7+ Best Campsite Movie Night Gadgets And Gear Must-Haves

Campsite Movie Night while you are on a camping holiday, is an excellent way to wind down the day from a great day of camping adventures. All you need is a portable screen, projector, a clear sky, a great fire, and some great snacks to have a marvellous campsite movie night.

While family camping is a great time for everyone to unplug from smartphones and enjoy the great outdoors, it may be tough for your kids to unplug and recharge.

When it comes to campsite movie night, it allows you and your family to add some excitement and charm to your camping adventure by packing all the must-haves for a campsite movie night.  

This post will help you find the must-have for campsite movie night, that still allows you to enjoy the natural surroundings around you and your family, but with a nice batch of buttered popcorn.

Campsite Movie Night
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So how do you build your outdoor camping theatre for movie night?

With the number of camping adventures, I have accomplished over the past few years with the family, I can say that these campsite movie night items have saved many boring nights away from home.

Portable Camping Projector 

Best Portable Projector With Power and Portability ViewSonic M2 Portable Smart 1080p Wi Fi Projector with Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speakers campsite movie night campsite movie night

A campsite movie night can not start without a great portable camping projector. 

The great thing about many of the popular travel projectors is that they are extremely compatible with smartphones, laptops, streaming gadgets like Amazon Fire Stick & Roku, and popular gaming systems like the PS5. 

Whatever the platform you use to connect to a portable camping projector, you are on your way to a great movie night while camping under the stars.

Read here about the best travel projectors available on Amazon today.

Big Screen

Campsite Movie Night

Along with a portable camping projector, a big screen to have your movies projected on is a must for a great campsite movie night.

There are some great portable movie screens available today that can turn a small campsite into an outdoor theatre, and then there are big screens that can turn your campsite into a drive-in cinema.

But, if adding a big screen to your campsite movie night kit is too much for you to pack, you can project your movie to any flat surface at your campsite (like the side of a camper or a giant white sheet) which can save you some money as well.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Campsite Movie Night

While some of the portable travel projectors available today have built-in speakers, they don’t produce the outdoor cinema sound quality you want while watching movies under the stars.

By adding a few extra Bluetooth speakers to your campsite movie night gear, it can help you get that great cinema surround sound experience to kick up your outdoor movie nights up a notch or two.

When it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers, look for waterproof speakers that can be fully charged before you leave with a good battery life that can last enough for a camping trip.

Bluetooth Headphones

Campsite Movie Night

If it’s a crowded campsite, and you don’t want to disturb your fellow campers, then adding some Bluetooth headphones to your campsite movie night gear can make all the difference.

This way you and your family can enjoy movie night as loud as you’d like, and not disturb anyone else in the process.

Power Source

Campsite Movie Night

With electronics needed for your camping movie night, you will need power.

Before leaving on your camping adventure, it’s best to fully charge your portable electronics for the first night of movie night.

Another thing to keep in mind that your electronics might need to connect to a power source.

Keep in mind that some campsite might have power sources available for charging your electronics, or you can bring a portable generator.

Here are some solutions to your power source needs:

  • Back-up battery packs for electronics that need batteries for power
  • Portable power packs for electronics like smartphones, mini-projectors, and anything that charges via USB.
  • Or, a Bio-Stove (which I love for camping pictured above) that turns fire into electricity! It’s a Camp Stove that generates 3 watts of usable electricity, stores it in its internal 2600 mAh battery, and works as a power bank for USB charging of LED lights, mobile phones, and other devices even without a live fire.

Camping Chairs

Campsite Movie Night

Being comfortable while watching a movie is everything. 

No one likes to be uncomfortable while movie-watching, plus if your chairs are not comfortable your camping crew will start to feel restless.

There are some great camping chair options available for your campsite movie nights, that are easy to pack into your vehicle.

I suggest for your campsite movie nights, zero gravity chairs that are lightweight and smoothly glide into an ergonomic zero-gravity position.

Or adding an inflatable lounge chair (pictured above) can enhance any relaxing outdoor movie night.

Just don’t forget to add pillows and blankets for the kids. 

Plus, mosquitoes can ruin a camping movie night experience, so remember to have bug spray and citronella candles to ward off any pests.  


Campsite Movie Night

A campsite movie night under the stars is not complete without snacks. 

If you want a popcorn fix for you and your family, Jiffy Pop is still around, and it’s easy to make over a campfire. 

Keep in mind that if you want to use Jiffy Pop over a campfire, I would suggest a campfire popcorn extension holder to avoid burning yourself.

Another cool popcorn camping gadget for movie night is a campfire pit popcorn popper which can allow you to continually pop pan after pan of delicious popcorn with no danger of burnt knuckles. 

Oh, and don’t forget about popcorn seasoning!

Remember to pack to have easy-to-use roasting sticks for your family, so you could enjoy smores, sausages, wieners, hot dogs, and even vegetables or fruits around the campfire.

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Portable Cooler For Drinks

Campsite Movie Night

With all of the snacks being enjoyed while watching the outdoor entertainment, you will need cold beverages to wash these snacks down.

That’s why having a cooler nearby make for keeping everyone hydrated during a late-night flick.

Without a cooler, your movie night drinks are just warm and un-refreshing, and nobody wants that.

Plus, If you’re planning on having a beer and other adult beverages, you might want a separate cooler, to avoid any mix-ups with the young ones.

Things To Consider For Campsite Movie Night

When it comes to a great campsite movie night, there are a few things that you should always consider to make it the best outdoor movie night ever.

  • For the best viewing experience, always wait until it is pitch black at night.
  • If you are serious about campsite movie nights, invest in a screen for the best possible image.
  • Portable projector speakers are not the best, so consider an additional sound source like Bluetooth speakers or headphones.
  • Be considerate of your campsite neighbors and if it’s late at night and you want to watch a movie on the big screen, keep the noise level down so others around you can enjoy his/her night under the stars.


Campfire movie nights are great ways to spend a nice warm night under the stars. The great thing about building your portable movie theater is that it’s expensive and can be set up in minutes.

If you have not tried an outdoor movie night during a camping adventure, you should give it a try, it will make family camping more entertaining.

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