Top 7+ Best Online Acting Classes, Courses + Training

Best Online Acting Classes, Courses + Training

To make an actor’s aspirations come to a reality, it takes a lot of sweat, commitment, and talent. When it comes to acting, either you’re born with it or you have to put in a lot of effort every day to realize your aspirations of becoming a movie star.

Congratulations if you were born with star-quality talent; all you have to do now is show up, read your lines, and collect your salary. 

However, if you are an actress like me who has to work hard and pay his or her dues in order to fulfill their acting aspirations, you must practice and improve your acting talents every day to reach the top.

But how do you put your acting skills to the test regularly? To develop your acting skills, you could enroll in in-person acting classes with an acting coach or instructor. However, taking acting classes in person can cost money and time, which many actors cannot afford. 

Learning the art of acting online is another way to improve your acting talents and become a better actor. You might be wondering how you might learn to act online. Since the outbreak, numerous acting schools across the country have begun offering sessions via Zoom, but the cost of these classes has stayed the same as in-person instruction.

But what if you don’t have access to resources in your community to master the profession of acting in person or over the internet?

That’s where taking online acting lessons from respected online universities can help you improve your acting skills.

If you want to gain confidence, study acting exercises and approaches, and gain a better understanding of how the industry works online, this post will help you find the top online acting schools to get started!

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MasterClass - Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting

Samuel L. Jackson stammered so terribly as a child that he went silent for nearly a year. He is now one of the most successful actors in the world, having appeared in over 100 films, including Pulp Fiction and The Avengers. 

The Oscar nominee explains how he creates distinctive characters, great performances, and a long-lasting career in his online acting workshop. Master auditions, script analysis, and finding the truth in every character you portray.

This acting master class is a terrific introduction to what it takes to be a professional actor. You’ll meet Samuel L Jackson, an acting coach with years of industry experience, acting expertise, and personal tales to share with you, the student, in this online acting course

Samuel L Jackson lays down his acting tactics and refinements of his characterization process using moments from his film “The Caveman’s Valentine” as a case study in this Masterclass. This online acting school also teaches students how to break down a script in the same way that Samuel Jackson did to become the star he is today.

Voice and character, exploring your emotional depths, using your body, dealing with directors, on-set teamwork, making daring choices, expanding your acting practice, auditioning, growing your acting career, Hollywood lessons, and more are all covered in this online acting Masterclass

This online acting class is for you if you want to acquire acting skills from one of the best performers in recent years. 

This course has 21 video lessons totaling 5 hours and 0 minutes and is suitable for actors of all abilities. A downloadable class workbook with lesson recaps, tasks, and extra material is also included with this online acting course.


  • Learn from one of the best-loved actors
  • Practical examples from films and student sessions
  • Strong and helpful Workbook materials


  • Not always easy to follow or understand
  • Sometimes lacking in technical theory

Who it’s for: Actors just starting out and progressing through the audition process. Manly concentrated on how to improve your performing style and professional demeanor. Those who want more theory-based study will find this less appealing.

Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting

MasterClass - Helen Mirren Teaches Acting

Helen Mirren, the Academy Award-winning actress, reveals the strategies she’s acquired throughout her international career on stage, cinema, and television in her first-ever online acting class

She has won multiple prizes for her powerful and versatile performances, including an Academy Award in 2007 for her role in The Queen, a Tony Award in 2015 for her role in The Audience, and four Emmy Awards. 

Helen Miren begins her masterclass by demonstrating a basic move that is one of the most difficult for an actor to master: strolling naturally. She then exposes them to the world of acting as well as the blank area that will serve as your classroom. Helen’s advice on the auditioning process, as well as how to choose and judge a role, is also included in the acting Masterclass.  

Breaking down a screenplay; Shakespeare; discovering your character; research: fictitious and real characters; constructing characters: wardrobe, hair, and makeup; preparation and practice; human behavior; film acting method; acting on a film set; and more are among the topics addressed in the program. 

In this session, Helen Mirren is remarkably open and generous. Hearing about the complexity and thinking that goes into performing a character is both entertaining and enlightening. This class comes highly recommended! 

The course consists of 28 video sessions totaling 6h 17m and is suitable for actors of all abilities. A downloadable class workbook with lesson recaps, tasks, and supplementary material is included with this online acting course.


