Amazing Backyard Glamping Guide – How To Glamp In Your Own Backyard – S’mores Included 2021

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Backyard Glamping Guide – Do you love camping but hate that you miss out on the creature comforts of home? Are you planning a staycation to avoid traveling outside your city this year? 

If you love camping and thinking about a staycation, why not bring camping to your backyard with a style of your own? But to camp in your backyard, you need to add some glamour to your backyard camping, for the best staycation ever.

Glamping has been a word that has been tossed around in the camping world for years, and if you are unaware of what glamping is, it will change the way you look at camping forever.

The reason for this post is with the recent self-isolation practices that many of us are facing lately, the idea of having a vacation is a dream that we don’t when it will happen.

Since I have been cooped up in my house for the past month and wanted a sanity break from the living room and bedroom, I thought it would be nice to experience the outdoors in the safest way possible, and that was to enjoy sleeping under the stars in my very own backyard.

If you are like me that is fortunate to have a backyard, and looking for ways to enjoy it more by creating a staycation location that would make your neighbors jealous, this post will help you create the best glamping experience you can have without a getting in a car to do it.

backyard glamping
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Camping Vs. Glamping

What makes camping vs glamping different is the comfort level you are willing to accept with camping outdoors. 

It breaks down to how much are you willing to rough it while camping. 

Sure camping in your backyard vs a campground, you will have the luxuries of running water, an indoor toilet with toilet paper, and a stove that doesn’t require wood and matches for cooking. 

But, if you are just pitching a tent in your backyard and sleeping there overnight, then you can just do that in your bedroom with the window open.

But, if you truly want to kick your backyard camping up a notch or two, then you need to think outside the box and create your very own unique outdoor experience today.

What Does It Take To Create A Glamping Site In Your Backyard

When it comes to DIY backyard glamping, all it takes is adding a pleasant tent, cozy bed, and some additional touches like a modern rug, a string of tealights, an elegant table, and chairs, and you are ready for backyard camping “Glamping Style.

Here are some ideas to glamorize your backyard for the best campsite in your neighborhood.

Backyard - Tent

backyard glamping

If you are thinking of glamping in the backyard with style, having a permanent luxury yurt in the backyard would be a dream. But, the downside of a yurt is they are not portable at all and take up a lot of space. 

If you are looking for a yurt alternative that is easier to put up and take down and gives off the yurt feel for the ultimate glamping experience, then a bell tent is a great choice.

What is a Bell Tent? A bell tent is a luxurious camping experience compared to the traditional tent that many campers use for campground camping. 

The bell tent is a circular canvas tent with a supporting pole in the middle. Its bell-like shape is created with tension from guy ropes around its perimeter.

A Bell Tent is visually pleasing, and since they are stand up tents, you have the mobility to walk around the tent with ease, as well as put on a pair of pants without lying down.

Below are some great bell tents to consider for your backyard campsite:

White Duck Outdoors Premium Luxury Avalon Canvas Bell Tent

White Duck Outdoors Premium Luxury Avalon Canvas Bell Tent with Stove Jack is made from breathable water/mildew treated 100% cotton canvas.

The spacious design offers a comfortable backyard accommodation with a Bug No-See-Um Mesh front entrance door and rain flap to keep water out.

There are four large strategic roof vents with No-See-Um Mesh & Hood to ensure maximum ventilation.

The White Duck Avalon Bell Tent is a perfect way to get your backyard glamping set up-right.

Stout Bell Tent- 100% USA Cotton Canvas Glamping Tent

Another great backyard glamping tent to check out is the Original Stout Bell Tents with both single and double wall options. 

Friends will be jealous when you say that you are “glamping in my backyard“.

Stout Tents are the highest quality tents on the market. Plus, Stout Tents are leaders in the market and stand behind their product with a 5 Year Warranty.

