Hi, I’m Trent Peek, a winner of several Tim Horton’s Roll Up To Win winners throughout the years and also the founder of this site. 

Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions:

  • “How Do I Make A Film?”
  • “What Film Equipment Should I Buy To Make A Film?”
  • “Where Do I Find The Best Travel Deals?”
  • “How Do I Plan My Trip?”
  • “What Gadgets Should I Buy For Travel?”
  • “I Am Looking Getting In Shape, What Is The Best Way To Do That?”
  • “I Want A Product Review Done By Someone Who Isn’t Biased!”
  • “Why Does This Blogger Focus On So Many Things?”

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You’re not alone, as I am asking myself these same questions daily. I have been blogging for the past few years focusing on things that I love. If you follow this page you will see tips on Filmmaking, Travel, Product Reviews & Gift Guides, and Health & Fitness.

By using this website, you can reduce the amount of time searching the internet on technical information that you really don’t need, and get to what you really want to know.


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Me in the back with Dave Foley & Kevin Macdonald

I have been a filmmaker for the past 10 years, and I really did start from scratch and learned my way through mistakes to get to where I am today.

Have I accomplished what I want in my filmmaking career? Not yet, but like everything in life, the uphill climb is the best time of life.

I have met some incredible people along my filmmaking journey, and I have appreciated every moment I have had with them along the way.

The filmmaking posts I have in this blog, and all based on things that matter the most to me in my film career, and I hope they help out every filmmaker reading this blog.


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My father mentioned to me when I was 15, ” The most important investment you can do for yourself is travel.” I have always taken that quote to heart, and I have always felt that with every journey I take, I always learn something valuable that I use along the way in my life.

The travel posts on this blog focus on areas around the world that I love the most, and hope that any reader looking for some takeaways for his/her journeys, can find gold in these travel posts.

Product Reviews & Gift Guides

about me

Don’t you hate looking at product reviews and be more confused after reading the article than before starting the article? My approach to the product review and gift guides is if it’s easy for me to understand, then it should be easy for everyone to understand

As for gift guides, I always have tough times trying to figure out what to get for people when it’s time to buy something like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and the holiday season. That’s why I created these guides for anyone like me that struggles during these seasons.

Health & Fitness

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As for health, over 5 years ago, I almost died due to health complications due to a lack of taking care of myself. I was told by my doctor after multiple surgeries that if I didn’t change my path in life, there would be no path to take.

So that’s why there is a health section in this blog because I hope I can help out others who have struggled in the past or struggling now, a glimmer of hope.

Have a look around, and enjoy the show!

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