How to travel on a budget: Our 10+ best tips

Travel Guide For Those On a Budget – Traveling is always an adventure, and it opens your heart and mind. 

Where are the best and cheapest travel destinations, how to get cheap travel accommodation, and where to find the cheapest travel prices when booking your travel plans? 

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”– Anthony Bourdain

It doesn’t matter whether you travel for business or pleasure, you can travel on a budget if you have a good travel plan and stick to it. It doesn’t matter whether you travel for business or pleasure, you can travel on a budget if you have a good travel plan and stick to it. Some travel on a budget tips are in the list below:

How to travel on a budget: Our 10+ best tips

travel budget tips

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Check out your travel plans

travel budget tips

Do you know which places are the least expensive to travel to, based on what you would typically pay in a tourist destination?

Look at the travel brochures or maps that offer information about the destinations you are interested in visiting, including location, budget, activities, and attractions. Then find out more by reading travel brochures and travel books that are targeted towards that particular destination.

For example, if you are interested in traveling on a budget to Rome, France, look at travel brochures that have information about travel to France, or books that contain travel information about the various parts of France. You can also find good travel books about traveling to Italy that may be useful.

Try making your travel arrangements well in advance

travel budget tips

If you want to travel on a budget to an exotic location, you need to plan your travel a year ahead. That way, you can get better travel deals and save more money if the place becomes overcrowded.

The same goes for booking your accommodationif you are interested in traveling to Paris, you need to book a Paris hotel accommodation well in advance. That way, you can save some money, as well as avoiding being in a crowded and noisy hotel.

Car rental in Paris and other European Cities

Car Rental Tips

If you travel from North America or Australia to European destinations, you can expect to use public transportation. However, car rental is a very good option when traveling to European cities. Look for cheap rates from travel websites when planning your travel.

Also, consider renting a car before you travel so that you can avoid paying the regular price for a cab.

Auto Europe Car Rentals

Travel to Low-Cost Destination

travel essentials for women

Europe is a major tourist destination, so you should travel to fewer popular places like the Alps, Switzerland, France, or Italy. These less expensive destinations offer more cultural activities, shopping, and restaurants. So, travel to these destinations during the low season.

Asia is the most popular travel destination in the world. There are many cheap destinations in Asia, and they include such countries as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. You should explore the country names and learn a little about their culture.

Some of the most popular Asian cheap destinations include Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Maldives, and the Philippines. The cheapest destinations in Asia usually offer an easy travel package, low crime rates, and great beaches and local attractions.

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Get to know the area youʼre going to!

packing organizers for travel

Get your fingertips moving and explore the Internet and find out the basics of your destination. Look for the nearest banks, currency, health issues, vaccinations, language, important customs, weather conditions, and the police.

Pay attention to the law, as there are things in the area you live in that is okay but not in other countries. The view from a Thailand jail is different than a Thailand oceanside hotel.

You don’t need to know everything, merely the fundamentals. It pays to have an idea of what to expect, so you can avoid any unpleasant situations during our trip.

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Always Be Prepared Before Leaving

travel tips

E-mail yourself all the copies of all the important papers needed for your trip. Passports and visas, travelers check numbers, insurance certificates, medical info, contact numbers for emergency purposes.

This was a lesson I learned while on a trip to China, in which my passport wallet was stolen and everything I had was in there. It took days to get a new passport, credit cards, etc.

Having photocopies of my passport, birth certificate, and many other things would have saved days dealing with the back and forth of trying to get out of the country.

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Make Friends On The Trip


You might be wondering how this is looked on to save you money. Well, first of all, the more people you meet, the less you pay. You can run into situations like sharing the cost of a hotel room if you are traveling by yourself.

Also, if you meet someone local, they can assist you on where the locals eat and play that are less expensive and more fun. You just need to chat with someone, that’s it. It could all start by purely asking for directions and conversations often come easily after that.

