5+ Best Portable LED Lights For Smartphone Filmmaking

5+ Best Portable LED Lights For Smartphone Filmmaking

When it comes to smartphone filmmaking for beginners, lighting is frequently overlooked. When you ignore lighting during filming, you’ll often end up with grainy footage that you’ll have to work within post-production.

The key to effectively lighting a scene is to make use of any available light when you need it the most. If you’re shooting outside on a sunny day, for example, consider moving the camera away from the sun to get a better-exposed photograph.

But what if you’re shooting indoors on a cloudy day with only a small amount of light streaming in through a window? When you have lighting tools at your disposal, you have a better chance of lighting your subject properly than if you don’t.

Creating the right lighting conditions will not only help you expose the photograph correctly, but it will also improve the atmosphere and mood of the scene. Plus, if you’re filming indoors with lighting equipment, simply adding a filter to the lights and bouncing them off different surfaces may give a scene a distinct feel and aesthetic.

This post is for the smartphone filmmaker who wants to add a lighting kit to his or her smartphone arsenal to improve the mood and ambiance of his or her smartphone filming.

Best portable led lights Lights For Smartphone Filmmaking

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Portable Camera Lights

A filmmaker does not need the massive lighting equipment seen in Hollywood blockbusters to get superb lighting for every scene. If you’re an indie filmmaker shooting with your phone, you’ll need lighting that’s both portable and powerful enough to create the vibe you desire. 

Consider adding portable LED camera lights to your lighting kit if you’re seeking for a set of lighting equipment that you can take from set to set. For on-the-go shooting, portable LED lighting can be added to a portable setup through a hot shoe that sits directly on top of the smartphone. 

Here are some fantastic ideas for smartphone filmmaking with portable LED lighting:

Lume Cube Panel GO

Lume Cube Panel GO

Your go-to creative ally is the Panel PRO. Smart, slim, and easily transportable. It’s as thin as your smartphone and powerful enough to light up whatever you think up in dazzling, reliable color, with 1-100 percent brightness adjustable and easy-to-use Bluetooth control. 

In any low-light condition, this strong LED Light Panel with 263 LED lights will keep you lit. At .5 meters, the maximum brightness is 1500 LUX, giving you the power you need when you need it most. Plus, the battery life is 4+ hours at 50% brightness, so you’ll have plenty of time.

Panel PRO, Softening Diffuser, DSLR Mount, USB-C to USB-A Cable, and Travel Pouch are all included. By purchasing the Lume Lightweight Portable Smartphone Clip, you may connect this fantastic LED Light Panel. 

The ideal device for improving the video and photo quality of your smartphone. Panel PRO will be your go-to whether you’re searching for a cinematic hue for a mood or emotion, or a strong heat to light your subject.

Manfrotto Lumimuse 8

Manfrotto Lumimuse 8

The LUMIMUSE 8 LED is an ultra-portable LED light that lets you store one or two LUMIMUSE LEDs in your kit bag for all of your portable lighting needs without the extra weight and space than traditional lighting requires. 

With an excellent maximum light output and four-step dimming to control light intensity, the LUMIMUSE is ideal for illuminating in a variety of circumstances. The USB rechargeable Li-Pol batteries provide a long power life, so you can get the most out of your photo or video shoot. 

The LUMIMUSE comes with a hot shoe mount and a regular 1/4″ thread, allowing you to attach it to a tripod or other supports directly. A set of snap-fit filter mounts and filters that vary the color temperature and diffusion of the light are also included in each kit; you may use up to two at once to generate varied effects. 

The filters, as well as the filter mount, come with their own carrying case. Even better, supplemental filter kits with various filter colors can be purchased to produce even more distinctive photos. 

In terms of battery life, I performed a run-down test and found that this rechargeable LED light lasted an hour and 15 minutes on its brightest setting, indicating that it is capable. I simply wish the batteries were detachable.

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Godox LEDM150 LED Smartphone Light

Godox LEDM150 LED Smartphone Light

The Godox LEDM150 LED Smartphone Light will brighten up your images and movies. This light has two brightness settings: high and adjustable, and it is powered by a battery that can be recharged using the provided USB cord. 

There’s also a diffusion cover for softer lighting, as well as fixed and L-shaped brackets for mounting. 

It’s little and light, yet it packs a punch. When you need extra 5600k light for film or stills, this is a great option. The dimmer is adjustable, and the built-in battery is rechargeable. 

