5+ Best Udemy Cinematography Courses For Beginning Filmmakers

Udemy offers cinematography classes. Are you a new filmmaker who wants to learn everything there is to know about filmmaking but doesn’t have the time or money to attend film school?

I know that in order to improve as a filmmaker, I attempt to learn every role on site. Understanding what makes a film set work efficiently, whether as a production assistant or assistant grip, makes you a better filmmaker.

If you want to be a good film director, you must first comprehend the duty of a cinematographer and study how the camera captures the moment that will later be seen on the big screen.

But, if you don’t have the financial means to attend film school, how can you learn what you want to know about being a cinematographer? Because I don’t have the time or money to attend prestigious film schools like NYU, USC, or UCLA, I recently asked myself this question.

With this predicament in mind, I decided to do some research online to see what online schools provide Cinematography lessons to help me become a better cinematographer, and that’s how I discovered Udemy.

This post is dedicated to a filmmaker looking to learn about being a cinematographer online through Udemy for Business online school.

What's the role of a Cinematographer?

A cinematographer or Director of Photography (also abbreviated as DP or DOP) is the person in charge of the camera and lighting teams on a film, television show, or other live-action production, and is in charge of making aesthetic and technical judgments about the image.

What qualities distinguish a superb cinematographer?

A cinematographer is a person who works behind the camera who is patient, loyal, and understanding of the performers, directors, and producers.

This is an extremely crucial part of the filmmaking process.

They deal with the visual language of the film, television series, or moving picture in general.

So, are you ready to learn what Cinematography courses through Udemy will help you to become an incredible cinematographer online? Here is the list of courses I have completed or taking currently through Udemy to become a better cinematographer on set.

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Film Cinematographer Fundamentals

Cinematography Courses

The art of capturing emotion visually through the lens of a camera.

What you’ll learn

This introductory course will help you apply the industry techniques to bring a script to life through the art of cinematography.

Here you will learn about cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting, and lighting controls. Plus, it will teach you how to look at films through the eye of the lens, not the eye of the viewer.

What I liked about the course

This was my first introduction to how a talented cinematographer can capture emotion visually through the camera and bring the film to life! 

Sure I knew how to direct actors (still learning by the way) from previous short films I made but needed to understand all the fundamentals that go into Cinematography and what makes a great cinematographer.

This Cinematography course is all about the basics for me. 

Just learning about all the different components of camerastypes of cameraslenses, the tripod, and a better understanding of basic lighting and lighting control has made a difference in the quality of film I am shooting now.

Cinematography 101: Absolute beginners course

Cinematography Courses

This course I haven’t taken yet, but if you want to start from scratch and Learn the Basics of Cinematography, this is the Cinematography course for you! 

You will Learn Exposure, Apertures, Shutter Speed, and many Cinematography Fundamentals through several exercises through home training. 

You will also learn to shoot outside, while utilization open Apertures to achieve shallow Depth of Field!

Topics that are covered

  • How to choose the right camera for you!
  • Learn Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
  • How to White Balance
  • Learn Camera Exposure
  • What is Colour Temperature
  • How to Film Outside
  • How to Colour Grade / Correct

This course has been developed for Beginner and Intermediate Filmmakers. Whether you are fresh out of film school, a screenwriter who wants to create his/her content, or just someone who wants to make a feature film this course is for you. 

Cinematography Course: Shoot Better Video with Any Camera

Cinematography Courses

This online Cinematography Course will teach you how to shoot beautiful videos with any camera.

What you’ll learn

In this course, you will be able to understand the concepts of how to shoot beautiful video footage using any type of camera, regardless if it’s a professional cinema camera or an iPhone.

You will learn how to expose properly with ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture. Plus, a better understanding of how to light your set like a professional director of photography.

Then once you have all the pieces in place to start working on a set, this course will teach you how to choose the right tools (camera, lights, stabilization) as well as how to work and navigate a film set.

What I liked about the course

When I started this Cinematography course, I had little understanding of what a director of photography does on a film set to be able to capture amazing video footage.

Right from the start, I was able to learn the basics of getting great shots with any camera, especially with my iPhone. Plus, I finally understood how to use the manual settings on my camera to expose my shots properly.

Everybody can direct a film, but to stand out from the crowd you need to establish yourself as a director that takes creative chances

This course teaches you how to use camera movement and lighting tricks to get impressive shots that will get you noticed.

Cinematic Lighting

Cinematography Courses

This course is an advanced and in-depth guide to arguably the most important part of a Director of Photography’s job which is designing the lighting.

What you’ll learn

The purpose of this course is to show the realities of creating beautiful lighting while dealing with the usual challenges of real independent film production, like time, weather, and equipment, as well as meeting the requirements of the script.

