10 Products To Help Protect You And Keep You Healthy While Traveling

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Staying Healthy While Traveling – With the recent announcement of the pandemic of the COVID-19, travelers are extremely concerned about how to stay healthy while they are traveling.

Traveling stress can take a toll on a body, and if the stress begins to wear down the body’s immunity, it’s tough for the body to combat foreign viruses from taking control of a traveler’s body and possibly ruining a vacation that has been planned for months.

The reason for this article is that I am not a germaphobe, but my wife is, and she always points out certain areas of concern while we travel that I never would have thought of.

For example, industry travel professionals have always mentioned that the dirtiest areas of the airplane if the tray tables and the seats you sit in.

On my most recent trip from Vancouver, BC to New York, NY, I decided to test out this theory and when I entered the plane I was flying in, the first thing I did was wipe down with antibacterial wipes, the tray table, armrests, and the seat I was sitting in.

Let’s just say that after I wiped down the entire area of where I was sitting, I was shocked to see how a white cloth could turn black in such a short amount of time. I didn’t know if after wiping the area if I should dispose of the cloths into a garbage can or call a hazmat team.

Now, I don’t want this article to scare you off from traveling because I believe traveling is the best investment next to education that you can do for yourself.

This is why I am writing this article of ways to help you avoid travel stress by protecting yourself by using certain products that can help you stay healthy.

Side note: All the suggestions mentioned in the article below are just tips to help you stay healthy while traveling and doesn’t guarantee you that you will stay healthy with every trip you take.

Also, if you are concerned about the spread of COVID-19, I will suggest checking out the CDC’s website for their advice on how to take caution while traveling.

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Wipes away dirt and germs fast… and on the go! 

Handy to keep in cars, offices, childcare facilities, schools, home, and so many other places and spaces – they’re convenient and easy to use anytime, and help keep germs and dirt under control while staying healthy.

Great for wiping down airplane seats and table trays.

Hydralyte Effervescent Electrolyte Hydration Tablets

Hydralyte Electrolyte Effervescent Tablets were created to help your body perform at its best.

Toss them in your bag for pre- and post-workout, travel, hangover, long days in the sun, and any time you’re faced with a stomach bug.

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UV Water Bottle Purifier

When you reuse an empty plastic water bottle over and over again, germs begin to form inside the bottle which could cause you to be ill over time. 

With a self-cleaning water bottle, you can treat germy water fountains, funky tap water, questionable airport and travel water by sterilizing water wherever you travel.

This Self Cleaning UV-C Keeps The Bottle Pristine and Odor Free – Preventing and Eliminating Microbial Growth in order to keep you healthy while on vacation.

Daily Probiotics

Factors such as diet and travel can impact the good bacteria in your body.

That’s why it can be important to replenish your body’s good bacteria with probiotics.

Probiotics can be an important addition to a healthy you.

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UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

We use our smartphones on a daily basis, but how many times do we clean them during the day? Sure we can use an anti-bacterial wipe on the screen, but is it that effective?

This UV cellphone sanitizer requires no liquid, heat, or chemicals, so it’s safe to sanitize anything that will fit inside!

While killing 99.99% of germs, UV-C light can get to the microorganisms that hide in crevices where even cleaning wipes can’t reach.

If you are trying to stay healthy while on vacation, keeping your smartphone sanitized is a great prevention from those nasty viruses that and up getting you sick while on vacation.


Cool Mist Humidifier Diffuser

Traveling with a portable humidifier is a great way to fight off the harsh dry air while traveling on a plane or staying in a hotel room. 

It can help combat issues like dry eyes, dry skin, and dry sinuses that can create havoc on the body.

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If you are on a long-haul flight and can’t get enough rest during the flight, it can leave your body run down and could lead you to eventually getting sick.

Shut Eye’s unique combination of all-natural ingredients helps you relax before bed and sleep soundly through the night without the early morning drowsiness associated with other sleep aids.

Zaca Recovery Chewable Supplement

This powerful supplement is one of the first on the market to introduce extract of Japanese Raisin Tree, believed to improve hangover symptoms & aid in liver detoxification.

Zaca also contains L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine (Sustamine), thought to combat the dehydrating effects of alcohol by replacing lost electrolytes and replenishing the body’s energy stores; Prickly Pear, which is high in antioxidants and flavonoids; and L-Glutathione (Setria) which is associated with detoxification and immune protection benefits.

I am not a drinker, but after a long flight and being dehydrated these tablets are just what I need to bounce back and get me back on the road again.

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Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask

Cotton sleep masks absorb moisture and can dry out skin. Slipsilk sleep masks absorb less and are designed to be gentle on delicate facial skin.

Sleep with Slip – Whether you’re on a long-haul flight or treating yourself to some much-needed beauty sleep, this luxurious Slipsilk sleep mask will have you dreaming in no time.

Liposomal Vitamin C

Most ordinary forms of oral Vitamin C, tablets, capsules, powders, liquids and even Vitamin C from your diet, may not be processed and absorbed efficiently by your body. 

As a result, much of this Vitamin C is never transferred into your bloodstream and even less of it makes it into your cells.

When you take 1,000 milligrams or more of regular oral Vitamin C, more than half of it is passed as waste by your body.

Unlike pills and powders, which may not be absorbed efficiently, Lypo Spheric products use liposomes made from Essential Phospholipids to maximize absorption.

Phospholipids are primary building blocks of the cellular membrane: the thin, protective wall around each cell in your body. The phospholipid wall functions as a skin for each cell, keeping things in or out.


No matter how much you try to stay healthy while traveling, sometimes the viruses are always one step ahead of us.

But, by preparing yourself with these great products for your travels, you can be assured that you are trying your best to stay healthy and enjoy your dream vacation wherever it may be.


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