10 Amazing Organization Hacks To Get Rid Of The Clutter

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Amazing organization hacks are everywhere to help you finally declutter your home. We all have sat around in our household thinking that I really want to get my place organized but find an excuse to push it off until tomorrow. 

But what happens when you push it off? Do you come up with another excuse to push it off till the next day? That’s why in order to clear the clutter in your household you just need a little push with some brilliant organization hacks to get you started.

10 Amazing Organization Hacks To Get Rid Of The Clutter

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Have you ever searched in Pinterest for the best organization tips and find a few pins that you figure will get you started on the right path of transitioning your home to a well-organized home?

It easy to pin a picture on Pinterest and place it into an organization board, but do you ever go back to the pin for help?

I get it; household organization can be a drawn-out process. Since we all live extremely hectic lifestyles, it’s easier to browse the Internet for help than starting a task we don’t like doing in our own home.

I am not an expert in giving excellent advice in trying to clear the cutter in a home. I have been stuck like many of us in home isolation, and I still push things off to the next day. Why do it now, when I can get it done tomorrow. It’s not like I have anything planned for the next day.

10 Amazing Organization Hacks To Get Rid Of The Clutter

But over the past few months, I was getting tired of seeing the same disorganized clutter day after day that I needed to do something about it.

Once I decided to start organizing my home to make my life a little easier to live in, I came up with a plan to tackle the areas that needed the most work in organizing. 

I went after the key targets first, I wanted to declutter my kitchen, bathrooms, and closets as they were the culprits that drove me crazy the most.

Once I tackled my kitchen by cleaning and organizing it in the best way possible, I noticed it wasn’t as bad of a struggle than I thought it would. That’s when I went to the bathroom next, followed by my closets, and then the rest of the household.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and that’s why I decided to provide help to others who are struggling with keeping his/her home organized. 

Here are the following top 10 organization hacks that I use to clear the clutter for good and have the widest home in the neighborhood.

Biggest Advice To Give - Find a home for everything!

Biggest Advice To Give – Find a home for everything!

While it’s easy to declutter a home, organizing it is a different story.

Why? When we accumulate so much stuff in our homes, we often don’t find appropriate places to put them into.

To keep things organized and decluttered, you need to find a home to store it. If you haven’t used anything in 2 years and don’t have a home, maybe get rid of it. 

Heck, you haven’t used it in a few years, so you wouldn’t notice it if it was gone right? But, if you found something that you need, but don’t have a home yet, find one!

“He who dies with the most stuff, is still dead.” ~ on coffee mug

Amazing organization hacks to fix the clutter

Do you want an organized home? The first thing to think about is to come up with some storage solutions. It’s all about finding a home for your stuff, this way you can keep your house organized and tidy.

Kitchen - Organizing under the sink

I know for myself that I keep all of my cleaning supplies under most of the sinks in my house. Whether it be the kitchen sink or bathroom sink, I am pretty sure I have tubes of Lysol wipes there. 

But, with all the Lysol wipes, dish soaps, garbage bags, and so many more cleaning supplies you may have, they often get cluttered around half-empty bottles of cleaning supplies we haven’t used in a while. 

Plus the smelly cleaning sponges that could walk away on its own because of the mold growing on it.

If you what to keep your kitchen sinks or bathroom sinks organized, then you need some great shelving units to keep things organized. Below are some great products from Amazon I use to keep my sink areas free of clutter.

Also, lets not forget the kitchen cabinet door space for more organization.

Bedrooms - Organizing Under The Bed

An organization hack that I came across when I was decluttering my bedroom was how much available space there is under the bed! We all have those out of season clothes just sitting around waiting for the next time to wear them, but are you storing them properly?

What about the kid’s bedrooms? I know its impossible to keep things organized in those rooms with all the toys and clothing all over the place! The free storage space under the kid’s beds is the perfect solution!

As we try to get back to basics in terms of home organization, everything in your house needs a spot to be in. Below are some creative solutions I came across on Amazon that I use for my storage needs, and they might be the right fit for your storage needs.

Baskets - The Perfect Home Organizer

10 Amazing Organization Hacks To Get Rid Of The Clutter

Baskets when it comes to home organization are a dream. Why? Because they always keep the house looking trendy as well as clear the clutter by keeping things organized.

In my household, I have baskets in every room in the home. I keep medium to large baskets in my filmy room and have small to medium baskets in the master bedrooms as well as the kid’s rooms.

If you have kids, my organization hack for you parents out there is, embroider the kid’s names in the baskets! 

This way, at the end of the day when the kids are ready for bedtime, they can put his/her stuff that has been scattered throughout the house, back into their respective homes, and help you rid of the clutter for the next day.

Kitchen - Organizing The Counters

When you have guests come over for a get-together, where is the first place that everybody congrats to? The Kitchen is the place to be. 

