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Amazing Filmmaking Resources to Help You Become A Better Filmmaker

Whether you are a beginning filmmaker looking to break into the film industry, or a veteran who has been in the film industry for a while, having the right filmmaking resources can make all the difference in the world.

Dji Products

3 Awesome Dji Products Filmmakers Should Have In Their Filmmaking Kit

DJI PRODUCTS – Being an independent filmmaker, I am always looking for ways to cut costs to maintain a low

smartphone lenses

Comprehensive Guide On Netflix Approved Film Cameras For 2020

Netflix Approved Film Cameras – If you are an aspiring filmmaker thinking about producing a project to Netflix? Then you

smartphone filmmaking

My Comprehensive Review – Moment Smartphone Gear For 2020

Moment Smartphone Gear – Are you tired of carrying a bulky camera and camera bag on your vacations to take


When you plan a vacation, you never plan for the unpredictable. I have been traveling for years and through my solo travel adventures, business trips, and family vacations I am constantly learning each time about travel.

Read more to find out my 50 Travel Tips.

backyard glamping

Amazing Backyard Glamping Guide – How To Glamp In Your Own Backyard – S’mores Included 2020

Backyard Glamping Guide – Do you love camping but hate that you miss out on the creature comforts of home? Are

Essentials Travel Items

15 Essential Travel Items You Need To Pack in Your Carry-On for Every Flight

Essential Travel Items – When life returns to normal, and we all will be back in the air flying the


Packing For International Travel – Amazing Tips And Tricks 2020

Packing For International Travel – When it comes to international travel, it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned globetrotter or

How to build the perfect home gym

If you are thinking “What Equipment Should I Buy For A Home Gym“, it doesn’t matter what your budget is or how much space you have, anybody can build their perfect home gym with these great ideas.

bbq essentials

25 Unique And Innovative Backyard BBQ Products

Are you ready for the Backyard BBQ? When does the “BBQ season” start for you?  I start grilling as soon

staying healthy while traveling

10 Products To Help Protect You And Keep You Healthy While Traveling

Staying Healthy While Traveling – With the recent announcement of the pandemic of the COVID-19, travelers are extremely concerned about

fitness expertises

9 Amazing Bowflex Machines To Add To Your Home Gym Today

Bowflex Machines – Have you ever had insomnia at stared at the television at 2 am and all you saw

Gadgets | Reviews

The Lazy Man's Guide To Items Every Man Should Own

The Lazy Man’s Guide To 25 Items Every Man Should Own

Items Every Man Should Own – Do you ever ask yourself “ Am I winning at the game of life?” Sure

golf shoes

Best Golf Shoes For 2020 – Elevate Your Comfort With These Styles

Do you have reliable golf shoes for the upcoming golf season?  While many of us are still stuck in self-isolation,

15 Unique Father's Day Fitness Gifts For Dad's Who Have Everything

15 Unique Father’s Day Fitness Gifts For Dad’s Who Have Everything

Father’s Day Fitness Gifts – So your dad has been in self-isolation a little too long, and the couch he

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