20+ Best Travel Products To Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

Staying Healthy While Traveling 

With the recent pandemic easing travel restrictions, people are looking for ways to keep healthy while traveling like never before. Even if vaccines are being distributed at a faster rate than anticipated, there are still additional health risks lurking in crowded airplane cabins and other public areas that we should be concerned about. 

Jet lag and travel stress can weaken the immune system, making you more vulnerable to alien diseases taking control of your body and ruining a vacation you’ve been looking forward to for months.

The reason for this post is that, while I am not a germaphobe, my wife is, and she always points out areas of worry while we travel that I would never have considered. There are no promises that any of the products mentioned in this article will keep you safe while on vacation, but there are certain things you can do to keep your health safe while on the road. 

Now, I don’t want this post to scare you away from traveling since I feel that, aside from education, traveling is the biggest investment you can make in yourself.

This is why I’m posting this article to help you prevent travel stress by safeguarding yourself with goods that can help you stay healthy while on the road. Here is a list of necessary travel products to assist you in staying healthy while traveling.

Side note: All the suggestions mentioned in the article below are just tips to help you stay healthy while traveling and don’t guarantee you that you will stay healthy with every trip you take. Also, if you are concerned about the spread of COVID-19, I will suggest checking out the CDC’s website for their advice on how to take caution while traveling.

Stay Healthy While Traveling – 20+ Essential Items You Need

Staying Healthy While Traveling

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Staying healthy while traveling on the plane

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Some of us may never have considered how filthy a plane could become before the pandemic. However, given the current epidemic, being in close quarters, and the various touchpoints we must deal with when in the air, a germophobe may go insane.

Even though many passengers will be more concerned about germs on the plane, issues such as the tray table on the back of airplane seats will continue to be a problem in the future. Tray tables are eight times dirtier than the toilet flush button on a plane, according to previous research.

That study alone should convince every traveler to load up on travel products that will help you stay healthy while traveling.

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Hand sanitizer

Staying Healthy While Traveling

According to Health Canada, no hand sanitizers with COVID-19 claims have been approved in Canada so far. Hand sanitizers can help minimize the risk of infection or transmission of microbes, even if they don’t claim to destroy viruses like coronaviruses. While hand cleaning with soap and water is recommended, hand sanitizers can be useful in a hurry when attempting to keep healthy while traveling.

So, which hand sanitizer should you opt for? The CDC recommends using alcohol-based sanitizers with a concentration of at least 60% alcohol or higher to destroy a wide range of bacteria. Consider using unscented sanitizer for those who may be allergic to odors while flying or traveling in confined quarters. 

Pack a couple of travel-size bottles of hand sanitizer in your carry-on and a couple of regular-sized bottles in your checked luggage so you’ll always have a backup.

Disinfecting wipes

stay healthy while traveling

Packing a supply of high alcohol wipes is another cleaning product that will help you stay healthy while traveling. These are especially useful for cleaning seats, armrests, seatbelt buckles, tray tables, and other items that passengers may come into contact with while traveling. 

Years ago, I scrubbed an aircraft seat with an alcohol wipe and was astounded by how black the wipes turned out. So, if wiping an aircraft seat with a wipe, results in black stains, consider how filthy the rest of the seat is. 

I like to have travel-size packages of wipes in my carry-on because they are easy to transport and will always be there when I need them.

Face masks

stay healthy while traveling

It’s time to adjust to the new normal. 

Before the epidemic, the idea of wearing face masks on a plane or train was unthinkable. However, considering the number of individuals sneezing and coughing on a plane in the past, I’m surprised we’ve made it this far.

Face masks are currently required by airport authorities, airlines, and other public venues to protect yourself and others from deadly viruses like Covid and are likely to remain so in the future. Everyone has their own unique preferences when it comes to face masks, but be sure they’re clean. 

Cloth masks are great because they can be used again and again, and they take up less room in landfills. The secret to using cloth face masks when traveling is to wash them every day. This can be inconvenient on longer excursions. 

If you think this might be an issue on your trip, keeping a supply of disposable face masks in your suitcase can make it easy to replace them when you run out.

Compression socks

stay healthy while traveling

Have you ever been on a long flight in coach, crammed into a middle seat, only to discover that your ankles have swollen to double their regular size and you can’t get to baggage claim when you arrive? 

Traveling, however, may wreak havoc on your circulatory system. While the danger of blood clots on a trip is low, it increases as the duration of the flight grows. Compression socks come in handy in this situation. On a lengthy journey, these socks aid enhance circulation and reduce the risk of swelling or worsening deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and clotting.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Compression stockings steadily squeeze your legs, helping your veins and leg muscles move blood more efficiently. They offer a safe, simple and inexpensive way to keep blood from stagnating.”

