FIND IT ON AMAZON – Best 30+ Gadgets You Need

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Best Find It On Amazon Things I Ever Bought On Amazon I am an online shopping addict that constantly buys stuff on Amazon after watching TikTok product videos. That’s why I decided to put together a comprehensive list of all of my greatest all-time purchases over the past few years to let you know if it’s … Read more

10 Best Screenwriting Software For Film (Free and Paid)

10 Best Screenwriting Software For Film (Free and Paid)

Best Screenwriting Software For Film As a screenwriter, when you have incredible ideas and you want your words to pass through your brain to your fingertips and onto the page, you don’t want formating to slow you down. That’s where using screenwriting software for film and tv can make a major difference to the screenwriting … Read more

5 Best Camera Sliders for Filmmakers & Content Creators

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Best Camera Sliders for Filmmakers & Content Creators Having a gimbal/stabilizer in your filmmaking gear kit is great for going handheld and looking for smooth footage while you are walking around with the camera. But what if you want to create smooth shots when you are not going handheld with your camera? With a camera … Read more

Best Budget Intelligent Filmmaking Drones For Video Under 500 Dollars

This list of Best Drones For Video Under 500 contains the best of the best!

Best Drones For Video Under 500 Need a lightweight filmmaking drone for a low-budget film production that won’t break the bank? If so, we have you covered. Filmmakers are starting to understand that an excellent drone that isn’t a toy that can elevate the production value of a film regardless of the budget. With the … Read more

Best Ways To Record Incredible Audio On Your Smartphone

Record great audio with a smartphone

How To Record Great Audio On Your Smartphone or iPhone Regardless if you are a vlogger creating content for your social media channels, or a filmmaker looking to film guerilla-style with a smartphone, you need great audio to accompany the fantastic video footage you are capturing. In this article, I will discuss various strategies to … Read more

Best Cinema Cameras Under 10K

Best Cinema Cameras Under 10000 Dollars

Best Cinema Cameras Under 10K If you are serious about filmmaking, this category of cameras is the best cinema-style camera’s created for serious filmmaking. Of course, there are more cinema cameras available that are not on this list, but who can afford them. With this selection of cine cameras, we focus on exceptional image quality … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About WODFitters Flex

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WODFitters Flex – Deep Tissue Mini Massage Gun with Rotating Arm The world is getting more complicated and more stressful than ever before. We are punishing our bodies with our daily routines. How are we punishing our bodies daily?  We punish our bodies with being stuck in a long car ride during rush hours with … Read more