Money-Saving Tips For Purchasing Memorable Disney Souvenirs Online Before Your Disney Vacation 2021

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Disney Souvenirs when purchased at Disney Parks can bankrupt you if you are not careful. 

I know when I step foot into any Disney Park, my wallet begins to shake in fright because of the amount of money I want to spend the minute I enter the park.

While there are some theme parks around the world where you can avoid the temptation of spending money at the gift shops as you exit, but Disney Parks are not one of them. 

But, did you know that you can purchase Disney Souvenirs online before or after a vacation at a price that you can afford?

In this post, I will help any Disney traveler looking for ways to avoid spending half their vacation budget at a Disney gift shop, by showing the best places online to buy Disney merchandise before heading to the park.

The reason we go to Disneyland is to experience the magical kingdom, not spend all day shopping. 

Read on if you want to find out what Disney items you should have before heading to the park so you can enjoy the happiest place on earth the right way, on the rides and watching the shows!

Disney Souvenirs To Buy Online For Your Next Disney Trip
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Disney Souvenirs To Buy Online Before Your Disney Trip

Disney souvenirs purchased in the Disney theme parks can be expensive! 

While there are many exclusive Disney Merchandise that can only be found in the parks, more often than not you can purchase them at home for a reasonable price.

Also, you can find some cheap Disney souvenirs online before your magical vacation to the happiest place on earth, and take them with you on your adventure to use in the Disney parks! 

Disney Souvenirs – Why You Should Buy Them Before Your Vacation?

There are many advantages to purchasing Disney Souvenirs online before your holiday, and here are just a few reasons why. 

  1. Cost-Efficient – If you are planning to have the whole family decked out in Mickey Mouse ears while visiting the park, why not get them beforehand instead of hitting the gift shop once you get into the parks. You will already be saving money even before leaving on a jet plane heading to the Disney theme parks. Plus, it will add more precious time to hit the attractions sooner.
  2. Selection – When you enter a gift shop in the Disney theme parks, sometimes you might be restricted to just a small selection of items the store can carry at one time. While ordering from home you can find incredible products that one Disney gift shop can’t provide.

Below is a list of souvenirs you can purchase before your Disney holiday.

Where to buy cheap Disney Collectables online? You can buy all of these great Disney souvenirs online at TargetAmazon, &

Disney Mouse Ear Souvenirs

Did you know you can get Mouse Ear hats before your Disney trip?

Plus, those cute Mouse Ear headbands too!

These Cheap Disney souvenirs online for kids are a must before heading to the park!

If you are looking for something different, you can buy a ball cap to block the sun from your eyes.

Or for when the temperature drops in the fall/winter months a nice warm Disney cap is a great add on to your packing.

Some advice to give you is wearing the hats on the plane to save on luggage space.

Click here for pricing, reviews, and more information on

Disney Lanyards

Disney Lanyards can serve multiple purposes from holding trading pins, paper tickets & FastPass cards at Disneyland or your medical identification.

You can purchase these in the Parks, but why not prepare yourself ahead and get these cheap Disney souvenirs online here.

Click here for pricing, reviews, and more information on

Disney Souvenir T-Shirts

I am a sucker for Disney T-shirts, but when I see a sticker price of $30.00 I tend to pass on the t-shirts.  

Why not get three t-shirts for $30.00 instead? 

You can buy Unique Disney T-shirts online for Men, Women, and kids at TargetShopDisney, and Amazon offer great deals, and you can get them before you leave. 

You can get the same great quality at a lower price than the park. 

Click here for pricing, reviews, and more information on

Disney Charms

When you walk into New Orleans Square in Disneyland and the Main Street U.S.A. shops, those bright skinny trinkets for your bracelets sure are an attention grabber.

The great news is that these expensive Disney souvenirs can be purchased online before or after your trip.

But when you are looking for a particular charm at the theme park, you are risking valuable time that could be spent in line at an attraction or a magical parade.

Check out the ShopDisney beforehand for Disney park exclusive pandora charms & Disney charm bracelets to avoid spending too much on a gift for your self.  

Click here for pricing, reviews, and more information on

Souvenir Disney Plush Toys

Stuffed animals seem to come at a price where ever you go. 

Those Cute little stuffed animals in the theme Parks come at a premium price.  

