Ultimate Guide to Creating Eye-Catching Travel Videos (That People Actually Want to Watch)- 2022

Ultimate Guide to Creating Eye-Catching Travel Videos (That People Actually Want to Watch)

If you’ve ever been subjected to an hour-long slideshow with monotone narration about your parent’s trip to Hawaii, you know how difficult it is to create travel videos that people want to watch. Do not be like your parents when it comes to creating travel videos. 

You’re accomplishing great things, visiting incredible places, and having once-in-a-lifetime adventures. It’s natural to want to capture those memories on video to share and rewatch from time to time. It can be difficult to know exactly how to create stunning travel videos. 

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps and cover which equipment to use, how to shoot the best video, editing, and sound. Let’s get started.

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Ultimate Guide to Creating Eye-Catching Travel Videos (That People Actually Want to Watch)

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Step 1: Video Equipment

Video gear

This step is critical because you want to strike a balance between shooting high-quality video and packing light for travel. You may also have a budget, which we will take into account. We recommend that you record your travel videos on your smartphone or tablet. Isn’t that shocking? 

With your smartphone and a few other simple pieces of equipment, you can create stunning, professional-quality travel videos:

iOgrapher Filmmaking Case, Holder, and Rig System for Smartphone – The multi-case allow you to stabilize your phone, attach attachments, and use it as an expensive camera. If you prefer to use a tablet, there is also a case for that. 

Kit for Moment Anamorphic Film Lenses – With this lens, you can get cinema-quality widescreen shots right out of the box. Insert your phone into the Moment Lens Holder, snap it into the multi-case, attach the lens, and you’re ready to shoot in minutes.

Mini Tripod with Flexibility – A small, flexible, and dependable tripod are essential for shooting professional travel videos. Wrap it around poles, trees, bikes, or whatever else is necessary to get the perfect shot. Make sure to get one that can wrap around to capture a great selfie. 

Rode Shotgun Mic Mini – This is the mic we recommend if you want to narrate your travel videos or include live sound. It is simple to use, plug and play, and requires no batteries. Side note: for iOS devices, you will need an Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter to connect the mic to the headphone jack.

Backpack for travel – This is a great option for a separate backpack to carry your video equipment. The anti-shock padding is a must-have feature for traveling with video equipment. It has more than enough space for your gear.

Step 2: Make a Shot Plan

Ultimate Guide to Creating Eye-Catching Travel Videos (That People Actually Want to Watch)

Now that you’ve gathered your equipment, it’s time to plan your shoot. This step takes place after you have booked your trip but before you begin traveling. Consider the following questions: 

  • What kind of video do you have in mind? 
  • Are you filming your travels with you or as a documentary? 
  • Will it be lighthearted or serious? 
  • Who will see it, and how can it be tailored to their needs? 

Thinking about how to respect your surroundings is an important part of planning your shoot. For example, photos and video are not permitted inside Sistine Chapel, and if you intend to distribute your video for commercial purposes, you must obtain permission. Examine your travel itinerary and make appropriate plans based on your destinations.

If you want to film the Manhattan at dusk and want to plan the return trip on the Staten Island Ferry to get the perfect shot, find out when the sun sets and plan your day around that. Outlining a plan for what shots you want will help you to coordinate and avoid missing important footage.

Step 3: It's time to edit.

Ultimate Guide to Creating Eye-Catching Travel Videos (That People Actually Want to Watch)

You’ve returned home with hours of amazing footage and memories to last a lifetime. Now it’s time to choose some cool music and start editing. For music, check out these websites: 

A travel video should be between 3 and 5 minutes long. Make a list of the locations you want to include in each video. Will you make a time-lapse of a specific location, or will each video have a theme? 

Here are a few examples of cool videos you can create: 

  • Meals at each location throughout your travels
  • A busy location’s time lapse 
  • A tour-style series of narrations that take place in the same location.

The creative possibilities are limitless. 

Consider using Adobe Lightroom to review your footage and create a solid plan. Once you’ve decided on a direction for your footage, launch Adobe Premiere Pro, locate the video clip you want, and drag it from Lightroom into the video timeline. 

Match the most impactful video to high-energy parts of your music. Experiment with different transitions between footage and music until you find the perfect balance. Smooth out your transitions with effects and, if necessary, add sound effects.

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Step Four: Export and Upload To Social Media

travel gadget essential

Export your videos in a format that retains quality while remaining a manageable size. Save this as a backup and use it as a starting point for other formats. Make an MP4 file that you can upload to YouTube and Vimeo.

Share your high-quality travel videos with family, friends, travel communities, and other travelers who are curious about your destination.

A do-everything, go-anywhere kit that’s been expertly crafted for mobile content creators, the GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging kit lets you rig up your phone and give your content real impact. You’ll have everything you need in one box.


  • Gorilla Pod Mobile Rig
  • Beamo Mini LED
  • Wavo Mobile microphone
  • Audio cable for mobile phone & camera
  • Apple MFI certified lightning connector


Anyone can create Creating Eye-Catching Travel Videos that will make their parents envious with a little practice and planning.

Just make sure you have the right equipment, that you plan your shots to get the high-quality videos you want to share with the world, and that you spend time editing your videos to make them pop on screen.

Once you’ve completed these steps, all that remains is to export and share your journey with the rest of the world.

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Ultimate Guide to Creating Eye-Catching Travel Videos (That People Actually Want to Watch)

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