all be done with your smartphone. So start researching your competitors, watch as many trendy videos as you can and make notes, and then you can begin to incorporate everything into your ideas.

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