  • Learn from a critically-acclaimed actress
  • Gives extensive and in-depth lesson content
  • Lots of interchangeable tips to improve your acting
  • Excellent and informational Workbook
  • Access to a community forum


  • Can sometimes include vague/abstract advice
  • Does not include group-based acting workshops

Who it’s for: Anyone interested in learning more about acting and honing their own performance skills. The training is designed for beginners and focuses on both the fundamentals and more advanced skills. Less suitable for individuals interested in drama school, as Mirren does not take this into account.

Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting

MasterClass - Natalie Portman Teaches Acting

Oscar-winner Natalie Portman is a well-known actress. She’s developed a repertoire of personal strategies for generating characters and crafting performances as a self-taught actor, and she’ll be sharing them with you. 

For an actor, the idea of discovering your own personal method through practice and play is crucial. Natalie did not have any acting training; instead, she honed her skills via work and collaboration with other artists. You’ll learn how to work and grow as an artist independently with Natalie Portman’s guidance, so you can show up in the audition room or on set ready to be the best collaborator possible.

The lessons in this course will also cover working on the set, performing on camera, working with directors, playing a real character/historical figure, improvisation, working with the set, props, and camera, green screen acting, advice for actors, active empathy, and much more. Natalie guides you to be a more grounded and giving actor.

This course contains 20 video lessons – 2h 37m total that is perfect for all acting levels. Also, this online acting course includes a downloadable class workbook that includes lesson recaps, assignments, and supplemental material.


  • Learn from a widely successful actress
  • Rich and varied lesson content
  • Great assignments and viewing/reading suggestions
  • Excellent attention to specific techniques
  • Informative case studies and scene examples


  • Less focused on breaking into acting
  • Shorter than other online courses

Who it’s for: Anyone who has a basic understanding of film acting and wants to improve their talents. The physical component of acting, as well as how to employ gestures to emote, is heavily emphasized in this online acting course. Fans of Portman’s style will enjoy it even more because she gives largely personal examples.

Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting

Want to Learn More About Filmmaking?

Become a better filmmaker with the MasterClass Annual Membership. Gain access to exclusive video lessons taught by film masters, including Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Spike Lee, Jodie Foster, and more.

Udemy - Professional 10 Hour Acting MASTERCLASS

Udemy’s Professional 10 Hour Acting course is very thorough in teaching acting students how to act for the stage and screen. 

You’ll learn to broaden your acting abilities so that you can adapt to any role while still giving your characters a unique voice.

Getting into character at a faster pace, obtaining a blueprint for how to actually practice, building believable and honest characters, walking into a room with confidence, learning how to interact with the director/casting director, and much more are just a few of the many lessons covered in this online acting class.

You’ll also learn how to have fun at work again and bring YOURSELF to the table, which is crucial in the never-ending quest for performing opportunities. Overall, one of the greatest online acting classes for all talent levels on this list.

Comprehensive content: 10h13m, 32 lectures Lifetime access to course content, and comes with a course completion certificate.

Little to no acting knowledge is needed for this online acting class, all you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn.


  • Great practical advice on how to break into acting
  • Explains what acting is and how to practice it
  • Personable 1-1-style filming
  • Unique content (especially compared to YouTube)
  • In-depth content in one easy-to-access place


  • Sometimes tangential/repetitive
  • Less theory-based than other courses

Who it’s for: Anyone curious about the art of acting or trying to break into acting professionally. The acting class is beginner-friendly because it uses novice terms. Less suited to those with more advanced acting knowledge, as this class does cover a lot of basics.

Udemy student feedback

Udemy - Acting 101 for Adults

If your dream is to be in front of the camera, acting in a major motion picture, television show, or national commercial, then this Acting 101 for Adults course is for you. 

Actor Aaron Jackson gives a variety of tips to help you become the best version of yourself. Aaron Jackson offers pupils a variety of techniques that he uses to train and improve their acting abilities. He can develop your talents whether you are just starting out in acting, want to master new techniques, sharpen your skills, or are a seasoned actor. He’ll go over the basics of a résumé, headshot, website, manager, demo reel, and proper warm-up for your “toolbox.”

You will learn the ins and outs of promoting oneself, from working on auditions, monologues, and scene studies to sharing the secrets of success in local markets and Hollywood. This course will equip you with the skills you’ll need to succeed as a working actor. 

This course is designed for adults who want to pursue acting opportunities or a career in the industry. This course does not require any qualifications or prior knowledge. This course begins with the fundamentals of acting and progresses from there.