It depends on where you go, but most of the time regardless of it being a big city or a little town, people are usually pretty welcoming if you ask willingly.

Also if you are traveling alone and want to give yourself relief from the loneliness, try talking to other travelers that may be in the same situation as you. I find the best places to do this are traveler pubs and bars because a great conversation always starts with a great drink.

I am not a drinker, so I am not pushing anybody to drink, any drink in hand can get a conversation going.

San Diego CityPASS

Make Lists

Film pre-production

Using lists help keep in check on what you should pack, and help figure out what youʼre going to use, and what can be left at home. A list can physically save you time on preparing for your next vacation!

If you don’t have a list in your head, buying that brand new shirt you see on sale the day before leaving on your trip only to forget you already have three packed. Having a list will stop you from doing this.

Also, having a list with you makes it easier for you when you are packing to head home after a long trip to check and make sure all the belongings you left with are going home with you.

One thing that should be on your list is to make sure you carry a small amount of US dollars or other money from your own country.

Most hotels in the world have currency exchanges, that in case things go wrong with your cards you can get some of the local cash.

Also don’t forget to pack a tiny medicine bag as your cabinet with emergency medicines (aspirins, diarrhea tablets, water sterilizers, etc.) and a first aid kit.

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Personal Items

travel vlogging equipment

How to travel the world on a budget is to bring only two or three pieces of travel-size personal items like soaps, shampoos, deodorants, toothpaste tubes, lotions, and perfumes if your stay is short. If longer, bring some more.

This will also prevent you from buying the more expensive ones at the airport, or the hotel.

Buy From Markets


Another of the traveling on a budget tip is Markets! I want to explain this for two main reasons.

First, you need to be careful with the local food, because your stomach needs to be used to it. Rotate eating foods you know – which you can buy from markets – with those of the local cuisine.

And second, this is another of the travel hacks to save money while traveling, because going out to eat is so damn expensive!


Explore Different Roadmaps

7 Best Ways to Stay Awake on Long Drives During A Roadtrip

This is something I always say to myself, and you should learn to do so as well:

“The cheapest area is where nobody goes, and this doesnʼt necessarily mean is a bad place. Itʼs often the opposite as the places off the beaten path that turns out to be the ones with the best memories.”

With me always keeping this thought in my head while traveling, I tend to explore more and come across places I never thought in my life I would see. Plus, I get to see more of the culture of the country I am visiting and not have to worry about if I have time to get one more ride on Space Mountain.

Sure everybody has a Disneyland story, but how many have a story of taking a motorcycle taxi in Thailand that leads to an elephant sanctuary that’s not in a Lonely planet book?

Keeping an open mind and going with the flow, often saves money.

Budget Tip Warning

travel tips

Also, DO NOT EVER ask a taxi driver for a hotel suggestion, or in general a place to stay. 

You never know if they have their own agenda in suggesting to you an area or hotel because they could be getting a kickback from the refereeing hotel. 

This could cost you more money, and I have had this happen to me in Mexico. I checked Expedia while the owner of the hotel was quoting me a price, and the quoted price was double compared to Expedia

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Use VRBO For Your Stay

Iʼm not saying that staying at a VRBO is always the greatest choice. It usually depends on the renter, on the city, on the area youʼre staying and so on. 

But compared to couch surfing and sleeping on the beach, a VRBO can private you with some privacy, a shower, and some money savings compared to a hotel.

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So if you are thinking about your next trip being on a budget, I hope this Travel Guide For Those On a Budget will keep your vacation on the cheaper end. Now go out there and explore, the world is incredible and you never know what memories you can create while traveling. 

You can comment below with your stories and memories, as we would love to hear about them. If you are a travel brand that would like to find out how to work with Trent, contact him here.

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So if you are thinking about your next trip being on a budget, I hope this Travel Guide For Those On a Budget will keep your vacation on the cheaper end. Now go out there and explore, the world is incredible and you never know what memories you can create while traveling.

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