Even a huge iPhone XS Max with a case that will fit in the Phone Clip. The screw-on stand adapter can be attached to a camera hot shoe or a light stand, or it can simply be held in your hand.

Neewer Super Slim 2.4G T120 on Camera LED Video Light

Neewer Super Slim 2.4G T120 on Camera LED Video Light Bi-color 3200-5600K Dimmable with LCD Display

The Neewer Super Slim features an ultra-thin design and energy-saving led bulbs with a high CRI that provides an even and wide range of lighting for photo or video shooting. Made of high-quality materials that will last a long time. 

Brightness changes allow you to get your desired illumination output with precision, non-flickering brightness settings. A dimmer knob controls the color temperature, which may be adjusted from 3200 to 5600K. 

When in use, it has a clear LCD panel that can display information such as product brightness, color temperature, and remaining battery. It’s compatible with digital SLR cameras and camcorders, as well as tripods and light stands.

Within 20 meters of the led light, the 2.4G Wireless Remote Control may effortlessly adjust brightness, CH, and color temperature. It’s a good light, it’s bright, and it’s of good quality. The addition of the remote control is fantastic. The only minor drawback is that instead of having to charge a battery, it would be preferable if it came with a wall charger.

Neewer 3 Packs 660 RGB Led Light Kit

Neewer 3 Packs 660 RGB Led Light with APP Control, Photography Video Lighting Kit

For various types of shoots, a professional RGB video light generates a changeable color light. For video, photography, advertising, movies, and athletic events, special effects provide more alternatives. 

The intelligent metal light’s parameters (battery power, brightness, color temperature, and channel) are displayed on the 2-inch LCD screen, allowing users to monitor the light’s operation. Excellent grade aviation aluminum alloy with a basic attractive appearance and long-lasting use, as well as improved heat dissipation. 

By downloading the “NEEWER” APP from app stores (such as Apple Store / Google Play, etc.) and controlling the light with a smart mobile device (Android 4.3 or IOS 11.1 or higher), you may alter hue, saturation, color temperature, and brightness.

You can set the channel (1-8) and design using the APP’s memory function (2 sets of parameters can be saved). Three sets of scene modes (siren, fireworks, and lightning) are pre-programmed and can be freely switched to give a variety of scene effects. 

All three lights and stands, as well as a few other accessories, may be packed into the backpack for smartphone filmmakers on the go (included). I’m also able to turn these lights into an all-purpose solution thanks to the remote app and several brightness settings.

JOBY Beamo

JOBY Beamo

The LED light is small and portable, allowing you to take the quality of your entertainment with you wherever you go. 1500 lumens with an 8-meter range and a 5-level brightness controllable via the myJOBY app. 

A 5100K light temperature and a specialized light diffuser offer faultless lighting that mimics the appearance of natural sunlight. It has a solid aluminum quality construction and is adaptable, durable, and waterproof up to 100 feet (30 meters), making it ideal for any outdoor trip. 

Beamo Mini allows you to be more creative. Find a distinct perspective to give your material a new spin. Features a unique double cold shoe mount for adding accessories or combining up to four Beamos for extra lighting; includes a universal 1/4″-20 tripod mount. 

I recently came upon this fantastic item, which is ideal for smartphone creators on the go due to its small size and bright light. There are numerous brightness options, and it’s fantastic. It also makes editing easier in places where I need light for recording against a blue screen. 

The pricing is reasonable, and the value for money is excellent. I’m glad I received it.

Smartphone Rigs For Better LED Light Compatibility

Neewer U Rig Smartphone Video Rig, Filmmaking Case

smartphone camera rig is a small contraption that resembles a cage and serves two purposes. 

First, it allows you to acquire more solid footage by using two hands to hold onto the grips, which reduces the shakiness of your video as compared to using your smartphone handheld. A little screw on the body of a video rig lets you attach it to a tripod, which is a terrific choice for vloggers and other single-person video makers. 

Second, a smartphone camera setup is built to operate with key accessories like portable LED lighting and microphones, which may significantly improve the appearance and sound of your movie.

These accessories can be mounted to smartphone camera rigs via grooves or standard-sized screw holes (similar to the ones used to attach them to a tripod). 

The Neewer U Rig (seen above) and the Ulanzi U Rig Pro Video Rig are excellent options for individuals wishing to stabilize their footage and store all of the required equipment to create outstanding smartphone clips.

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