So if the kitchen is party central, why not keep your counters clear of clutter? When you have a clutter-free kitchen counter, it immediately makes your kitchen cleaner.

The first thing to keep your kitchen counters clean is to find homes for your kitchen appliances in the kitchen cabinets, or kitchen pantry when not in use.

But, leave the coffee maker on the counter because you will need that daily. Well, at least I know in my household that the coffee maker is the counter centerpiece. It’s all about the caffeine!

Unless you have a kitchen appliance like a microwave or toaster oven that is too big to store, there is no need to have other appliances on the counters.

When was the last time you used your stand mixer or blender? I know for the longest time, they were always tucked off in the counters of my kitchen counter and collected dust.

Side note: Your kitchen should only house kitchen stuff like appliances, spices, dishes, glass, cutlery and anything else for making meals, and that’s it! 

Your mail, magazines, keys, etc. should have there own home, and the kitchen isn’t it!

Check out this link to the Amazon basics page for household essentials.

Kitchen Pantry and Kitchen Cabinet Organization Hacks

When I tackled my kitchen for the first time, I was afraid of my kitchen pantry and cabinets because I was afraid of the unorganized mess inside them.

Think about the number of plastic Tupperware containers that have no lids, or the scraped up pots and pans that haven’t been used since the ’90s that could be hiding in your kitchen pantry of cabinets, it amazing how much clutter we store.

In order to get your kitchen pantry and kitchen cabinets under control is begin to get rid of the stuff that has no use anymore. 

Once you have these areas under control, its time to get organized and find some great storage solutions that will make your kitchen organization better.

Laundry Room - Organization Is Key

As I am writing this home organization hacks post, I am waiting for my laundry to be completed right now.

Laundry is a necessary task that all of us have to deal with, and when it comes to doing laundry right, having your clothes properly sorted beforehand makes doing laundry manageable.

Below are some great laundry items I use in my household to make organizing everyone’s clothes in my household easier.

Oh! I forgot to mention a few other things that I use to keep everything neat and tidy in my laundry room. Check them out of amazon.com.

Front Entrance Organization

Another area that is hardest hit in the household in terms of clutter is the entryway. This is a problematic area in my household because it’s where everyone takes off our shoes and jackets when we come home. 

Before I started to declutter my home and keep things organized, shoes and jackets were tossed on the ground, and I am not talking about my kids doing this (it was mostly me.)

When you have guests come over, the first place they see when they enter your home is the front entranceway, so having it clean and organized is priority number one!

A great organization hack is having a shoe storage in place in your front entranceway. 

I have two kids, plus my wife and I, there is a lot of foot traffic in and out of the house. Since I don’t want anyone injured because of someone stumbling over anyone’s shoes, having storage in place for our shoes is key.

So, the way of keeping shoes organized is purchasing a shoe rack that is kept by the front entranceway, so everyone has a spot to put shoes into, which keeps things extremely organized. Plus, it avoids dirt from shoes that have just been outside being tracked throughout the house.

You can pick up some great shoe storage bins online from IKEA or Walmart which are economical, but you can also find some fast via 2-day free shipping on Amazon if you are an Amazon Prime Member. (If you are not a prime member yetclick here for a 30-day free trial.)

Below is some great find on Amazon that will help you declutter your front entranceway.

Keeping The Family Organized

When it comes to organization hacks, to have your home organized, it’s also good to have your family organized as well.

With so many events that happen daily, its hard to keep track of appointments, activities, and so much more.

That’s why having an area in your house dedicated to family communication is key, to have a organized and functioning family unit. 

Here are some great finds on Amazon that I use for the family to communicate with each other.

Use Your Doors For Storage

Do you know how valuable of a space a door has? I know I didn’t before I saturated decluttering my household.

When it comes to certain areas of the house like laundry rooms, bedrooms closets and bathrooms clothes, you can add door storage to them to help you with organization.

Plus, with door organizers in place in your home, they can declutter many rooms in the house while keeping things hidden.

Declutter and Organize The Closets

Closets in my home were always a disaster. They were all full of clothes that either we all didn’t wear anymore, or they were tucked away in the corner waiting for the seasons to change.

Recently, I did a massive purge in many of the closets in the household. I had a rule that if we didn’t wear in the past two years, if was going to be donated to charity. 

The next step in this organization hack was to find great storage tools to help all of us store the clothes we wear. 

These are the solutions I came across online that I am presently using today to declutter my closets.


Do you think you have it in you do declutter your home now? If you are ready to begin the process of decluttering, I hope that you use these organizational hacks to help you find homes for the items that tend to constantly go astray. 

Are there so decluttering tricks or organizational hacks that I haven’t mentioned in this article? Please feel free to comment below with your ideas, as I would love to hear from you.

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10 Amazing Organization Hacks To Get Rid Of The Clutter

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