You could buy Disney stuffed animals at Disneyland, but why not take advantage of the online sales and offers and save money from retailers like Amazon or ShopDisney?

Get your Disney plush toy collectibles like Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of the gang beforehand and it’s a win-win for everyone. 

Click here for pricing, reviews, and more information on

Disney Autograph Books

When walking around Disney you will suddenly see these lines of people, at random locations, waiting in line for no apparent reason. 

Well, if you look at the front of the line, you will most likely see a Disney character taking pictures and signing autograph books

If you choose to go down the character autograph road, then you will want to buy your Disney autograph books before you go – there are tons of different books, classic, deluxe, photo books, etc.

Or, you can go to Target and purchase a plain spiral-bound index card and decorate it for half the price. 

Click here for pricing, reviews, and more information on

Disney Costumes

I love seeing children dressed up at Disneyland. 

The glow that little kids have surrounding them as they are treated like princesses and princes from Disney staff and guests alike is why its the happiest place on earth. 

When you are at the park, you will see tons of little pirates or princesses running around Disney dressed to the nines.

The only problem you could face is the long line ups at the Disney dress shop.

Be prepared for these Disney souvenirs to buy before you go and save yourself time and money by securing your child’s favorite Disney character costumes before you go! 

TargetShop Disney usually has princess costumes and Amazon has quite a bit as well. 

These retailers offer cheap Disney souvenirs online for the princesses and princes in your life, without bursting the bank.

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Disney Fans

When visiting a Disney theme park during the summer break, it can get hot out there. 

There is nothing like sweat dripping from your head down to your toes and it’s only 11 am.

Misting fans are the perfect addition to your packing, as they will keep you cool throughout the day and night. 

Don’t be jealous of other Disneyland guests keeping themselves cool while you are frying in the heat. 

Disney Backpacks/Wallets

The bag you carry at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, or any amusement park, can make or break your experience.  

A bag that’s too heavy, uncomfortable, or not quite big enough for all your essentials may lead to complaints, meltdowns, and skirmishes between your family.

Plus, you want a backpack that can fit comfortably between your feet on Disney’s more intense rides. 

Why wait until you hit the theme park to buy a Disney backpack or Disney Wallet or just shop online at TargetShop Disney or Amazon from the comfort of your own home.  

It’s so much easier finding out what your kids want beforehand than after a tiring day at the park.

Disney Ponchos

Disney Souvenirs To Buy Online For Your Next Disney Trip

To me, the best Disney souvenirs to buy even when it is not the rainy season is a poncho to avoid getting overly soaked on the water rides.

You can order these on AmazonIf rain is forecast, DO NOT bring an umbrella. 

Stick with a poncho so that you are not stuck carrying an umbrella around Disneyland when you go inside or if the rain stops. 

Disney Souvenirs To Light Up The Night

8 Pcs Fashion Kids LED Light-Up Toy Lollipop Glow Sticks

There’s just something about things that light up that is simultaneously wondrous and mesmerizing. 

At home, we often take this modern convenience for granted, but at Disney, we marvel at the implementation of lights in attractions, shows, and scenery, especially at night.

It’s just another of the many ways that Disney manages to bring out the kid in all of us.

Why wait until you hit the theme park to buy light-up souvenirs and just shop online at Shop Disney or Amazon from the comfort of your own home.

These great cheap Disney souvenirs online are a must!

Warm Disney Clothing

If you’re visiting Walt Disney World or Disneyland during winter (pretty much November through February), what you will need to think about packing will be different than visits throughout the rest of the year. 

Most tourists envision sunshine and warm weather when preparing for trips to Disney, but during the non-summer months, you could experience a veritable roller coaster of weather in a single day.

With temperatures in the 30s and 40s possible at any point through February, it’s important that you’re prepared for winter weather (minus the snow…hopefully!) at Disneyland.

Why wait until you hit the theme park to buy warmer Disney Clothing and just shop online at TargetShop Disney or Amazon from the comfort of your own home. 

Disney Pajamas & Swimsuits

You want to surprise your children with a Disney Holiday or get them excited for their day at the park, Disney pajamas are the perfect gift.  

Also, it’s a sneaky way to get them to sleep by letting them know that once they put the Disney pajamas on and close their eyes, they will awake to another adventure at the happiest place on earth.