The best way to stay healthy while traveling is to take care of your feet, and your body will thank you.

Sleep Mask

stay healthy while traveling

Sleep deprivation has been proven in studies to reduce cognitive performance by up to 20%. As a result, any traveler traveling time zones should try to sleep as much as possible during their flight. Sleep masks are vital in remaining healthy while traveling for people like me who have a hard time sleeping on a plane. 

Sleep masks have been shown to aid in the adjustment to different time zones and the reduction of the effects of jet lag. Sleep masks provide your body a better chance to relax from the stress of flight travel and help you stay healthy when traveling, so whether you’re on a plane or not, getting enough sleep may make or break a vacation.

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Travel pillow

stay healthy while traveling

Because you’ll be sleeping with an eye mask on, it’s also crucial to make sure you’ll be comfortable. Traveling by airline is one of the most inconvenient modes of transportation, especially if you are in an economy seat. There is almost no room to maneuver because the seats are so close together. 

It’s the same whether you’re traveling by vehicle or train. Packing a travel pillow, on the other hand, supports the neck and makes traveling more comfortable. With a good travel pillow, you can keep your neck healthy when traveling.

Travel Blanket

stay healthy while traveling

Regardless of which cabin class you are in on a flight, your chances of getting a clean blanket to keep you warm are little to none. Airline employees verified that the blankets provided on flights are rarely washed. 

So, how can you stay healthy while on the road or trying to sleep on a plane? The solution is to bring a travel blanket that can be rolled up into a small package.

The key to having the best travel blanket is to make sure it’s constructed of a lightweight material that will withstand several washing machine journeys. 

Also, make sure it’s made of a dark-colored, stain-resistant, and water-resistant material in case there’s some turbulence and your coffee spills over the side of the cup and into your travel blanket.

Noise-canceling Headphones

Bose NC700 Vs Sony WH1000XM4

Have you ever gone on a flight and cursed yourself for not purchasing a good set of noise-canceling headphones? You don’t want to be woken up by the bloodcurdling wail of a baby or the constant chatter of intoxicated passengers surrounding you if your flight is long and you want to feel relaxed when you arrive. 

If these instances are bringing back unpleasant memories of previous travels, it may be time to look for a pair of noise-canceling headphones that suit your needs.

Flying can be a stressful experience for some travelers, and stress on the body might make you more susceptible to contracting colds or flu during your trip. Of course, noise-canceling headphones aren’t just for flying; they can also be used at home when you need to get away from the commotion of your family while listening to an audiobook or podcast.

Bring Healthy Snacks

Staying healthy while traveling entails more than just avoiding illnesses; you also need to keep your body working smoothly with a nutritious diet. While bringing your own food on a plane may seem ridiculous, bringing at least a few healthy travel snacks on your next vacation could save your life.

I was recently on a plane trip where I was stuck on the plane for three hours while it waited on the tarmac with no food or water. And if you travel enough, you’ll find yourself in this circumstance, and you’ll be grateful for food while you’re stranded.

Packing nutritious snacks will also help you avoid succumbing to the temptation of purchasing something unhealthy at the airport. Plus, whether you’re attempting to stick to a diet or follow a certain meal plan, having nutritious travel snacks on hand ensures you stay on track.

UV-powered Self-sanitizing Water Bottle

UV Light Devices

Staying hydrated is essential for staying healthy when traveling. Particularly aboard an airplane, where the low humidity in the cabin causes moisture to escape fast from the body, leading to dehydration. Furthermore, when the air is dry, the cilia in the throat, which sweep out viruses and germs, become less effective, making you more prone to disease. 

While having a reusable water bottle is convenient when traveling, they are difficult to clean. A UV-powered self-sanitizing water bottle can help in this situation.

They are simple to clean, ensuring that you get clean drinking water free of germs and hazardous microorganisms. 

Self-cleaning water bottles, unlike filtered water bottles, which utilize a variety of techniques to trap sediment and pathogens, use UV technology to zap waterborne germs and keep them out of your drink, independent of the water source.

Staying healthy while traveling in a hotel

Several of the travel goods mentioned above might also help you keep healthy while staying in your lodgings. Here’s a list of must-have travel things to keep you healthy and happy once you’ve arrived at your vacation spot.

Shower Sandals

stay healthy while traveling

Biofilms—slimy areas where many groups of bacteria stick together—breed in public showers due to their generally damp nature. 

Wearing shower shoes in any public or communal shower is recommended by experts, including the CDC, to reduce the severe health impacts of extremely contagious bacterial and fungal infections like Athlete’s foot, Ringworm, Staph, and MRSA infections. 

