Important YouTube Gear You Need for Starting A YouTube Channel – 5 Key Items

Important YouTube Gear You Need For Starting A YouTube Channel – 5 Key Items

Are you thinking about starting a YouTube channel and becoming a YouTuber? If you want to be a content creator and upload videos to a YouTube Channel, then you need the right YouTube Gear to produce high-quality videos that will attract viewers and subscribers.

If you are looking at the vlogging equipment you presently have, you might have the equipment in your hand to start creating great quality content today.

While shooting YouTube videos with a smartphone is an option to have to start creating videos now, but if you’re serious about being a YouTuber, you might need higher-quality equipment like a mirrorless or DSLR camera to give your videos the wow factor that attracts viewers.

But the equipment to create high-quality videos for YouTube doesn’t just stop at high-quality cameras, it involves additional hardware and software for YouTubers to create high-quality content.

However, finding the right filmmaking gear for YouTube videos might seem kind of overwhelming, especially since so many useful tools exist on the market today to help you get the job done right.

But, with a little research, finding the right gear can be a fun and educational experience.

On this blogging website, there is quite a bit of advice that can be found in regard to vlogging and filmmaking, but in this post, we want to explore some filmmaking hardware and software that every YouTuber should know about.

Here you will find essential YouTube equipment and other pieces of hardware to get started with that will become extremely useful accessories as you become a full-time YouTuber.

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Camera options

cinematic camera lens

As a part-time filmmaker, I always believe that anything that happens to do with content creations is having the right camera. While the latest smartphones can capture incredible footage, having the right camera gives videographers more flexibility with how the footage eventually looks.

When it comes to a dedicated video camera for your YouTube Gear, you need a camera that can capture footage in full HD or 4K. But this decision all depends on your budget. If you have the funds to build a kick-ass YouTube Studio, I suggest going with the lightweight Sony A7 III mirrorless camera, or the Canon 1D-X Mark II DSLR. Both of these professional cameras are extremely popular for YouTubers who are doing travel vlogs or product review vlogs.

If you have a mid-sized budget, I recommend checking out the Canon 80D if you want a DSLR and the Sony A6400 if you’re going for mirrorless. For those of you who are operating on a tight budget, the best mirrorless option would be the Canon M50 and the best DSLR camera is Canon Rebel T8i. Both give excellent bang for a relatively low buck.

Why am I suggesting either a DSLR or a mirrorless for your YouTube Gear? The reason is the amount of image data captured by these types of cameras is far greater than smartphones. 

What does this mean for YouTubers and other videographers? Since you will be doing the editing and lighting yourself, these cameras will make it easier to capture the best image quality with the lighting available and the ability to edit the videos quickly, before exporting in a variety of formats. This is something that is extremely tedious to do with smartphone footage.

First, take a look at DSLR and mirrorless cameras, as there are many options at affordable prices. But, if you want, you can also check out newer webcams or GoPro-type cameras, especially if you just want to do basic vlogging and don’t want too much YouTube Gear to get started.

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Audio recorders & microphones

audio for smartphones ad iPhones

Audio can make or break video content. Viewers can forgive if the picture is out of focus here or there, but if your viewers can’t hear your audio, then they will change clips in a hot minute.

With current smartphones today being able to blend video and audio all in one package, and the same goes for some DSLR and mirrorless cameras, but these devices can’t capture the sound you need to get great audio. To get great audio for your YouTube videos, you will need an external audio recorder and microphone to make your sound stand out from the crowd. 

While I am not saying that you shouldn’t ditch your smartphone audio altogether, but for those wanting to improve their audio, there are several budget options that exist for both recorders and microphones to make your audio stand out.

For a portable audio recorder option, I suggest the Zoom brand as they have some of the best portable, high-quality audio recorders on the market for YouTube Gear. 

Zoom’s H4 and H6 series units are favored choices for videographers and vloggers. Another good audio recorder brand is Tascam, and its DR- 40X and DR-100 MKIII recorders are also extremely popular with filmmakers.