The course consists of four modules: Day Exterior, Day Interior, Night Interior, and Night Exterior. Each module follows the blocking, lighting, and shooting of a short scripted scene (inspired by the fantasy web series Ren: The Girl with the Mark) with two actors in full costume. 

Watch experienced Director of Photography Neil Oseman and his team set up all the fixtures, control the light with flags and rags, and make adjustments when the camera moves around for the coverage. 

Every step of the way, Neil explains what he’s doing and why, as well as the alternatives you could consider for your films. 

Each module concludes with the final edited scene so that you can see the end result.

What I liked about the course

Well, let me just say that any films I made before taking this course will be hidden away for nobody to ever see again. Why? Because I didn’t understand how to use light to my advantage and mold it to create depth and contrast to my shots.

With this course, I now know how to:

  • Light for both the master shot and the coverage
  • How and when to use HMI, fluorescent, LED, and traditional tungsten lighting, 
  • How to use a light meter and false colors to correctly expose your image
  • How to simulate sunlight, moonlight, and firelight, and so much more.

This course is perfect for Cinematography students, Camera operators looking to move up to Director of Photography, and Indie filmmakers looking to increase their production values.

Smartphone Cinematography 101: Learn to Shoot Mobile Video

Best Smartphone Filmmaking Kit Ideas For Social Media

Learn essential techniques & craft of visual storytelling and how to shoot professional-quality video with a smartphone.

What you’ll learn

How to turn your smartphone into a professional-quality video camera, Mobile filmmaking tech, and app overviews, And how to shoot high-quality, cinematic video with your smartphone.

For this course, you will need a smartphone that has a video camera app, and be compatible with the FiLMiC Pro app. If you don’t have the FiLMiC Pro app on your smartphone yet, do it as it will change the way you shoot video on your smartphone

For a comprehensive training course on “The Complete Guide To FiLMiC Pro” (click here).

What I liked about the course

Filmmaking is an expensive hobby, and if you lose control of your budget, you can halt production in a heartbeat. 

That’s why I have been testing out my iPhone 11 Pro to see if using this smartphone as a filmmaking camera, will produce the results I want.

This intro to the iPhone cinematography coursehelped me explore the different technical aspects of shooting with a smartphone compared to shooting with traditional cameras. 

What was different in this course compared to other online filmmaking courses is this course is NOT your normal “lecture” style course where an instructor just talks and talks and talks to the camera but rarely shows anything. 

This course is all about hands-on demonstrations along with “How To” instruction throughout. And students can ask questions at any time via comments on the lessons.

Anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of cinematography and smartphone video production (and mobile filmmaking), this is a great course to start with.

iPhone Filmmaking | iPhone Video Production & Video Editing

Cinematography Courses

In this course, you will learn how to take and edit professional videos using just your iPhone. This course will help anyone who wants to get into the exciting and growing sector of iPhone Videography.

What you will learn

  • How to make great videos using the iPhone
  •  Understand different functions and settings on the iPhone
  •  Edit videos directly on the iPhone using iMovie
  •  Create professional-looking videos using iMovie on the Mac
  •  Shoot Normal, Slo-Motion, and Time Lapse videos
  •  Be able to share videos created with the student communities for the course

This course is designed to be very fun, easy, and short while at the same time giving you a complete overview of how to shoot and edit pro films just using your iPhone – it is possible!

The course is split into 4 easy to understand sections:

  1. The course introduction
  2. Video shooting and settings (includes previous generations of iPhones and OS)
  3. Editing, both directly on the iPhone for quick access and more detailed editing using a Mac, and
  4. Course conclusion and challenge!

As well as video lectures so you can see how to do everything, there is also the opportunity to share and display your work in the student union/community. 

This provides not only interaction with the lecturer and other students on the course – but allows you to share your new skills with others and provides support and encouragement for you to keep carrying on and improving even after completing the course.

Whether you need these new skills for your professional work, for social media, or you simply want to show off to your friends and family then this course is really for you it is the only one you need to look at!

Never miss that “perfect video moment” by using your iPhone to the fullest.


  •  You will need to have access to an iPhone for the duration of this course
  •  Ideally, have access to Facebook and Instagram so you can upload your work to the student communities
  •  Be prepared to have fun with the course!


The Cinematography courses through Udemy that I have taken so far has made me better understand the role of a cinematographer. 

There is still so much to learn about this very important role on the film set, but with the cinematography skills I have learned so far via online through Udemy Online School, I can begin to make films that I will be proud of for years to come.

If you found this post useful, please do consider sharing it or letting your friends know via social media. Have something to add? Please feel free to do so in the comments section below. I really appreciate it!

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