Every Stout Bell Tent Includes:

  • Zip in/ zip-out groundsheet, giving you the freedom to roll up the tent walls and enjoy maximum ventilation and cross breeze.
  • Stove Jack, sized to meet industry standards and professionally installed to protect the integrity of your canvas. Stove jacks are covered with a flap for when it’s not in use.
  • Pro-Metal Sliders to serve as tensioners on your guylines. Made to last, won’t snap or deteriorate from harsh UV rays like typical plastic sliders.
  • Highest quality mesh screen door and (4) windows let you open the tent for a breeze or a view without worrying about bugs or critters. 

HUKOER Luxurious Outdoor Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble Tent

Is a tent something you think about only for campgrounds? 

Then why not set up your glamping backyard under the stars with this bubble tent.

To me, bubble tents could change the way we thinking about glamping going forward. 

Plus, it’s a great portable camping option that can be used for camping in the backyard, or outdoors while enjoying a 360-degree panoramic view of the night sky.

This model comes with a blower for inflating and is large enough for the family.

Backyard Camping - Tent Carpet

When it comes to backyard glamping, the next item to consider is a carpet for your tent. 

Why? Carpets add a luxury experience to your backyard camping by providing an extra layer of insulation between you and the cold ground below your feet.

Plus, a tent carpet makes the interior of your bell tent look fantastic. 

Looking for ways on how to Glamp your tent? Here are some great carpets on Amazon that will improve your backyard camping.

Outdoor Patio/RV Camping Mat

This reversible outdoor mat is designed for home patio or garden, creating your RV outdoor space, afternoons in the park or days at the beach.

Sweep clean with a broom or spray clean with water. Woven polypropylene dries quickly to prevent mold and mildew.

Coated with UV protection to resist sun damage and fading. Corner loops can be staked to hold it in place. Folds easily for storage in the included carrying bag.

Backyard Glamping - Sleeping

If you are going to build a glamping site in your backyard for your staycation, you need to create a comfortable luxury bed for a great night’s rest outside. 

When you are thinking about a bed for your backyard bell tent, you want a bed that is almost better than the bed you have in your house so you want to sleep outside.

When it comes to creating a glamping bed for your backyard campground, you should look at the following factors for a great night’s rest:


A quality mattress for your backyard tent can make or break the whole glamping experience. 

But, considering that this mattress is for your backyard campsite, you don’t have to overspend get an amazing nights rest outside.

There are three options in mattresses that you can consider when sleeping under the stars. 

Gel Mattress
glamping mattress

First, you could look at a gel mattress that conforms to your body as you sleep, but it does not absorb heat as other mattress materials would.

A gel mattress is my preferred mattress when I am camping during the hot summer months, as I never wake up in a pool of sweat in the morning due to the gel keeping me cool at night.

Click Here For Some Amazing Gel Beds On Amazon For Camping

Memory Foam Mattress

Second, a Memory Foam mattress conforms to the body just like gel would, but holds the heat in while you sleep.

I like Memory Foam mattresses because they tend to be less bulky than your typical mattress, which makes it easier to stow away for the non-camping months.

Click Here For Some Amazing Memory Foam Beds On Amazon.

Air Bed

Or, you can go with an Air Bed which is more portable and more affordable than a gel or memory foam bed, but they tend to puncture easily.

An air bed is not only great for your backyard glamping site but also great for when you have additional overnight guests that may stay at your place throughout the year.

My only issue with air beds is the puncturing issue. From my experience I always seem to have a leak during the night with them that makes for an awkward late-night wake-up call when you realize the air is gone and you are sleeping on the ground.

Click Here For Some Great Camping Air Beds On Amazon.

Cozy Bedding

glamping bedding

Now that you have your mattress figured out, the next step to have a luxurious glamping site in your backyard is adding soft sheets, a comforter, and soft pillows. 

I personally like Egyptian cotton myself because of the smooth feeling it gives as I climb into bed. But in terms of sheets, it all comes down to personal preference and what you have in the house.

As for comforters and pillows, you may them in your house already. So you don’t have to spend money on this.

Amazing Backyard Glamping Guide

SORISON Ultra Warm, Puffy Camping Blanket

If you are looking for a great camping blanket that can be used in your backyard glampground, you should have a look at the SORISON Ultra Warm Puffy Camping Blanket. 

