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Are you trying to figure out how to live stream on YouTube? If that’s the case, you’re part of a recent trend. YouTube has been battling to reclaim producers who create live streaming videos after competitor Twitch cornered the market in its early years. And, if recent events are any indication, YouTube may be on the verge of winning this battle. Of course, we all recognize the value of video, but how about live video?

Since YouTube has started to sign major Twitch streamers recently, the battle is now on to discover who will eventually be crowned the best live streaming provider. 

That being said, it appears that there has never been a better time to begin YouTube Live Streaming! This beginner’s guide will show you how to live stream on YouTube in the year 2022.

What is YouTube Live, and how does it work?

YouTube Live does exactly what it says on the label. It’s a YouTube-based internet service that allows you to live stream your video material. It’s become a feasible strategy to monetize YouTube in recent years.

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What are the advantages & disadvantages of live streaming on YouTube?

You may still be perplexed as to why you should learn how to go live on YouTube. Traditional YouTube videos and Shorts appear to be the platform’s two major pillars of content (certainly reflected in YouTube analytics). 

However, because live streaming is so engaging, they offer something a little different. They provide richer content experiences and connections with your audience than traditional YouTube videos or YouTube Shorts can provide.

It’s worth noting that YouTube and Twitch are now at odds. So, if you decide to start live broadcasting on YouTube, the algorithms may favor you. YouTube streaming creators can be discovered through recommendations, resulting in a high level of discoverability. 

CourageJD was the first notable streamer to make the move from Twitch to YouTube, and he did so while streamers like DrLupo, Lirik, and TimTheTatman were re-signing with Twitch.

Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, is another example who switched from Twitch to YouTube and hasn’t looked back. She’s now one of the most well-known faces in live streaming, having been the fastest-growing female broadcaster in 2020, with 100,000+ views regularly. Is it possible that she would have achieved success on Twitch?

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Ideas for YouTube Streaming

Before you learn how to go live on YouTube, you need to consider why you’re doing it in the first place.

To get you started, here are a few suggestions:


This one is self-evident. Gaming is king when it comes to live streaming — it’s definitely the most popular cause for individuals to go live. If you’re amusing and engaging, sharing your gaming experience with an audience has a lot of potential for virality and growth. 

Interview on the podcast

On occasion, you may want to have a live stream interview on your podcast. This will allow your audience to ask questions of your guest and receive live responses, as well as increase the popularity of your podcast and YouTube channel.


Another common reason for searching into how to go live on YouTube is for this reason. Hosting a live Q&A session is a terrific way to communicate with your audience and supporters while also providing them the opportunity to learn more about you. 

Taking a break

Perhaps you just want to hang out with your audience instead of holding a Q&A session? Despite the fact that no questions are asked, it is still a fantastic opportunity for people to interact with you. 

Reaction during the live show

You might wish to host a live stream reaction to a trending TV program episode that just aired, or even watch with your audience in real-time, similar to podcasts. Consider popular cultural TV shows like Euphoria, which pull in millions of viewers and stir weekly discussions.

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How to Stream Live on YouTube

It’s time to look into how to live stream on YouTube now that you’ve got a concept and a plan. You’ll be relieved to learn that it’s a pretty simple and straightforward procedure for beginners. 

To begin, go to and double-check that your channel is verified. After that, you’re ready to leave. 

Navigate to the “create” button in the top-right corner of YouTube’s main page – the camera icon with the + symbol within. Select “Go Live” from the drop-down options after clicking this.

Before going live with your first live stream, you’ll be provided with the “YouTube Live Terms of Service,” which you must read and approve before proceeding. 

You’ll be asked to choose a time to go live when you first enter the “YouTube Live Control Room” (essentially the YouTube Live dashboard). It could happen right now or at a later time. Choose “right now” as your start time and begin producing your live stream. 

If you don’t see this window, select “webcam” from the three menu options on the left side of the YouTube Live dashboard.

You may now complete the specifics of your stream. These steps are quite similar to those for uploading a regular video. You’ll need to think of a title, a stream description, a category, a thumbnail, whether you want to put it on a playlist, and whether it’s suitable for children.

When you’re finished, move on to the next step. If you want to monetize the stream, you’ll be asked. Select a choice, then proceed to the next step.

You can choose settings for the live chat and participate in it in the Customization options (is it just subscribers or anyone). Decide how quickly the messages should be sent.

Show and use other tools like posting a trailer and diverting viewers to other material when your stream has finished. Click Next when you’re ready.

Then you’ll be asked to choose the live stream’s visibility. You have the option of making the YouTube streaming private, unlisted, or public. After you’ve made your choice, click Done.

Finally, you’ll be directed to the YouTube Live dashboard’s “stream preview.” You can go through all of your options here before hitting “Go Live.” Best of luck!

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Do's and Don'ts of Youtube Live Streaming


  • Make your YouTube live broadcast accessible to the whole public. You want others to notice that you’re online and respond by clicking the notification. 
  • Determine when your target audience is likely to be available and able to watch. Isn’t it pointless to go live at 3 a.m. if 95 percent of your audience is sleeping? 
  • Request that people subscribe and click the bell to be notified anytime you go live or upload. 
  • Promote your channel on various social media platforms. This should be done both before and during the stream. This allows users to mark their calendars for when you’ll be live, increasing the likelihood of a larger audience.


  • Don’t be concerned about perfection. YouTube streaming isn’t going to be pristine and polished by definition. It’s a different type of content than a typical YouTube video, so don’t worry if you make a mistake or something doesn’t go as planned. It’ll take place! You won’t have to worry as much about how to post high-quality videos to YouTube with streaming. 
  • Stream live on numerous platforms. While this may appear to be a smart idea, it is actually preferable to combine all of your audience members into a single stream rather than having them spread out across many streams. That could be really perplexing…
  • Go off on a tangent. People are tuning in to watch your live stream for a specific reason, so adhere to the script and deliver on the promises you made in the title and description.


Is YouTube Live available for free? 

Yes, live streaming on YouTube is completely free. 

Is it possible for anyone to go live on YouTube? 

On YouTube, anyone can go live. A verified YouTube channel, a working webcam, and a microphone are all you need. 

Do you need 1,000 YouTube subscribers to live stream? 

No. The minimum number of subscribers required to go live on YouTube has no restriction. 

What is the maximum amount of time you can live stream on YouTube? 

A YouTube live stream technically has no time limit. YouTube, on the other hand, can only save live feeds for up to 12 hours. If you wish your stream to be available for watching at a later time or date, the maximum time limit is 12 hours.

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So there you have it: all you need to know about live streaming on YouTube as a newbie! If you’re thinking about creating a YouTube channel in the next decade, YouTube live streaming might be a good option. 

Learning how to go live on YouTube may appear to be a difficult and intimidating task, but it is simple and basic. All you need is a desktop or mobile device with a working webcam and microphone, as well as access to a confirmed YouTube account. 

Of course, there are many other options you may include, such as YouTube live-streaming software to optimize your YouTube streaming experience or webcam lighting settings.

Simply practice how to perform YouTube Live by getting comfortable on camera and communicating with your audience before moving on to the more complicated stuff.

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Live Streaming on YouTube in 2022 - Beginner's Guide Made Easy

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