Also, if you are staying at a great Disneyland resort near the park ( Click this link to find a great Disneyland hotel.) let the kids play and relax in for a midday swim with their Disney swimsuits. 

TargetShopDisney, and Amazon have some great swimsuits for kids of all ages.

Pins For Trading

Disney Pin Trading is a popular hobby for Walt Disney World guests wanting unique souvenirs.

If you’re only looking for the cheapest place to buy Disney pins, look here.

Currently, you can purchase Disney pins for trading from third parties for less than $1 per pin.

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What should I buy in advance for Disney?

Disney Snacks In The Park Or At Home

Disney is a magical vacation, but once you are in the park, the fuel you need to keep the magic going can be pricey. 

One of the biggest ways a family can save a few dollars is by planning ahead of time and packing food for snacks and breakfast.

Food throughout the day can add up, but if you plan ahead and bring your snacks then you can relax the pocket-book for a bit.

I tend to hit a Trader Joe’s the day before I hit the park.

But you can order snack online via Amazon and deliver them to your hotel, so you can have them ready without scrambling to find the nearest over priced grocery store in the disney area.

Disney Water Bottles

Worried about taking out a mortgage just to keep your family hydrated throughout the day? 

When you are at Disney, they provide filtered water for free to their guests.

By purchasing a great water bottle beforehand, means that you are saving the planet, and saving money. 

My suggestion is to purchase a collapsible water bottle that can be packed easy after use.

Or, the Britta filtered water bottle for those who are worried about the water they are drinking outside the park.

First Aid Kits​

Disney has incredible medical services at their theme parks, but when your party gets a scrape or a cut during the adventure, having a first aid kit with you just puts your mind at ease.

Your family isn’t the only family in the park, and sometimes getting quick attention to take care of a boo-boo may take some time. 

Just being prepared and having a first aid kit with you means more time on the rides, and less at the medical service stations.

Portable Phone Charger


When you are inside the park, you will be using your electronics quite a bit. 

With the free wifi inside the park, you will be monitoring the wait times on the rides, posting images on social media, and keeping your kids entertained while waiting in line ups.

Having a juiced up portable phone charger before you enter the park will mean you will never have to worry about your electronics quitting halfway through the day. 

Clickable Sharpie(S)


Plus, Sharpies are the perfect writing tool for getting Disney Character autographs.

Regardless if the Sharpie is in the hands of Cinderella or the paws of Pluto, a Clickable Sharpie is a right choice.

Another advantage to a Clickable Sharpie is, you never have to worry about losing the cap of the Sharpie midway through the day.

ID Tattoos For Children

Little ones with limited verbal skills, basic id tags with the child’s name and your cell phone number will be a big help in case your child were to become separated from you at the parks. 

There are many great ways to make sure your child is protected in case something goes wrong.

Metallic pet tags engraved with information attached to your children’s shoes or ID tattoos for children are perfect for a sense of assurance that your family is safe and in good hands in case the unimaginable happens.

Foldable Blanket

disney souvenirs

If you are planning on seeing any show or parade (Disneyland Parade, holiday parades, fireworks, etc, etc), bring a sheet or a blanket to mark your territory. 

I highly recommend the Matador Blanket and have it with me at all times in the park.

It folds up to fit in your pocket but can seat 4 adults. With a blanket or sheet, you’re just securing a small section for you and your family to see the shows. 

The unfortunate thing about society today is people often lose their manners during these events, and if you don’t mark it, they will take it.

Stroller Lights

If you are taking your stroller or even if you are renting one, think about buying stroller lights as they are a great stress and time saver.

Side note: Never leave valuables (money, camera, souvenirs, wallet, phone) in your stroller. It is more common to have items stolen from your stroller than the stroller itself stolen.

Hand Sanitizer

Wish Advanced Hand Sanitizer 1.8 oz with key clip Assorted Scents (4 Pack) Clean Hands saves Lives travel size under 3 oz

Disney Parks before the pandemic were clean parks in the first place, but considering that thousands of people walk through the front gates on a daily basis, it’s better to practice safety protocols at the parks. 

With pocket-size sanitizers at the readythey can help keep germs away while you and your family enjoy the happiest place on earth.


Disney Souvenirs To Buy Online For Your Next Disney Trip

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Disney Souvenirs To Buy Online For Your Next Disney Trip

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