Best Reviewed Coffee Makers With Grinder: The 7 Most Popular Models On Amazon

Coffee Makers With Grinder

Is your coffee maker on its last legs, and it has become temperamental on when it decides to brew a fresh batch of coffee for you?  I was in a coffee emergency a few months ago when my automatic timing coffee maker decided it would pour the fresh batch of coffee on my counter instead … Read more

BLU G91 Review – Best Smartphone Under $150? Is It Worth Buying?

BLU G91 Review – Best Smartphone Under $150? Is It Worth Buying?

BLU G91 Smartphone Review – When it comes to affordable smartphones, Blu Smartphones is constantly aiming to outperform the competition in terms of what a budget phone should be. My iPhone X was seriously damaged a few years ago, and I had to take it in for repairs.  I raced to buy something cheap on Amazon that would … Read more

Apple TV Plus: Is it worth it? Everything you need to know 2021

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus is here! Have you subscribed to the streaming service yet? If not why not? When we think of Apple, we think about Steve Jobs on how he launched the personal computer revolution back in the 1980s, and how the company has transformed into a multimedia platform powerhouse. With the introduction of the iPhone in the late 2000s, Apple continued … Read more

Masterclass Review: Steve Martin Teaches Comedy | Best Online Comedy Training Tool

Steve Martin Teaches Standup Comedy

Steve Martin Teaches Comedy Masterclass was an online comedy training class I was worried about taking. Why? Because I love Steve Martin’s comedy chops.  With all of the stand-up comedy albums like Let’s Get Small, A Wild and Crazy Guy, Comedy Is Not Pretty, and movies like The Jerk, Three Amigos, and Roxanne, Steve Martin … Read more

Naenka Bone Conduction Runner Pro Headphones Review – Best Conduction Headphones

Naenka Bone Conduction Runner Pro Headphones

Naenka Runner Pro Headset Review Visualize being able to hear sounds through the vibrations in your jaw and cheekbones. The sound waves bypass the outer and middle ear, but their stimulating effects are sent straight to the inner ear via a conductive current carried by your bones.  I understand that this sounds a little strange … Read more

10 Best Reviewed Hot Sauces On Amazon | Kick Your Meals Up A Notch

best hot sauces

10 of Amazon’s greatest hot sauces – Cooking has been a challenge for many of us throughout the quarantine during the last year. Routines develop, and cooking the same dishes over and over again becomes monotonous, to the point that your pet no longer begs for food at the table. Cooking weariness is an issue … Read more

6 Amazing Smart Water Bottles Reviewed – Stay Hydrated

smart water bottle

Can you go a day without drinking water? Sure, you might be able to go a few hours without drinking a glass of water after waking up, but your body will tell you it’s time to drink up.  You can go for days without eating if you don’t eat. I wouldn’t recommend it because you’d start looking … Read more

10+ Amazing Air Purifiers For Your Home 2022

10 Amazing Air Purifiers For Your Home

10+ Amazing Air Purifiers For Your Home A good air purifier can improve your health by reducing allergens like pollen and mold spores, as well as protecting you from wildfire smoke and other types of smoke.  However, to qualify as a great air purifier, it must be powerful enough to clean the air in a large … Read more

Best Buyers Guide – 5 Great Point And Shoot Cameras For Travel

Best Buyers Guide - Point And Shoot Cameras For Travel

Point-and-shoot cameras – Want to take gorgeous vacation photos without lugging around a bulky camera bag? When I adore taking great pictures while traveling, there are times when I simply want to leave my mirrorless camera at home and go.  But, aside from a smartphone that can capture excellent photos while still fitting in the front … Read more