These recorders mentioned have very solid built-in microphones that give users more control over the sound of the audio which you can do with smartphones. Plus, these audio recorders have inputs for external microphones that allow you to connect external microphones if necessary. 

And these recorders also have USB jacks so that filmmakers and content creators can easily download files onto their computers for editing. 

For microphones, there are several different options you can use to help you record the best sound possible.

Documentary Film Camera Kit

The audio recorders mentioned above allow you to record sound using the built-in mics, but there are other options that you should consider for those on the go or recording audio for film.

On-camera microphones are a great option for those YouTubers looking for a compact solution, that you mount to the top of the camera body and pointed directionally at the subject you need to record audio from. 

This YouTube Gear option works well for most people, but for those looking to eliminate background noise from external noise surrounding a subject, add a lavalier (or, lav) microphoneLav mics are small microphones fixed to a person’s shirt near their mouth, that can be connected by wires or wireless to your audio recorder to record clear audio.

Another option is boom microphones, which are fixed to a boom pole, or studio microphones, that is hidden from the video frame to get clear audio without having to mic up each time like a lav microphone. 

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Lighting kits

8 Important Low Budget Filmmaking Tips For Beginners

Once you have figured out your camera and audio equipment for your YouTube gear, the next step should be to find the right lighting kit. 

First I should let you know that it is possible to shoot your video content without lighting kits. You can shoot without lighting gear if the location you are shooting at has great natural lighting, add you adjust the camera’s shutter speed, lens aperture, and ISO features to capture that light and make a good image. But, having a lighting kit will give you more control over how your footage looks.

If you are looking at lighting kits for your YouTube Gear, you can find lighting kits for all budgets. 

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But if you are looking to build a lighting kit for your YouTube Gear, ideally you will want a key light, which is used to light faces and objects; a fill light, which is used to light shadowy areas; and a backlight, which is used to light backgrounds like walls.

Neewer makes really budget-friendly light kits. The Neewer 4-Light Kit is also a great budget option for YouTubers. This 4-Light Kit with Background Support System from Neewer contains everything you’ll need to get up and running shooting portraits, catalogs, and e-commerce products using still or video imaging. 

Another option is to get a ring lighting rig. A ring light is a circular fixture that usually includes a tripod, that creates a flat, even light on faces. This is popular with YouTubers whose work focuses on faces, like makeup tutorials. Smartphones, DSLR, and mirrorless cameras are mounted in the middle of the light ring, making it easy to set up and use.

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Headphones & studio monitors

Youtube Gear

For post-production, having studio monitors that allow you to listen to your audio levels better in editing is nice to have as part of your YouTube gear kit. While studio monitors are not absolutely essential since a beginner YouTuber can get away with a good set of headphones that performs well in the audio and video editing processes.

Many over-the-ear headphones available today can fit any budget. The decision for you is which headphones sound the best on the budget you can afford. 

But, if you don’t know where to start, consider the Senal SMH-1000 Professional Field and Studio Monitor Headphones, which are great for the beginner content creator on a budget. Other Studio Monitor Headphone brands like Audio-TechnicaShure, and Sennheiser all offer great headphones and have budget options as well.

If you really want studio monitors for your home studio, there is a range of options to choose from for all budgets. KRKYamahaPreSonusJBL, and Mackie all make great studio monitors for every type of budget. The best thing is studio monitors are that they are not too big to take over a whole room and produce the sound you need. 

YouTube Gear Equipment Summary

When putting together a list for your YouTuber Gear set up, you should start with your priorities and then build out from there.

The first tip for building your YouTube equipment kit is to think about the right camera to buy within your budget, then focus on the next important gear you need. If you don’t have a lighting kit, I suggest spending money on one as it will improve the look of your videos.

Next, find a good audio recorder, either with a built-in microphone or an external one. Finally, find a good pair of headphones and a pair of good budget studio monitors (it doesn’t hurt to have both).

Once you’re all set and ready with the right YouTube equipment, you can begin building your channel. Just remember to play and have fun with your equipment, and just keep learning as you go as you never know where your hard work will take you.

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Important YouTube Gear You Need For Starting A YouTube Channel - 5 Key Items

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