Smartphone Camera Photography – 10 Best Hacks To Make Your Smartphone Camera Photography Look Better

Best Smartphone For Filmmaking In 2021 - Video Recording

Hacks To Make Your Smartphone Camera Photography Look Better Have you ever struggled to take an amazing photograph with your smartphone? Having a high-quality digital camera in the palm of your hand is now a standard feature on today’s smartphones. While you can still use an expensive, fancy DSLR camera that can produce professional-looking images, … Read more

5+ Best Ways to Spend Less on Travel For Your Next Vacation

travel tips

Best Ways to Spend Less on Travel For Your Next Vacation Regardless of who you are, or what you do in life, there are always reasons why you can’t make your vacation dreams come true, and one of the biggest reasons is the perceived huge cost of traveling. Now, travel does incur costs like airfare, … Read more

7+ Best Hotels at LAX | Rest, Relax & Recharge At These Great Overnight Hotels

7+ Best Hotels at LAX

7+ Best Hotels at LAX If you have ever stayed at an Aiport hotel, some don’t scream luxury the minute you walk through the front door of the lobby. But for certain types of itineraries and travelers, they can make a lot of sense.  Earlier this year, I stayed at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel … Read more

How to travel on a budget: Our 10+ best tips

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Travel Guide For Those On a Budget – Traveling is always an adventure, and it opens your heart and mind.  Where are the best and cheapest travel destinations, how to get cheap travel accommodation, and where to find the cheapest travel prices when booking your travel plans?  “Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes … Read more

Survive Airline Travel – 20 Essential Ways To Make Air Travel Easier

Survive Airline Travel – How prepared are you when you are heading to the airport?

Survive Airline Travel – How prepared are you when you are heading to the airport? Do you have a travel checklist that you routinely go over and over until its time to head to the airport? Airline travel can make or break any vacation or holiday experience. Even with business travel, which sometimes is not as fun … Read more

Backpacking – 15 Awesome Travel Gadget Lifesavers For Backpackers


Backpacking Tools / Gadgets – When you are traveling, do you ever wish you packed clever travel gadgets that saved you time, money, stress, and space in your luggage? Are you a backpacker looking for useful gadgets for backpacking that are extremely useful and smart, that made your backpacking adventures so much better? Lately, I have been … Read more

10 Best Luxury Hotels & Resorts in PATTAYA, THAILAND

10 Best Luxury Hotels & Resorts in PATTAYA

Hotels & Resorts in Pattaya – Pattaya may be known as the sin city of Thailand, but there is so much to this resort town that gets overlooked. Located along the east coast of Thailand, Pattaya is the biggest travel destination for travelers all over the world. The reasons for traveling to this Eden are for the … Read more

15 Memorable Good Neighbor Hotels Near Disneyland

15 Memorable Good Neighbor Hotels Near Disneyland

Disneyland Resort Good Neighbor Hotels- Great News!!! We can travel again!!!  Disneyland Is Now Reopened To All Guests!!! If you are excited about taking the family on a vacation, there is nothing like visiting the happiest place on earth.  If you planning a vacation to the amazing Disneyland Resort, searching for the right accommodation to stay in … Read more

7+ Best Packing Organizer Ideas For Travel – Suitcase Packing

Packing Light

Packing Organizers – You have your travel plans set for your next destination, and you have selected the right wardrobe for the trip, it’s time to figure out how to pack all your items conveniently into your suitcase. For years I have always struggled in packing clothes for a holiday. I think I have lost count on … Read more