Not only are public showers a breeding habitat for bacteria, but so are pools, gyms, and hotel carpets. When going around these regions, the key to keeping your feet healthy when traveling is to wear shower shoesflip-flops, or sandals for happy and clean feet.


stay healthy while traveling

I learned a lot about sun safety and saw firsthand how harmful unprotected sun exposure can be to one’s health. 

I spent the entire day in the sun in Paris, roaming the streets without a hat or sunscreen, on the day I was to propose to my wife. I was so sick at the end of the day that all I could do was grab the ring from my pocket and barely whisper “would you marry me?” without passing out. 

Sun exposure can contribute to the development of certain forms of skin malignancies and accelerated aging if you don’t protect yourself. So, if you want to stay healthy while traveling and spending hours in the sun, use sunscreen.

Toothbrush Sanitizer

stay healthy while traveling

You want to make sure your toothbrush is germ-free whether you’re brushing at home or on the go, as you should with anything you put in your mouth. 

UV toothbrush sanitizers have been shown to operate quite well in studies published in several dental journals. They do help to lower the number of bacteria and other organisms on your toothbrush. They don’t completely eliminate live beings, though, because they’re everywhere!

What can a toothbrush sanitizer help you with when you’re on the road? They can provide you with a piece of mind, particularly if you’re traveling with people who aren’t family and using a hotel restroom. They’re straightforward and easy to use, and they perform great whether you’re on the road or at home.

Smartphone Sanitizer

stay healthy while traveling

Consider how many times you use your smartphone in a day to check emails or browse social media. Consider how many items you may have touched before reaching for your phone. That’s how I came across the revolutionary UV Light Sanitizer, which claims to kill 99 percent of all bacteria that might cause a cold. 

To promote general health, the number of bacteria and other filth that might become stuck on our smartphones must be cleaned. The built-in UV lights execute a sanitization procedure that swiftly removes hazardous microorganisms from your smartphone.

Is it effective? Yes, it is. I took a UV light and shined it on my smartphone, which picked up germs, and in the light, I discovered my phone was contaminated. So I put my iPhone through the smartphone sanitizer, and it was clean after ten minutes. 

On Amazon, you can get portable UV Light Sanitizer devices that are easy to travel with and will keep you healthy while you explore.

Microfibre Towel

stay healthy while traveling

microfibre towel should be on your packing list if you plan on spending a lot of time at beaches, swimming in waterfalls, washing after hot sweaty days, and then taking in the sights of the city! 

Microfiber towels are durable, soft, absorbent, water repellent (rapid dry), light-weight, and frequently antibacterial. You don’t want to deal with a soggy towel if you’re on the run all day and take several swim breaks. A microfibre travel towel will quickly dry you off and won’t add weight to your bag.

A microfibre towel is also a versatile towel that may be used after a bath, to mop up accidents, to dry dishes, or even as a blanket when the bus driver has turned up the air conditioning a little too high.

First-Aid Kit

stay healthy while traveling

A first-aid kit is an essential item to have with you when traveling to stay healthy. What you’ll need is a Surviveware travel first aid kit, which includes everything you’ll need to treat minor injuries. 

Also, include antibiotic ointment, as well as treatments for fever, discomfort, motion sickness, allergies, stomach aches, colds, and flu. 

Electrolyte solutions or rehydration tablets, as well as a digital thermometer, should be included in the box. You should also pack an extra 14-day supply (or more) of prescription medication in case of any unexpected travel restrictions.

Products For Keeping Your Feet Healthy & Happy

stay healthy while traveling

Proper foot care is the last item on the list for staying healthy when traveling. Depending on the type of trip you’re doing, you’ll need to bring the correct travel goods to protect your feet. 

It is critical to have footwear that is both comfortable to walk in and keeps your feet dry. NikeECCOAllbirds, and New Balance all manufacture excellent travel footwear that covers all the bases for keeping your feet comfortable. 

In addition, if you want to keep your feet cool on hot days, sandals are a terrific choice. KEEN and Teva, for example, create incredibly comfortable sandals that keep your feet cool on hot days.

When it comes to socks, seek ones that are moisture-wicking and anti-microbial, as well as ones that cushion your feet. Please don’t wear socks with sandals; it gives off the impression that you’re a tourist. 

On hot days, an Anti-Blister Balm or travel-sized foot powder to absorb moisture will do the work if you’re worried about blisters and raw skin caused by friction. When the day is done, use foot cream to prevent calluses. Your feet will appreciate it.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” The saying holds true today and cautions us to plan ahead to stay healthy while traveling.

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