Course Content: 17 lectures, 6h52m Lifetime access to course content, and comes with a course completion certificate.


  • Learn from a seasoned professional
  • Strongly focused on acting as a career
  • The engaging style of “coaching
  • Detailed and thorough teaching


  • Some additional resources are inaccessible
  • More focused on the business side of acting

Who it’s for: This is one of the best acting classes for beginners who want to pursue acting as a profession. It’s ideal for people who are just starting out in the business of acting. In an easy-to-understand manner, this course covers the practical side of auditioning, obtaining an agency, and so on.

Acting 101 for Adults

Udemy - Method Acting for Sane Actors

When you ask an actor what their biggest acting challenge is, they usually respond with one of these three options… 

  • “I’m having trouble connecting with my character.” 
  • “‘I don’t know where to begin creating a character” 
  • “I get lost in my thoughts and make up emotions.” 

“As an actor, it’s your job to convince the audience that you’re the character. 

However, if you suffer from any of the issues listed above, your acting is not authentic. And here’s the difficult part: your acting is probably not very good.

And that means you’ll be frustrated because

  • You won’t get the parts you want.
  • You feel yourself forcing and faking emotions.
  • You know you’re not tapping into your full talent and potential.

The good news is Udemy’s Method Acting For Sane Actors will help you bring a greater depth and reality to your characters.

Here’s just a small sample of what this course will teach you:

  • Why your acting success depends on knowing how to avoid these common acting mistakes.
  • How to use the power of your imagination so you can evoke powerful emotions and have more physical freedom in your acting.
  • Discover how to bring more creativity and confidence into your performances.
  • How to find specific words and phrases in every script that will show you how your character thinks and how to use those same words to tap into your emotional “hot buttons.”
  • The BIGGEST mistake most actors make when building a character and fixing it.
  • Discover the most important questions you need to ask yourself before you try to act one word of dialogue. 

You’ll study rarely taught techniques that the instructor learned straight from the country’s most known professors, skills that have been taught to Meryl Streep, Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand, Sam Rockwell, Danny Glover, Kathy Bates, Timothy Olyphant, and Geraldine Page, to mention a few.

There are also certain changes to the tactics that have helped others gain professional roles in film, television, commercials, and theatre.

Bottom line: Before you realize it, you’ll be putting on more authentic performances as a result of this curriculum. You’ll start nailing more auditions and booking more work once you’ve learned everything in this online acting program.

It’s fun, it’s proven, and it’s going to help you reach your full potential as an actor.

Course Content: 10 lectures, 1h14m Lifetime access to course materials, and comes with a certificate of completion.


  • Excellent insight into acting techniques
  • Strong examples and practical exercises
  • Great for beginners/as a refresher


  • Less focused on newer acting styles
  • More of a starting point/overview of acting methods

Who this course is for: Even if you’re a seasoned veteran, you’ll learn some new tools that will take your acting to a higher level. New actors chomping at the bit to learn how to be a darn good actor, and… even if you’re a seasoned veteran, you’ll learn some new skills that will take your acting to a higher level.

Method Acting For Sane Actors
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Udemy - How I Booked 8 Acting Roles On Major TV Shows in a Year

You will simply identify the elements of your acting career that are holding you back with this course on How I Booked 8 Acting Roles On Major TV Shows in a Year

Most actors ignore one or more of their essential elements, either out of laziness or because they believe their talent will be enough to propel them to the top. 

Stop worrying about things that are out of your control as an actor, such as whether you book the part, how much your agency submits you for, whether your co-star role will become a recurring role, and so on. 

Allow the instructor to assist you in identifying what you have to control over and removing red flags that prevent casting directors from calling you in.

Course Content: 5 lectures, 2h Lifetime access to course content, and comes with a course completion certificate.


  • Engaging attitude and presentation style
  • Well-organized course layout
  • Great for beginners/amateur actors


  • Less academic on acting’s academic/theory side
  • Generally shorter than other online acting classes

Who it’s for: Anyone with a basic command of the English language and a desire to act. This training is appropriate for beginners and amateur actors of all ages.

How I Booked 8 Acting Roles On Major TV Shows in a Year

Masterclass - Nancy Cartwright Teaches Voice Acting

For nearly 40 years, Nancy Cartwright has voiced some of the most iconic animated characters on screen, including everyone’s favorite 10-year-old underachiever

Now the Emmy winner takes you into the recording booth to teach you the art of voice acting. In Masterclass’s first class to feature original animation, you’ll learn how to develop charactersget performance tips, and hear Nancy’s career advice. It’s time to get animated.