Why? Because with its ATOMICLOFT insulation with MICROFIBER is the right choice for an outdoor blanket because unlike goose or duck down, there are no cold spots and it will retain heat in wet conditions and dries quickly. (Click This Link To Learn More)

But if you need some great bedding I suggest shopping online at Bed, Bath & BeyondTarget, or Walmart.

Oh, a don’t forget to add a hammock while you are glamping in your own backyard!

They are perfect for that mid-day snooze.

Backyard Glamping - Lounging

backyard glamping

How to glamp in your backyard – Regardless if you are going to be camping or just lounging around in your backyard, you will need some furniture to chill out on.

Whether you want an elegant seating area or a more modern look to your patio backyard, make sure you have plenty of tables, chairs and a sun umbrella handy.

There are some great options available at Bed, Bath & BeyondTarget, or Walmart that can fill out your patio area at a great price.

backyard firepit

No camping lounging area can be complete without a firepit. 

While nobody wants to dig into their backyard to build a wood fire pit, there are some great portable wood burning and gas burning fire pit options available that can still give you that campfire feeling without the excavating. 

Plus, the great thing about a gas-fire pit is you can control the intensity of the flame and not scorch things around it.

Click Here For Some Great Fire Pit Options At

Backyard Camping - Accessories

Now that we have the basics covered to have a proper glamping site in your backyard, here are some additional items that you can add to make your backyard the best glamping site ever.


If you don’t have one, get one as there is nothing like cooking outdoors. 

If you are looking to buy a quality gas BBQ for your home, then I would suggest getting an outdoor kitchen BBQ like the Summit S-660 6-Burner Built-In Propane Gas BBQ

Experience true top performance with the Summit S-660 gas grill. This built-in model includes a stainless steel smoker box, two Grill Out handle lights, a 10,600 BTU-per-hour input sear burner, and so much more. 

You will never want to step foot in your kitchen to cook again! Read my Review on the Weber e670 for other Weber BBQ suggestions. 

Not ready for the full outside kitchen like the Summit S-660Then why not pick up the Weber Q1000 that is portable and provides great performance that Weber is known for. 

This portable BBQ can be used for those glamping nights in your backyard or when you want to take your camping on the road. 

I love my Weber Q1000 and use it more at home than I do when I actually camp.

You can pick up the Weber Q1000 at, Walmart, Home Depot, or Target.

Patio Lights

patio lights

Whether you are glamping in your backyard and enjoying evening beverage, or having a summer BBQ, adding some low key string lights in your backyard is a nice aesthetic touch to your private backyard camp.

Create the perfect backyard dining spot for summer dinner parties with a few strands of string lights. Or scatter some lanterns on the table to achieve an outdoor candlelight glow.

Maybe think about an outdoor projector for a backyard drive-in. Click here to check out this post for suggestions.

You can find some great lights at these great online retailers: 

Amazon.comWalmartHome Depot, or Target.

Backyard Games


While you are relaxing in the backyard, and don’t want to leave your glamping site to have fun, then adding a few backyard games for the family will keep everybody outside instead of in. Haven’t we spent enough time inside?

Why not enjoy time spent with family and friends with a wooden cornhole set. Play one-on-one or on two teams. Just aim, toss, and score big points against the opposing team.

Another popular hit in my family is Ladder toss

Ladder toss (also known as ladder ball, monkey ball, ladder golf, ball rope, and hillbilly golf and other names) is a lawn game played by throwing bolas (two balls connected by a string) onto a ladder. 

This is a great game just like cornhole that makes you forget you are camping in your backyard.

Click the links below to buy these two great games on Amazon.


Are you excited to have a staycation in your very own backyard? 

With these great backyard glamping ideas, you may want to stay self-isolated for more months to come. 

If the self-isolation is over and we are all able to travel outside our homes, the great thing about these glamping items is that you can take them to any campsite you like.

Have a healthy summer and enjoy the outdoors the best you can.

If you have any other glamping suggestions, I would love to hear them. Feel free to comment below, or share this post on social media if you can.

Side note: All of the highlighted links in blue go directly to the suggested online shopping sites. I get a small commission from these retailers at no cost to you. Thanks for your support.

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