Nancy Cartwright demonstrates vocal techniques to adapt and change the sound of your voice. She also talks about how she developed the voice for Bart Simpson.

Plus, Nancy advises you on how to begin a career in voice acting. She shares stories of her mentor, Daws Butler, and talks about the role a mentor can play in developing your vocal skill set. You’ll also learn how to create an effective demo reel.

Other lessons include creating character voices, creating a distinct character, breaking down a script, voice acting tips for recording, performing a range of emotions, and so much more.

This Masterclass is very entertaining and educational! The best part is Nancy’s encouragement and positive outlook for her audience and students of the craft. If you are looking for help in your voice acting training, this Masterclass is the right fit for you.

This course contains 14 video lessons – 2h 43m total that is perfect for all acting levels. Also, this online acting course includes a downloadable class workbook that includes lesson recaps, assignments, and supplemental material.


  • Learn from an acclaimed voice actress
  • Strong visual examples and demos
  • Helpful on-set footage
  • Succinct and well-structured lessons


  • Specific terms are not always explained
  • Visual FX can sometimes be distracting

Who it’s for: Beginners interested in voice acting in particular, or those looking to develop their emotive vocal range. Moreover, the course focuses on Cartwright’s specialty — cartoon voices. So, it’s less suited to those keen on other types of voice acting.

Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting

Udemy: A Comprehensive Guide to Child Acting


  • There are no prerequisites or previous knowledge needed to take this course.


This Child Acting online course introduces students to various methods which teach and enhance their acting skills. Whether a child is considering an acting career, wants to learn new techniques, sharpen their skills, they can do so with this great online child acting class. 

From working on auditions, monologues, and scene studies to sharing the secrets of success in local markets and Hollywood, child actors will learn the ins and out of marketing themselves. The child Acting course will give them the tools needed to be successful working actors.


  • Extensive content: 15 lectures, 7h49m
  • Geared specifically towards child actors or parents of child actors
  • High rating: 4.5 stars
  • Lifetime access to course content
  • Comes with a course completion certificate


  • Wish there were more worksheets or assignments

Who this course is for: Anyone interested in starting a career as a child actor. Parents looking to introduce their child to the world of acting.

Want to Learn More About Filmmaking?

Become a better filmmaker with the MasterClass Annual Membership. Gain access to exclusive video lessons taught by film masters, including Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Spike Lee, Jodie Foster, and more.


Deep breathing, yoga, close reading, memorization, watching other actors, making choices, self taping, introspection, letting go, and people watching are some of the best acting exercises.

My top recommendation is MasterClass! With MasterClass, you can learn from the likes of Helen Mirren and Samuel L. Jackson just to name a few. 

The prices of the classes mentioned above vary between around $20-$90. Even at the more high-priced end, these online acting courses are cheaper than in-person training.

In terms of the subscriptions platforms like MasterClass and SkillShare, prices change, but subscriptions are usually around the $180-$200 mark. 

Also, your subscription gives you access to all available classes on the platform across the year. And the more courses you take during that year, the better the value for money.

These classes take between 40 minutes and 10 hours. But you should also account for practice time!

With learning acting online in the comfort of your own home you can learn how to speak and perform clearly, bring your characters to life, master your auditions, and develop a valuable skill for life/career.

Picking the right acting class can be challenging at the start, so we suggest you consider the following points before making a choice:

  • Instructors’ experience — if you’re going to invest time and money into an acting class, you want to be assured of an instructor’s skill level and competence in a subject area relevant to you.
  • Advances skills — an online acting class shouldn’t just entertain or teach you some new terms. The right online acting class will teach you the skills to improve your skills and begin/develop your craft, such as learning your script, working with directors, and mastering auditions.
  • Comprehensive techniques — You want to learn some valuable knowledge that you can put to good use, so you need to be sure a class focuses on the aspects of acting you’d like to develop.
  • Price — You’ll want to choose something that’s within your budget, but it’s important to consider the value you’re getting too. If one course is twice the price of another (and still in the budget) but the teacher has more experience than another course, this is a factor you may want to consider!

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Top 7+ Best Online Acting Classes, Courses + Training

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